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Updated August 13, 2019

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Overwhelmed with the many options available when it comes to buying a quality mattress online? If you’re looking for something with no weight limit that does an excellent job of balancing comfort and support, keep reading! DreamCloud is a super-premium, 15” luxury hybrid mattress combining the best of latex, memory foam, cashmere, hand tufting, and coil technology to provide consistently great sleep, and we recently got our hands on the queen-sized model for review.

Products of this quality level used to only be available through retailers at huge markups as much as three times the price. I was particularly impressed at how well DreamCloud did at supporting different sleepers and preferences in a single product. If you carry a lot of weight, you’ll enjoy the zoning that works to distribute your weight, and I think you’ll be impressed with how well it did keeping cool despite the use of several layers of memory foam. So, let’s dive in, break it down, and see if it could be a good fit for you.

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Dream Cloud Mattress Specs Sheet

Offgassing – Took a day to clear off

Firmness Level (Scale of 1-10) – 6.0

Trial Period – 365 nights

Warranty – Everlong Warranty

Euro Top- Excellent Comfort for Wide Range of Weights and Preferences

The 15 inches of the DreamCloud mattress is broken up into eight layers, the first four making up the Euro top.

1. Cashmere Blend Cover

The hand-tufted cashmere blend cover features incredibly fine fibers, and this makes it super soft. This is a high-end product, and the cover is definitely a contributing factor. As awesome as it feels to lay on it directly, though, I’d definitely consider buying a mattress protector to minimize wear and tear.

Hand-tufting is an intricate process by which the top and bottom of the mattress are connected. This detail takes one to two hours for DreamCloud’ artisan stitchers to complete and adds significantly to durability. In the case of the queen-size model, there are 30 individual tufts, which I found to be pretty impressive.

2. Euro Top Layer

Layer two of the Euro top is composed of 1 centimeter of gel-infused memory foam that works to keep you cool. It’s followed by 2 ½ centimeters of quilted memory foam for added comfort. Finally, a layer of natural latex at the bottom of the Euro top gives the mattress excellent bounce and works very well with the memory foams above it.

To ensure you don’t miss out on proper edge support in the comfort layer, reinforced sidewalls are in place. We’ll take a look at how well they work here in a few minutes. But, first, let’s transition into the support layers.

3. Solid Support with High-Dense Memory Foams and Coil Unit

Below the latex is a 5-centimeter layer of DreamPlush supporting memory foam. It focuses on deep contouring support and builds up to the next 1 ½ centimeters of super-dense memory foam designed to keep your back in alignment and cradle your spine no matter what sleep position you prefer.

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BestRest Coils

The bulk of this product is found in layer seven with the patent-pending BestRest coils. The ?ve-zoned, foam-encased pocketed micro coil compression system did an excellent job supporting both myself and my sleep partner, and I thought it did an awesome job working with the layers above to offer a unique balance with comfort. It’s constructed in a way that creates a slightly firmer-than-average product that still allows those who don’t carry much weight to engage with the comfort layers.

Finally, DreamCloud reinforces proper alignment with a 4-centimeter layer of high-density, super soft memory foam. I found the combination of memory foam, coils, and latex to be very innovative. This is the first product my sleep partner and I both gave a thumbs-up to.

If you have a sleep partner and need something that’ll accommodate different body types or preferences, I strongly recommend the DreamCloud mattress.

4. Five-Zoned Coils for Even Support and Pressure Point Relief

Most of the support offered by DreamCloud is found in the coil unit, and it incorporates the use of zoning to ensure the areas of your body that carry more weight are supported accordingly. (Keep reading for a closer look at sinkage in various areas when we cover firmness to show you the zoning in action).

I appreciated the way the five-zoned coils worked to ensure my body was well supported according to where I carry the most weight. This in itself makes you feel weightless but supported, and I think it could be especially beneficial for people who carry a lot of weight.

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DreamCloud Mattress Performance

Now that you’ve had the grand tour of the inside of the DreamCloud mattress, let’s talk in a little more detail about how it feels to lay on. The best way I can describe the feeling is strong but gentle.

Supportive, Soft, Weightless Feel

The memory foam definitely adds contour, but it doesn’t feel like the memory foam you may be used to. If you’re looking for a memory foam product that accentuates that sinking feeling, you may be a little disappointed. While there are several layers of memory foam, they are all relatively thin in relation to the coil unit. Combined with the quick-response latex, this is better suited for shoppers who want to avoid sinkage without compromising contour.

I’ve tried out quite a few mattresses, and DreamCloud offers a creative approach to memory foam use that, as a long-term memory foam fan, I am highly impressed with. To summarize feel in three words, supportive, soft, and weightless is what you can expect whether you weigh 130 pounds or over 200 based on the two weeks my sleep partner and I have spent using the DreamCloud mattress.

Firmness and Sinkage Expectations

You don’t get a firmness option with the DreamCloud mattress. In most cases, I’d say this is a negative feature for those needing a high degree of customization. However, the construction of this mattress made it very comfortable for me and my sleep partner. I like it plush, he likes it firm. However, in an unprecedented way, we both found the DreamCloud to offer the right comfort and support. DreamCloud rates their firmness as 6 out of 10 with one being a feather and ten being a concrete floor.

