Novosbed VS Helix Mattress: How to Choose?

Updated December 11, 2019

If you’ve never had a special relationship with your mattress, you’ve probably never slept on the right one. Once you feel that your body’s muscles can fully relax up to a point where you feel like the lightest person in the world, you can never go back to an unsuitable mattress. But how could you possibly know if a mattress is right for you if you don’t get the chance to sleep on it at least a couple of nights?

The Novosbed and Helix mattresses described in the paragraphs below are both premium products that have a common goal: providing a high level of support and comfort of the sleeper. Each of them provides 120 and 100 nights of free trial, respectively, which means that after you receive the product, you have either 120 or 100 nights time to decide if you want to keep it or return it for a full refund.

A Closer Look

The Novosbed model is a memory foam mattress with layers that have very specific roles in contouring the body, distributing weight, providing support and comfort for the sleeper. The Helix brand, on the other hand, is very focused on the individual needs of each of the 2 sleepers, allowing all their buyers to customize the firmness of the mattress by answering a simple quiz.This quiz contains questions about the preferred sleeping position of the user, as well as gathers information about the weight and height of the person. The weight and height of every person will determine the ideal configuration for a mattress that can turn into your best sleeping buddy for many years to come.


A Breakdown of the Novosbed

— Construction of the Novosbed

The layers found underneath the cover of your Novosbed will vary depending on the firmness level that you choose. The following construction break-through is characteristic for the medium product.

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• Top Cover – Ultra-soft & Washable

The Tencel top cover that rests upon the rest of the Novosbed is eco-friendly and promises to efficiently work towards absorbing moisture and making sure you stay cool during the night. The Tencel fiber used in the cover’s construction is made from raw material wood extraction, to allow a decent amount of airflow through its surface. The cover itself feels very pleasant to the touch, with a pattern that somehow seems floral. Lyocell, silica, modacrylic and polyester were also added in the construction of the cover, just as cotton and rayon are part of the inner lining. The top cover can be removed and washed, to ensure the freshness of your Novosbed for years to come.

• Top Layer – Novos Comfort Zone

Right underneath the top cover lies a 2 inch layer of comfort memory foam that contributes to the breathability of the mattress. This open-cell airflow foam is characterized by tiny air cells that facilitate the passage of heat through the surface, making sure that your skin won’t feel any thermal discomfort. Great for those who suffer from night sweats. Since this basically the first layer that comes in contact with your body (except for the top cover), it’s important that it provides pressure relief. With the Novos Comfort Zone, you will feel how the foam contours your body, to relieve you of all body strains at the end of the day.

• Second Layer – Recore Transition Zone

Also known as the Ultra-Dense memory foam, the second layer of the Novosbed measure 2 inches in thickness and was designed to support the top layer in gaining back its original shape once you get up. In other words, this is a transition layer that connects the firmer bottom layer of the mattress with the softness of the first layer.

• Third Layer – Durabase Support Zone

The real monster is the 7 inch layer of high density poly foam, or the Premium Support Foam base as it is alternatively referred to. The base support foam is a pretty common feature with foam mattresses because, just as the layer’s name suggests it, its primary role is to support all the other layers of the mattress, as well as the sleeper’s weight.

— Firmness of a Novosbed

Depending on your sleeping position and total weight, you can choose a Novosbed mattress that’s soft, medium or firm. If you’re experiencing doubts and aren’t sure which one is suitable for you, Novosbed’s official website has set up a short questionnaire about your sleeping preference and body configuration and can recommend the most suitable mattress for you. Since we are now focused on the medium mattress, let’s talk about how firm it actually is. Several tests performed by people with different weights and sleeping habits have revealed that the medium model is suitable for people that like to sleep in multiple positions. The moment you lay down, you will feel the memory foam adjusting to your body’s natural shape. However, if you are a heavy person, you may experience difficulties in switching positions, in which case a firm mattress would be more suitable for you.

