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Long gone are the days where research was a pain due to a distinct lack of resources. In this modern age where near unlimited information and opinion is at our fingertips, the discerning shopper is faced with a new problem—what sources across the web can be trusted for thoughtful, objective, and unbiased product reviews?

Our goal at The Sleep Judge since our founding in 2014 is to be exactly that—an encyclopedic archive of reviews that are more experiential than praiseworthy. We provide honest reviews that delve into the benefits, the short-comings, and quirks of a plethora of mattresses and other sleep-related products. Let’s be honest, no matter how much you love that mattress or sleep machine, there is no such thing as perfection, and we all value different aspects of comfort differently. With that in mind, we examine every last granular detail, from motion transfer and coil construction, to durability and heat reduction capabilities.

With the boom of the “bed in a box” industry, we’ve seen dozens of new online mattress brands flourish. With so many new products out there, we can’t possibly review them all. Instead we’ve opted to focus our attention on products and brands with longstanding history, great reputations, or occasionally those that are creating significant buzz in the industry.

Our Mattress Reviews

A persons body type, weight, height, comfort preferences can make deciding on a mattress difficult. We make recommendations to address different sleepers because the “best mattress” for one might not be the “best mattress” for another. That’s why we perform a variety of tests, including heat retention or how well a mattress breathes using thermal cameras, motion transfer tests, firmness tests and more, to help each individual gauge what mattress might work for them based on their preference.

In order to execute this efficiently, there is a crack team of experts behind The Sleep Judge—people who spend weeks testing out mattresses, pillows, and other sleep accessories so you don’t have to. The key here is the diversity of background and sleeping preferences contained within our team of review specialists. As an individual, everyone will be biased towards a certain type of mattress that suits their own preferred sleeping position, or a particular pillow firmness and shape. As a team, each author brings a unique perspective to the table, and individual experiences that help others who share similar preferences.  

As there is no true “industry standard” for the testing of mattresses (outside of manufacturer R&D), we have spent the last five years refining our methods for testing mattresses, pillows, and other sleep-related products. Using a unique combination of personal experience, perspective, as well as feedback from other reviewers, friends, and family, we conceived a comprehensive checklist that covers every last facet of sleeping comfort (as well as mattress durability and other pertinent details). In reading one of our reviews you’ll have a hard time finding a sleep criteria that our team fails to examine and evaluate.


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Corey Majeau

Researcher and Product Tester

Danielle Mcleod

Pillow Expert, Product Tester & Editor

Jessica Jones

Lead Mattress and Sleep Product Expert

Melanie Pellis

Senior Updates Editor & Writer