Novosbed vs. DreamCloud – Which One is the Best?

Updated December 18, 2019

Choosing a mattress is a cumbersome task and requires a considerable amount of time, especially if someone desires special features that fit well with his/her sleep regimen. Today, the market is flooded with various types of mattresses, namely memory-foam, latex-rubber and innerspring, each one having a unique comfort signature, and targeting a certain group of individuals.


Novosbed and DreamCloud are two mattresses, all-foam, and hybrid respectively, that offer premium comfort levels, depending on the person’s likeness to plushness and conformity. The Novosbed vs. DreamCloud comparison jots down each mattress’ build and characteristics, by the end of which you’ll be able to decide which suits you best.


Novosbed Breakdown

— Construction


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The Novosbed is an all-foam mattress utilizing two layers of memory foam and one of support foam. In order to cater to multiple firmness demands, the manufacturer has designed the mattress in three flavors, soft, medium and hard. Each of these designs has a different ILD rating for the layers, however, in this comparison, we will focus on the medium offering as it enjoys the greatest support among their clientele.

• Cover


The entire mattress from top-bottom and around the edges has been encased in the proprietary fiber “Tencel®”. The fabric is breathable by design, wicking away moisture deposits and preventing the onset of microbes, resulting in a clean and cool sleeping experience. Moreover, the manufacturer has also embedded other fabrics, i.e. lyocell, silica, polyester and modacrylic within the top layer to add to the softness of the mattress.

Right beneath the Tencel® cover is Interlock Blue Core Cover that is stretched over each of the mattress’ layer, functioning as a moisture absorber and thermal regulator, which is the company’s way of handling heat buildups.

• First Layer


The first layer of the mattress generates a classic plush response that envelops your body as you lay down. Made up of Airflow Gel Foam, the layer has an ILD rating of 9 and is thus very soft, allowing your body to settle in without any resistance. To improve the layer’s thermal regulation, vertical airflow channels have been added that provide a downwards path for built-up heat.

• Second Layer

The layer has similar characteristics as the first and amplifies the contouring effect, providing pressure relief to the body’s joints.


• Third Layer


7 inches of high-density polyurethane foam forms this layer. Having an ILD of 32, the prime purpose of this layer is to prevent the contours from extending beyond the second layer. According to the manufacturer, the foam mimics the behavior of billions of microscopic pocketed coil springs, aiding in spinal alignment and motion neutralization. The high-density build of the foam adds to the mattress’ durability and prevent its permanent deformation with the passage of time.

• Durable Upholstery Sliding

All-foam mattresses hold the negative reputation for losing their shape as time goes by. In order to nip this issue in the bud, Novosbed has added durable upholstery sliding around the edges, similar to ones found inexpensive furniture. This keeps the mattress’ shape upright and adds to its longevity.

— Firmness and Feel

• Comfort and Support

The level of firmness selected determines the response issued by the mattress’ layers.


• Edge Support