Best Adjustable Beds - Hands On Reviews and Buyer's Guide

Updated February 13, 2021

The right mattress is just one aspect of the overall combination of your ultimate sleep solution. There are so many other components that go into the best complete unit to meet your needs. If you’re in the market for a base that will offer unique benefits and have the budget to invest in a complete sleep system capable of providing qualities you’ll enjoy for years, we’ve tried out some of the best adjustable beds in the online industry. If you think you could benefit from added pressure relief, keep reading to learn how to spot the best adjustable bed for the money.

Saving Money with the Online Business Model

Adjustable bases aren’t just for those with impressive disposable incomes. These days, it’s easier than ever to have a quality base shipped straight from the factory to your doorstep. This allows them to completely cut out the middleman, and these savings are passed on to you. Just make sure you match your adjustable base system with a compatible mattress.

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Rank Product Highlights Trial / Warranty

Ghostbed Adjustable Base

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  • Simple to put together
  • Zero gravity feature reduces stress and fatigue and improves circulation
  • Anti-snoring preset a great feature for sleep partners and even prevents asthma attacks
  • Lower back pain reduced using lounge position
  • Lifetime Warranty

Lineal Adjustable Base by Saatva

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  • Remote control w/ triple A batteries
  • Power supply including power brick, electrical feed cord, and electrical power cord
  • Two corner mattress retainers with bolts
  • 25 Year Warranty

Lucid L300 Adjustable Bed Base

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  • Saves space with wall-hugging design
  • Can pre-program settings
  • USB charging is convenient
  • Great weight capacity
  • 10 Year Warranty

Yaasa Adjustable Base

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  • Minimalist design
  • Zero gravity and pressure relief
  • Anti-snoring preset
  • Wall sliding technology
  • 10 Year Warranty

Pain Relieving Benefits

One of the most prominent reasons customers opt for adjustable bases is their ability to offer an increase in relief that stems from a number of factors including:

  • Back issues
  • Arthritis
  • Necks problems
  • Cramping
  • Spinal Stenosis
  • Osteoarthritis
  • Degenerative spondylolisthesis
  • Insomnia
  • Breathing problems
  • Restless leg syndrome
  • Heart and circulation problems
  • Heartburn
  • Acid reflux
  • Asthma
  • Snoring

Higher Degree of Comfort with Semi-Fowler Position

The best adjustable bed frames in terms of overall popularity are those featuring inclines of no more than 30 to 45 degrees. Also known as semi-Fowler’s position, this is known to add a degree of comfort conventional frames simply cannot. Not only can it be accommodating when you’re watching television or reading, but it can also help relieve pressure if you have bothersome areas in your hips or shoulders.

All of the products I’ve tried out so far have also offered programmable memory positions that capture your favorite positions and will return to them at the push of a button. I’ve found that I like to have my top half laying flat with my legs slightly elevated, and I can achieve this position whenever I want with ease.

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The Intimacy Factor

Without getting into too much detail, adjustable beds can open up new possibilities in the bedroom. With the ability to raise and lower the mattress to your desired position, you and your partner can increase creativity and enjoy a higher degree of satisfaction in the intimacy department. And, I’ll let your imagination take it from there!

Additional Features You Might Enjoy

Depending on your budget, there are a variety of innovative features I’ve found to be quite convenient and comfortable. Just a few include:

1. Lighting features that light up the bottom of your bed- Not only can this help you find things that tend to get lost down there, but it also adds a neat aura to the room at night.

2. USB chargers– We’ve all found ourselves searching for a charger at the end of the night so we can rely on our alarm clock without the risk of a dead battery and late start for the day. With USB plugs located on your base, you can keep a charger tucked beneath for safekeeping or use the plugs for any other purposes that make your life more convenient.

3. Built-in massage feature– This has been a personal favorite feature of mine. Just press a button, and motors at the head and foot of the bed will vibrate in varying wavelengths to fit your preferences. They typically shut off after 15 to 20 minutes so you don’t accidentally leave it running all night.

Be on the Lookout for Deceptive Features That Don’t Add Value

As you look at adjustable bed reviews, don’t be fooled by deceptive features that look neat but really don’t add any value to your overall product. Just a few things that don’t do a whole lot to add to the overall experience and may just add to the price include:

  • A fancy outer shell- never make your purchasing decision solely based on what the base looks like
  • Elaborate remote control- my favorite adjustable base featured a simple remote control, and that’s all you really need, anyway
  • Mattress/base combos- you don’t have to buy the same brand of mattress as adjustable base. There are many quality products to choose from that are compatible with adjustable bases.

