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Updated May 6, 2021

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I purchased a Medium firmness Novosbed just over 30 days ago. I found the offgassing to be atrocious! I left it in my garage for 3 days until the smell seemed to have dissipated. I brought it inside and it immediately started off gassing again by being exposed to warmer air. It took about 10 days for me to be able to sleep on it due to the strong smell. Even 30 days later I can still smell the mattress when I lay down, but it seems to be getting better slowly. The mattress started off firm and it has now begun to soften up and become more comfortable. I am fairly happy with the comfort level and my hips hurt less in the morning. It does sleep a bit warmer than my previous natural latex mattress but I have not felt hot yet (it is winter, so this may change when summer comes). I would not recommend this mattress if you have a hard time with offgassing products.


I tried a Novosbed in medium and found it too hard for sleeping on my side. I also did not like using the Comfort+ topper and returned the bed. The quality of the bed, and Novosbed’s customer service is excellent. I was glad they found a charity to pick up the mattress return.
I would like to try a Novosbed in soft firmness but do not want to risk it if there is no ability to return the mattress. This is the kind of situation where I really wish these mattresses were available to try in a showroom.

Marty Mannor

Question: Does this mattress require springs underneath? I currently have mattress that sits on top of separate item called box-springs. I’m out of the loop with what’s available on current market as I haven’t shopped for replacement for 20 years! I’ve about made up my mind to purchase this mattress but really need to know if springs-support is needed beneath it. BTW, my most comfortable and preferable set-up, is my box-springs are not on a frame–they are just on the floor. In the future, I plan to put a board on the floor first so as to not have the bottom of my sleeping unit(s) directly on the floor. I decided for several reasons I won’t go into here. I have a wooden frame around the 2-piece unit which makes it lower than most sleeping units normally but I’m short so not a problem. I’m 5’2″, over 200#, have body full of arthritis, much neck pain and lower back; I toss & turn all night long; don’t like heavy blankets, I’m up & down (bathroom calls), I watch t.v. propping myself up on one elbow & often sit on edge of mattress to fold laundry, eat, apply moisturizers to skin. Any comments as to which mattress (& springs?) will be most comfortable for me? I’m really old so this will, no doubt, be my last purchase of this/these particular items! Tx.


I currently own a Nolah mattress and think it a little too soft for me. I am considering a Novosbed in medium. I am a 125 lb, fairly curvy side sleeper, so I need a mattress with good pressure relief. I am also looking for good spinal support, as I have lower back problems. Do you think this mattress would be a good fit for me? I worry that it may be a little to firm for someone my weight. I always like to go firmer with a mattress though, and am afraid if I order the soft that it wouldn’t give enough spinal support. I like the fact that they offer a soft topper too, if the mattress isn’t working for you. I’m also looking at the Nectar mattress as well. Do you feel they are similar in firmness and hug?


I bought a Novasbed 3 years ago – and after 9 months one side of the bed become softer and you could feel a different firmness than the rest of the mattress. There was a line you could feel as you lay on your back or side where the difference in firmness changed.
I contacted Novasbed – and initially they were very unresponsive … after chasing them they basically they said responded saying I needed to show them a photo with a difference of 1/2″ in the surface of the mattress when on the floor. . . which I couldn’t do ! The issue was with the difference in FIRMNESS of the mattress. Not a dip, indent or permanent depression.
I tried again to contact Novasbed in the middle of 2017 – and they had changed their procedure – now with photos of the mattress, the base, the height, and string wrapped both across and from diagonal to diagonal. I didn’t expect to see a difference – but on the diagonal photo you can see a 7/8″ difference on one corner of the bed where the issue is. I submitted these photos and I even took video to clearer show the issue. I also showed a video if a medium size kitchen bowl loaded with 9lbs of flour and sugar!… this adequately showed a dramatic difference in the SOFTNESS / FIRMNESS of one side of the mattress to the other. While I took photos of this – I took a continuous video to irrefutably show the issue (thinking the a simple photo could be doctored if someone wanted to).
They responded by saying that my *base* was the cause of my issues! They said this based on a single base of my base which is flat, firm, consistent across every area of the surface and fully supports the mattress. I googled – and there is no issue with the type of base I have when used with a foam mattress.
Go elsewhere for your mattress – there is so much choice at so many price points and why take a chance.


I purchased a medium and in the end had to return it. After 90 days the mattress was just starting to break in on my side, to the point where it wasn’t agony to sleep on. My girlfriend’s side however still felt just as hard as the day we received it. I understand the high density foams take a while to break in, but it seems we just didn’t order the correct firmness. I had considered giving the soft a shot, but since the “trial period” only counts for one bed, i’m trying some others while keeping the novosbed in the back of my mind


Frank Apodaca

Hey Mike,
It sounds like you know exactly what you need. Did you contact Novosbed because they will send a comfort+ kit for free to soften the mattress?



