Best Hybrid Mattresses - Reviews And Comparisons

Updated July 21, 2019


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As you shop around for that perfect sleep product, you’re certainly not going to experience a lack of options. There are so many products from which to choose, and you’re going to come across a variety of materials when it comes to construction. Where consumers typically run into a bit of trouble is when they try to do a quick search of the best mattress out there. This question is impossible to provide a generic answer to since everyone has their own unique preferences. If you have unique needs that require a combination of features these various materials have to offer, a great solution may very well be a hybrid mattress.

These products attempt to offer the ideal solution for particular sleeping types by utilizing combinations of various materials including coils, foams, and more. If this is something that sounds like a solution for you, get ready to find out just how to shop for these products. Once you’re properly educated on the best hybrid mattresses, we’ll take a look at a few that may hit the spot for you.

What is a Hybrid Mattress?

We’re about to get very in-depth when it comes to hybrid mattresses. That’s why we should take a moment to clearly define what exactly a hybrid mattress is. Typically, these products feature a coil foundation with added foam comfort layers on top. It’s common to find memory foam components as well as latex and polyfoams. The reason this combination manifested was because many consumers complained that, on their own, these components failed to offer what they were looking for.

Let’s take a look at an example of how a clever combination can cater specific needs. Perhaps you appreciate the support and bounce of an innerspring unit, but you carry a lot of weight and need a comfort layer that will offer you higher contour without bottoming out onto the spring unit. A memory foam comfort layer addition can offer you the hug and contour you need with the support you count on. The products combined highlight each other’s best qualities, and there are so many possibilities!

A Close Look at Coil and Foam

Innerspring mattresses have really stood the test of time, and they’ve been on the market since 1865. To this day, they remain the most popular mattress choice, so there’s a good chance you’ve tried one out at some point. If so, you may have experienced some of the common negative aspects of this mattress type. For starters, they do tend to become noisy over time.

Furthermore, since the coils are sometimes used continuously throughout the mattress, motion isolation can be difficult to achieve. In other words, the wrong product can cause motion on one side of the product to travel throughout, a terrible situation when you have a sleep partner!

When it comes to foam mattresses, consumers are often attracted when they learn about the additional contour and pressure relief they can take advantage of. On the other hand, however, some foam products can hug too well, and this can make it difficult to get in and out of bed. You may also experience hot sleeping on some of these products.

Innovation When It Counts

Now that we’ve covered what hybrid mattresses are, you’re probably asking yourself, “So, are hybrid mattresses good?” The key is in the combination for the individual. The primary purpose of the hybrid is to isolate the best qualities of foam and coil mattresses and combine them in ways that will meet specific sleep needs. It’s up to you to find the one that works for you, and that’s where The Sleep Judge steps in to bridge the gap! Along with highlighting the qualities, hybrids also attempt to minimize common negative aspects of various mattress types.

Creative innovators in the mattress industry have performed thousands of hours in the development of products that can do just that. They typically focus on the compression support and pressure relief of foams and the bounce and superior support of coils. This innovative ingenuity has brought forth a number of quality products that could offer just what you’re looking for.

Quick Word on Semi-Hybrid Mattresses

It’s entirely possible that you’ll come across a product that is semi-hybrid, so let’s stop a second to understand what this means. I’d be willing to bet there’s a pillow-top cover with a coil base in this situation. With this construction, the goal remains the same: the production of a product that features the response and bounce of an innerspring with that added degree of comfort, motion transfer isolation, and pressure relief.

Foam Hybrid Mattresses

Not all hybrid mattresses incorporate the use of an innerspring unit. Instead, many manufacturers offer products composed of various foam layers. There are many types of foam, and they each offer their own unique properties. I encourage you to take a look at our complete foam guide to understand them better. You’ll typically find that the placement of the foam layers mimic what you find in an innerspring/foam hybrid with firmer, more supportive layers found at the bottom.

When shopping for a foam hybrid, you’ll find that innovators in the mattress industry have dedicated hours of time into the development of products that address specific body types and sleeping habits. When you take the time to understand how the various types like memory foam and gel foam work, it makes it a lot easier to identify what will be best for you.

Ability to Customize

People come in all shapes and sizes, and we have our own habits, preferences and peculiarities that make us unique. This also makes it a little tougher to find a mattress that meets your specific needs. Here at The Sleep Judge, our primary goal is to help match you with the product that has been specially produced to meet very specific needs. Hybrid products can often make it easier to help consumers find a great match. For example, when I went through the Helix mattress ordering process, I was asked for information such as my height, weight, and preferred sleeping position. They used this information to custom design a product that works for me. You can even choose dual or blended products to accommodate you and your sleeping partner. We’ll see how this measures up to a few other quality hybrid mattresses I’ve tested out in a moment in our hybrid mattress comparison.

