Saatva vs. DreamCloud – Which One is the Best?

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All-foam mattresses have been a common sight within the sleep industry for decades, however, innovations in material development have resulted in an influx of hybrid products, combining the strengths of memory foam, latex rubber, and innerspring units. The Saatva vs. DreamCloud comparison explores two such hybrid products where the manufacturers have aimed to generate a unique comforting response for their customers. By combining viscoelastic foam with other materials, they have successfully counteracted issues such as heat retention, excessive sinkage, and poor edge support, giving consumers a luxury sleeping experience.

Saatva vs Dreamcloud Comparison

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Layers Used
  • 100% Organic Cotton Cover
  • 1.25-inch Euro top
  • 3/8-inch Memory Foam Pad
  • 14-gauge 4-inch individually
    wrapped comfort coils
  • 13-gauge 7 inch
    tempered steel coils
  • Edge support perimeter
5 layers
  • Hand-tufted Cashmere Blend Cover
  • 0.4” Gel-infused Memory Foam
  • 1” Quilted viscoelastic Foam
  • 0.4” Natural Latex
  • 2” Supporting Memory Foam
  • 0.6” Super-Dense Viscoelastic Foam
  • 8” BestRest Coils
  • 1.5” High-Density Memory Foam
Height11.5 inches / 14.5 inches14 inches
FirmnessSoft, Medium-Firm, FirmAbove Medium
Motion TransferMinimalMinimal
BreathabilitySlightly below averageWell above average
Trial Period120-day365-day
Warranty15-year non-proratedLifetime
Pricing (Queen)$999$1,399
ShippingFree across the USFree across the US

Saatva Breakdown

The Saatva is a hybrid mattress, consisting of layers of memory foam and innerspring units.


• Cover

Organic cotton has been chosen as the mattress’ cover, stretched tightly over the mattress. It has a soft feel and promotes the flow of air, keeping the surface cool.

• Euro top

A 1.25 inches Euro pillow top cushions the initial impact made by your body. The pillow top is made of memory foam and therefore, provides a soft, contouring response as per the pressure exerted. Most mattresses that incorporate pillow tops usually offer it as an extra, charging for it separately. This doesn’t hold true for the Saatva, as the pillow top forms an integral part of the mattress and is responsible for its overall response.

• First Layer

Being only ⅜-inch thick, the first proper layer of the mattress acts as a barrier between the memory foam and the coil-on-coil structure. The layer aids in overall contouring while at the same time keeping the hardness of the spring structure at bay.

• Second Layer

The second layer of the mattress consists of 4-inch long, 14-gauge thick coil system that supplements the contouring response of the pillow top, letting your body gradually sink into the mattress. The system incorporates independently floating coils, meaning the response of any individual coil doesn’t set off a chain reaction affecting adjacent units. This means that any sudden movements made by your body are absorbed vertically rather than disturbing your partner.

• Third Layer

The final layer of the mattress, it is made of the 13-gauge thick, 5.5-inch-long innerspring unit that generates a firm response to your body’s load. This helps keep the body’s posture aligned and prevents excessive sinkage from occurring, which is an issue faced by heavier individuals. Furthermore, the conformity it generates also keeps the upper layers in an upright position, resulting in reiterated edge support.

• Edge Support Border

In addition to the bouncy coil-on-coil system, the mattress also includes a reinforced edge support border that prevents compression from taking place as your body moves towards the sides of the mattress.

Firmness and Feel

• Comfort and Support

The mattress is available in three firmness levels. Saatva follows its own comfort scale, ranging from 1 – 10, 1 being soft as quicksand and 10 being hard as wood.

The variant has an overall ILD of 18 and is rated 3 on the scale. It has a medium-soft response, providing extensive contouring according to the body’s posture. The response is closest to a typical memory foam mattress, with only specks of bounciness being noticeable. Having an overall dead response, it offers the greatest motion isolation among the three designs.
This is the flagship model of the Saatva and has a firmness rating between 5 – 7. The ILD rating has been kept under wraps to prevent imitation. The upper layers of the mattress generate sufficient contouring for the sleeper, while the coil-on-coil structure provides a push that keeps the body aligned. This helps in changing sleeping positions and getting out of the bed without much effort.
This is the firmest variant of the three and has an ILD rating of 30. Being so, it is well suited for heavier individuals who are at risk of sinking into the mattress or accelerating the rate of permanent deformation. The response is closest to that of an innerspring mattress.

• Edge Support

The lower layers of the mattress feature independently wrapped coils as well as a reinforced edge support border that prevents the formation of slopes along the sides. This means you can utilize the maximum surface area of the mattress without worrying about rolling over, making it suitable for sharing.

