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Saatva Pillow

Adjustability is everything within the sleep industry, with pillows being no exception. Your comfort is crucial to a proper night’s sleep, but no product is a true one size fits all, but many adjustable choice come close. With advances in technology and a need for innovative approaches, new design concepts are constantly hitting the market to help you get a better night’s sleep.

The Saatva Dream Company’s Saatva Pillow is a pillow that provides both adjustability, and comfort, for a wide variety of sleepers. The Sleep Judge Review Team was lucky enough to acquire a pillow for our own sleep experiences, and we’ve detailed our findings below.

Saatva Pillow Review: Supportive, Plush Luxury Specs

  Filling- Microdenier fiber and shredded talalay latex foam

  Loft-  Slightly Adjustable

  Sleep Positions-  All

  Warranty-  45 day sleep trial

Saatva Dreams Company History

Saatva began as company dedicated to your sleep comfort. Their groundbreaking design delivers a mattress direct to your home, cutting out the middleman and associated costs. This popular approach has helped grow the company to provide even more products that work with your personal needs, including sheets and pillows.

This success has led them to give back, and through their connections with local and national organizations to provide sleep options for those in need. This charity work is the results of the company that has grown to include 19 factories, and over 135 fulfillment centers throughout the US.

Breakdown of the Saatva Pillow

The Saatva Pillow uses a layering technology in order to provide variable sleep surface comforts. It applies a pillow within a pillow technique that allows for changes in both pillow height and overall firmness. The use of both a fiberfill and latex allows for a premium plush feel, with a bit of weight overall to help keep your pillow centered through the night.

This unique design is one that has been gaining in popularity, and Saatva has taken it one step further in the type of material used to provide excellent spinal support and breathability. Plus, where possible, the materials are naturally and organically sourced for hypoallergenic purposes.

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The Saatva pillow showed up in a branded box rather quickly after being ordered. The shipping time gets two thumbs up, as does the fact that they do not compress their pillows for shipment. Although compressing a pillow is a popular, and space saving, technique for many companies, you can never be sure how long your pillow has been compressed- which could lead to a shorter pillow life overall.

The pillow was encased in a thick plastic carrying case, complete with a handle for storage. It also provided an informational card in reference to the layers and how to access and care for them.

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First Impressions

I was impressed with the heft and luxury feel of the pillow immediately after taking it out of the box. There was no off gassing at all, and the pillow reminded me of something I might find at a 5 star hotel. I was a little confused at exactly how it was adjustable and had to look for the zipper as it is so well placed along the seam.

The inner pillow looks to be too small to create any real difference to the feel of the design. But after taking it out to see how easy it was to adjust, and placing it back in, I was very impressed at how well it sits within the case, and distributes within the space for adjustable support needs. Although the pillow is not marketed as a true adjustable source, as they prefer you to use both the filled casing and inner latex pillow, I was impressed with the comfort of the case as a stand alone choice as well.

Features and Benefits

You should always pay particular attention to the claims a company makes about the features and benefits of their product. To start, you want to know if these are true, and who they are true for. You also want to know which details fit your specific needs and wants. No pillow is a true one size fits all, and although you may respect the quality of an item, it might not be a best match for you. To determine which may be your best choice, these types of detailed reviews put all the information, and personal experiences, in one place for your consideration.


The pillow is available in a Queen or King size choice. The Queen measures 28 x 18 inch, and the King 34 x 18 inches. This is a few inches smaller than the more common 30 x 20 inches and 36 x 20 inches respectively, but the difference is hardly noticeable next to my other pillows, and it fits well with in the pillowcases made for the respective sizes. In fact, these slight difference in size works very well for fill distribution when being used to help keep the pillow feeling even when in use.

The loft of the pillow is approximately 8 inches in height, and lowers close to 2 inches with the latex insert removed. It is highly responsive, however, and this height should not be confused with firmness. Rather, the pillow is more plush in nature with a soft, almost feather like feel to the top and a supportive, medium-firm underlayment.

Inner Talalay Latex Shredded Foam Pillow

The inner pillow insert is a shredded talalay latex made from natural, renewable resources. Latex is a popular foam since it provides excellent response without sacrificing support. It also has instant bounceback, and is extremely breathable- making it a great choice for those who may sleep hot. It also is hypoallergenic, dust-mite resistant, and mildew proof.

