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MalloMe XL Double Parachute Camping Hammock Review

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MalloMe XL Double Parachute Camping Hammock

My husband and I love to sit outdoors, but it’s tough to relax when we have 4 kids that constantly want to sit on our laps. Our solution was simple, get a hammock! He has always loved hammocks, but only the ones that were put between two trees. Our old home didn’t have trees like that, so we were never able to get one and we didn’t want one of the ones that came with a stand because we had nowhere to store it and it would have just become a toy for the kids.

It was only until we bought our new house that we realized we had trees that would suffice! We had purchased a few different hammocks in the past, but it just wasn’t enough to support the both of us. Either it was too flimsy, too much air getting in underneath us, making us cold, or there simply wasn’t enough room for the two of us, even though there was supposed to be. So I, being the master of online shopping, found the MalloMe XL Double Parachute Camping Hammock and decided to give it a try.

A Little About The Company

If you have never heard of MalloMe, it’s because they are relatively new. So new that they sent me a letter asking me to review them to get their name out there. It was only a few short months ago and now they’re huge! Their company is built around family oriented products that can bring everybody closer together and build relationships.

I can really appreciate a company that creates affordable family products for outdoor use. I can’t tell you how many times I have gone into a department store and found overpriced products that I just couldn’t afford. These were products that were detrimental to my family’s camping trip, so I ended up having to spend to money anyway and shorted myself on money for other fun activities while on our trip. Also, the fact that they offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee on all of their products just shows how dedicated they are to the quality of their products.

Product Promises and Specifications

If you’re looking for an affordable and comfortable way to enjoy the outdoors with your family and loved ones, this is the way to do it. MalloMe created the perfect hammock for such activities. It’s a super strong, ultralight, compact and comfortable way to relax. Their hammock measures a whopping 125 x 79 inches and can fit two large adults comfortably. Trust me on this one, they aren’t lying. My husband and I are far from small people and we fit with room to spare.


The material used is from premium 210T nylon ripstop fabric. Never heard of it? That’s okay, neither have I. It’s actually like sheet thread count. The 210 is the number of warp and fill and the T just refers to well, thread count. This is a good indication of thickness and strength. The higher the number, the better the quality. This hammock, for example, has a breaking strength of 1000 pounds, making it twice as strong as their competitors, or so they say.

The ripstop part of the nylon is simply to stop a cut or tear in the hammock from becoming larger. It is sewn by a special weave that helps keep the fabric tough. I had a regular nylon hammock once and it ripped very easily and once ripped, it just got bigger and bigger until I had to throw it away.

The webbing connection points on the end of each side are ultra-strong and reliable. These connectors are what makes the product so strong and able to hold that 800+ pounds of human. This is nearly 3 times more than that of the average hammock.

One other thing that I like to mention is that this particular product comes in a variety of different colors! There are 7 different colors that you can choose from which includes:

  • Charcoal and blue
  • Dark green and light green
  • Orange and grey
  • Purple and white
  • Ranger green and khaki
  • Red and black (which is the one I have)
  • Sky blue and gold

Compatibility & Time

The MalloMe is unique in that it comes with a stuff sack sewn right to the side of the hammock itself. This makes it easy to keep tabs on it if you’re like me and lose everything. Once the item is stuffed back in the sack, it only weighs 1 pound. It can be unfolded in just a few seconds and even the most novice hammock user can set it up in a short amount of time with minimal effort involved. All you really need to do is attach the rope to the trees you want to relax under and attach the carabiner.


The size of the product is very important. Think about it, if you want to sit in something that’s 5 feet long, but you’re over 6 feet, where are your feet going to go? The MalloMe hammock is over 10 feet long and 7 feet wide! This makes it larger than most of the biggest name brands on the market. This is perfect for somebody who may be really tall. When you sit in a hammock, you want to stretch out, not be curled up in a ball with nowhere to go. My husband and I can both lay in it side-by-side without needing to push each other off to the side for breathing room, even though I think he does it anyway on purpose.

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Features & Benefits

Of course every hammock is going to have a bunch of features and benefits listed on their websites, but do they actually perform as they should? When I first got this product and saw how tiny it was, I didn’t think for a second that it was going to give me what I wanted. I wanted a comfortable, reliable and easy resting spot for my husband and myself without the fear of being dropped on my bum to the hard ground beneath.

Strength & Safety

Alright, I was a tad skeptical about this at first, but they claim that the MalloMe can hold 800+ pounds. Holy cow! That’s a lot of weight for a hammock. This is strong enough to hold almost 5 average sized adults. They boast it as being one of the strongest hammocks on the market to this day. The nylon and super strong carabiners add to this strength. However, rather than using the rope that came with the product, we decided to use heavy duty rope. It seemed more sturdy that way and we didn’t want to take any chances.

