Best Backyard Hammock - Reviews and Buyers Guide

Updated August 11, 2019

Whether you are trying to grasp at any remaining remnants of summer possible or allowing the invitation of the crisp autumn to envelope you, we have got an amazing way to spend any free moments you may have while the heat dissipates and the colors start changing. We are reviewing some of the best backyard hammocks out there, just for you, to enjoy your much-deserved moments off.

Take a look at the list, all the details we’ve provided, and then choose the best one for you and whatever you need to relax your way into peaceful bliss.

What’s a Hammock?

You may think this is the silliest question of all, and even though we may all know what a hammock actually is, it’s probably more important to know what it is a hammock gives you, what it does for you, and the benefits of enjoying one even for a few moments.

They’ve been around for ages and ages, used everywhere by travelers in the jungle to seamen on their ships. Hammocks have been essential survival tools and all around super convenient and space saving options.

What are the benefits?

Just off the top of my head, with all my personal hammock experience, I can offer you many benefits:

  1. The hammock cradles your body perfectly.
  2. We all know taking a few moments to yourself (daily!) is vital to emotional and mental health. Maybe you have just a few minutes to nap in between shifts, or let your little ones run around crazy in the backyard (run off some of that energy, puhlease!), while you’re keeping an eye (or maybe just two ears) on them and enjoying a sweet few minutes of not running around crazy yourself. Either way you’re taking a few minutes to breathe and a few mental moments the best way you are capable.
  3. Being these are backyard hammocks that can be used on your patio or out in your garden, you will be with nature. This fits tightly with number two. Breathing fresh air, listening to the birds, and the crickets, enjoying the sun and the breeze, even the stars and the moon – all instant mood enhancers and relaxation helpers that will give you, your head, and your heart a bit of a break.
  4. It’s a great nap! Combine all of the above and if you’re actually able to close your eyes and give your brain a break in the middle of a long (or even a lazy day), it may just be the best nap you’ll be able to muster.

Types of Hammocks

Hammock styles depend on a few different things such as the materials, the purpose, but mostly the design itself. In this article, we’ll discuss two different kinds that are nice for backyard purposes:

1. The Brazilian Hammock is a large cocoon style bed. It can be made out of numerous materials that are tightly woven, perfect for deflecting chilly wind. These can be made with vibrant colors and include lots of pretty embellishments. They are supported at the ends by two individual points. These types of hammocks work nicely with a stand but can be tied off at two points as well.

2. A spreader Hammock is a wide flat bed that is kept in its shape by two wooden poles that are openly woven through to reach the supported ends. The materials also vary from open weave cotton to poolside fabric. These don’t have the cocoon effect that the Brazilian hammock does, but are considered less stable to some. These can also be used with a stand or tied off at the endpoints.

Factors to Consider

Room and Space

The Brazilian and Spreader styles of hammocks are most conveniently used with a stand that could take up to 12 feet (or larger), plus you have to add in your swayin’ room. It’s a big consideration if you have a smaller yard or porch. Pay attention to dimensions and how much room you can sacrifice, if you’re anything like me your hammock will become a permanent part of your decor.

Indoor vs. Outdoor

Most outdoor stand hammocks can be used indoors – make sure to find your hammock a home with enough space for its entire setup.



Materials and Upkeep

Yep, not all materials are meant to be left outdoors through rain and shine. You may have to clean them thoroughly, by hand, to keep them looking appetizing enough to lay on depending on the material. Choose your material wisely.


Not all materials are meant to be left outdoors through snow and storms. Leaving them outdoors could result in weather damage, fade, and maybe even mildew. Make sure you store your hammock in a place with good air circulation to avoid damage such as mildew.

Stand Vs. Hung

There are a lot of options for hanging hammocks to include chains, straps, and hooks. They can be hung from trees, poles, and even the ceiling. I had to get the stand because my yard doesn’t have two trees or poles close enough together to even consider that option.

Stand Hammock

Hang Hammock

Purpose and Comfort and Location

Okay, well, the purpose for a hammock is pretty much a given. But if you don’t think you’ll be comfortable on an open weave cotton rope then you’ll have to consider the tightly woven cocoon of the brazilian, or the poolside fabric spreader style.