• Cooling

Memory foam is notorious for trapping heat; however, the cotton cover ensures that breathability is maintained on the surface. Furthermore, the coil-on-coil structure has a naturally aerated design that sets up an airflow driving away memory foam’s heat buildups.

• Motion Transfer

Thanks to the inclusion of viscoelastic foam as the initial layer of the mattress, irregular movements are absorbed locally. This is supplemented by the independently floating coils that prevent a motion from spreading horizontally, making the mattress suitable for individuals with varying sleep schedules.

Unique Features

• Pricing

The Saatva is cheaper than the Dreamcloud, giving you the chance to own a hybrid mattress that features a contouring response aided by responsiveness.

• Plush Response with Ample Conformity

Taking into account the Luxury Firm variant, the mattress generates a plush response, letting your body sink into the mattress, but avoids entrapment through the outward push of the coil-on-coil structure. Ultimately, the response you will get is dependent on the variant you choose, but regardless you get a mattress that has the ability to provide you plush comfort minus claustrophobic feelings.

• Motion Isolation

The memory foam layer, as well as the first coil system, have a soft reaction to the body’s weight, meaning irregular movements are absorbed without disturbing your partner. As you’ll see later, the DreamCloud has a thinner viscoelastic layer which is followed by latex rubber, giving it a greater bounce and hence lesser motion isolation.

• Freedom of Choice

Compared to DreamCloud, the Saatva offers three different variants to its customers. This makes the mattress suitable for a wide variety of customers with different sleeping profiles. If you are underweight, you can opt for the Plush variant while if you’re overweight you can choose the Firm one.

• Euro Pillow Top

Euro pillow tops represent a sign of luxury, usually found in beddings at high-end hotel suites. By including this feature within an affordable package, Saatva has given its customers a comforting platform to rest on as well as a sense of extravagance to drool on.

DreamCloud Breakdown

The DreamCloud is a hybrid mattress featuring modified viscoelastic foam, latex rubber, and an innerspring system.


• Cover

A blend of cashmere has been used for the cover of the mattress. Highly luxurious upon touch, it has tufts embedded into the surface that give it an appealing look. The manufacturer also offers a separate protector for the mattress that shields the cover from everyday wear and tear.

• Memory Foam Layers

This layer is formed by 0.4 inches of gel-infused memory foam along with 1 inch of quilted foam. These produce a contouring response according to the body’s weight profile, similar to that of a memory foam mattress. The manufacturer has infused gel into the upper layer to tackle any heat retention issues, keeping the surface of the mattress cool to sleep on.

• Natural Latex Layer

The layer is responsible for the mattress’ bounciness. Made of 0.4 inches of Natural Latex, it adds responsiveness, allowing you to change positions effortlessly. However, as the thickness of the layer is minimal, it doesn’t greatly influence the overall contouring response, apart from slowing it down.

• Supporting Memory Foam

Deep contouring is provided by 2 inches of DreamPlush supporting foam, cradling the body and taking the strain off the joints.

• BestRest Coils

The BestRest coil system provides an outward push to the body and is zoned to provide optimum comfort to each major body part. The five zones include:





   Lower Legs

Each zone has a specialized firmness level, e.g. the hips getting a firmer response than the shoulders. This ensures that the body’s posture remains aligned irrespective of the sleeping style.

• High-Density Memory Foam

This is the last layer of the mattress, consisting of 1.5 inches of high-density memory foam. It absorbs any unnecessary movements that make their way to the bottom of the mattress, improving the motion isolation and usable lifespan of the mattress.

Firmness and Feel

The mattress is available in one firmness level only.

• Comfort and Support

As you rest on the mattress, the body will sink into the upper layers with the contouring response slowing down the deeper you go. Next, the BestRest coils generate extra bounce preventing you from excessively sinking into the mattress, while at the same time providing each body part targeted cushioning. This makes the response different from that of a typical memory foam mattress. Nonetheless, you can enjoy memory foam-like cradling and at the same time greater bounce that will give you relief through conformity.

The thickest region of the mattress is formed by the BestRest coils that provide optimized support to the body, with greater stiffness below the hips and head as the body’s weight is concentrated at these points.

Compared to Saatva, the mattress exhibits greater bounce and firmness.

• Edge Support

The manufacturer has also included a reinforced parameter around each of the mattress’ layers that act as a resistance against compression along the edges. This is supplemented by the bouncy response of the thin latex layer along with the conformity of the BestRest coils, giving the mattress excellent edge support. One would argue that the Saatva also possesses a bouncy coil-on-coil structure and a reinforced border giving it similar characteristics. This is true to some extent but due to Saatva’s thicker memory foam layer, it is more likely to deform upon application of load compared to the DreamCloud.

