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Tumbling into a tangle of fresh linens and fluffy hotel pillows is a blissful moment beloved by many. But have you ever stopped to think about the germs you’re kicking up in the process? No matter how diligent you are in your research, the fact remains that hotels – and by association, Airbnb rentals – can be hotbeds for bacteria, particularly when it comes to frequently-used tactile items like light switches and television remotes. We surveyed over 1,000 Americans to learn more about their less-than-clean hotel and Airbnb experiences. Read More. 


People have long been skeptical of the eight-hour workday and the way the modern workweek is structured. Some research suggests our suspicions may indeed be founded on truth and that we are not currently operating at peak productivity (or happiness).To find out how the average U.S. worker feels about their current workload and work-life balance, as well as what the ideal work schedule looks like, we asked over 1,000 people to share their thoughts on their life as a member of the nation’s workforce. Read More. 


Once upon a time, naps were an integral part of a person’s day. Whether you liked it or not, there were dedicated afternoon hours during which you were expected to sleep to stay energized for the evening. Which jobs are leading the naptime revolution, and how many people are taking advantage of it? To find out, we polled over 1,000 people about whether they were allowed to sneak in a few extra zzz’s around the office, if those naps helped boost their productivity, and how you might be able to get in on the action. Read More. 


Sleep “experts” have long debated whether being an early bird or a night owl helps make a person more successful or productive throughout the day, and even if the saying suggests fortune favors the early risers, that opinion may not hold up. So how much does your sleep schedule affect the quality of your relationship? To find out, we polled over 1,000 people to learn more about their evening rituals and why they didn’t necessarily go to sleep together. Read More.


Cautious parents often tell their kids that “nothing good happens after midnight” and certainly for good reason. The FBI estimates that 1,247,321 violent crimes occurred in the United States, and it’s no secret that some criminals find their best opportunities in the dark. We examined more than 840,000 police incidents from 2017 across 10 major American cities to answer that question. Read More. 


Tim Cook rises at 3:45 a.m. Oprah Winfrey begins her day with Sufi teachings and meditation. By 5:30 a.m., Mark Wahlberg has already prayed, worked out, and eaten breakfast. For many of us mere mortals, celebrity morning routines are endlessly compelling: Can we enjoy some measure of their success by replicating their habits? We surveyed over 1,000 people to find out, comparing those with established morning habits to those who approached mornings more casually. Which practices correlate with increased earnings? Read More. 


The United States is the most overworked country in the developed world. Late nights working overtime, early morning meetings, and personal life and sleep sacrifices are a reality for most working Americans. But with a full-time job barely enough to financially get by, the stress that employees undergo can be taxing both physically and mentally. We surveyed around 1,000 employees, getting all the details about their work burnout. Read More.


Scientists may not have figured out exactly why we sleep, but we know one thing for sure: Sleep is fundamental to our survival. Humans spend 26 years sleeping, and yet, Americans are still not getting enough rest. What routines decrease people’s stress levels and maximize their zzz’s? We surveyed over 1,000 people about their nightly regimens to see how they de-stress after work and get ready for bed. Read More.


Traveling is supposed to be enjoyable – you’re leaving behind the stresses of everyday life to experience a new, exciting, and sometimes relaxing place. But no matter how often you travel, the journey to your destination can still be stressful. We surveyed over 980 people about their sleeping habits while flying, subsequent jet lag, and overall travel experiences. Read More. 


Rise and Shine Banner

But the ever-so-hated alarm clock comes with one life-saving button: snooze. Staying awake after the first set of alarms is difficult for a significant amount of people, and the thought of “just five more minutes” had 56% of people hitting the snooze button on workdays and 74% hitting it more than once. Read More. 


Vacation Header

But are all vacations created equal, and if you only use a fraction of your paid leave, will some travel leave you more relaxed and recuperated than others? To find out, we surveyed over 1,000 employees about their vacation habits and the connection to their overall health. Read more. 



We explored a year’s worth of posts from one of Reddit’s fastest-growing communities (known as “subreddits”), r/insomnia, to learn which solutions are most discussed and how insomnia remedies are changing. At 35,000 subscribers strong and growing daily, new members can join and contribute to discussions about insomnia. Read More.


Never Go To Bed Angry

What do couples have to say about it? We surveyed over 900 people who had gone to bed angry with their partner in the past year to learn how often it occurs, why it happens, and how it impacts couples. Does the adage still holds true? Read More. 


Sleep Across America

Each year, the BRFSS collects more than 400,000 adult interviews regarding health-related risk behaviors. With this data, we uncovered not only which states suffer the most from poor sleep, but the possible reasons why. Read on to learn why your state, health habits, and relationship might prevent you from getting the sleep you need. Read More.


