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Founders Sven Klein, Thomas Adams, Brad Inscoe, and Matt Walker worked together to create the Lull Mattress. It is a relatively new brand that strives off of innovation, curiosity, and integrity to create genuine quality products. Today, they have a line of Lull accessories that can complement the Lull Mattress.

Products and Materials

The Lull Mattress is the highlight of Lull. It uses three-layer technology for support and comfort. It promotes a healthier, more natural spinal alignment.

The first layer is a 1.5” gel-infused memory foam cooling layer. This layer absorbs all the heat converging around your body and disperses it to keep the top of the mattress cool.

Then, there is a 1.5” foam blend transition layer that helps reduce motion transfer and is additional support.

Finally, there is the 7” polyurethane foam foundation. This layer is responsible for keeping your spinal alignment natural and supports you so there is no sinking feeling while you sleep.

The mattress is certified CertiPUR-US. It relieves pressure points, minimizes motion distribution, and has a long usage life.

In addition to the Lull Mattress, you can also purchase a Lull Mattress Protector, a Lull Pillow or pillows, the Lull Duvet Comforter, a Lull Platform Bed Frame, or a Lull Metal Bed Frame.


The Lull Mattress comes in the following sizes; Twin, Twin XL, Full, Queen, King, and California King.

  • Twin – $899 (Base Price); $599 (Sale Price)
  • Twin XL – $999 (Base Price); $699 (Sale Price)
  • Full – $1099 (Base Price); $799 (Sale Price)
  • Queen – $1199 (Base Price); $899 (Sale Price)
  • King – $1499 (Base Price); $1199 (Sale Price)
  • Cal King – $1499 (Base Price); $1199 (Sale Price)
  • The Lull Mattress Protector comes within $75 to $95 depending on the size.
  • There are two sizes for the Lull Pillow; standard and king. The standard size is $75 while the king size is $85.
  • Lull sheets are for $99 to $129. Sheets are not available for queen sizes and above.
  • The Lull Duvet Comforter comes between $149 to $240 depending on the size.
  • The Wooden Frame comes between $400 to $600, while the metal frame come between $150 to $250, both depending on the size of the bed.

Warranty and Returns

There is a 100-night trial in which you can either exchange or refund your mattress if you are not satisfied with it. The pickup is for free, no payment required.

There is a ten-year warranty on the Lull Mattress that only the original purchaser can claim. This covers all manufacturer defects and flaws plausible in the mattress, such as unnatural indentations and sags, physical flaws in workmanship and/or material.

What is not included under the warranty is improper usage, minor imperfections, stains, tears, burns, natural indentations, personal preference, damaged caused by you, an animal, or a child, and finally natural occurring aromas in the foam.

If you have allergies to the material used, this will not be covered under the warranty. Instead, you can return the mattress. It has to be owned by the original purchaser and purchased through an authorized Lull provider.

Shipping Information

Shipments will arrive within 1-4 business days through FedEx services. Shipments cannot be made to P.O boxes, nor can Lull ship internationally. Unless you are located in Alaska or Hawaii where the shipping fee is mandatory, you can have your Lull Mattress and accessories shipped to you for free.