Is Hybrid Right for Me?

Before we take a look at some top rated hybrid mattresses, let’s see if a hybrid mattress could be a good fit for your circumstances. You may have already made up your mind that you’re ready to pursue this option. However, if not, here are a few indicators that may push you in the hybrid direction:

  • You enjoy taking advantage of the latest innovations.
  • You enjoy the properties of memory foam but have found that you tend to sleep hot on these products.
  • You have tried out innerspring, latex, and memory foam products but found there was something that just wasn’t working for you.

Hybrids That Sleep Cool

Your body temperature must cool slightly in order for you to slip into the deeper stages of sleep when restorative processes can take place more effectively. Let’s go over a few layer types and what they can offer in terms of temperature control:


  • Holes typically placed in the product for proper aeration
  • Natural latex is your best bet

Memory Foam

  • Memory foam has a bad reputation for hot sleeping. This is often true when it comes to traditional memory foam, but there are many new products on the market which incorporate measures to keep you cool. You’ll typically find specific information on the manufacturer’s website if they’ve put forth this effort.

Gel Foam

  • Can offer heat relief, but the gel beads have a capacity of what they can absorb much like water.
  • Once capacity is reached, the bed will warm up.
  • Look for a product that infuses the gel into the product rather than relying completely on gel beads.

We’ve had the opportunity to try out hybrid products including both foam and innerspring, and this can help you identify the best hybrid mattress for the money. Take a look at a few we recommend and who they work best for.

Top 5 Hybrid Mattress Reviews

1. Helix Mattress


  • Material: Proprietary Helix Dynamic Foam, Pocketed microcoils, High-grade polyfoam base
  • Warranty: Helix mattresses feature a 10 year limited warranty which covers issues such as indentations and lack of support.
  • Trial: 100 night
  • Price: Twin- $600, Twin XL- $700, Full-$850, Queen- $995, King- $1,195, California King- $1,195
  • Weight: Twin- 45 pounds, Twin XL- 50 pounds, Full- 65 pounds, Queen- 75 pounds, King- 90 pounds, California King- 95 pounds

As we briefly discussed earlier, Helix allows sleepers the chance to customize their mattress based on personal aspects such as age, weight, height, and sleeping preference. If you have a sleep partner, you have two options:

  • Blended- the results of the customization for both you and your partner are combined and blended throughout the product.
  • Dual- Each person gets a customized side of the mattress.

The final result is a product that takes into consideration feel, support, temperature regulation, and point elasticity. You’ll find the following components in the three layers of this product:

  • Proprietary Helix Dynamic Foam
  • Pocketed microcoils
  • High-grade polyfoam base

Based on your Sleep Quiz, the thickness and placement of these layers will vary. I found the combination they provided for me to be very accommodating for my sleep preferences. Helix will mix and match these layers in both thickness and layer placement.


  • Can be helpful if you suffer with aches and pains
  • Customer service representatives are very helpful and responsive
  • Low off gassing
  • Considers both sleeping partners


  • Some complaints of their product being too firm or soft
  • Cover is thin and tends to bunch up

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2. Avocado Mattress


  • Material: Natural Dunlop latex, 8 inch innerspring unit
  • Warranty: 10 year limited, prorated
  • Trial: 100 night
  • Price: Twin- $1,199, Twin XL- $1,299, Full-$1,599, Queen- $1,699, King- $2,099, California King- $2,099
  • Weight: Twin- 80 pounds, Twin XL- 87 pounds, Full- not available, Queen- not available, King- not available, California King- 166 pounds

If you have trouble lifting heavy items, Avocado offers the option to have the mattress setup in your home after it’s delivered for an extra $99. The durable cover textile secures the mattress layers firmly in place using wool yarn rosettes to keep the cotton ticking in place without the use of chemical adhesives. This is because they act as anchors by pulling yarn through each layer of the mattress. You’ll also find a four inch layer of 100 percent natural Dunlop latex with an eight inch innerspring support unit. On the bottom of the layer construction lies an additional one inch layer of high density Dunlop latex for added support. This product has a medium firm feel, and this can prove to accommodate the majority of mattress shoppers. You can also appreciate the placement of three zones which manipulate the firmness in order to properly accommodate the shoulder, hip and pelvic areas. This can prove to reduce pressure points and help you remain comfortable.