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Main Features to Look for in the Best Adjustable Bed Base

There are obviously quite a few unique features to take advantage of when it comes to adjustable bases. Before we start looking at adjustable bed comparisons, let’s take a look at the most important features you need to watch out for when seeking an adjustable base product.

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  • Always choose steel legs over aluminum for added durability
  • Make sure the motor isn’t too loud for those with massagers- this is a great way in which review videos can prove helpful
  • Check for the availability of battery backup
  • Ensure the plywood deck is no less than ¾ “ in thickness
  • Ensure motors are listed and rated by Underwriters Laboratories
  • Check for wall-hugging features that will ensure your bed fits squarely in your room

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Top 5 Adjustable Bed Reviews | Hands-on Tested

Now that you have a better understanding of what adjustable beds have to offer, you can more effectively determine what features will work best for your needs and budget. I’ve had the chance to try out a few quality products that could do the trick. Take a moment to compare their features to see if they could be a good pick for your needs.

#1. Ghostbed Adjustable Base



  • Simple to put together
  • Lifetime limited warranty
  • Zero gravity feature reduces stress and fatigue and improves circulation
  • Anti-snoring preset a great feature for sleep partners and even prevents asthma attacks
  • Lower back pain reduced using lounge position
  • Massage feature is nice and targets aches and pains well
  • Under-bed LED lights prevent accidents when you need to get up in the middle of the night
  • Recover more easily from surgery or medical procedures without having to rely on stacks of pillows to prop you up
  • Emergency power-down feature convenient in the case of an outage
  • Owner’s manual includes a very helpful troubleshooting guide


  • Limited size availability
  • No ability to choose the color
  • Customer service had limited hours and was mediocre in terms of product knowledge

It offers all the bells and whistles at a much lower price than many competitors. If you’re in the market to transform your room and introduce a whole new sleep experience into your life, this product is for you.

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#2. Lineal Adjustable Base by Saatva


  • Warranty – Limited Lifetime Warranty
  • Height – Legs adjust between six and 11 inches

There are many awesome features the GhostBed adjustable base offers, and they can cater to various needs. If you’re at all familiar with how these products work, you know the head and foot can move up and down. The GhostBed adjustable base brings multiple new possibilities into your bedroom all in a single product. With the endless adjustments, you can more easily get in and out of bed, soothe aches and pains, sit up with ease, and recover more easily from surgery or medical procedures without having to rely on stacks of pillows to prop you up. Included in your package are:

  • Remote control
  • 2 AAA batteries
  • 6 legs
  • Retainer bracket
  • 2 pins

— Zero Gravity Feature

Zero Gravity elevates the legs slightly higher than chest level. This allows the blood to flow back to the heart more easily, thus reducing stress and fatigue.

Other features I enjoyed include:

  • Light feature that illuminates underneath your bed
  • Head and foot massage
  • Lounge position
  • TV setting
  • USB ports
  • Wireless remote
  • Anti Snore feature


  • Warranty – 25 years with first five including parts, labor and remaining 20 on a limited
  • warranty basis
  • Height – Legs adjust between six and 10 inches

Remember that massaging feature I mentioned? This is an available feature with Lineal Adjustable Base by Saatva, and I’ve found it to really add to your ability to achieve total relaxation. While using this product, I found I was able to enjoy a more even distribution of pressure over the entirety of the sleeping surface. When you receive your product, Saatva will put it together for you. If you move and have to take it apart, however, it’s pretty easy if you follow the instructions. Included in your package are:

  • Four legs
  • Remote control w/ triple A batteries
  • Power supply including power brick, electrical feed cord, and electrical power cord
  • Two corner mattress retainers with bolts
  • Headboard bracket assemblies
  • Headboard bracket hardware
  • Owner’s manual
  • Warranty activation card
  • 9-volt battery sold separately
  • Four legs

— Zero Gravity Feature

Along with the ability to preset two settings of your very own, Saatva also includes a preset for zero gravity. This is ideal for the reduction in common aches and pains, and it also works to improve blood flow and make breathing easier for you snorers out there. Other great features I definitely enjoyed include:

  • Light feature that illuminates underneath your bed
  • Head and foot massage
  • Lounge position
  • Flashlight on remote
  • One-click settings
  • Wireless remote
  • Mattress clip(s)


  • High-quality manufacturing
  • Multiple added features for maximum enjoyment
  • Light feature acts as a safety precaution
  • Great value for quality materials


  • Base cannot be independently adjusted for sleep partners
  • Some complaints of the massagers automatically turning off before they’re finished enjoying them
  • No USB port

Overall, I found this product to offer a high degree of functionality that offers many options for both you and your sleep partner.

