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Updated August 22, 2019

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The mattress industry has evolved quite a bit over the last 117 years. New and exciting technologies are constantly improving our lives and the mattress industry is no exception. Recent technological advancements have allowed mattress manufacturers to provide consumers a wide array of benefits to target some of the most common complaints about the eternal struggle to get a good night’s sleep.

Beyond the most obvious benefits of advancements in mattress technology, the ways in which we even purchase mattresses has changed significantly in recent years. If it’s been awhile since you shopped for a mattress, you’re likely used to trudging between retail outlets and slowly browsing through options before inadvertently submitting to the gimmicks, trickery, and pseudoscience used by pushy salesmen trying to make a commission.

Thankfully those dark ages of mattress shopping are a thing of the past. In 2009, Novosbed decided to offer customers a fresh approach to mattress shopping when they developed a single, high-end product people could order in the comfort of their homes. Using the Internet, you can now browse thousands of mattress options without the pressure and time consumption of traditional shopping.

Even better, Novosbed didn’t just revolutionize mattress shopping. They also developed some pretty incredible sleep surfaces to rest your weary bones on. If you enjoy the components of memory foam, but don’t like to sleep hot or feel “stuck” in a mattress, then Novosbed could be the perfect sleep solution for you. Novosbed recently sent me their medium mattress option and I’m excited to share my experience. If you’re desperate for a good night’s sleep then keep on reading. You just might have discovered your ideal mattress.

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The Novosbed Mattress Specs Table

 Offgassing: I experienced little offgassing

 Firmness: 6

 Trial Period: 120 nights

 Warranty: 15 Years

Pioneer Of The 120-Night Trial

If you’re new to online mattress shopping, you may be wondering how you can possibly make a decision without having the chance to lay on the product before you buy. Novosbed recognized this issue and that’s why they invented the instantly popular 120-night risk-free trial period. It allows customers to see if they like a mattress before their purchasing decision is finalized.

Over the past eight years, Novosbed has thrived in the industry and now works with dozens of engineering, manufacturing, and logistics partners to deliver thousands of products across the United States and Canada.

Tencel Fiber Cover

Novosbed features an ultra-soft, moisture-wicking washable cover. Made from Tencel fiber, the cover consists of extractions from raw material wood. This draws moisture away from your body for a cool and dry night’s sleep. The top cover also contains polyester, silica, modacrylic and lyocell. While the inner lining adds rayon and cotton. The pattern is eye-catching, and it feels good on your back. Everything that you could possibly want.

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The Layers: High Density for Durability

Let’s move on to what you’ll find beneath the cover of the Novosbed mattress. We start off with the InterLock Blue™ Core Cover that’s knitted with advanced 2-way stretch technology that further aids in keeping you cool and dry while sleeping.

The thickness level of the following layers depends on the firmness level you choose. For the medium product that I tried, you can expect the first comfort layer of Ultra-Dense Airflow Memory Foam to be 2 inches thick with an indentation load deflection of 9. Keep in mind an overall ILD of 12 is very soft and 50 very hard.

The second layer of Ultra-Dense Memory Foam is also 2 inches thick with an ILD of 9. Finally, the 7 inch Premium Support Foam base has an ILD of 32. As a combined unit, this mattress feels like it belongs on the firmer end of the medium spectrum. If you carry a lot of weight or sleep on your stomach, the firm mattress could be a good option.

What really excites me about the three primary layers of the Novosbed mattress is the durability. In memory foam, a density of four to five pounds per cubic foot is exceptional and best ensures durability. The top layers of this product are f5 pcf dense. For the premium support foam, you want a density of at least 1.8 pcf, which is what you get in the Novosbed support base.

I have high expectations that my Novosbed mattress will hold up over time. The materials in every layer is made from components designed to help you sleep your best. The Airflow Memory Foam is made of highly breathable third generation memory foam for superior comfort and heat transfer capabilities. The Ultra-Dense Memory Foam is designed to offer both comfort and pressure relief. While the base offers support while reducing motion transfer to accommodate those with sleep partners.

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A Look at Firmness and Sinkage

We’ve discussed the firmness options and the corresponding ILD’s you can expect with the medium option I tested. To show what can be expected in terms sinkage, I applied my body weight of 130 pounds to a nine by seven inch area in the middle of the mattress. Average sinkage for a medium product is around 6 ½ to 7 inches. I sunk in about 6 inches, so that explains why it does feel a little firmer than most medium mattresses that I’ve tried.

Edge Support

Next, let’s take a moment to examine the edge support that you can expect on the Novosbed mattress. If you spend a lot of time on the edge of your mattress, this is important. I placed myself in different positions on the edge. You can see that there is a little sinkage, but the edge support is actually quite good for an all-foam mattress. I also found that I was well-supported while laying on the edge.

Comfort and Support

Memory foam is known for its high degree of contouring support and I’m a long-time fan of the material for this reason. I found that Novosbed did a great job of eliminating some of the common complaints in this popular material. I was able to easily move around and didn’t get the feeling that I was “stuck” in the mattress. The memory foam conformed very well with the curves of my body and this in itself is a customizing feature that will work well regardless of your body type. Considering the high densities at every layer of this mattress, I expect the comfort and support it offers to last.