Hi Frank,
This was a medium with the comfort + soft added on. I’m 190 lbs and felt ‘almost’ comfortable with it after 3 months, but my 115 lb gf was cursing it every morning. I can’t imagine what a firm feels like at first. Concrete with a towel over it?
My biggest gripe with the comfort + kit, is it’s honestly a bandaid masking the problem. The comfort + is just some polyfoam like layer that you sink through with zero support ( it’s also quite smelly ). Softness without support just leads to incorrect sleeping posture and back problems.
So many people (even novosbed) compare the medium to tempurpedic’s cloud supreme, but I really didn’t feel the similarities.
Oddly enough when we FIRST unpacked the bed, maybe 1-2 hours after cutting the plastic, the bed felt amazingly soft, and squishy. A few hours later it hardened up and never got back to that cloud like feeling.


Frank Apodaca

Hey Mike,
Thanks for that. At this point we don’t have experience with the Tempurpedic and they don’t list their materials or densities very openly. Unfortunately, not everyone is going to agree on the way a mattress is supposed to feel and everyone has their own taste in terms to firmness, hug, bounce etc. The soft memory foam option would definitely have been a better choice in this case and the comfort plus kit is more designed to provide pressure relief while the other layers in the mattress provide the support. So I still think its a nice touch that they offer this but clearly in your case the soft option is a better choice. All in all, Novosbed offers quality materials foam materials with a good density that will last, but not everyone is going to agree on comfort.
Always good to have more feedback on consumers experiences. Thanks Mike and let us know what you decide on.


Slept on firm queen size mattress for the first time ever at a friends house tonight.Have been looking to purchase one of my own for several months now and I think this may have made up my mind for me.
I am a side sleeper and found this one to be way to firm for myself but still not painful like my foam mattress at home.
Over all I could see my self being quiet pleased with the soft mattress especially with the choices to add the comfort kit or chance firmness all together, I don’t think you cold go wrong at this price.
Looking forward too getting my own very soon.


My husband and I purchased the medium novosbed mattress 1 1/2 years ago. It is still as comfy today as it was when we first bought it. Within a month, my morning chest and back pain had completely gone and haven’t come back. We had the window open when we first opened the mattress and the smell had gone away by the end of the day. Honestly, I don’t recall even having to break it in, it felt great from the start. We both love this mattress and will be purchasing them for our kid’s beds. On top of that, the price is very fair. So happy with our purchase!

Samuel Prochazka

Hi Paul,
First off I must emphasize that our primary concern is your complete satisfaction with Novosbed, even if you end up returning your mattress.
I am aware that your case was escalated to management last week and will be following up with you directly.
Your Novosbed mattress is made from high density memory foam which can take a little longer to break-in, but is more durable and will last longer than mattresses made with lower density foams. Your mattress feeling slightly firmer out-of-the-box is normal, especially if you are moving from a very old mattress, or a spring mattress.
Our Comfort+ system will certainly make your mattress a little softer, but we do ask that you wait the 30 days prior to making use of this option. There is good reason for this as most of our customers end up loving their mattresses before the 30 days pass, and decide against using Comfort+ all together.
Warmest regards,



I ordered a soft mattress as a side sleeper. It felt like a medium hard about a 7. You can’t get the comfort kit for 30 days so be uncomfortable. I think that’s ridiculous when the mattress is labeled improperly. They also tell you you need 30 days to adjust to the mattress. Mattresses are supposed to adjust yo your body in a matter of days, not 30. Why should anyone be forced to be uncomfortable for 30 days. Their customer service is just arrogant.



Your body takes longer than a few days to adjust to a new bed, especially if its not the same bed that you had before. 30 days is enough time for a body to adjust. What do you expect when buying a mattress online, there is always a chance its gonna be not right. 120 day sleep guarantee and totally free returns means zero risk.
Sounds more like you were the arrogant one.


I also bought the soft and for sure need the comfort kit. This is gonna be a tough 30 days.


Novosbed Customer Care

Hi Jenn – we’ve tried to reach out to you but are unable to find your customer record from the name on your comment. Please call us at 1 877 496 3626, or email us at [email protected] so we can find a way to make your experience with our company great.

Star Newcomb

Hi there Jenn!
My name is Star and I am the tester, from The Sleep Judge, who personally slept on this mattress, and I do encourage you to give it a few weeks to break in. It may seem too firm in the beginning, but it will soften up the more you sleep on it. Although, if you are on the lighter side of the weight spectrum, it may take a little longer than it did for my husband and I. We are each a little heavier than some who may sleep on this mattress and it does seem persuade how long the break in period is.
If you take a look at my whole review, it does specifically say that it did take a bit of time to break in, but once it did, it was quite comfortable. I understand your concern that the mattress is too firm, but each mattress is different and since this one is made from high density foam, as stated in my review and as stated by Samuel Prochazka, the president of Novosbed, it will feel much different and more firm than you are normally use to.
After your 30 days is up, we’d love to hear how it went.

Frank Apodaca

Hey Paul,
Each mattress that is ordered is always going to be a little different in its firmness level. It’s unfortunate you didn’t like the Novosbed as much as we did, but we’ll see if Novosbed would like to comment.

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