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#3. Lucid 300 Series Adjustable Base


  • Warranty – 10 year limited
  • Height – 15 inches

If you’re in the market for a quality adjustable base but need to keep the budget on the lower end of the spectrum, the Lucid 300 Series adjustable base is worth a look. This product is capable of holding up to 750 pounds including the weight of your mattress, and it offers the basics when it comes to the ability to make adjustments and program settings you really like.

— Simple Assembly

It’s not difficult to put this product together. As you go through your material inventory, there are only five things to look for:

  • Remote (2 triple-A batteries included)
  • Two retainer bars to keep mattress from slipping off the frame when adjustments are made
  • Four detached legs, two pre-attached
  • Power cord
  • Supply box

— USB Port Convenience

If the USB port feature sounded like a good idea to you, you’ll enjoy knowing you will find two USB ports located on each side near the head. This means you can charge up to four devices at once, and I found it quite convenient to simply slip my phone charger in between the mattress and base to keep it concealed and always ready when I need it.


  • Great price for the materials
  • USB ports add convenience when it comes to waking up on time
  • Simple assembly and included batteries makes it easy to get started enjoying the product


  • No foot decline
  • No anti-snoring feature
  • No massage feature
  • No A/C outlets
  • Relatively slow transition speeds
  • No option to illuminate beneath the base
  • Single presetting can be limiting
  • No zero-gravity feature
  • No adjustable height ability
  • Only available in twin XL and queen
  • Independent adjustments for sleep partners not an option

I found it convenient that Lucid included batteries for the remote. Few things are more frustrating when you get a new toy than to find you have to head up to the store before you can start having fun with it!

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#4. Nest Basic Adjustable Base


  • Warranty – 20 years limited
  • Height – 9 inches

There are specific positions that help alleviate isolated problems. The trouble is, we often don’t inherently know what these positions are based on feel. Using the Nest basic adjustable base, you’re able to take advantage of pre-settings proven to help alleviate common problems like snoring, poor circulation, and more. This product’s remote has anti-snore and zero-gravity buttons that automatically adjust to solve some of the most prevalent issues faced by sleepers of all shapes and sizes. You can also program two customized settings based on whatever feels best to you.

— Bluetooth Capability

We’ve all lost the remote at some point. This can be problematic if you have your base in a sitting position, and you’re ready for bed. Nest offers Bluetooth capabilities if you opt for the deluxe base. Using your phone, you can do everything the remote allows and more. This includes:

  • Alarm clock
  • Massage features (Deluxe option only)
  • Position control


  • Multiple custom presets a plus for sleep partners
  • Bluetooth option eliminates stress when you lose the remote and makes life easier
  • Basic features great for those primarily interested in elevation adjustments without tons of extra features
  • Budget-friendly


  • Slow transition between positions
  • No USB charging capabilities
  • No head and foot massage on basic version
  • No height adjustment option

Read our full review.

#5. Bear Adjustable Base


  • Warranty – 25 years limited
  • Height – 6-10 inches using adjustable legs

Adjustable beds feature many unique qualities. If you want to go beyond the ability to move your head and feet up and down, the Bear adjustable base includes massagers, under-the-bed-lighting, and much more. These products are typically pretty heavy, but Bear offers white glove delivery so you don’t have to worry about setup.

— Great for the Multi-Tasker

Our mobile devices have made multitasking more achievable than ever. Aside from our cell phones, we also rely on tools like iPads, wireless headphones, recording equipment, and more. If you have a lot of devices, you can benefit from the four USB charging ports you’ll find at each side of the base. You can charge up to eight devices while you sleep without taking up an outlet. Most cell phones have an alarm clock feature. Mine has failed when the battery died during the night, and this can abruptly put you in a bad situation to get the day started. I found the location of the USB charging port to be convenient. When not in use, I place the charger cord in between the base and the mattress, and this has reduced my struggle to find a charger at the end of the day.


  • Included flashlight on remote offers convenience
  • Height adjustment availability
  • White glove delivery makes life easier
  • 25-year warranty increases consumer confidence


  • Only one preset button can be inconvenient for sleep partners
  • No anti-snoring preset

Read our full review.