A Look at Motion Transfer Reduction Capabilities

If you have a sleep partner, you’re going to want to know how well this mattress isolates motion. If you’ve ever had a restless sleep partner on the wrong mattress, you’ll know how annoying it can be when they move around or get out of bed. First, I tested to see the bounce by dropping one of the balls on the bed. It didn’t bounce much and came to a rest pretty quickly. Moving the ball over to the side of the Novosbed mattress, I then dropped another ball on the opposite side. The resting ball was minimally impacted by the dropped ball. This was also the case when I dropped the ball very close to the resting ball. It was quite evident to me that the product does a good job of isolating motion, a big plus for anyone with a sleep partner.

Temperature Regulation and Breathability

Many people associate a good night’s rest with getting getting warm and cozy under your favorite blanket. However, what you may not realize is that before you can enter the most restorative sleep stages, your body temperature needs to drop slightly. If you’ve ever woken up to find your feet or arms hanging outside of the cover, you were likely inadvertently trying to help your body cool down more efficiently. To see how well Novosbed does at temperature regulation, I used my thermal imaging camera.

I laid on the mattress for 30 minutes in a room of 64 degrees Fahrenheit, and it took nine and a half minutes for it to return to room temperature. Of the mattresses I’ve tried, 10 minutes is the average, so I think the efforts Novosbed has made in their Airflow Memory Foam and InterLock Blue™ Core Cover were pretty successful.

Environmentally Friendly Product

If you’re anything like me, you like to do what you can to preserve the environment for future generations. When you invest in Novosbed, you’re buying a product that promotes your environmentally-conscious lifestyle in three ways:

  • A zero-waste policy that ensures everything that isn’t used in the manufacturing process is either recycled or repurposed into other products.
  • The high density and durability means less waste piles up in the landfills across the country.
  • Novosbed is transitioning to a closed-loop process, where solvents are recycled almost completely for each new textile production run.

Knowing these measures are being taken, I feel pretty confident that this was an eco-friendly mattress choice.

Maintenance, Protection, Care, and Warranty

If you think Novosbed offers the features you’re looking for in a mattress, then it’s important to know you also have durability on your side. Even though you are dealing with high-quality materials, never forget that you still have take care of the product. You should also be prepared with a full understanding of the warranty and trial period.

120-Night, Risk-Free In- Home Trial

Your Novosbed will come with a 120-night trial period. This allows you a full four months to decide whether or not the mattress will actually offer you the long-term benefits you intend to invest in. If you aren’t completely satisfied with your firmness, Novosbed works with you to get it right with their patent-pending Comfort+ system. It’s simple to install and available  free of charge after a 30-day break-in period.. If you’re still not happy, you can receive a full refund up until day 120 of ownership. You’ll also receive a 15-year warranty with the first 10 years non-prorated. The last five years are prorated given the age and normal wear and tear.

Surprising Savings for Material Quality

Novosbed uses the highest densities in the industry, which means that you get the most for your money and can expect many years of use. The company allows you to see that for yourself with their 120 night sleep trial and you get to take advantage of the savings that come with their online business model.

Novosbed Reviews and Feedback

I found the Novosbed to be pretty comfortable. I prefer a plush product, so this was a little on the firm side for my liking. This could very well prove to be the case if you don’t carry much weight. However, firmer is usually better for heavier folks or for those who sleep on their stomachs.

Overall, I had a pretty positive experience with my Novosbed mattress. As a memory foam fan, I definitely appreciated the contouring support and was surprised by how little motion transfer I experienced when my daughter climbed in bed with me in the middle of the night.

Since some of the information shared here is based on personal preferences, I took a moment to see what other customers are saying about this product to give you the most well-rounded understanding of what you can expect as possible. Check out the Pros & Cons section for the details.

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Who We Recommend the Novosbed Mattress For

We understand how exciting it is to buy a new sleep product. The mattress you choose can make a phenomenal difference in your overall quality of life. It’s up to you to understand your preferences and how to incorporate them into your mattress shopping. At The Sleep Judge, we try to make that as easy on you as possible. So let’s do a quick recap to reiterate who the Novosbed would be a good choice for:

  • You want a company that works with you to get firmness just right.
  • You want the contour of memory foam without the sinking-in feeling.
  • You want plenty of time to test the mattress before your decision is permanent.
  • You have a sleep partner who moves around a lot and causes disturbances in your sleep pattern.

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Our Final Verdict

The ability to buy your mattress online has cut quite a few costs out of the equation. From shipping and storage to commissions and more, too many costs in mattress sales are often pushed onto the customer. Since you’re able to get your mattress direct from Novosbed, the savings are extraordinary. Especially considering the high-quality materials used in this product.

Since the mattress is a little on the firmer end of the spectrum, I think it could be an excellent sleep solution for those who carry a lot of weight. However, even if you aren’t happy with your firmness level, you have the chance to make the necessary adjustments to get it right. Considering that it contains memory foam, I thought the Novosbed did quite well at facilitating mobility and the breathability necessary to sleep cool. An excellent investment for anyone seeking a premium mattress without a premium price tag.