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Winner Outfitters Double Camping Hammock

A double sized camping hammock from Winner Outfitters was our most recent purchase and review. This hammock is similar to other hammocks of the same style and purpose. This hammock has a couple of similar qualities and one or two that keep it from just being the norm.

As for the company, it boasts little about itself – except that it prides itself on quality, being less expensive than other brands, and has manufactured camping gears for many top retail platforms including internationally.

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Product Promises and Specifications

Winner Outfitters wants you to be 100% satisfied; if for any reason you don’t think their products are the best out there – you get a refund within FIVE hours, and you get to keep the product! That’s a pretty amazing promise, their customer service must be working around the clock.

These hammocks are made from 210T Nylon Parachute fabric, which we have seen from other similar products, but not many. They boast their hammock beds are softer, stronger, more breathable, and more mildew-resistant than other hammocks made from other materials. The weight capacity is higher than other brands as well, read further to find out just how strong Winner Outfitter’s hammocks are.

Want to snuggle up to your camping partner? Have no fear, this camping hammock is a “double” meaning it’s bigger and longer than a normal-sized camping hammock. This hammock is almost 10 feet in length and over 6 feet in width.

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The company sells other outdoor products too, from camping and hiking needs like the sleeping bag and lanterns to backyard grill covers and specialized bags for growing plants during all seasons – this company seems to be creative and efficient. Add in the major factor of affordability and you have yourself a real winner.

All the Little Things

Set Up & Take Down

If you’re an experienced outdoor adventurer, you may already be familiar with setting up your camping hammock: 1. Find two trees within roughly 12 feet of each other, 2. strap ropes or straps around trees, 3. attach the hammock, and 4. Enjoy. This hammock is basically the same setup.

We’ve heard there is some confusion on camping hammocks, so you may want to brush up with some instructional videos just in case. Winner states it will take you less than three minutes to set up your hammock, that leaves quite a bit of time left to enjoy your other outdoor passions.

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Your hammock should come with two tree-friendly (read: won’t harm the trees) straps, two ropes, two carabiners, and the hammock bed with the stuff sack attached.

In our order, we had two ropes and the carabiners were already attached to the hammock bed. However, we didn’t receive the straps that are promised to be included, so we weren’t able to test the durability of those.


Winner Outfitters, though offering several products for the outdoors, surprisingly keeps it pretty simple when it comes to design. Speaking of its hammocks alone we are talking maybe four or five different options depending on the type of hammock you’re looking for. And honestly, that is okay, after all – you are going camping… it isn’t a competition to see who has the prettiest gear.

Among other similar camping hammocks, we’ve only seen this from one other company, but they choose the 210T Nylon Parachute fabric. They state this is lightweight, soft, durable, and breathable. Beyond the type of fabric, it seems Winner keeps it private on how they make their hammocks, even simple things like number and type of stitches can’t be found.

As stated before this double hammock is over 6 feet by almost 10 feet… plenty of room to snuggle up and stay warm on the brisk nights of outdoor camping. Not only does it have plenty of room for two, it can hold two as well, the company boasts 500 pounds of weight capacity.

As stated before, everything you need to hang your hammock is in the box. Just make sure that is the case before you head out on the big adventure. We were missing our straps in our order, a major necessity for proper installation. Not to worry if you notice you’re missing anything at the last minute though, all of these items are fairly common amongst the camping world, if you’re already on the road and need a carabiner or even a strap – they can be found at any outdoors retail store.

Other things you can buy from Winner include sleeping bags and lanterns, grill covers and dog seat covers. It is as eclectic of a store as it is well loved and liked.

Durability & Safety

The fabric is made from parachute material and though we don’t know how they make their hammocks, Winner boasts durability, breathability, and strength. This has all been confirmed from other hammock sources that use the same material.

The company states their straps are durable and also tree-friendly, meaning they won’t damage the tree structure upon use. We couldn’t confirm this because, oops, the straps were left out of our order but there aren’t many complaints from other consumers about them.

The ropes and carabiners did come with the order and both seem like they hold up to their statement of quality.


Because of its parachute material, the company states it’s more mildew resistant than other materials. However, after your adventure when you’re ready to pack it all away make sure your hammock is clean and dry and then you can stash it away in the attached stuff-sack. Ropes, straps, and carabiners can all be attached to the stuff-sack after being stuffed in their own separate sack that is included.

Consumer Feedback

Outside of a few issues of quality control, Winner Outfitters gains huge marks from all of their consumers. Whether you’re an expert adventurer or not, you can afford to take the chance on a winner’s hammock. Between the price and the 100% satisfaction guarantee, you have nothing to lose.

Personal Feedback

While there are a few issues of quality control that we can find, Winner Outfitters seems to have excellent enough customer service to assist in all issues you may have. And while we love an attentive customer service center and an awesome guarantee, there are a few orange (not red) flags on the play that we do have to pay attention to.

Compared to other similar retail companies we’ve reviewed for camping hammocks, this one is a bit different. Other’s have started small, gained success, but stayed loyal to their customer base, quality, their brand, and the fact that they want to remain truthful and honest in the eyes of their fans.

We all know the basis of advertising trust starts with the website. When consumers find a trustworthy website, they find trust in the company, and thus feel comfortable exchanging their hard earned money for the goods the company promised.

We’ve found interesting goofs while perusing the website, from simple spelling errors, grammatical errors, to downright sentences that just don’t make sense it makes the consumer wonder just who the company is and why it doesn’t mean more to put together a working website.

We also came across the fact that while other similar companies give little glimpses into their beginnings and their struggles along the way, this company seems to gloss over those facts and boasts of the retailers they sell their products with how they can even be found international. We also couldn’t’ find much on how their products are made like other companies, something as simple as stitching style or material of carabiners.

Lastly, and maybe more pertinent to other less skeptical consumers, the company promises affordability, which yes currently at the time of this article their products are surprisingly inexpensive. However, their website shows that the prices are discounted (i.e. the $70 is crossed out to show a current price of 20 something dollars for a product).

If they are always that affordable and use that as one of their selling points (and they do on their About Us information) why are they showing discounted prices, and how long will those discounts last?

While the reviews just rave about every product and every aspect of every product, and we have no reason to doubt their quality and hard-earned fan loyalty, these are all just long-winded observations that make one – (who’s job is to be investigative for you the consumer) – go, “hhhhmmmmm?”. So while others give this company a perfect score, the inconsistencies knock our score down at least one point.


Putting aside our minor concerns, the reviews speak for themselves, and strictly speaking about the product we received, there is no reason not to love and trust this brand. Between the affordability, the customer service, the guarantee – there is little to lose.

So even if you’re just beginning or have been an outdoorsman your entire life, if you need to start your camping equipment stash or you just need a quick replacement or backup – this hammock can fit into your pack easily, be set up just as quickly as the others, and be used again and again.

Wanna try it for yourself? You can get your very own Winner Outfitters Double Camping Hammock here. Use it, test it, and if you aren’t absolutely satisfied you just return it for a refund – and keep the product!

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Winner Outfitters Double Camping Hammock

Set Up & Take Down: Durability: Ease of Use: Comfort: Storage
Company states under 3 minutes Rated up to 500 pounds Easily adjustable, depending on terrain and experience Bed is breathable, soft, durable, strong Comes with stuff sack for hammock and accessories.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it hard to put together?

Very easy.

How long is the warranty?

100% satisfaction guarantee.

How much weight can this hammock support?

500 lbs.

Does it take much space to store this product?

No, fits easily in included stuff-sack.