So, how did it fare? My husband and I weigh, well, we’ll say 400 pounds put together. The hammock was able to hold us comfortably without too much sag to it. The strong nylon material definitely does its job, especially when you have a kid or two who want to get in it with you, oh, and a dog.


This is where I’m a little conflicted. I do love how roomy it is. My husband and I can sit in it comfortably, as I said before, without the fear of falling, with plenty of legroom to spare. On the other hand, it’s difficult to get in and out of and it actually kind of hurts. Since the nylon is so strong and kind of stiff, it makes it really uncomfortable to sit on the edge while trying to exit the space.

The same goes for getting in it as well. Sure, I could loosen it up and have it closer to the ground, but then there’s the risk of not having the amount of space between the ground and the body. It’s even worse for me because I’m on the shorter side of the spectrum, so it’s tougher to get my bum up into the hammock. I’m pretty sure my husband is getting sick of having to lift me into it.

On the plus side of things, since the nylon is so thick, there’s no air coming in from the bottom. I have sat in other hammocks that allowed a ton of air to flow through, leaving a chilly back side, but this one doesn’t do that. Even the mosquitos have a tough time penetrating the material to sink their pointy little mouth into your skin. If they do happen to do so, there are quite a few different scents that you can spray on your hammock to keep them away.

Have you ever tried to sleep on one of these things? Like, throughout the night? It’s not the easiest thing to do, especially if you’re in there with somebody else. I tried this a few summers ago and it was the most uncomfortable thing I have ever done. The hammock we were using was thin and even though we were using a mosquito net, they were biting us from the bottom and we actually ended up falling to the ground because it couldn’t support out weight, even though the description said it would.

This is the one thing that you won’t have an issue with when it comes to this product. It will support you and it’s very comfortable to sleep in with another person or even by yourself if you don’t mind some fabric in your face. Hey, it’ll shield you from the wind if you don’t like to be chilly!


As far as the product being practical, it can go two different ways. I know a lot of people who want to get the XL double size so that they have more room, as a single user, to lunge in. The only issue with this is that it cocoons you. When you sit in it by yourself, the sides will cave in on you, leaving little air flow. However, the fact that it can be folded up into a tiny little sack and carried pretty much anywhere and set up in just a matter of minutes, makes it a very practical item for camping or backpacking.

In terms of traveling with it, my husband and I found it super easy to strap to the back of a motorcycle. It’s so small that it can be squished into just about anything you are using to hold your items. It also can be stored away in the tiniest of places because of its flexibility. When you’re ready to use it again, just pop it out! I have done this several times between taking it to camp, on the bike and just setting it up at home. I do suggest that you take it down when it rains to maintain its integrity.

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Consumer Feedback

Most of the feedback that I have seen or heard about this product is all positive. Users love how big and comfortable it is. They also praise the easy setup and takedown. They have also bragged about being able to use it anywhere that has two trees and that it holds two people comfortably. Honestly, I couldn’t agree more with them. I mean, it’s not my big, comfy bed, but it works when I want to relax outside. There’s also the fact that MalloMe gives their customers a 100% satisfaction guarantee or they’ll give you all of your money back. There’s no set warranty, but this suffices.

Of course there will be the negative reviews based on material mostly. Earlier on in the year when they were still getting to be popular, they had a lot of negative comments about the material and that users were missing the ropes and that the straps were weak (which is why I used my own rope). There were also a few concerns here and there about the cocooning issue that I mentioned earlier. The company, however, promptly resolved the issues to give their customers that 100% satisfaction guarantee. I love how the company keeps their word to customers.


As far as I am concerned, as well as my husband, the MalloMe XL double hammock is perfect for two adults who want to spend an hour or two swinging in the breeze. We absolutely love everything about it other than the difficulty getting in it, (he has no issue since he’s so tall). I can really appreciate a company that will hold up to their satisfaction guarantees and one that isn’t set out to empty your wallet for some family fun.

Yes, there are plenty of other hammocks out there on the market, so why should you go with this one? You see, I have had my fair share of crummy products in the past and I now know what to look for. With this one, it has everything you could possibly want in outdoor relaxation. It’s durable, comfortable, affordable and it offers you quality time with your loved ones without the need for metal bars being attached or the fear of falling through flimsy material.

If you’re ready to set out on a family adventure in the woods or are just looking to have a little piece of serenity in your own backyard, you can pick up one of these fantastic hammocks by clicking this link.

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MalloMe XL Double Camping Hammock Specs Table

Set Up & Take Down Durability Ease of Use Comfort Storage
Can be easily accomplished by one person in just a matter of minutes Rated 800+ pounds Even the most novice user can use it Comfortable and offers a shield from drafts and mosquitos from underneath Can be folded right into the attached sack for safe storage & travel

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it hard to put together?

Easily done by one person in just minutes.

How long is the warranty?

100% satisfaction guarantee.

How much weight can this hammock support?

Up to 1,000 lbs.

Does it take much space to store this product?

Can be folded right into the attached sack for safe storage & travel.