Our Process

How Do We Choose What We Recommend?


While information on some brands is easy to come by, that isn’t always the case. There are so many sleep products on the market that we are constantly scouring the web and other resources to uncover new, interesting, and noteworthy products to review. As a general rule we do our best to take on both top-rated products that will be familiar to most, as well as new releases whose specifications show the potential of being up to our exacting standards. We examine user reviews, company reviews, other online reviews, dig into online forums, and chase down any other feedback we can find before deciding whether or not a product is worthy of a proper review.

Jess at a university lab testing the chemical breakdown of a mattress foam

Step 2: SLEEP

Each test mattress (and other related sleep product) is slept on for a one to two week period as part of its initial analysis, which gives ample time to uncover and comforts and quirks it may have. The truth always lies in actual sleeping comfort, so it is after this period where our team decides whether or not the product in question is worthy of recommendation.



Using processes developed over our years of experience, we proceed to run each mattress through a litany of tests that provide useful data for objective comparison. We look at load deflection, motion isolation, heat transfer reduction, durability, edge support, and other key factors that will all play a role in your mattress ownership experience.

Jess Using a scale to test the mattress layers


Amassing data is great, but interpreting said data in a digestible form makes all the difference. Taking what we’ve learned in steps one through three, we provide perspective and insight on why each mattress or sleep product is suited to a particular type of sleeper, and what details might be frustrating depending on your personal sleeping habits. We reference competitors, break down value-for-dollar, but most importantly we ensure that you the reader come away with a clear picture of whether or not each item is right for you.