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Helix Weighted Blanket

Weighted blankets are scientifically proven to provide therapy-like stimulation to help calm your senses. They can be used in a variety of ways, and for a variety of ailments, but have become a popular sleep aid for thousands of people.

If you have been trying to get to sleep or find yourself unfocused, you might want to try out a Helix weighted blanket for yourself. In particular, it can help with:

  • Insomnia
  • General stress and anxiety
  • Hormonal changes
  • Depression
  • Stress disorders

Sleep is especially important is you struggle with any of the above mentioned as it allows your body to heal both physically and mentally. Even if you do not have problems with sleep, a weighted blanket can provide a cozy alternative to more traditional blankets.

Helix weighted blankets come in three different weights and are covered in a dual-sided, cozy fleece and smooth microfiber duvet. They snuggle up against you like a hug and are comfortable to use. The Sleep Judge Review Team has been able to try one out for ourselves, and our findings are described below.

About the Helix Company

The Helix Company was originally founded by those who were exhausted due to poor sleep and decided to take it upon themselves to create a mattress that would make up for years of poor sleep product purchases. The Helix mattress was their flagship product, and with its popularity, new lines of products have since been released. Their weighted blanket is a fairly new product that is gaining ground in popularity with consumers everywhere.

Shipping & Unboxing

The blanket arrived on my front steps in a plain brown cardboard shipping box. It was a bit bent up around the corners- which is pretty typical of most shipped blankets due to their weight, and the product was wrapped well in plastic for protection.

The Helix Blanket came in a soft, durable cotton bag that can totally be reused to take your blanket with you or to use as a shopping bag! I am a fan of foldable bags for shopping and other outings and so although I don’t see myself folding up a heavy blanket and getting it back any there anytime soon, the bag is already tucked into my purse for future forays.

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Initial Impressions

I have to admit, I was super excited about how it was packaged since those small details and care often reflect a quality item. I knew the blanket duvet was dual-sided with fleece, but I was not expecting the thick, plush fleece that was reminiscent of sheep wool.

When unfolding the blanket I was a bit surprised that I could hear the glass beads shift around inside the blanket. The quilted squares that hold the beads are a bit large in my opinion if you can hear them shift- allowing it to sound a little bit like a muffled plastic bag.

The bottom line, my first impressions were positive. I was more curious to find out exactly how cozy the blanket was since winter has arrived in my part of town. I was wondering if the bead shifting noise would bother me, but it wasn’t a huge concern (spoiler: it isn’t even noticeable at night).


The constriction of the blanket it well thought out to provide maximum comfort and therapeutic pressure. The material was of excellent quality and I could find no fault with the stitching or overall design.


The filling is comprised of tens of thousands of tiny micro glass beads to provide uniform weight within quilted squares as you move. It is combined with a fine polyester microfiber to provide a softer overall feel to the blanket. The initial plasticity sound I hear when the blanket was moved? It seemed to go away with use- leading me to believe that as the poly fiber softens with use the beads aren’t as able to easily shift enough to make noise.

Inner Shell

The inner cover is 100% cotton and is a very thick feeling. It also has durable stitching to avoid any leakage of the beads out of the seams. I did check the bottom of the duvet and the bag it arrived in to see if any leaking had occurred via transport, but there was nothing.

Each corner and along each side also have tabs to securely tie your duvet too. This is an absolute must for weighted blankets if used with a cover as the weight of it will make it shift and bunch up inside otherwise. I like how extra long the tie was to make it extra secure.

Duvet Cover

The dual cover duvet makes this the coziest, warmest weighted blanket I’ve had the chance to review yet. Honestly, I haven’t met a quality weighted blanket I haven’t liked, but this one is most definitely unique. The soft, brushed polyester microfiber side is smooth and comforting. The thick polyester fleece side is incredibly soft and cozy. Everyone in my household wants to cuddle with this particular blanket due to how warm and soft it is.

The only drawback of the cover is that it is warm. Weighted blankets are already a bit of heat retentive due to their construction, and this makes it even more so. It also makes it the only blanket you really need.

Full Zipper

The zipper runs along the entire bottom of the over to allow easy access to the blanket within. This also provides you the chance to easily access the ties and to remove the cover for laundering without having to wrestle with the fit. The zipper is well sewn and durable, and it is easy to use without sticking or catching in the material.

Features and Benefits

The above-detailed features make this a highly coveted blanket in my household on chilly days. It also is a favorite to sleep with since it wraps itself around you like a warm hug. Because these blankets were initially designed for therapy, the materials they are made from trigger body relaxation that can work as a sleep aid, amongst other things.

The study of deep touch pressure (DPS) stimulation was first introduced to help aid in sensory issues in children. Those on the autism spectrum in particular have been studied in detail to help calm the senses and produce a calming hormonal response. The release of serotonin due to pressure provides a relaxation of the fight or flight response, allows the body to relax, and slows the mind.

