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Updated January 29, 2021

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Our Rating

Brought a Saatva Luxury Firm King about 4 years ago. Mattress started sagging about two years in. Causes neck & back pain. I have to spin the mattress every 2 weeks to make it bearable. Called customer service for warranty repair and received options to (1) pay %40 of original cost for a replacement mattress (my cost $599), OR pay $200 for them to pick up, repair and return the same bad mattress. I don’t want to throw more good money away on a bad mattress and think I’ll just trash it

Andy Schwalb

I ordered a Saatva Solair on Jan 4 2021. I am now Very frustrated with them. Ordered Jan 4 they took the full payment and March 9 still nothing. I keep contacting customer service and they just saying they are behind. The delivery date they gave when they happily took my money was Jan 26 at the latest. Buyer beware!


I bought a King Saatva Classic firm and it is sagging after a few years. They do offer a warranty of repair or replace but both options will cost you more money. Backaches and neck pain started after only a year. Do not believe all the good reviews. It is just not true. These mattresses are too expensive to sag like this after such a short. Customer service is poor. Can’t get anyone to return my call. Choose a different mattress if you can find one worth buying. Whatever happened to a good quality mattress?


I got a saatva hybrid in luxury firm and it’s probably the worst sleep I’ve ever had. I even tried putting foam mattress covers over it and it’s just bad.

I read a bunch of reviews before buying but it’s not living up to the hype. Multiple sites said it was good for bad backs and I’m having the worst shoulder and back pain of my life.

I can’t afford another one right now – mattresses aren’t cheap – and I’m outside of the 180 days. I recommend that you trust your instincts if you buy this and don’t like it after the first week.



Thanks for your valuable comment.


We just had the same experience. It was recommended to wait about 6-8 weeks to break it in, but we’re one week in and we’re both broken (and sleepless). Don’t get me wrong though, the adjustable and massage functions work great. The main thing though is getting through the night for a good night’s rest – we just didn’t see that happening and unfortunately had to send it back. Looks like the sofa until we can find something that works (the old one was taken away).

Nancy Pennewell

I have had it for a little over a year I think, I don’t sleep tried two different ones still bad sleep. I can’t afford to get another one

Guadalupe Baldwin

My husband likes his. He says it’s fine. It’s not the best sleep ever but fine for him. We sleep in an adjustable and we both have our own xtwin mattress. I have back pain every day. I waited too long and can’t return. I sleep on my side and ordered plush and wouldn’t recommend. My husband is back sleeper and likes his firm. I’m going back to good old Serta. I tried novaform memory foam from Costco (similar pain with that one). Then I bought the Sleep Number (hated it! Terrible back pain with zero support, we both hated it). My son sleeps on novaform now and he thinks it’s comfortable. So, mattress review are tough because preference is so subjective.

Steve Solberg

Did not even make it 2 years with a firm. Extreme sagging causing hip pain. This mattress should not be in the top 10 much less number 1.

Chris Greete

We bought 2 XL twin luxury firm saatva mattresses two and a half years ago. My husband and I have a combined weight of around three hundred and thirty pounds. The mattresses are sagging and causing both of us back pain. The company offered to sell us new ones at 40% off but we don’t want to spend that kind of money for mattresses that don’t last even 3 years. Very unhappy with our purchases.

Mike omalley

I’ve been waiting 6 weeks for this mattress And no one will even return a phone call . Everything is automated so you can’t even talk to anyone.. Beyond frustrated! Cant even cancel because no one will answer. Steer clear of this company

Bruce Rindfuss

I am 260 lb male. I used to be a side sleeper but now experiance extreme pain in hip joint so I now sleep on my back. I have a ajustable bed so am looking for a twin long. Lately been having back pain from my current mattress What firmness would you recomend


Any plans to review Saatva’s new Organic Hybrid Latex mattress?