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If you’ve seen our videos, you know I sign off with a simple reminder… the right mattress can make even the worst days better. This is truer than we really stop and think about. A poor night’s rest has a negative impact on your entire day. From aches and pains to fatigue and more, life is just more enjoyable when you’re comfortable. The right adjustable base can be a great addition to your combined sleep solution. To wrap up, the main features you should be concerned with as you shop include:

  • Cost of the quality of construction
  • Added features like massage motors
  • Materials used in the legs and covering

Most of all, though, have fun during your shopping experience. You’re about to invest in a product that can make a significant positive difference in your quality of life. If you need guidance along the way, feel free to drop us a line. We’re always happy to provide tailored advice based on your circumstances.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are adjustable beds worth it?

This depends on your budget and your need. An adjustable bed will tilt your mattress so that you can create a variety of sleeping positions. First you need to look at why you are buying an adjustable bed. These beds can be especially beneficial to various physical conditions. Leaning forward in bed can alleviate spinal stenosis symptoms and can be a great pain reliever. Using it in a reclined position can lessen osteoarthritis pain by minimizing joint compression. With your back elevated and knees supported you may find ease of lower back pain. Also if you are scheduled for a surgery that has a long recovery period you may find that the adjustable bed is a great tool to support you through the process. Most adjustable beds are priced for the adjustable base only and the mattress is something you purchase separately. If you are looking for spinal relief and can afford the base but not a high quality mattress you may want to reconsider your purchase. Be sure to investigate the details of the features included in the model. If you do not sleep with a partner you may not need individual controls. Some have added features like a built in massage feature, bluetooth speakers and USB charging ports. Most of those features won’t do anything to help with your back pain.

Can you put any mattress on an adjustable bed?

Not all mattresses can be used on an adjustable bed frame. The mattress must be flexible, durable and specifically compatible with the size of your adjustable base. Generally speaking most people tend to use a foam mattress or a hybrid mattress in conjunction with an adjustable frame. As important as mattress flexibility is to bending with the movement of the adjustments, it is just as important that your mattress is highly durable since you will be frequently moving your mattress into different positions. If you are purchasing an adjustable bed and your current mattress is too stiff and incompatible with the movement of the base, make sure that you have budgeted enough for both the base and a new mattress.

How much does an adjustable bed cost?

You can purchase a low priced base model starting around $500 although most high quality models fall more in the $1000 to $2500 dollars. Of course with all the added features you can end up with an adjustable bed with a skyrocketing price tag. Remember that you will need a compatible mattress with the bed base as the price only includes the base. When you are budgeting for the base make sure that your current mattress is a quality one that will work with your adjustable bed. Or, be sure that you have the budget to purchase a quality mattress that will work with the new frame. If you are purchasing the adjustable base to help relieve body pains you will need a quality mattress to accompany it. Know your budget and don’t get sidetracked by additional fancy features that you don’t necessarily need that may drive up the price of the frame. The top features to look for are wall hugging and programmable memory positions. Non-wall hugging adjustable beds moves your whole body forward when you are just raising your head. This makes your nightstand out of reach. Wall Hugging engineering moves the bed base back as you raise your upper body keeping you inline with your headboard and nightstand. Base model adjustable beds come with preset positions so you have to stick with the settings that come from the manufacturer. The customizable memory positions allows you to find the exact positions that work for your body and keep them programmed into the remote. If you plan to spend a lot of time in bed reading, watching tv or working on a laptop you may want to get a tilting pillow which provides additional head and neck support. The zero gravity function might be a good addition as it helps to improve blood flow and makes breathing easier for heavy snorers.

Is sleeping on an adjustable bed good for you?

Sleeping on an adjustable bed with a quality mattress can have many health benefits. Most people purchase this type of bed for various back issues but there are benefits beyond the spine. The beds can be helpful to release pressure on soft tissue bringing relief for those suffering from arthritis. With the zero gravity feature you can find symptomatic relief from breathing issues, snoring, asthma, acid reflux and heartburn. Adjusting your position so your legs are elevated can reduce swelling, assist with circulation, lower blood pressure, and help those with restless leg syndrome as well. Even if you do not have a medical condition an adjustable bed may still be the right choice for you. If you spend a lot of time in bed, reading, working or watching tv the adjustable bed will allow you to do this in a supportive position so not to put undue strain on your body. If you have trouble falling asleep or staying asleep you may also want to look at the versatility of an adjustable bed.

Do adjustable beds help with sleep apnea?

Sleep apnea is caused by blocked airways causing loud snoring and choking during sleep. Your breathing starts and stops throughout the night which reduces the quality of sleep you get causing you to feel tired all day long no matter how early you go to bed. Doctors recommend patients raise their heads while they sleep and an adjustable bed does just that. By elevating the head of the bed it allows for air to pass through the airways unobstructed. The control of your sleeping position and allowing for a more upright position can alleviate the symptoms, limit snoring and provide a restful night’s sleep.