Information Overload and Sleep Quality

No matter how much you might want to get a good night’s sleep, though, there’s a seemingly endless number of things that will keep you awake if you aren’t careful. For a closer look at how information overload affects sleep quality in America, we surveyed 997 people about their technology habits before bed. Read More. 


Gaming Before Bed Banner

Video games are taking up an increasingly large chunk of our day-to-day lives, so we wanted to know where those extra hours come from. We surveyed 982 people who played video games at least once a month to learn how this hobby affected their sleep. Read More.


For a closer look at how many Americans are losing sleep over politics in 2019, we surveyed over 800 people about the news they consume and what keeps them up at night. Read on as we investigate which political issues were voted as the most concerning, how many people are dreaming about political scenarios, and which news sources (including Facebook and Fox News) are the most likely to keep you tossing and turning. Read More. 


We decided to survey 1,001 employed people about the activities keeping them up later than they’d like on work nights and how they’re affected the next day. Do people consistently stay up past their bedtime? Is there something respondents wish they could do to change their sleep habits? Find our full research findings below. Read More. 


In the spirit of helping hosts and guests everywhere, we surveyed 500 people who had recently stayed at someone else’s home and 500 who had recently hosted others. Our findings illustrate the sacrifices hosts make to welcome visitors and their biggest guest pet peeves. Read More. 


To discover how sleep discomfort impacts the population, we surveyed over 1,000 people to learn how they deal with sleep problems related to their ailments. Keep reading to uncover the most effective ways our survey respondents relieve pain and manage their symptoms. Read More. 


If you’ve ever caught yourself staring at the same email for too long or can’t stop yawning through an important work meeting (no matter how many cups of coffee you’ve had), then you probably realize just how important healthy sleep is to your professional productivity. Read more. 


Sleeping on the Job Header

The health ramifications of sleep deprivation are serious: Scientists suggest that skipping rest presents a range of medical risks, including heart disease and mental health disorders. But if consistent fatigue produces long-term health problems, more immediate impacts are visible in workplaces across the country. Read more.


Waking Up on the Wrong Side of Bed

Sleep is not only a great way to end the day – it’s a crucial part of good health. Great sleep habits can pay dividends, not only to how we feel but how we view the world. After all, you spend about a third of your day snoozing, so you want to make sure that you snag quality sleep as often as possible. Read more. 


Sex or Slumber Header

As bedtime approaches, a question may plague some couples: Should they have sex, or go straight to sleep due to exhaustion? Maybe a quickie in the morning is a better option, but will it impact the time you need to get to work? Read more. 


Sunday Scaries Header

If your blissful, brunch-filled Sunday morning turns into a slightly anxious Sunday afternoon and then a full-on, stressed-out Sunday evening, you’re not alone. The “Sunday scaries” are a real phenomenon, and it could be a sign of a much bigger problem. Read more. 


Sleeping on your Period Header

No matter the public or private nature of a person’s relationship with their period, it’s a typically monthly affair that may affect how people engage with their bodies, sex, and other people. Read more. 


Balancing fantasy sports and life header

The Fantasy Sports and Gaming Association claims that it represents the interests of more than 60 million people in North America. And, according to Fox Business, the industry is worth $7 billion. Read more.


Sleep Disputes in Relationships Header

The adage of never going to bed angry might be difficult to follow if you share a bed with a partner who wants a different temperature, bedding, or the family dog next to them. Consider then the compounding tension resulting from a poor night’s sleep. Read more.


Sleep Attire for Success Header

Evidently, there’s a new way to sleep your way to the top. Whether “success” means career, love, motivation, or some combination, have you ever thought your pajamas could help get you there? Read more.


Sex dreams in relationships Header

Sometimes, it’s easier to tell strangers our deepest secrets than our closest friends. This became even more evident when we surveyed 1,011 people in relationships and asked them about the details of their sex dreams. Read more.


VS_Adult-Sleepover-Confessions_ header

The date went well, and when the two of you took things back to your place, that went smoothly, too. Or so you thought until you watched your date get dressed and slip out the door. You really hit it off with this person, though, so it breaks your heart to watch them leave. The possibilities race through your mind. Read more.


Dream Jobs by Generation Header

“What do you want to be when you grow up?” Children are accustomed to hearing that question. And they usually say things like pilot, tall, or teacher – but some kids get creative. As children grow into adults, though, they may realize their dreams from when they were 5 years old aren’t practical. Read more.


exploring the modern dreamscape header

People have been attempting to decode dreams for centuries – ancient civilizations carved their recollections into stone, psychologists linked dreams to repressed emotions, and modern researchers boil dreams down to memory reprocessing. Read more.