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Updated August 13, 2019

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Many of us have long been advised of the benefits of learning from the experiences of others, so it’s no surprise we rely so heavily on reviews to make more educated decisions about the things we choose to purchase. When it comes to finding the best mattress  to meet your needs, it’s never been easier with the ability to shop your many options online, and Saatva is making a lot of headway in the industry. They have received more than 15,000 five star reviews from real customers, and this says a lot about the quality they consistently deliver. Forbes magazine even named Saatva among the top 100 promising companies in the United States.

They recently sent me over the model that launched a line of quality mattresses I’ve had the pleasure of trying out. The Saatva classic luxury innerspring mattress features a combination of cushioning layers, individually wrapped coils, and spinal support technology to help you sleep peacefully throughout the night. So, let’s take a close look at what you can expect if you decide to invest in one your own.

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Saatva’s Expansion

When companies grow, it indicates they’re likely doing something right, and I think Saatva’s story of expansion is very reflective of the resultant quality products delivered. They were founded in 2010. In just seven years, they have expanded to 19 factories across the United States that deliver coast-to-coast. The delivery of your mattress is managed by their 135 fulfillment centers.

I had a couple of questions about the mattress, so I checked out their website. You’ll see a chat box pop up while you browse, so I typed in my questions. The online customer support representative answered very promptly, and, best of all, after they provided me the information I was looking for, they allowed their products to sell themselves. Not once was I pressured to make a purchase, and this is largely due to the fact that Saatva representatives do NOT work on a commission. This makes them very personable and helpful to work with.

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In-Home Setup

I’ve unboxed quite a few products, and it only takes around 15 minutes. However, if you don’t feel like dealing with it and the trash that’s left over when you’re finished, your Saatva delivery team will set your mattress up in your home. If you choose to combine your purchase with a frame such as the Saatva Lineal adjustable base, they will set that up for you, too. I chose to set mine up myself to show you how it works, but, if you have physical limitations or would just rather avoid the hassle, this is a plus!

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Organic Cotton Circular Knit Cover

Saatva features an organic cotton circular knit top panel, and it encloses a Euro pillow top that goes above and beyond what others you may have experienced offer. Firstly, it includes more padding and cushioning than standard pillow tops. Since these materials are then inserted underneath the outer covering, it results in a neater, cleaner look. Pillow tops that are sewn to the top of a mattress tend to shift and lose shape, something you won’t encounter with this product.

Aesthetically, I have found the relatively similar look of the Saatva line to be pleasant, and I particularly enjoy the level of comfort this cover offers. I think it can be a good fit for those who sleep primarily on their sides and backs as it offers a great combination of comfort and support. To see how this support is offered, let’s take a deeper look inside the mattress.

The Layers: Individually-Wrapped Coils for Bounce and Motion Isolation

One of the things that make the Saatva mattress a top choice amongst others of its kind is the fine combination between organic cotton, memory foam, and individually wrapped coils that provide that nice bouncy feeling we all like to see in a mattress

Euro Pillow Top

Fans of organic cotton will rejoice in the comfort and softness found in the cover of the Saatva mattress. Quilted with a little bit of foam, the top of the mattress feels nice form the very second you lay on it.

The organic cover was treated with Guardin® botanical antimicrobial solution, and was also paired with a thin layer of memory foam. The entire construction of the Euro pillow top bring forth an excellent combination between comfort and contouring, as we transition to the next two spring layers.

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Individually Wrapped Coils

Right underneath the memory foam lies the innerspring layer, which consist of individually wrapped coils. These coils bring a number of benefits to the mattress.

First, there’s the breathability factor, as the space between the springs allows for plenty of air to pass through, freshening the mattress every step of the way. Then, there’s the motion isolation factor. Because the coils don’t create a ripple effect when they’re under pressure, motion transfer is kept to a minimum, making the Saatva a great option for people who share their beds with a significant other.

Then, there’s also bounciness to look forward, as bounciness is a feature that I find natural in a mattress because it feels so good. The Queen size of the Saatva features no less than 416 individually wrapped coils.

Connected Steel Coil Support

The base layer of the Saatva is centered on a coil system comprised of 844 tempered steel springs, which promises superior durability due to the fact that the coils have been tempered three times.

In innerspring mattresses, it’s quite common to see a high-density foam base layer underneath the actual coils, so this choice of construction is different and surprising, to say the least.

Firmness Options

Saatva comes in three firmness options, and these include plush soft, luxury firm, and firm. If you don’t carry much weight and/or prefer to sleep on your side or back, plush could work well. The medium option is accommodating for the majority of customers, and you may fall into this category if switch positions frequently or are trying to find a product that will best suit the needs of both you and your sleeping partner. Finally, if you prefer to sleep on your stomach, don’t prefer much sinkage, or carry a lot of weight, the firm option may be the way to go.

If you rely heavily on edge support because you often find yourself lying or sitting on the edge, you’ll be glad to know that Saatva has implemented efforts into offering additional support on the edge of this product with its foam encased anti-sag edge support system. Working in tandem with the dual perimeter edge support system, the upper comfort coils are encased in foam. No matter what position I placed myself sitting on the edge, sinkage was minimal. I was also very well supported when lying on the edge of the mattress.

