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Best Choice Double Space Saving Hammock

We recently purchased the Best Choice Double Space Saving Hammock and I was the lucky one to test it out. Being the hammock lover I am I can easily say any place to lay and sway is a great one! But in order to write a reliable review, I had to lay out some kind of structure to test it against.

First things first, this was my first double sized hammock, this is an important factor in purchasing a hammock! While it’s certainly possible to use this as a single person hammock, it wouldn’t be in the traditional manner, make sure to take this into consideration if you don’t have someone to laze with regularly.

Overall, it is easy to put together, pleasing to the eye, comfortable, and convenient. Read on to learn about everything else this hammock has to offer.

Product Promises and Specifications

Choices, choices, choices: before even purchasing the Best Choice Double Hammock you’ll have to identify which color pattern will match your relaxation personality the best. Whether you’re more earthy green or fiery red, or perhaps can never choose and want a rainbow to include all the colors, this hammock will have your back. The one pictured here was of the Desert Stripe variety. The neutral color scheme was subtle and calming and would fit right in with many porch or yard decor choices without standing out too much. Unlike many other products that I’ve encountered, the prices vary very little among the different colors, you’ll have your choice of color without compromising your wallet.

On the pricing scale we all know that hammocks can climb the charts as expensive! However, if we are talking the practicality expense scale, this hammock is probably lower to mid range. Even if it is on the lower end of the pricing scale it seems to make the most out of every dollar. As I’ll go into later, it’s well built and seems durable. Add in the convenience and relaxation factors and you have yourself a perfect purchase, one you won’t soon regret!

As far as materials are concerned, the bars are made of all weather resin steel and it is advertised as an outdoor or indoor hammock. Personally, I would find it an interesting addition to the inside of your home, not that you shouldn’t be able to relax wherever your little heart desires, but because it takes up a lot of space!

The hammock bed is made of 100% cotton, which is super comfortable, cozy, and soft. The cotton weave is strong and thick leaving a perfect bed of comfort. That being said, it could get a little warm without a slight breeze or in direct sunlight (as we were testing the hammock in). Also, we all know cotton will stretch. Depending on who is using it and how often, it will probably have to be adjusted by trial and error until you find the perfect, unique, height just for you.

It comes in a long slender box (9.5 x 4 x 4 feet) that may be quite awkward to handle by yourself. All packaged up it is quite heavy coming in at a shipping weight of over 36 pounds. That being said, even though it’s easy enough to assemble by yourself, the hammock fully assembled will be even more awkward to handle by yourself (long, bulky, and 32 pounds), it would be wise to have a helping hand, or at least assemble where it’ll find its final home.

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Speaking of weight, the manufacturer claims that it holds a total of 450 pounds. That is quite the weight load, but for a double hammock, I would hope it would holds no less.

The manufacturer has a 60 day return and money back warranty across all of its products.

All the Little Things

Set Up & Take Down

When we were assembling the hammock, the instructions almost made it more complicated than it actually was and in the end assembly was a breeze. Unpacking the box we found a total of 5 bars, one carrying case, the hammock bed and several screws. I suggest laying everything out first as it seemed to help in the ease of setup.

The instructions came attached to the carrying bag, which of course I thought was pretty ingenious. You could store it for years and never be lost on set up, and although setup is pretty intuitive, it’s definitely nice to have a “just in case” resource.

The instructions come in written form and with a picture to easily match different learning and directional styles. Again, I thought this very thoughtful and smart.

Overall, the steps for assembly could be organized in three easy steps starting with connecting the one crossbar to the two stabilizing bars.

The extender bars then easily connect to the stabilizing bars. This is probably the most awkward step at as the bars are long, angled, and have to be inserted into the stabilizing bars and also their holes must be lined up to allow the screw to be properly secured.

Finally, two bolts and hooks that are easily secured, are screwed into the extender poles at whichever height level you’ll want your hammock bed to lay. The hammock bed is then stretched across the length of the setup and secured to the hooks on the outside of the extender bars.

All of the bolts have wing nuts, or have similar style easy-grip handles, to make tightening and loosening them so easy. I think the best part is no other tools are needed – NICE!

I’d say, between the two of us we spent 20 casual minutes from unpack to set up and that was with taking pictures to document the process. In the end, we spent much less time taking it all down and putting it away in the included carrying case.

Down the extender bars are different levels at which the hammock can be connected. At first was it kind of difficult to stretch the hammock bed just on the first setting. But, after we laid in it just once, it stretched out enough where we had to adjust it tighter. This could be a little bit of a nuisance, especially over continuous use and especially if multiple people are laying in it.

This photo shows the first time we had laid in it, and it was on the first height setting (or the lowest level) look how close to the ground it is already! Finding the height setting perfect just for you will have to be a trial by error, but it won’t take long to figure out.