There is no price you can put on your happiness, comfort, and sanity, but hammocks can get ex-pen-sive. And while quality is certainly a main factor in this decision, there are budget friendly options from the best cheap hammocks that will give you all the long term comfort you desire.


Is this hammock for one or two? Maybe you’re a bigger body type or slender. This question matters when it comes to weight bearing constraints and ,more importantly, single vs. double options. The double sized, brazilian style hammocks are going to be very wide, and because they aren’t on a spreader there is nothing to separate all of that fabric. This option is perfect for larger body types or someone who will lay in the hammock with a hammock buddy consistently. It is possible for a smaller body type to lay in this style individually – you’ll have to turn your body 90° and lay on the hammock width wise instead of the more traditional length wise.

Hammock Reviews

Now let’s get to the reason you’re here!

1. Best Choice Products


  • Warranty – The manufacturer has a 60 day return and money back warranty across all of its products.
  • Weight – 37 pounds
  • Height – 52” x 10” x 8” inches
  • Material – Cotton

We first tested out the brazilian style Best Choice Products Double Hammock in tight woven cotton in the Desert color option.

This hammock has a 100% cotton weave that is tightly woven, so soft, nice and comfortable. The tight weave offers a shield from the nippy breezes, but won’t circulate air as much as an open weave will when it’s quite warm outside.

This hammock comes in a variety of color options, this was the more neutral of all the colors so it will fit into a more decorative patio decor, but you could go wild and add a spice of color to your yard with just this one piece of furniture.


  • Aesthetically pleasing
  • Good price
  • Sturdy
  • Double hammock


  • Double hammock – non-traditional single person use
  • Heavy
  • Cotton will stretch
  • Takes up a lot of space

Read our full review.

2. Vivere Double Hammock


  • Warranty – There is a one year limited warranty from the manufacturer on this product.
  • Weight – 33 pounds
  • Height – 108” x 42” x 41”
  • Material – Cotton, Sunbrella, or Polyester

Our second tested hammock was the brazilian style Vivere Double Hammock in tight woven cotton in the Tropical color option.

This hammock comes in three different material options, though all materials don’t come in all colors and vice versa, and there is quite a difference in price amongst the material blends. It is nice to have an option however.

  • They have the traditional tight woven cotton blend that is very similar to the Best Choice hammock above. The cotton blend is the least expensive option and also considered the most comfortable amongst the three options.
  • There is also the polyester option which is the most expensive but is easier to care for than the cotton and also more weather proof.
  • The last material blend is their Sunbrella material blend. This is supposed to be the easiest to take care of, the most all weather, and also the longest lasting, it also is repellent from everything from the sun to the environmental toxins! This is only slightly less expensive than the polyester.

The amount of color options is absolutely stunning! Any color pattern you could think of from single color to all the colors of the rainbow in a very vibrant striped pattern.


  • Aesthetically, dare I say exciting and pleasing
  • Sturdy
  • Double hammock
  • Lots of options


  • Double hammock – non traditional use single person
  • Expensive
  • Heavy
  • Takes up a lot of space

Read our full review.

3. Zeny


  • Warranty – This company offers a 30 day return policy and one year warranty on all products.
  • Weight – 11 pounds
  • Height – 5” x 5” x 55”
  • Material – Cotton

The first of our spreader style hammocks is from Zeny and is a Double Size Quilted Hammock.

This would be considered a “pool style” hammock, but really it can be used anywhere. The bed is made of a cotton fabric, and comes with a detachable pillow. This brand offers several colors to meet your color needs.

This company does not include the stand for this hammock, they do include chains to use for setup. Remember, this is something you have to take into consideration (do I have two trees or two sturdy poles that are close enough and suitable for hammock hanging?) You can purchase a stand separately, the manufacturer recommends a 12 foot stand which is quite a bit bigger than other hammocks require (so remember to look at your space requirements).

This is also a double sized hammock, suitable for two people up to a 450 pound weight capacity, but because the spreader bar spreads out the bed of the hammock and keeps it nice and sturdy, one person would be able to lay in it traditionally easily.


  • Highly rated
  • Inexpensive
  • Double, spacious, easy one person use
  • Light weight


  • Doesn’t come with stand
  • Needs a large stand if purchased separate
  • Will need a lot of cleaning and care

4. Best Choice Products (again)


  • Warranty – The manufacturer has a 60 day return and money back warranty across all of its products.
  • Weight – 9 pounds
  • Height – 1” x 59” x 122” inches
  • Material – Cotton

Our second spreader style hammock is the Best Choice Products Double Cotton Woven Open Weave Hammock.