— Unique Features – Novosbed

If you’ve always been a fan of memory foam mattresses, you are going to love how the Novosbed feels when you lie down. Memory foam is very well-known for its ability to contour and support the body and the Novosbed makes no exception. Since every layer of this mattress is high in density, it should provide good support for almost every weight category.

• Comfort+ Firmness Adjustment Kit

This is a feature that you normally don’t get to see in other mattresses (and we’ve seen our fair share of mattresses). The Comfort+ option is an additional layer that you can receive for free if you are not satisfied with the firmness level of your mattress. As you know, online shopping can sometimes render disappointment in not receiving the product quality you were hoping for. The Novosbed team is looking to eliminate the “this mattress is too firm/too soft” problem with this additional adjustment kit. To add the layer into your mattress, simply remove the top cover, put the Comfort+ on top of the first foam layer and then zip the cover. It takes less than 2 minutes for you to enjoy a mattress more suited to your liking.

• Airflow & Breathability

The top layer of memory foam was designed to dissipate heat because of the high density of air cells that are spread throughout the entire layer. It takes less than 10 minutes for the mattress to return to room temperature after you get up.

• Eco-Friendly

Novosbed takes pride in creating products that are environmentally sustainable. In order to do so, they have eliminated waste from the production process by recycling or repurposing it. They are also transitioning towards recycling solvents for each new textile product run.


A Breakdown of the Helix Mattress

— Construction of the Helix Mattress

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Before moving on, we have to mention the following: the construction of your Helix mattress depends on the model you choose. Helix has created a quiz that looks into your body configuration and sleep preferences, to help you determine which one of their models is more suitable for you. With that in mind, know that each level of firmness has configured layers and support, to best suit your personal needs.

• Top Cover – Thin & Breathable

No matter which Helix mattress model you choose, they all come with the same polyester cover. While the cover does offer some breathability, you can always opt for the additional Ultra Cool cover that promises to absorb heat and provide regulated airflow for your skin.

• First Layer – Memory Foam

The memory foam layer that’s hidden right underneath the cover is meant to provide body support and contouring. However, the responsiveness and sinkage of this layer depends on the mattress model you chose. The Moonlight model, for instance, has a comfort layer that’s super soft and responsive under pressure.

• Second Layer – Poly Foam

Also known as the transition layer, this part of your Helix mattress is focused on creating a bridge between the softness of the top layer of memory foam and the lower spring layer. As usual, the responsiveness of this layer depends on the firmness chosen for the mattress.

• Third Layer – Pocketed Coils

The third layer of all Helix mattresses is characterized by individually wrapped coils. This is where your body support power truly lies. Spring coils are known for providing the bounciness of a mattress, but since they are individually wrapped, you should feel less movement compared to mattresses that feature innersprings. This layer always measures 6 inches in height and provides added edge support, for those of you that like to sit on the side of the bed.


• Fourth Layer – HD Poly Foam

The base layer of the Helix product is composed of high-grade polyfoam with a density variety that depends on your personal preferences. If you opt for one of the firm mattress models, the base layer will be denser and thicker. This also adds more years to the mattresses’ lifespan, as a thick layer is more durable.

— Firmness of a Helix Mattress

Long story short, the Helix mattress can be as soft or as firm as you want it to be. Some models have a slower response to pressure, while others are plushy and will immediately return to the original shape.

— Feel of a Helix Mattress

When you first touch the Helix mattress, you can immediately tell that the cover is made of polyester. Even so, the material takes pride in providing comfort and breathability for the sleeper. If you opt for the Ultra Cool cover (which is going to cost you extra), you will receive a product made from phase change material. This keeps your body temperature lower compared to the average mattress cover.

You can simply use a cooling mattress pad as an alternative.