This photo shows the first time we had laid in it, and it was on the first height setting (or the lowest level) look how close to the ground it is already! Finding the height setting perfect just for you will have to be a trial by error, but it won’t take long to figure out.

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I think the biggest feature this product boasts is that it is a double hammock. I didn’t quite take this into account at first. As we were testing it out just one person at time, we found out quickly, and as you can see, laying in it the “normal” way and you end up have a enveloping cocoon-like result.

Now, that we all know that the “double” feature actually has a great impact, we quickly found that turning your body 90* in either direction and lying in it “sideways” will give you a much more comfortable hammock experience, if it’s just you hanging around.

If you’re laying in it the “normal” way (we’ll call it lengthwise) and widening your body stance, having a little more body weight or larger body type, or laying in it with a second person will give you a much more close-to-normal hammock experience and will assuredly increase your lazy comfort level.


Because it isn’t a stretcher style hammock, and because it’s a double wide, stretched out over the stand, the hammock does not lay out nice and flat, it’s kind of bunched up as seen in the photo below. So it does need to be spread out before crawling into it. This is just another minor inconvenience that didn’t seem to hinder the ultimate use of the hammock.

As said before, this hammock will need to be adjusted for use and for number of occupants. The first time stretching the hammock across the stand it seemed stiff, like the first setting was going to be enough. We then decided the adjustment needed to be made to keep even just one person off the ground. With this second stretch it was easier and not as stiff.

So the double feature has its pros and cons for sure. It’s just a little inconveniencing – one would just hope to hop into a hammock and relax. So if you’re not one to have a hammock buddy, or if you are a slender to moderate build, this product might not be for you and that is okay! But if you think you’ll like the extra room and maybe even sometimes have someone to relax with, even a pet, this is definitely not the wrong answer to your hammock needs.

Another add-on feature this hammock offers is the side table. How many times have you rolled over in your hammock to reach for your drink that’s sitting on the ground and ended up rolling completely out of the hammock? Anyone? Anyone at all? Well, I’ll admit – I’m clumsily guilty of this exact scenario. With just a minor added cost, and one added screw, this arm side table keeps your drinks, phone, and reading material at a convenient arm’s length.

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Durability & Safety

At first glance, and first use, it seems to be pretty durable. The steel is lightweight but is also said to be tested up to 450 pounds (manufacturer promise, not tested in this review). Just us testing it, we didn’t feel it waver at all. Only time will tell just how long it’ll last, or how much of my laziness it can handle!

We are in the same mindset for safety. The setup was very easy and controlled, even for one person, it didn’t seem there were too many hazards to be aware of. There are no extra tools needed, so it takes away that risk factor. Fully assembled there doesn’t seem to be any finger-pinching opportunities (though someone will always find a way). And while I don’t think one could run and jump into this hammock and it remain sturdy and stable, getting in and out and laying in it seemed safe and durable, it just required a tad bit of flexibility getting in and out!

Cotton being cotton, it is going to stretch with time, use, and heat. Adjusting will be needed, thankfully those adjustments are easy to make. Unscrew the hook(s) along the outside of the extender bars, move them down to the desired height setting (the lower the setting the higher the height of the hammock bed), screw it back in, and stretch the hammock bed across the stand. Bonus – the adjustments can be made independently, want the head of the hammock up higher for reading ease? That’s can be done easily, if not easier than moving both hooks and ends.

When we adjusted it to the second level on both sides it didn’t hit the ground quite as quickly, however it did give us just a tighter cocoon when laid in lengthwise. But because the hammock bed was tighter, it was easier to get in and out of on the higher levels.


This hammock comes with a durable carrying case. It all fits in there easily, nicely and is definitely a space saving component compared to that HUGE box it came in!

Consumer Feedback

This hammock has a ton of reviews and the end result is that people love it!

Some of the complaints come in onesies and twosies but are few and far between. This hammock has been available for several years and the company as a whole has been around for quite some time selling a lot of different products. Overall, consumer feedback has been very positive in this product’s lifetime.


Okay, so in the end – when used to its fullest capability, this relaxation machine will lull you into a comfortable lazy, hazy, dazy kind of mood. It’s comfy, cozy, soft, and seems to be well made. Taking everything into account I feel we can easily rate this a solid 4 out of 5 stars. It definitely has promising features… I can’t wait to revisit them all on the next gorgeous day! Little bit jealous? Don’t be, you can get yours here!

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it hard to put together?

Easy… should take one person under 20 minutes to assemble.

How long is the warranty?

60 days.

How much weight can this hammock support?

450 lbs.

Does it take much space to store this product?

Minimal when placed in included carrying case.