Hammock vs Tent Camping: Which One Is Best For You?

When it comes to camping, comfort may not be a huge issue for you, especially if you’re used to roughing it. However, if you are camping with the family or some friends, you may want to consider something more practical.

Sleeping in a hammock isn’t the easiest thing to do, trust me on this, I’ve tried. They may not be best to sleep in, but they’re great for relaxation. Anyway, it really depends on the individual preference of comfort and convenience. So let’s take a look at what both a hammock and a tent have to offer you.


I have seen my fair share of hammocks in my day. I love the practicality of them and how relaxing they are. Unfortunately, I have also had my share of negative experiences with them.


  • Easy to transport
  • Affordable
  • Great for relaxation
  • Can be hung on uneven terrain


  • May not be ideal for sleeping
  • Won’t keep you out of the rain
  • May not be easy to set up for beginners


If you’re traveling lightly, these are the best option. They can be easily packed away in a duffle bag or even carried right on your shoulder. They are extremely lightweight and are set up in a matter of minutes.

They definitely are the best option if you are trying to be as minimal as possible. Not only are they minimal, but they are easy to set up and take down because you don’t have to worry about stakes or poles. They just tie around a tree and you can swing freely as the wind blows. Keep in mind, however, that some of the hammocks do require specialty knots that may not be easy to do for a beginner.


Hammocks can definitely be comfortable if you have the right size. If you are camping with your spouse and they want to cuddle with you or you decide to use the hammock as your bed, then a double would be the best option. You aren’t going to fit comfortably if you are trying to squeeze two people in a single.

Although, if you’re by yourself, the hammock is a comfortable way to sleep under the stars. It’s an extremely enjoyable experience. With tent camping, you can’t look up at the stars while you’re drifting off to sleep. The only positive thing I would have to say about tents is that they keep you dry from the rain and away from mosquitos.


When it comes to hammocks, there are really only two options for space which is a double or single. You can also choose between different colors, type of hammock and how strong they are when it comes to holding weight. Tents, however, have way more options for space and features.

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Tents are they way to go if you’re camping in colder weather. They’re great for keeping you out of the elements and away from pesky critters. But do they stand up to the comfort and practicality of the hammock?


  • Great for accommodating multiple people for sleeping
  • Most are easy to set up
  • Some are affordable
  • Keeps you out of the rainy or cold weather


  • They’re bulky
  • They get too hot on the inside
  • Some are pricey


The tent is by far the most practical solution to family camping. There are many different options that allow you to choose how many spaces you need for sleeping and if it has windows or not. However, tents are bulky and not easy to pack if you’re trying to keep it minimal like the hammock. There are no easy ways to pack a tent if you’re backpacking or traveling on a motorcycle. They’re also time-consuming to set up due to the poles and stakes that have to be set.


Honestly, the only way a tent is comfortable is for warmth and bug protection. If you’re sleeping in a tent, you either have to invest in a really comfy mattress, go for the air mattress or sleep on the hard ground in a fluffy sleeping bag. In a hammock, you can swing under the stars and enjoy the great outdoors.


Tents definitely do have more options than the hammocks do. You can choose to have room for 2 people or 10 with the new ones they have out today. There are also tents that have separate rooms inside of them for maximum privacy. The price will go up with each feature, so you remember that when it comes time to make your purchase. Hammocks tend to stay around the same price with each feature. The only thing that will make the price go up is the material it is made from usually.

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Hammock vs Tent Camping Comparison

Hammock Tent
Affordable Better for large groups
Practical Some are affordable
Great for relaxation Take time to set up
Easy to set up Great for keeping warm and dry
Not good for rainy weather Not ideal for lightly traveling


If you’re looking for a real camping experience, I would have to say that hammock is the best option. It’s the best way to be comfortable and relaxed without spending a ton of money. Sure, it’s not your comfy bed, but there’s nothing better than snuggling up next to your partner or kids in a hammock and swinging under the stars until you’re fast asleep in your sleeping bag. I loved sleeping in my hammock, but the bugs ate me alive which is the only reason I would suggest the tent.