54 Amazing All-White Bedroom Ideas

There is something alluring about an all-white space. Whether it’s a polished living room or luxurious bedroom, an all-white space sets a simple yet elegant tone to the area. A whitewashed room can also bring on feelings of peace and serenity.

The crisp, clean look of an all-white bedroom is not only bold to guests, but can be completely unique depending on what types of furniture you choose. Choosing a neutral tone to pop out through the white can also bring a dramatic effect without taking away too much from the overall feel of the space.

If you’ve been thinking about experimenting with the concept of an all-white bedroom in your home, we’ve got the perfect list full of creative ways to execute the plan.

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1. All-White Kids Bedroom Set

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Instead of choosing a cartoon or typical kid themed room, why not change it up with a completely customizable all-white bedroom set? Not only is this eye-catching and unique, but as your child gets older, you won’t need to spend so much more money on various themes. Using an all-white bedroom theme is a classic look that will last the entirety of your son or daughter’s childhood and beyond.

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2. Contemporary Bedroom Set

Pairing the minimalist theme with a contemporary twist, a bedroom like this one is intriguing in its simplicity. There is absolutely no clutter or mess to the room with objects or accenting colors. You have a clean, white room with a few accenting pieces such as the flowers in the windowsill that are also white. Having less is more when it comes to the theme of this room.

3. Minimal White Bedroom

Here’s another example of a bedroom with the minimalist effect. This bedroom only has a window frame instead of a curtain to add to that clean, polished look. Without a bunch of frills or decoration, this room could easily be the boldest room in the house. Since keeping an all-white room isn’t necessarily easy, your guests will surely be impressed by how clean and tidy it is.

4. Modern Monochromatic Bedroom

This bedroom features a wide, open space that utilizes large windows to give the room a “freer” space. The whiteness of the room inside compares nicely to the colorful world out the windows, drawing the eye from one element to the other. The windows help keep the space open while protecting the all-white theme. A few colorful accents, such as living plants, can add that necessary pop of color to keep the room interesting.

White Rustic Bedroom Ideas

5. Rustic Bedroom Set

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Make an all-white room rustic by introducing wooden furniture or wicker accents. By utilizing this wooden headboard and frame with complimenting bedroom pieces, the room keeps that clean, white feel with an interesting twist. The deep brown from the wood furniture pairs nicely with this crisp, clean theme. The neutral accents from the chair and rug also add more depth to room and tie it together for an interesting space overall.

6. Country Chic

Add a chic effect to a country-themed room by adding accents to a white room. The subdued cream and yellow tones are brightened up by the alabaster white bedspread. With the natural wooden beams overhead, the room feels country with a posh afterthought. Utilizing the interesting balance between white and neutral tones will give a sort of facelift to any room.

7. Wooden Paneled Room

Here’s a great example of an all-white room utilizing those natural wooden tones. The depth and lines in the wooden paneling across the wall give this room character while adding dimension. Even though the photo, a feeling of peace and relaxation emanates from the image and beckons the viewer to slip into the soft, white blankets for a nap. The inset drawers in the panelling also gives this room a cut, polished finish that is effective as it is stylish.

8. Classic Country Bedroom

There’s nothing quite like that natural wood cut to really bring the sense of country into a room. Using natural wood, the walls and accents of this room scream country while the white bedspread and pillows give a clean presence to the room. The deep green of the carpet and curtains add a fun effect to the space that adheres to the country theme without washing the natural wood color out.

9. Wooden Bedframe

Give your all-white themed room a dramatic effect by adding a dark wooden bed frame. Finding a four-post frame, such as the one in the photo, will add a new dimension to the room and just look plain classy. It’s easy to find sheer or cream colored curtains to drape over the frame to give the room a romantic effect without overdoing it.

Modern White Bedroom Ideas

10. Neutral-Colored Bedroom Sets

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Make an all-white room interesting by using a neutral-colored bedroom set. Everything from the furniture to the bedframe can add to the room using muted colors such as soft grays, burnt browns or even subdued purples. Lavender, for example, is a great color for accenting an all-white room that adds to the décor without taking anything away. The soft hues of color definitely make a difference.

