Danielle Mcleod

Pillow Expert, Product Tester & Editor

Danielle Mcleod is one of our Review Team members and the resident Pillow Expert. As a busy mother of two, she is well versed in how a good night’s sleep can influence a healthier mind and body. She also is an adamant runner, and appreciates how sleep products can help body recovery. As a writer,  she loves to share her knowledge and research to help others find the comfort they deserve.

Currently residing in Southeastern New Mexico, Danielle is a Midwest native who has learned to adapt to the desert temperatures. As a High School teacher, she finds herself immersed in the written word daily, which lends well to her freelance materials. When she isn’t working, she is getting into trouble with her two young boys raising animals on their hobby farm, and exploring the country via road trips.

Danielle’s Sleep Profile in Her Own Words

When it comes to sleep I probably don’t get enough with all I am involved with, and so it is important that I get a healthy, uninterrupted rest. I need to keep my focus through the day when dealing with all that is dependent upon me, and quality sleep products are a definite must for comfort. As a stomach sleeper I am well aware of the added stress I create on my body, and so am always looking for ways to properly support my sleep habits- and share them with those who find themselves in the same position. I prefer a firm mattress and soft malleable pillows that I can manipulate to support my body and head for spinal alignment.