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Vivere Double Hammock

The Vivere Double Hammock is a freestanding, cotton hammock, made for two people that we recently purchased and I was lucky enough to try out. Even though it is easy to overlook all of the technical aspects of any product so comfortable and casual, I dug up as many details about it as possible to help with your decision.

It’s important to note, this is a double sized hammock, traditionally made for two people, or you and a pet even. Laying in the hammock in the traditional, lengthwise position isn’t really how this hammock is used for a single person – unless you have a broader body type. This should be considered while you’re looking into all of your hammock options. Don’t let this deter you, though, if you can’t resist everything it has to offer, your relaxation position can certainly be modified so you keep the lazy relaxation all to yourself. Keep reading about all of the other great aspects like specifications and setup.

Vivere Double Hammock Specs

Product Promises and Specifications

Oh wow, if you are the type to be overwhelmed by the decisions of several choices – this may be a bit of a negative point for you. But from an excited consumer, the number of options they have is great!

Let’s start with the most fun decision of them all… color, and let me tell you, they have them all. From neutral to just one color, from a couple coordinating colors to every other color you can picture you’ll have a number to choose from. Whether you are deciding to go wild and crazy or match your porch or lawn decor you will not be disappointed. Thankfully I was able to snag the “tropical” color options – because, let’s face it, who doesn’t love to pretend they’re in a tropical location when they really aren’t?

For the next option you get to choose the material blend. Now, not all colors come in all materials (and vice versa of course), Thankfully, the tropical colors came in my favorite material blend – cotton. The hammock bed weave is thick and tight, it is so soft and cozy, and will provide a little extra warmth on the crisp autumn days. The cotton will fade if exposed to the sun consistently. This material will also need cleaned, the manufacturer says hand washing in cold water with a gentle soap will do the trick.

The second material blend is the polyester. While I feel the cotton will last a lifetime, the polyester is a bit more weather, fade, stain, and mildew resistant so it is said to be much more durable. This material is also said to be easier to clean, a quick sponge with a mild soap, a rinse off, and a thorough dry in the sun and it’s good to go!

Last, we have the Sunbrella material. Don’t worry if you’re a little perplexed at this material blend, I was too as I’d never heard of it. The manufacturer describes it as the most durable of all three of its material options. It will resist rot, chlorine, mildew, stains, and environmental chemicals and the colors will last every season. Because it is environmentally durable and super stain resistant the clean up is said to be super easy with just a mild soap wipe, a rinse, and an air dry and it’ll be good as new. Sounds like the perfect fabric!

Speaking of material, the stand is made of a heavy duty steel that the manufacturer promises is durable enough to last a lifetime and is able to hold up to 450 pounds at one time.

The last main option is going to be the price. Due to all the options (color and fabric), the prices vary quite a bit from material to material. The cotton being the least expensive still grabs a spot on the pricier side of the scale as far as hammocks are concerned. But the Sunbrella is the company’s second highest priced material, and finally polyester takes the price cake with just about double the price of the cotton. The price isn’t my favorite part about it, but the company is putting a lot of stock in the quality of their hammock beds and the materials they are made of.

This hammock is certainly able to be assembled by oneself, however the shipping weight is kind of hefty (about 35 pounds) and the box is long and slender making it a bit of nuisance to handle by yourself. You may just want a couple extra hands to assist in maneuvering the it to its final home in the yard. All assembled the hammock weighs approximately 33 pounds, again not terrible, but it’s awkward to carry around. Overall, it will take up a bit of room at 9 x 3 x 3 feet, so you’ll need quite a bit of space for it, and you absolutely cannot forget the swingin’ room!

There is a one year limited warranty from the manufacturer on this product.

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All the Little Things

Set Up & Take Down

I set this hammock up all by myself, and while it seemed a bit cumbersome and some points, it was easily done. The bars are not heavy, nor are they too long, individually, but when putting the bars together, all of a sudden they become longer, more awkward, and heavier. The hardest part was inserting the extender bars into the stabilizing bars and lining up the screw holes. Overall, I’d say I spent a solid 25 minutes from the time I unpacked all of the pieces to complete setup, and that was with taking the pictures too!

Before setting up, I strongly suggest unpacking everything and lining up all parts cohesively. Less fumbling and maneuvering will make the setup process much more clear and less time consuming.

The instructions came attached to the carrying bag. Which I thought was handy. Setup is pretty intuitive, but it’s nice to have a “just in case” backup resource.

Though the written instructions are separate from the carrying case, the case comes with a pictured version of the instructions. Even if you’re more inclined to understand written instructions over the pictured ones, you’ll actually only have 5 bars and some screws to put together, so it absolutely can be done without the instructions even. A little common sense and you’ll be set up in no time.

Once you have everything organized and pulled out of the box, it may even help further if you set up the bars on the ground how they are going to fit together once assembled. This will make assembly even more of a breeze.

As mentioned above, although totally doable, putting it all together by yourself could be just a little finicky. I taught myself a little trick to ease that testy setup – assemble it upside down! Don’t try to assemble it on the ground while you’re balancing the long extender poles and trying to screw them in on the underside and side of the other bars. Use the ground as a stabilizer so everything stays still and you won’t be working crouched down, bent over. Once again I found a way to work smarter not harder!

All of these bars screw together easily. All bolts have easy grab handles making it so easy to tighten and loosen. Bonus – don’t worry about searching for any wrench or screwdriver at all, there are no other tools necessary!

