35 Unique And Crazy Bedroom Ideas

Sometimes, you need to go outside of your comfort zone and create a masterpiece that everybody talks about for years to come. The bedroom is one place that you can be as creative as you want and you can either invite everybody that walks into your house to see it, or you can keep it a secret and for your eyes only. If you’re looking for something that’s really going to make a statement, whether or not you want somebody to see it, check out these 35 unique and crazy bedroom ideas.

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Crazy And Unique Bedroom Ideas

#1. Tree Branch Bed Frame

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This is definitely not one of those styles that I would keep a secret. I love the concept of this tree branch bed frame. It’s rustic, stylish, and it can be altered to make any design you want within reason. This is also one of those looks that can be used with any decor and in any color room. Not to mention, you could probably paint the branches as well.

#2. Nest Bed

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You know how you can go on the internet and see those really far out designs that come from overseas? This is one of those designs that I would expect to see. This is a bed design made to look like a birds nest. It’s rather strange, but looks ridiculously comfortable. I’m not sure how they accomplished this, but I’m sure if you hired the right person, they could make it for you.

#3. Lego Block Look

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This design isn’t as wacky as the ones that we have seen so far, but it’s pretty cool nonetheless. The nightstands can be stacked like Lego blocks and the leatherette headboard gives the room a little touch of elegance. I love how you can choose the different colors and mix and match. If you’re looking for more of a modern style, this is what you would want. It’s not cheap, but if you really put some hard work into it, you could probably make it yourself for far less.

#4. Woodsy

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This is the same general concept at #1 on our list, but it has a lot more going on. We have the plain branch canopy, but with some other branches and sticks placed throughout. They are attached to a simple platform bed atop of a concrete slab. The entire bedroom is rather rustic and beautifully lit. To me, concrete floors are a crazy idea because of how dirty and cold they can get, but that’s nothing that a small area rug can’t fix.

#5. Art You Can Sleep In

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Coming to you from Asia-art you can sleep in. Contemporary artist Mit Jai Inn, created these beautiful artistic beds that you can sleep comfortable in. Each one of these beds are created based off of the Chinese zodiac. These beds are massive and look extremely comfortable. They would be perfect for a bedroom that is shared by a couple and their animals or even just a couple that loves their space.

#6. Open Sky

Like camping but hate leaving the comfort of your own bed? This bedroom design allows you to look at the open sky without windows between you and the stars. This wide open ceiling is the best way to get some fresh air while you’re sleeping. When it’s raining, snowing or just a little too chilly, just close the space up. Fresh air is extremely healthy for you, which makes this unique bedroom idea even more appealing and awesome.

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#7. Different Patterns

This whacky bedroom is full of unique patterns and colors. The wall is made to look like slabs of slate rock with a matching platform bed to boot. The walls on each side are a little different, one being cement block and the other a wavy pattern brightly lit from the ceiling. In the middle of the room we have a sitting area. It’s small, but it gives you a place to sit and read a book without having to disrupt your routine for bedtime. One more thing, check out that rug! It’s rather vintage and unique, wouldn’t you say?

#8. Green & White

I’m not only saying this because green is my favorite color, but this is a pretty rad bedroom. I love the lime green that is incorporated throughout the room. It compliments the platform bed and tile wall behind the bed very well. I love the overall uniqueness of this room. From the vintage hardwood floor pattern to the whole wall behind the bed.

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#9. Beautiful Attic

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This is one heck of a way to redesign your attic! I absolutely love how that giant window gives you a gorgeous view outside, even up in the attic. The bed is simply laid upon the floor, leaving an open space to get to the wood stove or look out the window. The rest of the attic is rustic and eye pleasing, while remaining simple.

#10. Hidden Temple

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When I was a kid, there was a show called “Legends Of The Hidden Temple”. This bedroom totally reminds me of that shoe. This has a very Aztec theme going on in here with the people carved into the wood and the designs above the bed. There are a lot of fake plants in the room, giving it a very outdoorsy look. It’s definitely something that would be a little difficult to replicate, but the overall concept is rather intriguing.

#11. Lights Galore

This is one of those rooms that seems rather complex to do, but it’s really not. It’s simple some lighting inside of the wall. Any skilled contractor can do it and even you can do it with some instructions. The room is very futuristic, but still quite elegant. I love how the purple mixes with the black. It gives it a romantic feel. Plus, that lighting is perfect for nighttime reading!