  • Aesthetically pleasing cover
  • Durable handles on the side of the product to make it easier to move
  • Reduces aches and pains
  • Good bounce and motion isolation


  • Can be a little too firm for those who don’t carry much weight

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3. My Green Mattress


  • Material: 100% Natural Dunlop Latex, 8 inch innerspring unit
  • Warranty: 10 year limited
  • Trial: 100 night
  • Price: Twin- $729, Twin XL- $789, Full-$488.50, Queen- $1,094, King- $1,419
  • Weight: Twin- 70 pounds, Twin XL- 75 pounds, Full- 95 pounds, Queen- 110 pounds, King- 135 pounds, California King- 140 pounds

The cover is comprised of organic cotton and all-natural wool which is produced in the West Coast regions of Northern California and Southern Oregon. This material is Greenguard Gold Certified. Beneath the quality cover you’ll find:

  • 3 inches of 100% Natural Dunlop Latex
  • 8 inch innerspring unit

One of the primary features of this product is that it’s natural, and you can typically expect much higher durability when this is the case. The owner of the company has a young daughter who suffers with eczema, and he originally created this product with her needs in mind. I think this says a lot about the passion behind his motivation to create a quality natural product capable of alleviating a health disorder.


  • Great support for those who carry a lot of weight
  • Sleeps very cool
  • Little offgassing
  • Thoroughly tested to meet certification standards
  • Low cost for a natural product


  • Limitations in trial period (product must be in like-new condition and you must be a first-time customer)
  • Can be a little too firm if you prefer a plush mattress

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4. Dromma Bed


  • Material: Natural and synthetic Dunlop latex foam, Visco elastic gel foam
  • Warranty: Dromma mattresses feature a 12 year warranty and covers issues such as indentations and lack of support.
  • Trial: 200 night
  • Price: Twin- $550, Twin XL- $650, Full-$750, Queen- $535.64, King- $950, California King- $950

While natural products like My Green Mattress and Avocado incorporate the use of natural products, this does come at a price. If you want to enjoy natural qualities on a budget, you can consider products like Dromma Bed. It’s composed of a top layer of 1.5″ blend of natural and synthetic Dunlop latex foam. Synthetic foams don’t last as long, but they are less expensive. When blended with the natural product, you can take advantage of the obvious features of both options. Beneath the comfort layer is 2 ½ inches of visco elastic gel foam, and this provides cooling properties. You can check out how this product performed thermally in our full review. Most people find the medium firmness of this product to be accommodating, but you may not prefer it if you have a preference on the firmer or plusher end.


  • Allergen-free
  • Timely delivery
  • Reduction in aches and pains, especially for those who may have been in an accident
  • Great motion transfer reduction capability


  • Sinking sometimes experienced for those who carry a lot of weight

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5. Bear Mattress


  • Material: Cool Graphite Gel Memory Foam, Quick response foam, High-density support foam
  • Warranty: 10 year limited warranty
  • Trial: 100 night
  • Price: Twin- $500, Twin XL- $650, Full-$750, Queen- $850, King- $550, California King- $950
  • Weight Twin- 50 pounds, Twin XL- 50 pounds, Full- 60 pounds, Queen- 70 pounds, King- 90 pounds, California King- 90 pounds

When we discussed finding a cool product, we touched on the fact that traditional memory foam can sleep hot. We also mentioned that there are innovative new technologies out there to be taken advantage of to allow you to enjoy the feel of memory foam without the sweat. Bear Mattress is a great example. Beneath the Celliant cover, which offers relief to athletes, lies one inch of Cool Graphite-Gel Memory Foam. This encourages proper airflow to prevent sleeping too hot. Beneath this is 2.5 inches of quick response foam and a support layer of 6.5 inch high density foam. This is a great example of an all-foam hybrid.


  • Very little offgassing
  • Celliant cover offers technology geared toward alleviating aches and pains often experienced by athletes


  • Lack of edge support

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We’ve covered quite a few quality products here, and the right one for you depends on your specific needs. If you’re looking for a durable, high-quality product, I’d definitely recommend the investment in the Avocado mattress. If you carry a lot of weight or often find yourself waking up with aches and pains, I think you’ll be pleased with the zoning that’ considered into the product’s construction with a firmer feel in the middle where your lumbar is located. This in itself proved worth the added investment for me. However, if you don’t quite have the money for his option, both Dromma Bed and Bear Mattress are great products at a price you can afford. Bear is also a preferable choice if you’re very active with its use of Celliant technology. I hope this guide has taken some of the mystery out of hybrid mattress shopping. If you have questions or comments, please leave them below, and we’ll get back with you shortly.