Saatva VS Zenhaven: A Side by Side Comparison

In today’s marketplace, shopping for a mattress takes a lot of patience and can dominate a great deal of time as you struggle to wade through the thousands of options available. Do you want coils and springs? Latex? Foam? A hybrid? Should your bed be adjustable? What are the features that are important to you, and which manufacturers are concerned with those assets? With so many different manufacturers and various types of mattresses, you might shrink away from the task pretty quickly.

Having access to easy research can simplify the task a great deal, and one way to do that is to forget about traditional mattress stores with limited stock and spend some time looking online. Mattresses that ship directly from the manufacturer can save a great deal of money in terms of stocking fees, and you’ll find a wider variety available. In addition, you can search for reviews online to give you a better idea of what to expect than 5 or 10 minutes lying on a mattress in a store.

Let’s Get to It!

Here, we’ve made it simple. We’ve taken two of the most popular mattresses available, both by Saatva (the traditional Saatva mattress and the Zenhaven mattress) and compared them side by side so you can see what there is to like about a hybrid mattress versus a latex, organic mattress. Take into consideration the advantages of each and which accommodates more of your needs so you can start to form an opinion on the best mattress for you.

Saatva vs Zenhaven Comparison

A Breakdown of the Saatva Mattress


With the original Saatva mattress, you get a hybrid design that includes both memory foam and coil springs, with the coils making up the majority of the design. This will give you a more traditional feel like older mattresses but without the negative impact of the old fashioned design.

• Cover

Unlike the newer Zenhaven mattress, the Saatva mattress is not 100% organic. However, the cotton knit cover with the Euro pillow padding is, so you get an organic cover that is hypoallergenic and quite cozy. One of the neat things about this particular cover is that, unlike most, it isn’t just attached to the bed – it’s actually inside the mattress. What this means is that there is no shifting of the cover, so you won’t slip and slide and get the noise of moving pieces during the night.

• Lumbar Pad

The top layer of the Saatva mattress beneath the cover is a very thin bit of memory foam, which they refer to as the lumbar pad. This is perhaps because it’s meant to serve a couple of purposes, most of which will help out your back. First, it creates a smooth surface similar to what you find in a memory foam mattress for an even, regulated feel. Second, it offers you a bit less motion and bounce, since not everyone enjoys the feel of a traditional mattress and the coil springs. The memory foam is also Certi-PUR US Certified, which means there is never a concern about indoor emissions, and you don’t have to worry about any negative environmental impact, either.

• Comfort Coils

The design of the Saatva mattress consists of 2 layers of coils, the top layer being the comfort coil layer. These coils are 4 inches and have been individually wrapped. What this means is that, unlike traditional, old style coil mattresses, each coil can move and respond to you individually for better contouring and less bounce. You still get that give and the springy feel that you like without worrying about being bounced awake in the middle of the night when you move around. You’ll find that the comfort coils also provide very good pressure point relief so you stay better aligned with less joint and muscle pain.

• Steel Coil Base

The second layer of coils is the steel coil base, which is 7 inches thick and provides a very firm base with excellent overall support. This is made for long-lasting sturdiness and helps increase edge support as well as the additional help to keep any sagging from occurring over time. This removes the chance of too much sinking so that you are able to move freely in your bed through the night.


The Saatva mattress is a great solution when it comes to bed in a box designs because it takes the ease of ordering one step further, providing you with multiple firmness options, unlike most of these manufacturers. Depending on your personal preference for sleep space and your style of sleep, Saatva provides 3 firmness options, rated between 1 and 10 on the firmness scale, with 1 being a mattress that lets you sink to the floor and 10 being a brick. The plush mattress rates about a 4, the luxury firm option is a 5 to 6, and the firm mattress is about a 7.5 on the scale, which gives you a range that meets all needs.

The plush option works well for those that sleep on their sides, while the luxury firm is great for stomach sleepers who don’t want to sink too far in. the firm option is excellent for back sleepers who don’t want to sink in much and like to float but also need that contouring to help with potential back pain and pressure points.

Regardless of what option you choose, you need to make sure to give your Saatva mattress time to break in. You have an extensive trial period, and it’s going to take time to get used to the feel of the mattress, as well as the firmness. So, until you’ve taken the time to really wear it in and learn your favorite position on the new mattress, you’ll want to continue the trial. If you still aren’t satisfied, you have the option to return it, so don’t worry about wasting time and money.


