Our Team

Meet our Team

We are the experts behind The Sleep Judge- people who spend weeks testing out mattresses, pillows, and other sleep accessories so you don’t have to. It’s hard, hard work, we know- but hey, somebody has to do it! Currently, our team boasts 4 sleep experts and product testers that are committed to finding and trying out the best and latest products that the market has to offer. 

What makes our team so great is the diversity of our background and sleeping preferences. On our own, we might have each been biased towards a certain type of mattress that suits our own sleeping position or a pillow whose firmness is to our taste. However, as team members, we each bring a unique perspective to the table and our individual experiences help others who share similar preferences. In other words, each Sleep Judge covers different sleeping positions and habits- so we ensure that we really test a product for everyone’s needs, regardless of the side they sleep in, firmness they like, or temperatures that make them sleep the best. 

To everybody’s misfortune, there are no universities, crash courses, or schools dedicated to studying the art of sleeping- at least, not in its practical form. Of course, that didn’t stop us from coming up with the best methods for testing mattresses, pillows, and other sleep-related products on our own. We’ve used our personal experience and perspective as well as those of other reviewers, friends, and family to make sure we come up with a checklist of sorts that would cover almost everyone’s opinions on what it takes to have a good night’s sleep. And, without false modesty, we think we did or at least came pretty close to creating the ideal formula. After all, five minds working together towards the same goal, with different perspectives but equal enthusiasm and commitment- it’s hard for it not to work.

Curious about what makes each of us tick? Get to know our awesome team members below!


Corey Majeau

Researcher and Product Tester

Danielle Mcleod

Pillow Expert, Product Tester & Editor

Jessica Jones

Lead Mattress and Sleep Product Expert

Melanie Pellis

Senior Updates Editor & Writer

Star Newcomb

Product Tester & Writer