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About Saatva

Back in 2015, Saatva was ranked as being the 101 company on Inc’s top retailers of the year. The company has continued to grow exponentially in this last decade, becoming an icon in the online luxury mattress industry. The company was founded back in 2010, and has reached an amazing $180 million in revenue in 2016.

The company was founded by entrepreneur Ricky Joshi, and Ron Rudzin, a veteran in the furniture industry. The name Saatva drew inspiration from the word “sattva”, which in Sanskrit means “pure”.

Mattresses Produced

Saatva makes, beyond a shred of a doubt, some of the best mattresses known to man. And there are tens of thousands of customer reviews that tell their stories about positive experiences with their products. Saatva has three mattresses, all of which are well-known:

  • Zenhaven – a model made entirely out of latex, both comfortable and eco-friendly.
  • Loom and Leaf – combining memory foam and cooling technology for superior pressure relief and support.
  • Saatva – an double-coil system mattress with individually wrapped coils, as well as a sturdy coil support base.

Materials Used

Each of the three aforementioned models has a different construction, as they use special technologies to bring forth the best benefits from each of the three main materials used to create a mattress: coil, foam, and latex.

  • The Zenhaven starts off with an organic wool layer, which provides sleepers with a chemical-free experience. The total of 10 inches in height are divided among a Talalay latex comfort layer with a five-zoned support design, as well as other latex layers which are meant to provide resilient support.
  • Loom and Leaf is made entirely out of memory foam, but the layers each have unique roles and capabilities that were added with the best interest and comfort of the user in mind. The mattress debuts with an organic cotton cover, then uses a layer of memory foam with gel infusion, and continues with high-density supportive memory foam.
  • The Saatva is a mattress created to show people that coils, when used wisely, can be extremely comfortable and supportive in a bed. The core of the mattress is a layer of individually-wrapped coils, meant to minimize motion transfer, but also provide support where needed. The base is made from a separate layer of coils, which have been tempered three times, to provide you with a durable bed.

Mattress Production

Both the Saatva and the Zenhaven mattress are made in 19 independent American and Canadian factories. What’s more, they have 145 fulfillment centers which take care of mattress delivery.

Warranty & Return Policy

What’s really interesting about the Saatva line of mattresses is that they don’t all offer the same warranty periods. That kind of makes sense, since each of them is constructed from different materials, some of them being more durable than others.

Both the Saatva and the Loom and Leaf mattress are covered by a 15 year warranty, but the Zenhaven warranty is extended over a period of 20 years.

Since all of these three mattresses belong to the Saatva brand, they are also subject to the same return policy, no matter which of three you opt for. That being said, you are given 120 nights of free trial, so that you can adjust to what your new bed feels like.

If you are not happy with what these mattresses have to deliver, you can take advantage of Saatva’s return policy, but you will be responsible with a $99 payment, to cover the return shipping costs.

Price Range

The price of the mattress will always depend on the size that you choose. If you wish to purchase a Zenhaven mattress, the price starts off at $1,299 for the Twin size, but can go as high as $2,499 for those who want a Cal King mattress.

The Loom and Leaf can be purchased for a mere $849, if you want a Twin-sized mattress, but those of you who want a Cal King model, will pay $1,799. As for the Saatva, prices start at $599 for the lower size available, and go as high as $1,499 for the Cal King mattress.


The two co-founders discovered that the perks of selling mattresses online outweigh the benefits of a brick and mortar store. Saatva mattresses are sold exclusively online.

Shipping Availability

If you want a Saatva mattress and life in the USA or Canada, you’re in luck. The company delivers its beds all over the continental US, as well as to Canadian customers. However, those of you that live in Alaska and want to order a Saatva will have to communicate with the company to see the delivery through.

Brand Popularity

What made Saatva such a success story is the fact that in a world were startups are mostly focused on millenials, they took a different approach. They created a line of products and adjacent services which aren’t dedicated to people under 35.

Instead, they’ve offered a luxury line of mattress for homeowners who are willing to pay the price it takes to have a high-quality product, and appealed to them through a luxurious marketing technique. What’s even more fascinating is that all three models that Saatva sells are equally known and just as famous.

Aside from that, it’s clear that Saatva is looking to bring eco-friendly mattresses into our homes, by using organic covers, coils made from recycled steel, and natural latex.