Ravindra Jaganmohan

Based on your recommendation I placed an order for the Saatva Classic 11.5″ Luxury firm mattress. After reading now all the comments from people here I feel a little bit shaky on the purchase. have you heard of sagging issues on this mattress and how comfortable it is after the 120 days trial.
The reason I am asking this question is because I am right now left with a horrible queen mattress I bought from Mattress Firm which is beyond 120 day trial since i have started to have severe back and neck pain issues (I bought a Firm mattress based on the guys recommendation). I was so horrified with the pain one day that I thought i was having a heart attack because of the pain in my shoulder and arm :). I ended up in urgent care for no reason and all because of this horrible Beautyrest Hartfield 11.5″ Firm Mattress.
This Hartfield was a complete disaster for me since day one of sleeping on this firm mattress i have had nothing but aches and pain in spite of being very active, flexible and fit. I always thought it was me doing something wrong in my diet, posture etc.

Since doing much needed research including your recommendation i have placed the order for Saatva Classic mattress Luxury firm.
I am hoping this Saatva Classic luxury Firm should be better than any other mattress in terms of side sleeper support issues.
Please let me know your thoughts.


This mattress sounds great but can you get it delivered to Canada

Rich Murphy

I bought a Saavta bed for my wife and I about 4 years ago (queen). The first few years it was a great bed, 5 stars! But there are some problems with it sagging in the middle. My wife and are no more than 285 pounds combined so it’s not like we are putting a lot of weight on the bed. We have already flipped the mattress once and added a topper. But it’s to the point we notice it again and it’s impacting our sleep. I wanted to really like this bed, but they’re gonna have to fix this sagging issue. I have to go shop for a new bed now… Maybe an AmeriSleep.



We have the exact same issue and are also not overweight. We’ve never had a bed start sagging after only two years. Our backs can’t take it any more. We will not buy a saatva again.


Read their warranty–they will replace it!

Tina Moriarty

Hi we purchased a saavta king size mattress they talked me into a firm and said most people like the firmness, BUT no good we sent it back it was way too firm. So we went with the plush which was good, unfortunately 2 years later the mattress is very uncomfortable it’s sagging, my head feels lower than my legs ugh!!! So disappointing!! Now we need to spend more money for another mattress. Together we’re approximately 400lbs.

Archie S

I purchased my Saatva Mattress, firm, last year after giving up on a Serta. The first few weeks were wonderful but then the mattress started sagging in the center right where my hips are. It made it very uncomfortable for my herniated disc and for sciatica. While the mattress does not cost much, I am disappointed that it was gone in less than 1 year. I wish I had stored my Serta in another room.


Tory Capron

i am only 110 lbs and have a bad back. i usually like a firm bed. will the luxury firm be from enough for me? i do not like the feel of being enveloped by a bed where it is difficult to turn over in it . does this bed feel this way? Tory


Jess RJ

I think it could be a great option. It definitely doesn’t make it feel like your mattress is enveloping you. Let us know how it works out!

Deborah C Post

I purchased a SAATVA mattress, the California King in their softest option. I had done a lot of “research” and had slept for many years on an innerspring mattress I loved which had finally worn out. When the mattress was delivered, I was very impressed with how pretty it looked, and I was under the impression it was organic (it is not), but from the first night I had issues. First of all, it did not conform to my body and I was told it would take some time to break in. After a few weeks, when I didn’t feel this was happening, I was sent a topper which I was told other customers love and it would help during the break-in period. The topper came and it was also pretty and looked nice. After two nights of sleeping on it, I cut the cover off to see what was inside, and it was, and I do not exaggerate, a piece of the cheapest foam (not memory) and was even faded in big portions, like it had been used before or put out in the sun. I made another call and talked to a manager about sending out something like this and how it might affect consumer confidence about what was actually in the mattress itself, since I then had the most consuming desire to cut the mattress open and look in there, because as the nights wore on, I would sometimes have a few moments where I would think “this isn’t so bad” as I lay in bed, but more often couldn’t believe how it felt I was sleeping on a cardboard box with some flimsy foam and fabric on top. I bought a high-end cover from Seattle (LOVE IT) and tried a memory foam topper which got good reviews but the density was so poor it had no impact. I basically tried everything under the sun to make this mattress work as I didn’t want to send it back, have no mattress in my bedroom, and start down this road of research and possible failure again, but in the end, I had to send it back. So here’s the next part of the story. Because I had to do something immediately, I did further research, then went with what I found in a good price range (MUCH less than SAATVA) which was a Serta Perfect Sleeper, without a pillow-top, firm. I then purchased a DENSE 3″ memory foam mattress cover, as recommended by a couple of people on sites I had gone to. It conforms to my body but, unlike the COSTCO version I once had, does not make me feel sucked in and like I am sleeping in bread dough. So, that first night, I got up in this combination and actually felt like I had gone to bed-heaven. THIS. BED. IS. A. DREAM. I have back and neck issues, and am a side sleeper, so my arms often feel pinched off and this was especially bad on the SAATVA. Right now, I knock wood, and actually get nervous after all the bed drama I have been through that one night I will climb in and it won’t be this way, but it has been a while, and EVERY SINGLE NIGHT I get in bed and wonder how I got it so right, and also wonder where I can go to inform others. First of all, stay away from built in pillow-tops. Get a well-built mattress (Serta is the best selling in the world, and if I get 8 years out of it sleeping like this, I’ll buy another. Much less, as I said, than SAATVA), get a high density memory foam (3″ and something like 6-8 lbs works beautifully for me), and cover it well (Slumbercloud is what I bought and it keeps cool, looks beautiful, and is worth the money). All, in, I have LESS than I did for SAATVA but the sleeping experience is like sleeping on the ground vs. sleeping, literally, in a cloud. I don’t want to jinx myself and my great luck in finding the perfect combination, but I doubt ANYONE wouldn’t feel the same about my bed. If I had a SAATVA and this side by side, the comparison would be laughable. All that said, the customer service at SAATVA is absolutely superior. The are professionals in that way. But I can’t sleep on customer service. The bed has to be up to snuff. Mine now is, and I hope someone who is up nights unable to sleep looking for the best bed option to stop the madness finds this post, and is able to get some valuable information to help them in their search.