11. Light and Space

One of the greatest things about an all-white room is how space can be used to change the effect. With this theme, it seems the more space the better. Since more space is open, playing with light can also change the effect of a room. The light bounces off the walls in this photo, giving an interesting effect from the boldly arched ceiling. The possibilities are endless when it comes to pairing a space with light.

12. Luxurious Getaway

Turn a guest room into a luxurious getaway by utilizing bold accents in a white room. By adding swanky pieces of furniture, the bold colors really make the whiteness of the room stand out. You can easily fool a guest into thinking they’ve been swept away to a five star hotel by blending the pure white with bold undertones. Having a great window space with modern setting can also deepen that affect.

13. Serene Seascape

There’s something about an all-white room with a seascape theme that really works. Maybe because of the pure white sand and open sky. Ideally, you’d want your room to be facing the beautiful blue ocean, but if you’re not so lucky, having that theme will also help liven up an all-white room. Using sheer curtains and soft, gauzy materials in a room can beckon a guest to relax almost as much as a warm beach could.

14. In the Clouds

This is an interesting concept that gives the impression you’re floating in the sky with white, fluffy clouds. Using the stairs in this photo, the floating effect adds height and depth to the room while the bold hardwood flooring keeps your feet on the ground. Although using an all-white staircase is a bold move in itself, the effect of the room all together is inspiring and deeply intriguing.

15. Sleek and Stylish

Give your bedroom that sleek and polished effect by keeping things inline. The wide, flat surfaces of this all-white room give the room a cut finish that oozes style. The slightly neutral tone from the bed frame pops out against the white, making the bed the focal point of the room. Inset windows and drawers could also be used to give the room an interesting dimension.

Romantic White Bedroom Ideas

16. Natural Decor

Make an all-white bedroom a romantic escape by using dried flowers, floral wreaths or other accents like shells. Adding a few elements from nature can make the room feel more comfortable and turn it into the perfect escape for you and your partner. The twigs in the wreath in the photo bring the room together by utilizing the simplicity of nature.

17. Wrought Iron Frame

The elegance of an all-white bedroom with a dark wrought iron bed frame gives the room a unique feel that invokes peace and tranquility. Large, wrought iron bed frames can bring detail to a room with the twisting detail and intricate design. For a simpler look, a wrought iron bed frame as a standalone is a bold addition to the bedroom.

18. Lofty Dreams

Using sheer, gauzy curtains can help make a room feel like a dreamscape in the clouds. Adding that some material as curtains to a bedframe or as a decorative accent along a vanity or doorframe can also bring a romantic look. Small embellishments like the small chandelier in the photo can bring another element of loftiness to a room, depending on how dramatic you want the effect.

19. Romance in Simplicity

The simpler the room, the less busy your surroundings are. Too much distraction in a room can cause restlessness, so when an all-white room remains simple, the more comfortable you and your partner should be. A simply decorated room seems more inviting and with a fluffy, white bed set, who wouldn’t want to cuddle up and put the day to bed?

20. Classic and Elegant

Make your bedroom a lover’s getaway by mixing classic effects with elegant décor. Adding accents to a room such as a simple vase of white flowers, a round mirror and a fluffy bed throw can bring a sense of romance without overpowering the room. The upholstered bed frame also adds a sense of comfort and elegance, tying the room together with class.

White Vintage Bedrooms

21. Dramatic Vintage Effect

Add a vintage look to your bedroom by adding dramatic accents such as a chandelier with long, elegant crystals or sheer lamps. The furniture remains modern while accenting vintage pieces bring a sense of drama and elegance. Pieces in silver or antique brushed metal will pop in an all-white room and bring a sense of nostalgia to all things elegant.

22. Vintage Chandelier

The gorgeous crystal and dark silver chandelier hangs as an impressive conversation piece in this simple, all-white bedroom. By adding a dramatic piece like this chandelier, you can maintain that vintage feel to a room without having to add many different pieces. The chandelier ties the room together and remains the focal point among the span of white. This is a perfect example of how to add an accent to a room without overpowering it.