This is also a spreader style, but instead of a quilted mattress covering the cotton, you would be lying directly on the open weave of the cotton ropes. I picture this hammock best on a really warm day in a shaded area. The (very) open weave isn’t going to provide any shield against a cool/cold breeze. This hammock bed may also provide the least comfort as you would be lying directly on the thick, cotton woven, ropes. That would be suitable for some but others would rather have a layer of something between them and the hammock bed, like the quilted hammock bed from Zeny listed above.

Just like our other reviewed hammocks, this one is a double sized and would easily be suitable for one person as well as two, as it holds up to a capacity of 450 pounds. Being that it only has the open weave cotton, it may have more “give” or more of a cradling feeling than the quilted hammock.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t come with chains, straps, or a stand to hang – whatever your choice is, you’ll have to purchase it separately. This is the largest of our hammock options – the manufacturer recommends a 15 foot (or longer) stand that is at least four feet tall (or taller) if you’re going to hang it that way.


  • Air flow
  • Easy to clean
  • Inexpensive
  • Easily used by 1 or 2 people up to 450 pounds


  • May not be the most comfortable
  • Doesn’t offer shield against wind
  • Doesn’t include stand or hanging material
  • Takes up a lot of room

5. Patio Watcher


  • Warranty – The manufacturer has a 100% satisfaction guarantee and promises replacement or refund if unsatisfied for any reason.
  • Weight – 11 pounds
  • Height – 14.5 Feet x 55 Inches
  • Material – PVC and Polyester Yarn

Our last hammock, is the Patio Watcher Patio Rope Hammock.

This is identified as a spreader style, backyard, poolside, patio hammock. The bed of this hammock has single layer of fabric, tied to the spreader bar with woven cotton ropes. The material is called Textilene and is comprised of 70% PVC and 30% polyester yarn. It is advertised to be non-toxic, breathable, waterproof, oil proof, and UV resistant.

Unlike our other hammocks listed, this is a not advertised as a double hammock. However the description eludes to the fact that two people and pets may still be able to lounge together on it. The bed does lay out flat, will probably have very little give when laying in it, and it is rated up to 450 pounds.

This hammock doesn’t have a stand included, nor does it include chains or straps to hang, so you’ll have to choose your ideal method and purchase it separately. The manufacturer doesn’t specify how big of a stand you would need, however the bed of the hammock is attached to chains on either end to adjust the height to your preference.


  • Several color options
  • Easy to maintain
  • Inexpensive
  • Easily used by 1 or 2 people up to 450 pounds


  • Non-natural materials
  • Doesn’t include stand or hanging material
  • Large


First lets recap our reviewed hammocks. Even though they are different styles and brands, it is easy to see that they have a lot in common, from the materials they use to the weight capacity.

The spreader style hammock is nice because it is more like laying in a bed, it’s sturdy, spread out, and provides plenty of stretching room for one or two people. Of the two spreader styles the one with the quilted bed will be the most comfortable over the open weave hard cotton ropes. These are the most inexpensive in price, but they also don’t come with any assembling packages – you’d have to price out ropes, chains, hooks, or stands (stands that are much longer than the brazilian competitors).

The two Brazilian style hammocks are going to give you a better cradling feeling. And though it is a double hammock it is easily used by just two, unless you don’t mind being cocooned. These are more expensive over the spreader style, but they come with carrying cases and stands. These are also more highly consumer rated than the brazilian options. The Vivere brand also has many more material options than any of its competitors, this gives you comfort, aesthetics, and care options.

Though this decision is pretty individualistic and subjective to preferences, it is hard to pick just one! But considering all of the factors, options, pros, and cons we have come down to the best hammock for your money: The Best Choice Products Double Brazilian Hammock.

Though it isn’t the cheapest hammock, this hammock is more affordable and has a similar style, setup, and durability compared to its much more expensive Vivere option. It is easy to set up, easy to use for two people, and if it is just going to be one person, the position can be modified to laze your day away all by yourself. This hammock is highly rated amongst its users, and even though it doesn’t have all of the options the Vivere has, if properly taken care of the cotton bed will be long-lasting and enjoyed long term.