• Cooling

The upper layer has been injected with gel to tackle any heat buildups while the naturally cooling latex rubber layer aids in setting up an airflow that keeps the mattress cool. This is followed by an aerated coil design that transfers the heat from the upper layers into the surroundings, resulting in a cool bed to sleep in.

• Motion Transfer

The BestRest coil system features independently wrapped coils encased in foam along with a five-zone split that absorbs excessive movements by each body part. But, in comparison, the Saatva fares much better as it has a thicker memory foam layer along with an upper coil system that has a softer response.

Unique Features

• Memory Foam like response with greater bounce

Both Saatva and DreamCloud are hybrid products with the response largely being that of a memory foam mattress, but the latter possesses greater bounciness as it incorporates a layer of latex rubber and innerspring coil system. This doesn’t mean you won’t get to enjoy plush comfort; it simply means you’ll get greater responsiveness than can be typically expected from viscoelastic foam. Greater conformity is sometimes desirable as it prevents unnecessary sinkage and keeps the body’s posture aligned, removing excessive stress off joints.

• Superior Edge Support

Featuring a reinforced border for every layer, a thin layer of latex rubber and independently wrapped coils, the mattress provides excellent edge support, resisting compression upon application of load on the sides. This means you can easily share the mattress and/or utilize it for other purposes such as watching TV, reading a book, etc.

• Excellent Cooling

The gel-infused memory foam transports heat from the surface to the lower layers where the latex rubber and BestRest coils set up airflow to dissipate hot air to the surroundings. The mattress is suitable for individuals who sleep hot or are living in hot climates.

• Longer Trial Period

Compared to Saatva, the DreamCloud has a 365-day trial period, giving your body enough time to get used to the unique response of the mattress. If you’re satisfied, good enough; otherwise, call the company and get your money back.

• Lifetime Warranty

The product carries a lifetime warranty tag, signifying the level of durability the product holds and the faith the manufacturer has in it. Investment in the mattress will go a long way and provide you with a luxurious platform to sleep on for years to come.

Which One To Get?


Here are some reasons to consider Saatva:

You want a cheaper mattress: The Saatva is an affordable hybrid mattress that goes for a price lower than that of DreamCloud, while at the same time providing you three firmness options to choose from.

You want plushness as well as responsiveness: Thanks to the coil-on-coil structure below the memory foam layer, the mattress gives you a cradling response but ample conformity to change positions so as not to feel trapped in your bed.

You want a mattress according to your needs: As stated earlier, the mattress is available in three different firmness options, catering for a wide range of sleepers. If you prefer greater contouring, then go for the Plush variant while if you want a stiff surface to sleep on then go for the Firm version.

You want Euro Pillow Top: The inclusion of the pillow top gives you a solid platform to rest your head on while at the same time increases the outward appeal of the mattress.

You want better motion isolation: The Saatva provides better motion isolation compared to the DreamCloud, the reason being the thicker memory foam layers as well as the soft response of the upper coil system. This makes it suitable for sensitive sleepers who are disturbed by their partner’s varying sleep patterns.


However, you might want to choose DreamCloud if:

You want extra bounce from a viscoelastic product: The DreamCloud is available in one firmness level, providing you envelopment as you lay down on it. But at the same time, you feel in the outward push from the latex rubber and the 5-zoned BestRest coil system, giving you targeted pressure relief through conformity. If you want a mattress that lets you enjoy memory foam’s plushness and innerspring bounce, then DreamCloud is the way to go.

You want better edge support: The mattress incorporates a number of features that give it a one-up over the Saatva in terms of edge support. It combines a layer-by-layer reinforced border with rubber latex and bounciness of innerspring system, resulting in ample resistance to any attempts to compress the edge of the mattress.

You want better cooling: For hot sleepers or individuals living in hot climate zones, memory foam’s heat retention can become a serious issue. The DreamCloud tackles this with gel infusion, naturally cooling latex rubber and an aerated innerspring system, giving you a cool surface to sleep on.

You want lifetime warranty: The mattress has a lifetime warranty, meaning its durability and reliability can be put to the test; in case it fails, you can ask for a replacement.

You want a longer trial period: For someone venturing into the hybrid mattress section for the first time, an extended trial period means peace of mind. It gives the body a chance to adjust according to the mattress’ response. The DreamCloud’s 365-day trial period lets you play around on the mattress for a considerable period of time, letting you make your decision without any haste.

That’s all! I tried my level best to include all my findings in an easy and comparative manner. If you have any queries or comments, please use the section below.