While having a hybrid mattress that relies mainly on the coil design gives you a bit of spring that is similar to old style mattresses, the fact that they are individually wrapped removes the concern of extreme bounce. This means you don’t have much motion transfer and can comfortably sleep with a partner and not concern yourself with either of you disturbing the other’s sleep, no matter how restless you are. And with the memory foam on top, you’ll never feel the individual coils that conform to your shape.

The bottom layer of steel springs is incredibly sturdy, and this helps with improved edge support, something a lot of mattresses lack. You’ll find that sleeping in the center of the mattress feels no different than curling up on the edge of it, since the support is evenly distributed from one edge to the other with these strong coils.

Best of all, even though there is no specific design to work against overheating and moisture wicking, the Saatva mattress cover helps with both, keeping your sleep environment cooler so you don’t sweat. And if you do have night sweats, the cover is great for moisture wicking, while the memory foam is thin enough that heat retention isn’t a concern.

Unique Features

While the fact that the Saatva mattress is a hybrid that relies mainly on coils is quite unique, the real treasure here is that it includes a dual level of coils. The top layer is more cushioned and has an excellent range of motion, individually wrapped for comfort and made to contour easily to your sleep position so that you get the support you need and the alignment and pressure point relief so you are comfortable all day long. The bottom layer provides great, even support for a longer lasting mattress and less sinkage throughout the lifespan of the mattress.

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A Breakdown of the Zenhaven Mattress


Because the Zenhaven mattress is reversible with two different feels, there are multiple layers that aid in creating the different firmness levels. In addition, this mattress, also by Saatva, is an all organic option that pleases even the most environmentally conscious.

• Cover

The cover of the Zenhaven mattress is not only very soft and quite breathable; it is 100% organic. Made with organic cotton and quilted, all natural wool, you can rest assured it’s environmentally friendly. Even better, it has a lush, soft feel and because of the properties of wool, you’ll find that it’s highly breathable as well as moisture wicking so you sleep cooler with less chance of sweating or, if you do, having to sleep in a pool of sweat.

• Plush Layer

The next layer of the Zenhaven mattress depends on which way you have the mattress flipped. If you have it on the plush side, you’re looking at 1.5 inches of Talalay latex, another organic material, which is soft enough to offer a bit of a sinking feeling when you lie down on the mattress. This plushness is great for those who like a softer mattress and don’t want to feel like they are ‘floating’ on top of the mattress but would rather get a little bit of that ‘hugging’ sensation while still having the necessary support for good alignment.

• Compression Layer

The compression layer is the layer just below the plush layer, if you have the plush side on top, and it consists of an additional 3 inches of Talalay latex, continuing in the organic makeup of the Zenhaven mattress. Think of this as a support layer for the plush latex above, with slightly greater firmness and a bit of bounce. Basically, this layer keeps you from sinking too far into the mattress, providing some additional support and spring to the structure while still maintaining the softness. Note that it also assists with the need to switch positions while sleeping by not allowing the top layer to let you sink into a hole.

• Transition Layer

If you are on the plush side of the Zenhaven mattress, the transition layer is the 3rd layer; if you are on the gentle firm side, it’s the 2nd layer. Either way, the job of this 3-inch thick layer of Talalay latex is to provide a transition from one feel to another. As the 3rd layer of the plush side, this layer acts as a firmer transition between the softness you feel and the firmness of the base support layer. This gives you a slower change so that you don’t experience the hard, fast support of the base with no give. If you have the gentle firm layer on top, this 2nd layer offers a bit more give so that your surface isn’t too firm while still providing a great deal of support for your back and joints.

• Foundation Layer

If you have the plush layer on top, the foundation layer is actually the gentle firm layer of 1.5 inches of latex. This is a sturdy base and firm enough to provide support for the overall shape of the mattress. It can also be your top layer, providing you a firmer sleep environment with more of a floating feeling so that you don’t sink into the mattress. This could be preferable if you have chronic back pain, offering better overall support and alignment for your spine and joints.


