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If you’re seriously considering the purchase of a mattress online, you’re taking advantage of a business model designed to pass on savings to consumers. Think about it. In cutting the middleman out of the equation, the manufacturer is able to eliminate unnecessary costs, and Helix passes those savings onto you!

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Here at The Sleep Judge, we make it our primary goal to help match you with the right mattress to meet your needs, and it’s my opinion that Helix goes the extra mile to make this easy to accomplish. When you take advantage of their Sleep Quiz, their algorithms use your preferences, sleep style, and body type to determine the mattress construction that will work best for you.

If you’re ready to find out for yourself, The Sleep Judge would like to continue to help make the experience a positive one by offering you a chance to save on an already low price of between $600 and $1,195. Use coupon code SLEEPJUDGE100 to receive $100 your order. This allows you to take advantage of a customized bed to meet your needs at a very minimal cost.

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Even if you sleep with a partner, Helix helps walk you through a simple process in order to help you develop the best end product for both of you. When you order, you get the chance to pick between blended or dual comfort, allowing you to incorporate two sleeping preferences into a single product. From feel and support to temperature regulation and pressure points, Helix goes the extra mile to get it just right. If you visit Helix’s website, you can see for yourself how they determine your perfect mattress.

I encourage you to check out my full review. Here, you can see the results of my sleep quiz as well as learn more about this fantastic product.
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