This insert has a decent weight to it, and is very malleable. Although it is only about 2 inches in height when measured on a flat surface, it doesn’t compress very easily and provides the whole pillow design an amazing inner core of support for a wide variety of sleep preferences. I was a bit concerned that it would bunch up when placed back within the casing, but it settled in easily without this occurring at all.

Easy Adjustment

The shreds fit within a cotton casing that is easily removable from the rest of the pillow to lower the profile if needed. I was surprised at the square shape of the insert as the pillow is a rectangle. As mentioned, it fits well within the stuffed casing, and does not at all feel like it lies closer to one side or another- but is distributed well throughout. I have not idea how they accomplish this, but I was impressed with the engineering.

Outer, Down Alternative, MicroDenier Poly-Fiber Filling

The outer pillow has a cotton cover, and is filled with a down alternative, MicroDenier polyester fiberfill. It has a zipper that runs along one edge to access the inner latex insert. It lays flat and is easy to access. This forms a sandwich like design within which the insert can be pulled out from, or placed back in for adjustments in support and loft. As I said above, I wasn’t too sure that this could be done easily without making it bunch up- but that was not a problem at all.

Polyfill is popular since it is durable and breathable, and when used as a pillow fill can provide a soft to firm feel depending on the size of the threads being used. These mico threads allow for an exceptionally soft, almost feather and down like feel, which I very much appreciated since I have a tendency to lean towards those choices to begin with.

100% Cotton Casing

The outer case is a 100% breathable cotton that provides a comforting, cool, smooth surface that wicks moisture away from you to receive a more comfortable sleep. It also is very durable, and is the choice many manufacturers go with in order to provide a quality material than can stand up to both heavy use and regular washings without wearing thin.

2 inch Side Gusset

The 2 inch, gusseted side helps the pillow and insert keep its shaping, and help distribute the fill evenly without creating flat spots. This is a design that works very well with side sleepers, as they need the support under their neck and head to provide spinal alignment, and a true soft tissue relaxation. The contrasting, piped seams provide a quality look, and also a durability to keep them from wearing thin through use.

Lay Flat Zipper

The zipper runs along one end of the pillow, and lays flat to keep from interrupting any shaping you may apply to the pillow. It is durable, and unzips easily for removal and access to the inner pillow and insert. It also lays along the bottom edge of the pillow under the piped seam, which hides it somewhat, and keeps it from being in your way or interrupting your comfort.

Pillow Care

The pillow is actually highly washable. The only part of the pillow that can not be put through the wash is the shredded latex foam insert, but once that is removed, if you seperate the cover from the outer pillow, both can be machine washed and dried. This is a great feature as most pillow do require some regular care and/or washing to help keep it fresh and clean. This is important since you place your head, and delicate facial skin upon it each night.

Warranty: 45 Day Returns

Most companies offer some sort of return policy, or warranty on workmanship nowadays despite a pillow being a very personal item. They want you do be happy with your purchase, and comfort, and recognize that no pillow is a true one size fits all sleep experience. This attention to your personal needs, and awareness of consumer loyalty, is what may have you considering their product in the first place. A hassle free, 45 day comfort guarantee that includes free shipping allows you to make a risk free purchasing decision.

Consumer Reviews

Despite being a very new product, the pillow is beginning to gather quite a few positive reviews. People seem to love the balance between soft and supportive, and compare it to ‘sinking into a cloud’ that embraces the weight of the head to keep it from sinking too far. Those who found it to be too soft, and ‘not as substantial’ as they had hoped, still comment on the quality and luxury feel of the product. Overall, this is a product I feel will garner more positive, than negative, reviews, and will be possible choice for a fairly wide variety of sleepers with more time on the market.

My Sleep Trial Experiences

I am a stomach and side sleeper, and prefer a responsive, soft pillow that allows me to somewhat lay upon the pillow in a position that supports my spine and upper body. Stomach sleepers need a very low profile pillow as the neck is already compromised as it turns, which also places stress on the lower back. Side sleepers do have a very healthy position when supported correctly, but no matter how hard I try to stay in a side sleeping position, I always end up turning to my stomach.