The Zenhaven mattress by Saatva is reversible and has two different firmness levels. On the plush side, you’ll notice instant give with just a little resistance as you press down into the layer of latex. When you release the pressure, it is slow to respond, creating a very soft, sinking environment that gives a pillowed effect. However, you still get plenty of support, with the compression layer kicking in to make sure you don’t bottom out or have trouble moving around in bed.

The gentle firm side has a great deal less give, but you still get the contouring effect when you lie on the mattress, with the latex conforming to your shape and sleep position so you stay well aligned and awaken with fewer aches and pains. Responsiveness is quicker when you move so that you don’t experience any roll back as you transition into another position. The firmness also gives a great deal of pressure point relief.

Overall, on a range of 1 to 10 with 1 being the plushest, the softer side ranks between a 4.5 and 5 for established plushness without negative repercussions, while the gentle firm side ranks between a 6.5 and 7, meaning it’s quite firm but not to the point of discomfort.


When it comes to the Zenhaven mattress, you’ll likely find it accommodates you regardless of your sleep style. Side and back sleepers will likely enjoy the comfort and cushion of the plush side, though stomach sleepers might not like the sinking feeling and might find it difficult to keep their faces clear and breathing easy. The pressure point relief for side sleepers is especially good on the plush side. For back and stomach sleepers, the gentle firm side is ideal with the way it molds and offers the right kind of support, keeping you a little higher on the mattress with a little more bounce so that you don’t find yourself sinking in.

The edge support for the Zenhaven mattress is actually quite spectacular for a foam or latex mattress. Even on the plush side, sitting on the edge of the bed, the sinking feeling was minimal, and it didn’t feel like I was going to slide off at any point in time. On the firmer side, this was negated entirely, with a secure feeling whether rolling, laying, or sitting at the edge of the bed.

Motion transfer is almost nonexistent with the Zenhaven mattress, the latex working well to isolate any motion so that sleeping with a partner doesn’t disrupt the comfort and rest of either partner, regardless of the other’s habits. This is true of both sides of the mattress, whether plush or gentle firm.

Unique Features

Perhaps the most unique feature of the Zenhaven mattress is its use of all latex to not only create a 100% organic product but to also have a mattress that provides the right kind of firmness and support for anyone with two separate sides. This can be a difficult accomplishment since you still have to have the support for the mattress to remain sturdy over time, so having two sides that are equally comfortable and equally capable of working as a base layer is quite a unique feat.

Which One to Get


As a hybrid mattress that is more like a standard coil mattress, the Saatva has tons of support and contouring that is excellent for those with back and joint pain. The individually wrapped coils, covered by a fine layer of foam, create the perfect way to assure you stay aligned through the night while also offering a cooler sleep environment. The bottom steel coils protect the bed from sinking and keep it firm and strong. You have great edge support and the ability to choose from 3 different firmness options, with plenty of trial time to determine if you’ve made the right decision. In addition, the cover is cushioned and 100% organic, so you can rest easier, even if you have terrible allergies, asthma, or another respiratory condition. For a mattress that is affordable, high quality, and retains some tradition with a more contemporary vibe, the Saatva bed is a great choice.


The Zenhaven mattress is an all latex design with a cotton and wool cover, making the entire mattress 100% organic so it’s environmentally sound and friendly. In addition, this use of latex creates the opportunity to have 2 beds in one, with reversibility that provides both a plush sleep side and a gentle firm sleep side. This is great for all sleep positions and for those who need to try something different from time to time. If you’re interested in a mattress that can accommodate any sleep style, offers fully organic materials, and is breathable for coolness and comfort, the Zenhaven mattress may be right for you.


Knowing what you’re getting into when it’s time to shop for a new mattress is half the battle of surviving the attempt. Once you understand what each type of mattress has to offer, you’ll know better which type to shop to meet your own personal needs. By considering the Saatva mattress and the new Saatva Zenhaven mattress side by side, you can really tell the difference between a hybrid or even coil spring mattress and one that is all latex. That means you’ll have a better idea of what sort of pressure relief you need and how breathable you need your sleep environment to be.

Do your research, reading reviews like this, and shop around before you decide to buy a mattress. This is a major investment in a piece of furniture you’ll spend years on, with about a third of your time – and some of the most important hours of your life – using spent in it. If you aren’t in a great mattress, you can’t possibly rest well. And if you can’t rest well, you’ll have a hard time functioning through the rest of your life. This is about your health, so choose wisely!