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About Chilipad

Chilipad is a product offered by Chili Technologies. It’s a mattress pad that has an incorporated cooling system, allowing sleepers to achieve the ultimate level of thermal comfort. It’s particularly useful for hot sleepers, especially those that own an all-foam mattress, which is known for retaining heat and causing excessive levels of warmth.

The founders of the company are Todd and Tara Youngblood, a couple who understood that sleep quality is an accumulation of several different factors, with temperature being very important. From the minds of a science expert and a sales prodigy, came the products developed by Chili, which are looking to solve one of the problems that prevent people from getting a good night’s sleep.

Products Offered

Chili currently offers two major products: the Chilipad, and the Ooler Sleep System.

Construction & Functions

Just by analyzing the name of the product, one can get a glimpse of what this item is all about: a pad that helps you cool down. There are three main components to the Chilipad: a mattress pad, a thermal regulating cube, and the remote control which helps you take full advantage of what this product has to offer.

The product is available in a single size, which makes it suitable for one person, but also in a dual-size, for couples who share a bed.

The pad is the actual part of the product that you’ll be sleeping on. The surface of the material is made with 150 thread cotton, which is not the best nor the worst quality imaginable. The elastic straps on the corners of the pad will keep it secured to the mattress.

Inside the pad there is tubing that leads to the Chili cube, allowing water flow. The tubes are covered in silicone, and have a very sturdy feel.

The cube is also the control unit for the pad. It can heat and cool water, depending on the temperature setting of your choice. It has a water reservoir capable of holding 25 oz of water at once. When the unit is low on water, it will automatically shut down.

The remote is very simple and intuitive, featuring three major controls. It allows operation of the unit within a distance of maximum 20 feet, and works with 2 regular AA batteries.

Warranty & Return Policy

Your Chilipad comes with a two year warranty coverage, which is voided in case the product leaves the country. While you are covered by the warranty, the company will:

  • Repair or replace parts of the tubing that are inside the mattress pad and proven to be defective in a period of 90 days after the purchase.
  • Repair or replace parts of the control unit which are defective within a time frame of a year since the purchase of the product.
  • Repair or replace parts of the control unit which are defective after the first year of use, but no longer than two years, which represent the entire warranty period.

The company also promises a hassle-free return process, provided that you meet the requirements and are eligible for a refund. You have a 90-day time frame to return the product in case you are not happy with it.

When a return process is initiated, the company will give you a full refund after having emitted and authorization number. Note that this return policy is only valid for purchases made directly from the Chilipad website. If you purchased your unit from an authorized seller, you should contact them for a refund.

Price Range

The lowest price for a Chilipad is $499, which is for the Twin-sized single-zone product. The highest price is that of the King and Cal King pads, which cost $1,199 each.

If need be, customers can also purchase replacements parts and accessories, in case their warranty period has expired and one or more of the parts of the product malfunctions. The control unit for the Chillpad is prices at $399, the cleaning solution costs as low as $7.99, and other parts, such as the drain tool, the connector and the control unit power cord are less than $10.


Chili does not have any actual showroom or physical stores, but it can be found in different stores throughout the US. Keep in mind that products purchased in physical stores will not offer the 90 nights trial which is exclusively provided to those who purchase the pad from the company’s official website.

Shipping Availability

Chilipad offers free shipping to all the 50 states within the US territory. If the product is on stock, it will be send either the same day you purchased it, or during the next business day. For continental US buyers, shipping usually takes between three and seven business days. Customers from Alaska, Hawaii, and other US territories can expect to receive their product in maximum 10 days.

The company also provides international shipping, but the buyer is responsible with all shipping fees and custom taxes. Chili also has a list of countries to which it does not ship, all of which are mentioned on their website. It takes a maximum of 12 days to receive the Chilipad in case of an international order (this time frame does not include custom clearance time).

Brand Popularity

The Chilipad is a product that became famous due to the fact that it helps solve a very pressing problem which causes a lot of sleepers to feel discomfort: temperature. While the name can be a bit misleading, Chilipad doesn’t just cool down the body, it can also heat it up, as you have the possibility to select the heating features and adjust the temperature through the designated remote control.

The best part about the Chilipad is that it’s available in a dual-sided version, providing each sleep partner with the possibility to opt for a different pad temperature. The two sides of a dual-zone pad each have their own cube, but both units are operated with a single remote control.