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Lineal Adjustable Base by Saatva

Everyone has unique preferences, and this is especially true when it comes to finding a compatible sleep product. From firmness levels to bounce, sinkage, and more, you may find your preferences are much different than those of others.

The Lineal adjustable base by Saatva allows you to customize your elevation. With the ability to control various angles at both the head and foot of the mattress, you can enjoy a number of relaxing positions in which to watch TV, read, and much more.

Adjustable bases allow for even distribution of pressure over the entire sleeping surface. This product is pretty heavy, so you’ll want to have someone with you to help you move it. Keep reading to see how it’s done and check out all the cool features it has to offer.

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Product Assembly

Saatva offers its customers the convenience in having an installer come and set the product up for you. However, you still want to know how your base goes together in case you ever need to move it.

The majority of the base is already put together, but there are a few items included that you’ll need to assemble to get the Lineal adjustable base in working order. If you happen to be reassembling your Lineal base, these items include:

  1. Four legs
  2. Remote control w/ triple A batteries
  3. Power supply including power brick, electrical feed cord, and electrical power cord
  4. Two corner mattress retainers with bolts
  5. Headboard bracket assemblies
  6. Headboard bracket hardware
  7. Owner’s manual
  8. Warranty activation card
  9. 9volt battery sold separately

A Few Quick Steps for Remote Control Setup

  1. Flip the base upside down, and screw on all four legs.
  2. Plug power box into unit, and sync remote control by:

a. Locating the port 4 reset button on control box with something small like a needle

(I used a mechanical pencil). Press until the lights turn on.

b. Remove battery cover from remote and press the button at the top-center until the lights go off.

Corner Mattress Retainer Setup

The corner mattress retainers keep your mattress from sliding off the base when you elevate the head of your mattress. To install them, a knife is necessary to cut a small slit in the fabric in order to bolt the retainers into place. This is a step the installer will take, so don’t panic when they start cutting into the fabric of your base.

Once your retainers are installed, you’re ready to put your mattress on the base and enjoy your new adjustable base! Total assembly time is around 10-20 minutes.


The bulk of the base is comprised of three components: the steel foundation, polyester cover, and motor. Since the cover is integrated using only one piece of material, the top has a clean look without multiple sections. The edges of the base are reinforced with a layer of polyfoam that can help you avoid smacking your shin on the side of the bed. In my experience, the construction of this product allows it to transition into various sleep positions without much noise.

Lineal Remote Control Capabilities

When you think of adjustable bases, you typically associate them with the elevation of your head and feet at different angles. The Lineal adjustable base can do this and much more. Some of the other options you’ll be able to play around with as you begin your ownership of this product includes:

  • Zero-gravity programmed position that automatically distributes your weight
  • Two customizable settings to program
  • Light feature that illuminates underneath your bed
  • Head and foot massage
  • Lounge position
  • Flashlight on remote
  • One-click settings
  • Wireless remote
  • Mattress clip(s)

I’ve been using my Lineal adjustable base for around two months, so I’ve had time to experiment with different angles that best accommodate me when I’m watching t.v. after a long day. My favorite position is always just a push of a button away as I’ve programmed it into my remote.


Wait… Back Up… Head and Foot Massage?

That’s right. You’ll find different options on the bottom of your remote which controls three different vibration settings as well as the option for the vibrations to roll up and down the mattress in a wave. I have found this soothing to put me to sleep, and the massage ceases after 15 minutes.

Base Support

During my experience using the Lineal adjustable base, I have felt very well-aligned on both my back and side. Particularly, I found the zero-gravity setting to help reduce aches and pains that I sometimes notice as I begin to edge closer to my mid-thirties! This position is also intended to help improve blood flow and assist you breathing more easily while you sleep. I found the presetting for television was very accommodating, and I set my own personal favorite position for general relaxation with my feet slightly elevated.

Avoid Scratching the Wall



Some adjustable bases don’t make considerations for the fact that, when changing positions frequently, the base can scratch up the wall. The Lineal adjustable base did put this factor into the equation when they came up with the wall-hugging design of this base. I like to save as much space as possible in my room, and I’m able to use my mattress without any trouble even though it’s located pretty close to the wall and curtain.

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Split-King/Queen Option

I also had the chance to check out Saatva’s split-queen take on the Lineal adjustable base. It’s intended for use with their Solaire mattress that features a split head. The split queen consists of two independent frames that, when placed side-by-side, accommodate a queen mattress. Saatva also offers a split king that’s composed of two twin XL frames.

Each side is intended to suit the needs of an individual sleep partner. Ergo, they come equipped with their own remotes that are identical to the one pictured above. In fact, everything about the split models are the same as the model featured in this review except there is no wall-hugging feature.

A Look at Potential Setbacks

There are a few potential setbacks that may make the Lineal adjustable base a no-go for you depending on what you’re looking for.

  • No foot decline option
  • No anti-snore setting
  • No A/C outlets
  • No USB port
  • Relatively slow transition speeds into various positions

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Final Verdict: Is the Lineal Adjustable Base a Good Fit for You?

I have enjoyed my Lineal adjustable base by Saatva. The slow transition rate doesn’t bother me, and I love falling asleep with the massaging feature going. I think this could be a good product to seriously consider if:

  • You want to save space in your room and appreciate a product that’s designed to fit closely to the wall without rubbing against in when you make adjustments.
  • You are looking for a base with customizable options in setting positions.
  • You appreciate the convenience of delivery and setup service.


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Lineal Adjustable Base Specs

More Details      Cost Warranty

  • Height: Legs adjust to heights between 6 and 10 inches
  • Weight: 147 pounds for Twin XL products
    • Twin: $1,199
    • Twin XL: $1,249
    • Full: $1,299
    • Queen: $1,399
    • King (split and synced): $2,498
    • California King: $2,498
    • 25 years with first five including parts,
    labor and remaining 20 on a limited warranty basis

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it hard to put this base together?

Relatively easy when you follow instructions, but it is heavy.

Does it have any special features?

Yes, several including: -Wall-hugging design -Adjustable height -Retention system -Whisper-soft motor -Massage -Under-bed lighting

Does it include wall-hugging feature?


How long is the warranty?

25 years with first 5 including parts and labor and remaining 20 on a limited basis.

How high off the ground is it?

Legs adjust to heights between 6-10 inches.