— Unique Features – Helix Mattress

  • 6 Different Configurations

In order to satisfy different needs, Helix has created 6 different mattress configurations, as follows:

1. Helix Sunset – has a plush feel, offers balanced support and is good for side sleepers.
2. Helix Moonlight – has a plush feel, offers extra support and is good for all sleeping positions.
3. Helix Midnight – has a medium feel, offers balanced support and is good for side sleepers.
4. Helix Dawn – has a medium feel, offers extra support and is good for all sleeping positions.
5. Helix Twilight – has a firm feel, offers balanced support and is good for side sleepers.
6. Helix Dawn – has a firm feel, offers extra support and is good for all sleeping positions.

• Specialty Mattresses

Here’s the thing: Novosbed is throwing in 3 extra mattress models for special situations where you need even more support or want to sleep in a configuration that’s different from the one of your sleeping partner.

    • The Helix Nightfall model is designed for those looking to add more height and support to their mattress. It measures 12 inches in height and is made from higher density materials.

• Mattress Personalization

You can choose one of the 9 mattress models above or you can opt to answer the specialty quiz that Helix provides on its website. By doing so, an algorithm will determine the best mattress for you and create a personalized model.


Which One to Get

— Novosbed Mattress

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The Novosbed mattress is a simple and viable solution for those in need of a comfy new bed, but who don’t want to go through much hassle to choose one. Since there is basically a single mattress to choose from with 3 different firmness options, the purchasing process is pretty straightforward. The Comfort+ option that gives you an additional memory foam layer for free is a pretty clean indicator that Novosbed is a brand invested in the comfort of its customers.

If you are in anyway displeased with the firmness of the mattress, this is the way to go. Installing the additional layer is super easy, as all you have to do is unzip the cover and add it underneath. The Novosbed will surely be one of the most comfortable mattresses you slept on, and it’s also a very affordable option. Since the mattress options are a little fit on the firm side, it should be an ideal companion for people who are overweight, but also for those who are looking for a lot of motion transfer absorption as their sleeping partner tends to get fussy overnight.


— Helix Mattress

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And then, there’s the Helix mattress, a brand that has invested a lot of effort into personalizing the mattress to cater the taste of every type of sleeper out there. There are 6 standard models to choose from, 3 more for those who have very particular sleeping preferences and also the possibility to get a more personalized product, depending on the answers provided in the preference quiz. This hybrid mattress offers good balance between comfort, support and motion isolation. It’s a great product for sleeping partners that have very specific and different preferences. For instance, if you prefer a soft, plushier mattress, but your partner definitely likes to sleep on something firmer, the Helix has an option for you too.

Novosbed vs Helix Comparison

 Layers Used
  • Top layer with Tencel Fiber Cover;
  • 2 inch layer of Ultra-Dense Airflow
    Memory Foam (Novos Comfort Zone);
  • 2 inch layer of Ultra-Dense Memory Foam
    (Recore Transition Zone);
  • Memory Foam Layer
  • Poly Foam Layer
  • Pocketed Coils Layer
  • HD Poly Foam (thickness of the layers
    depends on the type of mattress chosen)
 Height 11 inches 10 or 12 inches, depending on the model chosen
 Firmness Available in firm, medium & soft Available in firm, medium & soft
 Motion Transfer Fair Good
 Breathability Good Good (especially with the Ultra Cool cover)
 Trial Period 120 Night Sleep Trial 100 Night Sleep Trial
 Warranty 15 Year Warranty 10 Year Warranty
 Pricing (Queen) $999 $995
 Shipping Free within the continental US & Canada
(Hawaii, Alaska, the Canadian Territories &
other remote locations may require additional
remote shipping fees)
Free shipping for USA. $250 shipping fees
for Canada.



It doesn’t matter which one of these 2 mattresses you opt for, as they both excel in quality of the materials used, as well as in the capacity to provide support to different types of sleeper. What really matters, though, is that you choose a firmness level that can provide pressure relief. When pressure causes discomfort on your body parts, it often leads to sore limbs, necks and shoulders and this is a sign that you’re sleeping on the wrong mattress. However, if you have a sleeping partner that prefers a different firmness level than yours, the Helix line offers more customized models that cater to each individual’s needs.

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