Jessica Jones

Lead Mattress and Sleep Product Expert

As a NASM certified personal trainer, Jessica understands the link that bonds quality sleep with overall quality of life, and she uses this knowledge to provide a unique perspective in each mattress she reviews. Jessica has the unique opportunity to try out some of the top online mattresses every week for the past three years. In addition to thoroughly testing over 100 mattresses, she also creates videos and helpful content to guide her visitors in making the best purchasing decisions. 

As a personal trainer, Jessica understands the importance of sleep on the body. She earned her Bachelor of Science in Communications in 2015, followed by her Master of Business Administration in 2017, and she puts her academic background to work providing a scientific approach to mattress shopping. Her goal is to offer honest reviews for every product she tries out, and she takes the time to personally interact with visitors who need extra guidance to make sure they arrive at the right choice. 

Subjective mattress reviews full of opinion and conjecture are a dime a dozen. Jessica makes it a priority to provide objective data to help shoppers compare apples to apples as you browse the hundreds of options on the market. She’s not here to sell a mattress… she’s here to match mattresses to the complex needs of each visitor to the site. When she’s not gathering useful data for her readers, she’s usually at the gym pumping iron to make all those unboxings a little easier!