Winner Outfitters

Overall Brand Rating


Winner Outfitters is a manufacturer and retailer for outdoor goods. All their products will make your life in the great outdoors easier and more peaceful. They offer product lines of hammocks, patio and garden supplies, BBQ covers and more. They have been in business for decades and have also partnered with Amazon to provide their products to more international customers.

Products & Materials

As previously mentioned, Winner Outfitters is a supplier of outdoor goods and strive to provide their customers with high quality gear that doesn’t break the bank. While they do provide items for your patio and garden; we are going to focus on their camping supplies that will make that night under the stars all the more magical:

  • The Double Camping Hammock is made from waterproof and weather resistant nylon that is guaranteed to support up to 500 lbs., weighing only 2.5 lbs. during carry, this hammock easily sleeps two and comes with attached cords for secure and snug holds to whatever you use to string up your hammock. The breathable nylon allows for trapped body heat to escape and will let air flow throughout the hammock, reducing odors or allergens.
  • The Pro Camping Hammock is available in single or double sizes and features the same securing system of hammock straps. This nylon based hammock is cozy and comfortable while allowing airflow throughout the material, reducing moisture and repelling the elements.
  • The Mummy Sleeping Bag is the perfect accompaniment to any camping trip because it has an outer polyester coated shell, polyester liner and hollow fiber filling for added cushion. This sleeping bag folds up to fit directly into your backpack and only weighs 2.8 lbs. The temperature rating is 35 to 45 degrees Fahrenheit and it 100% waterproof; leaving you cozy and dry during even the harshest summer storms.


Winner Outfitters strive to be a competitive force in the camping sector and that includes in their pricing. Hammocks are available for $70.00 to $90.00 and additional straps are available for $60.00.

Warranty & Returns

Winner Outfitters has combined their warranty and return policy into one; offering their customers a hassle free money back guarantee. All the customer is required to do is contact the customer service department and explain what it is about the product that didn’t meet expectations. They will then advise them on what is required for the refund or return and a replacement item is always offered. If the refund is approved then your money is returned within five hours.

Shipping Information

Winners Outfitters offer their customers free shipping once a total purchase order has reached $50.00. If this isn’t reached, then shipping depends on the weight and total number of items in the order. Once payment is received, Winner Outfitters will ship your items within 24 hours and delivery should be within two or three days (for customers in the United States).

International customers should visit the Winner Outfitters online store and complete their purchase through them. Additional custom or duty fees may apply.