#12. For The Active Kid

This kids room is very beneficial to one who is active. It features a ladder that attaches to the wall and ceiling. Your child can climb as much as he or she wants without using your furniture or their bed to do so, resulting in damages. It also has that awesome hanging chair for when your child wants to just relax and chill out without utilizing their bed. Using the bed for anything other than sleeping can damage your sleep routine. Sleepless nights=cranky kids.

#13. Outdoor Bed

So, I wouldn’t really classify this as a “bedroom”, that is unless you live or sleep outside. If that is that case, then this is probably one of the more unique rooms on the list, The bed is a simple frame that hangs by rope from some palm trees. It may be a little shaky, but if you like that kind of motion, then you’ll love this bed.

#14. Attic Getaway

Most teenagers go through a stage where they just want to be left alone, trust me on this, I used to be one. This attic log cabin bedroom is that perfect area where your cranky teen can just go and get away from everything. They have their own desk, a window for lighting and a walk-in closet. It’s a beautiful area for your kid to just be themselves.

#15. Through The Rabbit Hole

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This follows a similar concept that we saw earlier on in the list. Above the bed is a huge circular viewing space, almost like a rabbit hole. The whole room is very rustic and simple. It has a very woodsy green and white paint pattern with a piece of the bed. I’m honestly not sure how the window closes, but one thing I am certain of is that a thunderstorm must be amazing to watch through that window.

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#16. Simple Ambiance

I love the elegance and overall ambiance of this bedroom. There’s nothing outrageously unique other than that lighted piece of wall that extends up to the ceiling. This gives off a dim light to make the room seem more warm and inviting. It’s a great way to leave a light on during the nights so you can see where you’re going if you have to get up. The rest of the rom is simple with a white area rug, white furniture and white sheer curtains

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#17. Glass Wall

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I certainly wouldn’t want to throw a stone in this room! The bed area is completely separated by a large glass wall. On the other side of that wall is the bathroom! It gives whoever is in the bedroom a peek at what’s going on in the bath tub. This is the perfect bedroom for couples who like to be involved in whatever the other person is doing, in this case, taking a bath. I honestly love the concept, but with four kids, this a design that I would probably have to pass on.

#18. Treehouse Bunk

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Does your kid want a treehouse but there are no trees to build on in? No problem! This design gives your child the opportunity to sleep in a treehouse or play in one without actually having to go outside. I love how the lighting inside of it replicates the color that would reflect in if there were trees all around. Today, it’s simple to gather instructable documents that allow you to make a bunk bed into almost anything.

Unusual Bedroom Furniture

#19. All Wood

I’m totally loving this whole wood bedroom, with the exception of the carpeting. The focal point of this room is probably the bed. It is made from beautifully cut pieces of logs without the imperfections taken off. It’s in its all natural glory and sure does look comfortable. The area is naturally lit thanks to the windows. Just a small amount of artificial lighting can be seen on the ceiling.

#20. Hamster Wheel Bed

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When I look at this bed, the first thing I think of is a giant hamster wheel. It looks just like one! Inside of this unique piece of furniture is a bed. I think that it would be rather cool if there were some light up stars on the upper part of it. I wonder if the entire bed frame rolls. That would be pretty awesome, would it not!?

Crazy Beds For Adults

#21. Cabriolet Bed

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Originally designed in the 60’s, this awesome bed was created with fan, radio, cigarette lighter and a telephone. This was some pretty advanced technology for the 60’s, which is one thing that makes this even more cool. The sides of the beds are mirrors, which can help reflect lighting that comes through the windows. Not only that, but get ready for this…are you ready? The top of the bed folds down like a convertible car for optimal privacy!

#22. SWAY

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The SWAY is a different kind of bed, if you could call it that. It’s more of a chair that you can use for a bed if you’re in a pinch or in the dog house. This swinging chair is powder coated and comes with a steel frame and padded shell for a seat. You can use it as an armchair, sofa or chaise lounge and it fits two people. These are rather unique and can easily fit in any size bedroom.

#23. The Ultimate

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This is definitely the ultimate “Netflix and chill” bed. If I could put this in my living room or bedroom and not have my kids completely ruin it, I totally would. It offers tons of sleeping and sitting space for multiple people. I can’t imagine that it would be too difficult to build, especially if you have a contractor husband like I do or somebody really handy with tools. Honestly, I’m probably going to go home and ask my husband to build this. Wish me luck!

