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Helix Foundation

Technically, you don’t need a foundation for a mattress like the Helix Mattress. It can work on the floor, even. It also works well on platform beds and slats. The best option, though, is to get a foundation or box spring like the Helix Foundation. In fact, it works just as well with any mattress, but especially so for the Helix Mattress.

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The slats on this foundation are evenly spaced and only about three to four inches apart, which provides both a stable, flat surface of support for your mattress and the breathability that a foam or latex mattress requires. To get a better idea of what this foundation is all about and why you might want to get one for your bed, keep reading this review.

What’s Different About the Helix Foundation?

There are a few differences between the Helix Foundation and other box springs and foundations. First, there are the old-fashioned types of box springs that are actually made with springs inside. These were necessary back when innerspring mattresses were all the rage, but they’ve almost gone the way of the dinosaur. If you’re using a standard box spring from way back in the day, it’s probably sagging, and you should replace it, anyway.

So, the newer standard is typically made with slats only. These slats could be made with wood or steel, and they’re sturdier than the old box springs of yesterday. However, it’s kind of a crapshoot. Many of these foundations have slats that could have five or six inches between them. That’s not going to work for foam, latex, or hybrid mattresses, like the Helix Mattress. These beds have conforming materials, so they could sink into those gaps, and your mattress won’t feel the way it should.

Say you find a foundation that is awesome with properly spaced slats and everything. Most of these require assembly. Many of them include all the tools you need, so that’s helpful, but some require you to grab your toolbox. You’re probably looking at about an hour of manually assembling a bed with 40 screws and a screwdriver.

The Helix Foundation comes along and blows any other foundation I’ve used out of the water. For one, there are no tools needed to assemble it. None. Plus, it’s finished with the same fabric used on the Helix Mattress, so it matches perfectly – and it’s rather attractive, at that.

The slats are perfectly spaced for a foam, latex, or hybrid mattress, so you won’t have to worry about mattress seepage. And the slats are covered with fabric, so you won’t even have to worry about the pine splitting and putting splinters in your mattress. After all, you want to keep that warranty valid, right? You need to make sure there’s no damage to it – top or bottom.

I Got My Helix Foundation the Other Day

I’m used to ordering almost everything I buy online. So, like so many others, I’m used to a free two-day delivery service. The Helix Foundation didn’t arrive that quickly, and I didn’t expect it to, but it did come more quickly than I expected. It arrived in its box on my front door just four days after I ordered it. The company claims it will deliver the foundation in as few as two days, but it could take up to six business days.

The box wasn’t too hard to pull into my house, and as soon as I opened it up, I realized how quickly this bed base would come together. The two long sides and two short sides are already built and have all the bits and pieces on brackets screwed onto the ends. The manufacturer claims it’s easy assembly, but I didn’t know just how easy.
So, I timed myself. I laid all the pieces out in my guest bedroom. That’s four side pieces and the center support beam. I grabbed the U clips and got to work. It took a little bit of muscle to get the upholstered rails to snap together, but it really wasn’t that much effort. Then I just slipped the little clips into the brackets and that part was done. The center support beam just slid into place and suddenly I had a whole foundation in my room.

The slat pack is rolled up, so it’s easy to just place on top of the foundation, unroll, and that’s it. Seriously. I could’ve done it by myself, but I had a friend over that morning, so I had a little help. And frankly, I needed help putting my mattress on top.

I love that the blue upholstery matches the Helix Mattress. It’s a beautiful blue, but my comforter covered most of it, anyway. With my 10-inch mattress on top and no bed frame underneath the foundation, my bed was just under two feet tall. I go back and forth between wanting a short or tall bed, and right now, I’m all about the low profile, so this worked well for what I wanted. If I ever want to add some height, I can just use a frame with risers.

With my mattress on top of the foundation, it felt sturdy and comfortable. I was a little nervous about the slat pack not having any Velcro or nails to keep it in place on the rails, but it ended up being fine. As Helix pointed out, the weight of the mattress keeps the slats in place. Still, I could see this being a potential issue if anything shifts.

Helix claims that this foundation is only rated for about 350 pounds for a single person sleeping on the queen-sized foundation, and 500 pounds for two people. That kind of weight limit is a bit low compared to some other foundations and box springs I’ve used, but it shouldn’t be an issue unless you and your partner are both a bit heavier.