Great Edge Support

If you rely heavily on edge support because you often find yourself lying or sitting on the edge, you’ll be glad to know that Saatva has implemented efforts into offering additional support on the edge of this product with its foam encased anti-sag edge support system. Working in tandem with the dual perimeter edge support system, the upper comfort coils are encased in foam. No matter what position I placed myself sitting on the edge, sinkage was minimal. I was also very well supported when lying on the edge of the mattress.


No Off-Gassing

When you buy new products, you’ll often notice that they have a distinct smell during the early days of your ownership. What you’re typically detecting is the release of volatile organic compounds. While it does dissipate, this can be bothersome for some people. If you’re one of them, you’ll be glad to know that I didn’t experience any off gassing with my Saatva mattress. Since it comes unpackaged, it’s not still tightly compressed when you receive it. You should expect to be able to sleep on it the first night with no trouble in this area.

Comfort and Support

With its superior support system, this can be a good product for those who carry a lot of weight. Aside from the fact that the steel coil support system helps prevent degradation of the product, it’s capable of supporting up to 300 pounds of individual weight and up to 600 pounds of combined weight.

I especially appreciated the coils and innerspring base as they worked together well to provide a high level of bounce. This made it really easy for me to move around and find the best sleeping position to sleep in. I felt a high degree of comfort through the Euro pillow top, and the support offered throughout the product made me feel adequately supported.

Putting Motion Isolation to the Test

We’ve talked quite a bit about Saatva’s ability to minimize motion transfer, and I put this to the test. Using two 20-pound medicine balls, I watched both the bounce and motion isolation, and I think my findings could be beneficial for you to consider. First, I dropped one ball on the bed. I wasn’t surprised when the ball bounced pretty high, and this can prove helpful if you have trouble getting in and out of bed. However, when I scooted this ball over and dropped the other near it, I watched the individually wrapped coils in action. There was minimal impact on the resting ball. Even when I dropped the other ball closer to the resting ball, it didn’t make much of an impact.

Breathability and Temperature Regulation

Sleeping cool is something that’s very important in order to achieve a good night’s rest, and this is because your body temperature naturally drops just slightly before you enter the most rejuvenating stages of sleep. So, I used my thermal imaging camera to test how well the Saatva mattress performed. I watched the product cool down after I laid on it for a period of 30 minutes in a controlled environment of 64 degrees Fahrenheit. It was able to return to room temperature in 13 minutes.


Of the products I’ve tested, the average is around 10 minutes, so Saatva does take slightly longer than average to cool down. If cool sleeping is a particularly important aspect to you, you may want to consider Saatva’s Zenhaven mattress. It incorporates special measures that allowed it to cool back down in just 6 and a half minutes.

Maintenance, Protection, Care, and Warranty

If you think Saatva could be a good fit for you, you’re about to receive a high-quality product at a much lower cost than others of similar quality standards. Even though you’re taking advantage of substantial savings, you still want to do what you can to ensure your investment pays off the most.

120-Night No-Penalty Home Trial

Saatva understands you don’t get the chance to try out their product before you make your purchasing decision, and that’s why they offer a 120-night no-penalty home trial. This allows you a full four months to decide if this is truly the right sleep solution to meet your needs. Your trial starts on your delivery date, and, if for any reason you aren’t completely satisfied, you can expect a full refund without having to worry about penalty, pickup, or restocking fees.

A Price That’s Hard to Beat

We all want to get the most for our hard-earned money, and the online mattress business model allows you to do just that. Comparable retail queen sized brands can run as high as $2,749, but you can enjoy the Saatva mattress for just $1099. This is because many of the savings of cutting out the middleman are passed directly to the customer. When combined with your 120 night sleep trial, it’s a price that’s hard to beat.

Saatva Reviews and Feedback

I was highly satisfied with my Saatva mattress, and I think this is a great solution for anyone who enjoys the bounce of innerspring without the resulting motion transfer that often occurs. My favorite feature was the level of bounce provided to facilitate movement without having that motion transferred across the product.

While I was happy with my mattress, some of the information provided here is based on my personal preferences. To ensure you get a well-rounded idea of what to expect with the Saatva mattress, I did a little digging and found some of the feedback provided by other consumers that I felt was worth sharing.

Who We Recommend the Saatva Mattress For

You’re preparing to make a significant investment in your new mattress, and the product you decide on will largely dictate your overall comfort and quality of life for several years to come. With this being understood, let’s go through a quick recap of the highlights of this product to determine if it could be a good fit for your needs:

  • You weigh up to 300 pounds or have a combined weight with your sleep partner of 600 pounds and need a product capable of supporting you.
  • You’re looking for a product that offers bounce without disturbing your sleep partner.
  • You need a mattress with a high degree of durability.

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Our Final Verdict

Finding a quality mattress at a great cost has been made much more achievable through the development of the online business model, and Saatva has made many leaps in the industry to offer their customers just that. Using some of the best materials in the industry, they’re able to sell you a high-quality product at just a fraction of the cost of comparable products found in retail stores across the country.

Saatva is a product that allows sleepers the ability to move around with ease, and the quality of the materials used indicate you can expect your mattress to stand the test of time. If you carry a lot of weight and/or have a sleep partner, I think this could be an excellent solution. While it did perform slightly lower than average in heat transfer capability, I didn’t find myself uncomfortably hot while sleeping on it. However, if you’re primarily looking for a product designed with heat transfer in mind, I encourage you to check out their Zenhaven mattress. I have tried out all three of Saatva’s quality products, and I found each to feature unique qualities that made them one-of-a-kind sleep solutions.