Helix Sleep

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About Helix

Helix was founded back in 2015 by Kristian Von Rickenbach, Jerry Lin, and Adam Tishman. The three co-founders met back in the days when they were all MBA students, and faced the ordeal of buying a decent mattress.

They came across a market that was broken in terms of guiding people on the right path towards a bed that’s good for them, so they applied for investment and launched the Helix Sleep online platform in 2015.

Mattresses Produced

Helix offers a wide range of mattresses, mostly because they understand that sleeping habits and body shapes and weight will adapt better to certain bed configurations. When you first visit their website, you can take a sleep quiz that will determine just which of the different mattress models is best for you.

Six of these mattresses are standard, but there are six more premium versions for them, which are sold under the LUXE label. There is also the Helix Nightfall option, which is designed for people who are big and/or tall.

There are two more models which are soft on one side of the bed and firm on the other, and they are perfect for sleepers who prefer different firmness level, yet have compromised in the past in order to share a bed.

Materials Used

Helix is a hybrid mattress which incorporates both coils, as well as memory foam. The comfort layer is made from memory foam, meant to relieve pressure off your body the minute you lie down. The transition layer also features memory foam, to support the body and provide cushioning for superior comfort.

The core of the mattress is a layer of individually-wrapped coils, looking to isolate motion so that both partners can rest peacefully without being disturbed by the other’s movements. The reinforced perimeters promise great edge support, so sleepers can enjoy every inch of the mattress. The base of the mattress is made from DuraDense foam, to support all the other layers above it, as well as the weight of the sleeper.

The mattresses in the Helix line also have a LUXE version, which features gel visco memory foam for a softer feel, but also an extra layer of foam, for more comfort and support.

Mattress Production

All the Helix mattresses are made in the US. In time, Helix has developed an entire network of facilities that ensure the on-time delivery of their products to their consumers, so there are high chances of a Helix facilities being somewhere in your vicinity.

Warranty & Return Policy

Depending on the model chosen, the warranty period for your Helix mattress will also differ. Mattresses from the regular line come with a 10-year warranty each, but if you opt for the upgraded model, which is any mattress in the LUXE line, you will have a 15 years warranty coverage.

Similar to other big brands, Helix also offers 100 night of free sleep trial. This means that every new customer has 100 nights to sleep on the Helix and decide if they feel comfortable, well-rested, and would like to stick with the mattress on the long run.

Buyers that don’t feel like they are getting the best out of their mattresses can return them, provided they have tested the mattress for at least 30 days prior to returning it. In other words, you cannot return the mattress sooner than 30 days, or longer than 100.

Price Range

Since Helix sells about 15 different mattresses, prices will differ from one model to another. If you want one of the standard Helix mattresses, the Twin models can go as low as $500, but rise all the way up to $1,145 for a Cal King.

The LUXE line is considered a premium version of the standard one, with greater benefits and superior comfort. Naturally, the prices are also higher. If you opt for the LUXE version of the same Helix mattress, you can expect to pay $895 for a Twin model, and $1,945 for a Cal King size.

As for the mattresses in the Dual line, you can only purchase them in a Queen to Cal King size, since they were designed to be shared. That being said, the Queen version will cost roughly $1,090, while a Cal King is $1,290.


Helix mattress are available for online and offline purchase. For those of you who want to get a feel of the mattress before buying it, there is a Helix showroom located in New York, but the mattresses are also available in partner showroom, such as those of Sleepare and Nicks.

Shipping Availability

Helix doesn’t charge a dime to ship their mattress across the US, no matter where the order was placed from. Good news is that they also ship to Canadian territory, with the exception of Northwest Territories, Nanavut, and Yukon. It’s important to note that all orders shipped to Canada will require a fee of $250 that’s they buyer’s responsibility, as well as custom taxes.

Brand Popularity

One of the things that set Helix apart from other mattress manufacturers isn’t just the wide range of products it sells, but also how convenient it makes the shopping experience for the average person who has no idea what a mattress should be like.

With the multitude of materials and configurations, it’s hard to determine if your particular body would find comfort in a mattress. Helix has implemented a sleeping quiz that look to gather information about your sleeping habits, body weight, height, sleeping position, and other information that is important in determining what kind of mattress you need.

It also requires information your sleeping partner, because there’s always middle ground to be explored when sharing a bed.