Because of the feel of this pillow, I was excited to try it out for responsiveness and support. I’ve come to appreciate the pillow within a pillow designs, and this approach is new enough to allow for a bit of anticipation on my behalf. I also very much appreciate the use of latex, which is highly breathable, and very long lasting in comparison to many other foams.


I’m a back napper and love to stretch out and lay back after a long day. Although it is not a natural position for me for an all night comfort, I do appreciate a proper neck and head support while I stretch my back. Back sleepers need a thinner, yet supportive surface. I did find this to be a bit thick for me overall as it lifted my head more than I would have liked.

Once I removed the latex core, it was of a much better height. I am of a smaller stature, however, and so I appreciated that it was adjustable for this purpose. It probably is perfect, as is, for somebody larger than I am.


Side sleepers have one of the healthier sleep positions if their head and neck are properly supported in alignment with their spine. The gusset of the pillow helped keep the fill well distributed to allow for soft tissue relaxation of my neck, and a good height for my head to rest between my shoulders. Since I also like to roll forward to sleep on my stomach, I found this pillow a great choice to lay against to provide support for my head, neck, and shoulders.

The outer pillow layer is highly responsive, soft, and conforming, while the latex provides give, but also support to hold you in position. I enjoyed the overall malleability and feel of the pillow on my side and how it moved with me when I needed it to.


As a true stomach sleeping choice, this pillow may not be the greatest option unless you are of a larger stature. Stomach sleepers need a very thin, almost non-existent pillow, and this one is just a bit too lofty overall, even with the insert removed. It raised my head and neck into an uncomfortable position overall, and I found that unless I used it as an upper body pillow in this position it created lower back and neck pain.

Other Opinions

Since I felt that this pillow truly might work in different ways for different body types, I went ahead and shared it with some others who have different body types, and sleep preferences.
Sleeper #1 is a broad shouldered, larger male who prefers to sleep on his side. He chooses firmer, foam core pillows, and sleeps hot. Sleeper #2 is a tall, athletically built female who is a stomach sleeper and who prefers to sleep with a body pillow as well. There own personal reviews based on guided questions are as follows:

Sleeper #1

The pillow was too soft in my opinion, It felt great, but even with a latex core, it just wasn’t high enough to support me. I even tried to layer it on another pillow, but it was just too soft for side sleeping. I did really like to lay back on it. I don’t like to sleep on my back because I snore, but this was very comfortable and slept very cool. The material feels just like a hotel pillow and I was surprised at the heaviness of the latex part.

Sleeper #2

“I love this pillow. I can lay on it, cuddle it, hug it, use it to support my knees and hips, and on top of that it is very cool. The material is amazing. I love how well it was put together and enjoyed sleeping on it.”

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In terms of quality and design, this pillow really does knock it out of the park. It is highly breathable and provides a cool sleep experience. It also can be washed as long as you remove the latex part, and does not bunch up or loose its plush comfort feel through repetitive use and washing. The workmanship is also worth mentioning, and provides peace of mind that you are receiving a well thought out concept. It also has a free 45 day return if it simply doesn’t work for you, allowing you to take risk free purchase.

Unfortunately it is not a true adjustable choice that can fit a wider variety of needs. If you do remove the latex insert, the pillow is much softer and of a lower loft, but you also use part of what makes it so great. Side sleepers of smaller size and back sleepers of a larger size seem to be the most comfortable with this pillow. Stomach sleepers may also find it comfortable, depending on personal preference and position. Plus, as a new product, it will take some time to gather even more feedback from consumer experiences.

With all that being said, this is a pillow worth considering. The company has a strong name within the industry for excellent customer service and support. Any new items would be expected to follow in the footsteps of their previously release sleep products, and serve as a standard for sleep comfort.

If quality and comfort is a priority (as it should be) taking a closer look at this product should be on your list of things to do. The Saatva Pillow by the Saatva Dreams Company may be new, but already is receiving quite a bit of positive feedback in reference to material use and comfort. The concept of the pillow within a pillow design is popular and comfortable, and allows for a slight adjustment to meet a wider range of sleep needs.

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