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There’s a lot of money to be saved by taking advantage of the online business model. Without the middleman, you get to keep even more of your hard-earned money in your wallet. What if I told you there are even more savings to take advantage of when you buy your Leesa mattress? As a reward for taking time to do your research here with us, we’d like you to enjoy a $100 discount. Just use promo code THESLEEPJUDGE when you order.

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Leesa mattress on a bed frame in a staged well lit room with hardwood

Three High-Quality, American-Made Foams

Quality is essential when it comes to your mattress, and you get a great value with Leesa. All three layers of this mattress are American-made, and I think they did a great job marrying their Avena foam with the memory foam beneath it. Together, they offer the contour of memory foam with a bounce that’s reminiscent of latex.

A Company That Gives Back

If you’re like me, you want to invest your dollars into companies that practice good ethics. For every 10 mattresses they sell, they donate one to a homeless shelter. Known as the Leesa One-Ten™, it helps get a good night’s rest to those who really need it.

Leesa incorporates medium firmness and highly versatile layer combination that serves to accommodate the majority of mattress shoppers. I think it could work well with sleep partners who have a difficult time satisfying their individual needs. If you’re not quite sure yet if this product is right for you, check out our full review for complete details, layer breakdown, and testing results.