Sleeping on my mattress on this foundation felt just like it’s meant to, and it felt stable. I even bounced a little to test the sturdiness and didn’t have any issues – except for feeling guilty for jumping on the bed and I could’ve sworn my mother sensed it even though she lives 500 miles away. I also didn’t notice any squeakiness, but time will tell with that part.

Features & Benefits

So, before buying anything, I want to know what the features are and how they’d be better than my other options. The Helix Foundation has a lot going for it.

Pine Frame

You want your foundation to be sturdy enough to support the weight of your mattress and you – and anyone else who sleeps in your bed. The Helix Foundation is made with solid pine, which means it’s all natural, and it isn’t made of something like MDF (medium density fiberboard). Plus, everything is covered in a thick fabric, which protects the wood and your mattress.

The weight limit is a bit low compared to some other foundations out there, but the 500-pound weight capacity works well for average-sized humans. Remember to factor in the weight of your mattress, as well. Bonus: The edges are rounded, which means it’s a softer blow if you bump into your bed at night. I do this all the time, and I appreciate the rounded corners.

No Tools Needed

Almost every foundation I’ve purchased online requires me to fish my screwdriver out of my junk drawer, and usually, I grab the wrong one (straight when I need Philips or vice versa). I was surprised that Helix found a way to neatly package all the pieces needed and not require me to grab a hammer or screwdriver.

Low Profile

The Helix Foundation can easily fit most bed frames, so you can get more height out of your bed if you want. It sits high enough, though, for a comfortable low-profile bed, if you prefer. The total height of this foundation is about 7.5 inches, so you won’t be sleeping at floor level, nor will you have to buy a ladder to get into bed.

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Super Easy Assembly

The only thing better than the Helix Foundation’s super easy assembly is buying one that’s already assembled. And that is going to cost extra anywhere you go. The company claims it takes about two to three minutes to assembly its foundation, and it’s true. It took me less than three minutes to assemble it.


If you already have the Helix Mattress, the designer in you is going to want this foundation just because it matches perfectly. If you don’t have the Helix bed, though, it might be a bit off-putting that the foundation only comes in one color. The royal blue upholstered fabric looks great, but it might not work well with whatever mattress or sheets you have. In the end, it should be about the quality and support of the foundation (but I kind of love that it matches).

A Sleep Trial

Just like the Helix Mattress, the Helix Foundation comes with a 100-night sleep trial. That means after you order your foundation, the countdown begins. If you don’t like the height, or it starts squeaking, or you just decide the color blue isn’t you, let Helix know and you can make arrangements to send it back or have it picked up.

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Long Warranty

A five-year warranty is generous for a foundation. Many of them only come with a few years, or even just one-year warranties. A warranty is important because it can protect you against defects. For example, if your foundation has a crack in one of the wooden rails, you’re going to want to return that and get a new one. You can totally do that with this Helix Foundation. Same goes for warped wood, broken hinges, missing parts, rips, and so on.


A solid foundation for your mattress, whether it’s a traditional innerspring coil bed, memory foam, latex, or some hybrid between all those. The Helix Foundation works for any of those types of bed, but as the manufacturer points out, it’s made especially for the Helix Mattress – it even comes in the same shade of blue. It looks great, in my opinion, whether you have the matching mattress or not, but I adore royal blue in the bedroom.

The pine slats and rails are sturdy enough to handle me, my partner, and our dog, and I have no doubt it will continue to handle our weight and my dog jumping on and off all night long. I noticed no squeakiness out of it, even when I jumped on it.

I couldn’t believe how easy the assembly was – and I didn’t even need any tools. It’s like the plug ‘n play of furniture. I was able to literally just pop one rail into the corner of another rail and so on and just slide the U clips in place. After sliding the center beam in place, the slat roll just lays on top of the foundation and that’s it. It took a little more than two minutes to do.

The Helix Foundation is a little pricier than other foundations on the market, but I cannot imagine finding another box spring like it. If you need a sturdier foundation that can handle more than 500 pounds total, then this won’t be the foundation for you, but if that weight limit suits you, this is a good choice for your mattress. It’s beautifully made, easy to put together, and it does what it claims to do.

Helix Foundation Specs Table

Weight capacity: Assembly required: Tools needed: Sleep trial:
350 lbs. (one person); 500 lbs. (two people) Yes None 100 nights

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it hard to put this base together?

Easy with instructions, but you may need two people to handle the weight.

Does it have any special features?

No-tools needed for assembly.

How long is the warranty?

5 year warranty.

How much space is there under the frame for storage?

None, it sits on the floor.