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#24. The Capsule

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This rather unique and mind boggling bed is the ideal surface for power napping. It was inspired by NASA studies that demonstrated the powers of napping, which can improve reaction times by 16% and concentration by 34%. This area is semi-enclosed and is perfect for recharging the body and mind. It’s slim composition makes it easy to fit into smaller spaces, unless you have a short room. I say this because it’s 12” longer than a king mattress.

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#25. A Floating Bed

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Having a hammock in the house may seem like a little bit of a hassle because you can’t really tie it or fasten it to anything safely. Well, here’s the safe way to get the same feeling of floating-the floating bed. This particular bed is a circular surface that attaches safely to the ceiling by strings or cables and floats. It’s a relaxing way to drift off to sleep and it’s even safe for kids to use.

#26. Uneven Bed

Looking at this bed makes me really uncomfortable. It’s super uneven, but hey, if you’re into that kind of thing, have at it! The right side of the headboard is larger than the left and the left side of the bed is wider than the right. I suppose if you are into that abstract look, this might be something that you would want in your bedroom.

Unique Bedroom Wall Ideas

#27. Multi-Colored Wall

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The wall has a very unique pattern of wood that pops out in patterns. Where the headboard would be behind the bed, it’s a different color, creating the illusion that there’s actually one there. This is a great idea for those who don’t really want a headboard there taking the view off of that awesome wall. I don’t know how easy it would be to recreate that look, but it’s definitely pretty cool

#28. Mirrored

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This wall is gorgeous! I absolutely love how the mirrors are incorporated in with the wood plans on the wall behind the bed. The rest of the room is very simple and elegant. Those mirrors are a wonderful way to expand the natural lighting in the room by reflecting it. Notice how there aren’t really any artificial lights in the room, just windows and doors? It’s a cheap and beautiful way to create light.

#29. Hanging Bicycle

This is something cool that you can do if you either have something to display or you don’t have the space to store your bike. Check out how they mounted their bike on a wooden plank against this beautiful white brick wall. This is one way that artists like to show off their work or show off something. If you simply don’t have the room in your apartment to store the bike, just hang it like it’s shown here.

#30. Cloud Mural

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If you’re a really good painter or know somebody with this level of skill, adding a mural to your room is one way to create a beautiful ambiance. I personally cannot make one of these, but would love to. This is something that you can do if you cannot have the view out of a window, whether you are looking at other buildings directly in front of you or you just want to wake up to some clouds or a mural of your choice.

#31. Contemporary Luxury

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The entire apartment in this picture screams luxury, however, it’s the wall in the background that really catches my eye. This series of geometric patterns brings a lot of style to the room. The design itself would be rather simple to accomplish and affordable if you chose to just go with some really shiny, thin trim pieces. Honestly, that’s something that I would do to save a few bucks while adding flare to my room.

#32. Simple Flowers

Sometimes, all it takes it a simple drawing on the wall or even a stencil from the dollar store to bring a room to life. In this case, they chose some pink flowers to stream across the wall. I honestly love this look. It’s not too overpowering and it’s not too girly. There’s also some can lighting up in the ceiling, which really brings the room some beautiful lighting.

#33. Hidden Lighting

The lighting in this room is rather unique in that it is hidden. It is kind of recessed into the ceiling and into the walls, giving off a faint blue hue throughout the room. The only thing that could make this better is if the color could change from say green to blue to purple and so on, or if you could change the intensity.

#34. Red Wall

When I was a teenager, It was all about the colorful walls. I had a blue one at my dad’s first house and a iris colored wall at his other house. The wall in this room happens to be red with what appears to be a mirror and some lights on it. It also has a couch in front of it. This is actually a pretty cool design, especially with that silk patterned curtain next to it.

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#35. Concrete Wall

This wall is pretty awesome. The entire room is a black and white pattern. White black on a wall seems to dark and white may be too light for some, they went with a more unique concrete finish. It’s right in the middle of light and dark and it gives the room a very retro look to it. No matter what color they decide to go with in terms of furniture, it will match.

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And there you have it – 35 unique perspectives on bedroom color and furniture ideas. I know some of them may seem very odd, but they are creative in their own special way. A lot of these are easy to recreate and would look great in any bedroom. I hope that you got some inspiration out of this list and if you want, comment with your own ideas and share with your friends! Thanks for reading!