Which Serta Perfect Sleeper model did you purchase and are you still happy with it?

Kind regards.

Janet Devlin

Where did you purchase your Serta mattress and slumber cloud cover?


Pat C

Very thorough review…….thank you!

Which specific model of the Serta perfect sleeper did you purchase.

Pat C.


Thank you for taking the time to post your experience and share your secrets for the perfect sleep experience ! Like you were doing …I’m up at night researching and comparing as well! So your bed is called the Serta perfect sleeper? I’m waiting on the saatva to come (it’s being built) I’m worried sick I won’t like it and if it doesn’t work out il go for the Serta …



Please let me know how’s the Saatva mattress? I am searching for a mattress’ I can’t decide if I buy Saatva or Serta Perfect Sleeper.
I’ve been reading a lot of reviews.
I’m a side sleeper and my husband is back sleeper I like soft but looking to get the Luxury Firm.


Please let us know which mattress you purchased and how you like it.

Cliff Samson

I would like to have more information on what actually does the warranty cover. Sagging, thread separation, tears etc…? Also is there a prorated deduction if this does occur and a new mattress is warranted?


Wayne Koch

I am concerned about sagging in the center. Is sagging covered in the warranty??


Nick Smeshko

Saatva charge $99 handling fee to take mattress back during the “free” 120 days try (so, it is nor free…)


I ordered and slept on a luxury firm mattress for one month. It was not as firm as I needed it to be with herniated disc and 2 arthoscoptic knee surgeries.
I called 1 wk. ago for an exchange to a firm. I received my mattress today. I immeadiately feel the difference. After
peurchasing and returning about 5 matresses from other companies I must say that I have fount the right mattress
now. Mary B. 3/8/ 18???


Jess RJ

So glad to hear! We’d love to hear how it works out for you.

Linda Hamilton

Hi Jess,

I’m wondering when you tried the Saatva that you reviewed here and if anything about it’s inner construction or outer cover has changed since your review?

Also, did you review their “Flagship” luxury firm mattress here.

Thank you,


Joanne Pratt

Please share your experience good and bad using Saatva twin beds, adjustable. We will be replacing a king, nonadjustable. Is the Saatva the best choice or can you recommend something better?

Does it Work on Adjustable Beds?
Yes – I have had a very positive experience using mine in combination with
Saatva’s Lineal adjustable base.


Jess RJ

I haven’t used the twin option. If you’re looking specifically for something that’s adaptable with an adjustable base, I always recommend foam or latex products without an innerspring unit to cause the mattress to stay stiff when you try to adjust. In the Saatva line, I’d go with Zenhaven. It’s made of latex and is very easy to use on adjustable bases.

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