23. Vintage Accents

Add a vintage feel to a room using vintage lamps and nightstands. The room is overall elegantly simple, but these few pieces heavy in that vintage feel add so much more character to the room. Adding an interesting, subdued color for the back wall can also bring in the sense of vintage glamor. The undertones of beige accents on the bedding also make the room interesting with color depth.

24. True Vintage

Staying true to the vintage feel, this bedroom features an antique style bed skirt with matching drapes. The thick, heavy material is adorned with embroidered flowers and other accents, making the fabric a standout in the room. The upholstered, massive headboard brings in the sense of vintage class that gives the room a slightly more modern presence. The wall lamp is a great addition to keep that vintage feel, since you don’t typically see wall lamps anymore.

White and Gold Bedroom Ideas

25. Baroque Style Bedroom

This gorgeous baroque-style room features spans of gold and white panels against an all-white wall, giving the room depth while maintaining the all-white theme. Since the accents in gold and while surround the room, keeping the furniture simple and classic will maintain the theme without overpowering the accents. White and gold seem to complement each other well, as demonstrated in this gorgeously decorated room.

26. Modern Flair

Keep a room fresh and modern by adding gold accents to an all-white room. This minimalist effect features a solid gold backdrop with decorative accents inset by deep shelves. The lines of the bedding add an interesting feel to the room without distracting too much attention from the highlighted accents. The room is simple, yet modern enough to be featured in a magazine.

27. Sunburst

Modern and stunning, this bedroom features a gorgeous gold sunburst mirror set against the back wall. Accenting the sun, the lamps are set in gold along with complimenting sheer curtains to match. The gold in this bedroom stands out and remains the dominant color in this all-white room. The bedding is all-white but has accented pillows and a throw, also in gold. Overall, this room is absolutely stunning.

28. Modern Gold and White

This room took the gold and white theme and made it modern enough to look like a room in a museum. By using funky statues and blocked color accents on the back wall, this room has an interesting vibe with a gorgeous color palette. The elegant tapered lamps shine out in classic gold while the accents in the bedding act as an interesting color pop.

29. Textured Accents

White and gold remain the theme in this room while tying together other interesting elements like the textured bed throw and wall piece. Not only are these elements different, they almost conflict the all-white theme by adding a boldness to the room. Integrating the modern nightstand lamps into the mix makes this room truly unique and a definite conversation starter.

30. Yellow Gold and White

Yellow gold is the accent in this simple, all-white bedroom. Yellow gold seems to a be a more modern take on the classic gold and white look, which adds character and charm to the space. The bold, yellow desk chair and tiny yellow drawer knobs on the nightstands keeps the room tied together while adding a fun vibe to the space.

Beige and White Bedroom Ideas

31. Beige Accented Bedroom Set

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This beautiful bedroom set features dark furniture with beige accents that would be perfect in an all-white room. Add depth and an interesting perspective to the space by utilizing these bold colors over the pure white palette. Add a complimenting color in a neutral or bold tone to set the room up for a modern spin while maintaining its classic look.

32. A Peek of Beige

This room features only a peek of beige through the bedding and nightstands in this photo. The room has a relaxed feel to it since the accenting color is neutral and not overpowering. The interesting window gives this room a feeling of depth and peace. The bold colors in the lamps pop out as the rest of the room is more subdued.

33. Texture and Color

Beige is multifaceted in this elegant all-white bedroom. Between the textured high headboard and the accenting decorative carpet, the eye natural moves through the colors and textures of the space. The room feels modern and incredibly elegant in in uniqueness. Adding textured accents in beige open the room up without overusing the color. The long, dramatic curtains and modern silver lamps add variation and more color to the room.

34. Beige with Wire Accents

Beige is the accenting color in this bedroom, but the wire accents are what really stand out. By adding texture from the wire, the room becomes a unique space while maintaining that all-white look. The crispness of the bedding paralleled by the boldness of the wire makes the space elegant without making the beige accent an afterthought. The playful lighting in this room also gives a fun effect.

White and Grey Bedroom Ideas

35. Interesting Depth of Color

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White and grey is a great color combo that adheres to an accenting color well. Since both colors are neutral, the boldness of an accenting color can really stand out and make a room rich with color. This bedroom set makes the teal comforter set stand out by presenting the bold color on a neutral platform, creating a space that is inviting and fun.