To make this a little more clear, I’ll demonstrate how it measures up to standard medium-firm products. Of the medium mattresses I’ve tried out, I sink in about 6 ½ inches standing upright. You’ll notice when I stand on the top and bottom of the DreamCloud, I sink in about 6 inches. In the middle, sinkage is around 6 ½ inches. The slightly deeper sinkage in the middle reflects the mattress zoning, and it allows more give in the heavier areas of the body. Based on these numbers, this product is a little firmer than a medium, so I’d agree with their 6/10 rating.

Motion Transfer Reduction

Where coils typically excel in terms of breathability and edge support, they often lack when it comes to motion transfer reduction, especially products featuring continuous coils. However, DreamCloud counters this with two great features:

  • Coils are both individually-wrapped and foam encased. Pressure on one area doesn’t have the domino effect continuous coils do, meaning your sleep partner isn’t disturbed when you move around.
  • The many layers of memory foam in the comfort layer work to absorb motion and keep your mattress stable.

Considering the great edge support and the fact that there is no weight limit on the DreamCloud mattress, this is one of my top-picks for sleep partners and those who carry a lot of weight.

Heat Reduction Capabilities

With such a strong dependence on memory foam, I was impressed with the results of our heat transfer test. Traditional memory foam was infamous for absorbing heat. However, DreamCloud incorporated some features that keep you sleeping cool:

  • The gel-infusion of the first memory foam layer works to trap body heat.
  • Coil units are breathable by design.
  • Latex is naturally breathable

See how it worked for yourself. I laid on my DreamCloud for a half hour in a 64-degree Fahrenheit room and observed the cooldown process using my thermal imaging camera. This takes, on average, 10 minutes, but DreamCloud cooled off in nine.

I had no problem with hot sleeping, and I would expect the average person won’t have to worry about sleep interruptions due to hot sleeping with this product.

Durability Expectations

If you’re reading this, you’re likely looking for a long-term sleep solution, and DreamCloud is definitely built to deliver. Some of the many reasons to believe it should stand the test of time include:

  • Double-tufting which ties the cashmere blend cover to the memory foam base
  • Use of natural latex
  • Use of high-dense memory foams
  • Strong coil unit

If you carry a lot of weight and have struggled in the past with the development of indents, I think the investment in DreamCloud is one you’ll appreciate for a really long time.

Edge Support

Edge support keeps us supported when we sit or lay on the edge. If you weigh a lot, it can be difficult to find a product capable of keeping you adequately supported near the edge. It can also make transitioning in and out of bed difficult, a major hindrance for those with mobility issues. If this describes something you struggle with, DreamCloud has great edge support. You can see in the pictures that I am very well supported in various areas and positions on the edge.

This is facilitated by the foam-encased outer edge and coil unit. Products made entirely of foam often lack in edge support, and I typically recommend an innerspring unit when edge support is of high importance.

Maintenance, Protection, Care and Warranty

If you carry a lot of weight, need to sleep cool, or have a sleep partner, there are certainly some features to take advantage of in this mattress. Best of all, DreamCloud offers one of the best trial periods I’ve come across with a full 365 nights to try their product out. If you think this could be the one, check out the Pros & Cons section for a few details that will be good to know once you become a customer.

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The DreamCloud mattress is made of very high-quality materials. In fact, comparable products on the market run as high as $6,000 due to excessive markups. Using the online business model, DreamCloud cuts costs and passes the savings onto the customer. Check out the incredibly low prices for a luxury mattress:

  • Twin: $499
  • Twin XL: $699
  • Full: $899
  • Queen: $999
  • King: $1,199
  • Cal King: $1,199

DreamCloud Reviews and Feedback

There are so many great features, and DreamCloud ranks among my top contenders in terms of overall support and comfort. I think they really nailed it on the coil, memory foam, and natural latex construction, and you’ll be impressed with the way the product is able to be strong in support yet gentle in the comfort layer. It’s super unique in that, even if you don’t weigh a whole lot, you really do engage with the Euro top. We took some time to see what DreamCloud customers have had to say about this product to provide you a well-rounded idea of what you can expect. Check out our FAQs section for the details.

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Who We Recommend the DreamCloud Mattress For

If you’re just skimming or want a breakdown of who we recommend this mattress for, I’d say it could offer what you’re looking for in a sleep product if:

  • You’re looking for a long-lasting sleep solution
  • You carry a lot of weight
  • You have a sleep partner and need something with good edge support and motion isolation
  • You like memory foam but don’t want to worry about sinking in or sleeping too hot

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Our Final Verdict

I love the support I get while still benefiting from the memory foam’s famous contour. The DreamCloud mattress is pretty heavy. The queen-sized model weighs in at 94 pounds. I was able to unbox mine by myself, but it did take some effort.

If you don’t want to deal with all that, DreamCloud does offer optional white glove delivery. This includes setup in the room of your choice and the removal of your old mattress. If you move, make sure you have someone around to help. Moving this once it’s out of the box is pretty tough. However, considering the quality, I would consider this to be a minor and temporary inconvenience. DreamCloud really does sell a luxury hybrid mattress despite the fact that you can get it at just a third of the price of others on the market of equal quality.