Finally, the hammock is attached by two bolt hooks on the outside of the extender poles. These are also very easy to secure and attach.

The hammock has two loophole points of connection at the ends. The hammock is stretched across the completed stand and the loops are secured onto the screwed bolt hooks.


Of course, the most pertinent feature of this hammock is that it is a double hammock – it’s made just for two. This has its pros and cons:

You can lay in it with just one person by turning your body 90° in either direction and lying in it “sideways” will give you a much more comfortable hammock experience. Being the hammock fan I am, I didn’t feel this was as comfortable laying in it sideways like this. This modification may only work for slender to moderate body types. Larger frames could get away with lying in the hammock bed lengthwise, like normal. Further, if you have a pet that likes to relax right along with you, that would definitely count as a second body and would assist in stretching out the bed.

Reading some of the reviews I found a nice little user-tidbit, the hammock bed could also be doubled up and laid on by just one person. In hindsight this would probably make a very slender hammock bed, but this could certainly work for someone who wants the double sized hammock but doesn’t always use it with two people.

After all of those suggestions, if you’re going to be lazing by yourself, and you really don’t want to have to modify your position or manipulate your comfort, you may want to try a single variety first.

The company also offers some really cool add-ons that I’ve never seen before, like a wheel kit which attaches some really heavy duty wheels onto the stand for easy maneuverability! This would come in handy, because even though you can put it together yourself, moving all nine feet of it creates a little bit of an issue.

If you don’t want to use the stand, don’t have room for the stand, or will only use the stand in certain locations – they have sets to hang the hammock from the ceiling, a tree, or posts with hooks, chains, or straps. This feature is really nice if you want to take your hammock camping, on vacation, or for use in a temporary home or yard and don’t want to truck along the entire stand assembly kit.

Okay, I know this isn’t a “useful” feature, but it just adds a touch of class that only a bit of superficial decoration can add. It’s just a silly little plaque, but it seems like such a nice detail.

Durability & Safety

Although only time will tell, this hammock seems to be pretty durable. The steel is lightweight but is also said to be tested up to 450 pounds (manufacturer promise, not tested in this review). There is a bit of a wiggle at the joints, but it doesn’t seem to be unsafe in any way.

Even putting together the stand, I found very little opportunity for pinched fingers or cuts. Don’t get me wrong, I will find a way to bruise or scrape myself walking in a straight line, but with some care and caution there shouldn’t be too much to watch out for. And because there are no need for any extra tools – there isn’t any added safety cautions required.

I will say, the rubber feet that came to cap the ends of the bars have already ripped after just a couple times moving the hammock. I’m not too worried about it, they are easily replaceable, not vitally functional, and there are actually a couple extra in the bag. They do help with stability and comfort, it’s just a little nuisance. If set up and then left to sit, they would probably be fine for quite some time.


When stretched out, the hammock does not lay out nice and flat, it does need to be spread out before crawling into it. Again, you could get away with laying on it doubled up, but it’s pretty thin and would only work for some body types I think, what a good idea.

I am not sure about the others, but the cotton material hammock bed option is going to stretch with time, use, and heat, combine that with different number of occupants and weight load, adjustments will be needed. This will be a trial and error process to find the perfect height setting for you. Thankfully for that trial and error process, the adjustments are easy to make. Unscrew the hook, move it down the side of the extender pole, screw it back in, and stretch the hammock bed. And after you’ve found the perfect height, you can then move the feet and head separately, want your head higher to read your book? Just move the head end of the hammock up or the feet end down.

Consumer Feedback

The short of the long of it is thousands of reviews and people love this hammock. It may be a bit pricey, and the rubber feet may have ripped, but those are minor complaints when it comes to lazy days that are harder to come by than I’d like and enjoyed thoroughly when they do come around.

The complaints are few and far between and nothing compared to all of the praise it receives. What is even better is this product has been around quite a while and has continued to receive all of that praise, that definitely says something about all those questions we have of long term durability. Seems like it’s capable of lasting quite some time.

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The setup and takedown are really easy, and easily done with one person in well under a half an hour. It’s nice that it comes with a storage bag, everything fits in quite nicely. Ultimately the hammock bed is very soft and comfortable.

This hammock bed is a double sized, and unless you’re a large body built person you’d have to modify your position to lay in it singly. It’s just not as comfortable this way as it would with a normal sized hammock. If you’re of a smaller build and don’t have a hammock partner, a double sized brazilian may not be the best product for you. The price is the ultimate kicker, as it is pretty expensive for a Brazilian hammock that is very similar in style that other brands offer.

There are some minor tweaks that could be fixed, but if it looks nice and cozy to you, myself and every other owner agree that you should jump on it. Okay, well, don’t jump on it literally – just figuratively speaking, you know, jump on the opportunity!

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Vivere Double Hammock Specs

Set Up & Take Down Durability Ease of Use Comfort Storage Price
Easily done by one person in under 25 minutes. Rated up to 450 pounds, even with the little wiggle, seems really strong. Easily adjustable. Bed is soft, built for two, not as comfy with just one, but can be modified. Comes with a carrying case Definitely more expensive than others of the same style.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it hard to put together?

Easy to put together, but a little heavy.

How long is the warranty?

1 year.

How much weight can this hammock support?

450 lbs.

Does it take much space to store this product?

Stores in a convenient, small carrying case.