The study has been taken to new levels in its use with those who have stress or anxiety disorders, insomnia, struggling with addiction, or simply are looking for a calming aide. The therapy is not specific to those who have diagnosed issues and can be used by anyone to influence an improvement in relaxation and/or focus.

Size Options

These types of blankets are designed for single-use since it is specific to body weight and size. Studies show that they are most effective when they are approximately 10-12% of your total body weight for hormonal response, but to still allow you to move comfortably beneath it.

Helix offers three weights in two sizes. Their 10lb and 15 lb options measure 72” x 48”, and as you can see on my Queen size bed, covers the majority of the mattress surface. Their 20lb option measures slightly larger at 74” x 48”.

I found the size to be perfect for me to sleep under and even have a little room to spare for one of my kids to crawl up under at night. It truly is the perfect size and makes it easy to haul from cuddling on the couch to the bed without it being too awkward.

Maintenance, Protection, Care & Warranty

Helix makes it easy to keep your blanket clean. As mentioned, the duvet cover is easy to remove and launder in a warm, gentle cycle and dry on tumble low. Although you cannot wash the inner blanket, it can be spot cleaned, and if you do ever need to soak any part of it just be sure to allow it to dry completely before use.


Helix cautions against using their blankets with children under 12 years of age to avoid any issues with the blanket weight to bodyweight ratio. You never want to limit movement due to the weight of the blanket as it should feel more like a ‘hug’, not a restriction.

Also, avoid sharp objects, pet claws included, to avoid puncturing the blanket. This would cause a loss of glass beads, which feel a bit like sand and are difficult to clean up.


The blanket comes with a 100-night sleep trial and a 3-year warranty. The website says a 1-year warranty, but the information that comes with the blanket specifically says 3 years on it so I’m going with what I have physically documented.

The warranty covers issues with material and workmanship defects. You are responsible for all shipping costs that will be reimbursed if your claim is valid. You will also receive a replacement blanket shipped to you at no extra cost.


Currently the blanket ranges from $99-$115 depending on the weight you decide upon. This is a favorable price point that is actually a bit lower than the comparable competition. It also ships free.

The company also offers financing through Zibby if approved using a credit score check.

Reviews and Feedback

Despite being such a new product it has racked up quite a bit of positive chatter. The company keeps the design simple without offering a huge range of weights and sizes to provide the comfort you need without any of the guesswork.

The heft, quality, and comfort are all what makes this a popular pick. There is mention of how warm it sleep, which is no surprise as most weighted options are warm due to how they are made. Cooling bamboo materials are often a popular pick to use as a duvet cover to help offset any heat retention during warmer months. Unfortunately Helix doesn’t offer any additional covers for sale, but perhaps they will in the future!

I absolutely was impressed with the blanket. I became a believer in the science behind the weighted therapy back when reviewed my first weighted blanket, and I continue to enjoy the slight nuances each company provides to create a comforting option. Since I struggle with insomnia from time to time, and am a late-night runner who usually has an excess of endorphins when I should be sleeping, these blankets work wonderfully well to calm my system and help me get to sleep quickly.

The cover is SPOT ON for winter use and the weight and size is a custom pick for me. At 5’4” and 140 lbs the 15 lb blanket was perfect. I’ll probably use it out of the cover in warmer months, or put it up until it cools down again- but for now, it’s all the blanket I need.

Who We Recommend the Helix Weighted Blanket For

If you struggle to sleep, are overcoming life challenges, have been diagnosed with any stress or anxiety disorders, have sensory issues, or simply would like a comforting, warm blanket option for lounging and sleeping- the Helix Weighted Blanket is definitely a choice you should consider.

The many studies done on pressure therapy, and ongoing studies, strongly support claims made by manufacturers of weighted blankets. They are a wonderful addition to any household even if they are not necessarily needed to aid in any of the issues mentioned above.

These are designed to be used by a single person at a time in order to properly provide the correct weight for your own body needs. They are not made to serve as a full bed covering, but if you and your partner want to experience the same comfort, it is recommended to buy two blankets separately.

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Our Final Verdict

I would definitely recommend the Helix Weighted Blanket due to its overall quality, comfort, and therapeutic claims that I found to hold true is how deeply I sleep is any indication of what it can do. Since using the blanket I have found I move less and wake feeling more refreshed, which is supported by my sleep tracker that monitors both a heartbeat and movements through the night.

Looking for a warm and cozy blanket option that can also help relieve stress and insomnia (amongst other things)? Then look no further as this is an excellent choice. I truly found no drawbacks, except for the confusion over the warranty, and was impressed with the overall feel and quality.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is a duvet cover needed?

No, but it is recommended to keep it clean. It does come with one that can be changed out to a personal choice if wanted.

How does the returns process work?

Contact the company within 100 days for authorization.

Where can these be shipped?

Anywhere in North America

Do they fit a bed?

No. They are designed for single sleeper use and do not quite cover the whole bed.