36. Contemporary Space

Create an interesting and contemporary space by mixing white and grey together. The multifaceted color palette of this room draws the eye in without distracting from the feel. White and grey together make a calming effect on a room since both colors are subdued and complement each other so well. Although the concept is simple, the room looks like you’d put so much more effort into it.

37. Deep Grey

The best part of this room, in my opinion, is the fluffy hanging decorative piece set up against the deep grey curtain. It almost resembles a fluffy little cloud against a rain-filled sky. More bold than subdued, the grey in this bedroom acts as a prominent color to the theme. Adding interesting focal pieces like the origami figure against the wall makes the overall feel of the room unique.

38. Upscale Space

Simple and elegant, this room uses the more subdued greys and whites to tie the room together. Using a minimalist bed frame and eye-catching photographs against the wall, this room is anything but boring. The room feels fresh and clean while presenting an artistic element to this upscale space. Oblong vases and obscure decorative elements will also add character to the space.

Black and White Bedrooms Ideas

39. Artistic Feel

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Give your bedroom an artistic facelift by implement black and white colors into the mix. Black and white décor is bold, beautiful and absolutely timeless in elegance. The black cutting across the white bedding in this bedroom gives a strong, dramatic effect that is simple yet powerful. Whether you have an entire loft to fill or a bedroom with a set theme, implementing black and white décor is a showstopper.

40. Black Accents

Black is the accenting color in this bedroom theme, with crisp white being the prominent color. Adding strong accents such as these nightstands and runs along the couch will add dynamic to any space. Black and white are bold color choices, and the room will emanate that bold approach without the need for multiple accenting pieces or embellishments.

41. Polka Dots

Polka dots are timeless and have been a classic go-to décor theme for years. Polka dots became more prominent in the ‘50’s, but have maintained their dynamic presence through today. The polka dotted bedspread in the bedroom is the focal piece, but the accents are also so unique, it’d be impossible to look them over. Between the cityscape headboard and the elegant, tall lamp, it’s impossible to choose a favorite element in the room!

42. Chalkboard Wall

This is such a fun and unique idea! Design your room around a chalkboard wall! Not only is this totally fun and a great way to liven things up, you can literally change the décor on the wall as frequently as you’d like because it’s chalk! The black and white mismatched designs in the bedding give the room a dynamic feel almost as intriguing as the awesome chalkboard wall.

43. Minimalist and Artistic

This bedroom looks like it’d be an artist’s dream space. Mixing the bold frames with the blocked grey and black headboard adds an interesting depth to this room. The long, elegant vase with branches works well in the room as black is an accenting color as well as a focal point. My favorite part of this whole room is the tiny red rose peeking out of a simple vase.

44. Aesthetic with Bathtub

This is the room of a bather’s dreams. Imagine that? Having a full bathtub right next to you as you sleep? I know this would be a dream come true for me. Beautifully aesthetic, the black bed frame set in this all-white room really stands out. The accenting hanging lamps and pillows are fabulous afterthoughts as you move your eyes around the space.

45. Color Blocking

These bold, black color blocks along the wall complement the black bed frame in this simple yet beautiful room. The use of lines within the patterns also intrigues, as you move your eyes horizontally to see the matching lines in the window. Lines are also prominent in the bedding itself, making the space pop with wonder and elegance.

Red and White Bedroom Decorating Ideas

46. Luxurious Red and White

You’ll feel like Marie Antoinette herself waking up in this gorgeous red and white bedroom. So elegant and dramatic, this bedroom maintains a sense of royalty by all the luxurious items in the room. White and red almost seem perfectly balanced with accents on the chair and bed frame paralleled by the pure white expanses on the floor and ceiling.

47. Soft Red

Much less bold than the last photo, this bedroom features subdued red as an accent instead of the main attraction. This décor style would be perfect for someone wanting to keep that all-white theme while adding a small pop of color. This clean and classic look calls for accent pillows and a decorative runner or throw to make the room come tougher.

48. Peeking Red

Tiny red accents peek out of this all-white theme creating a space full of wonder and intrigue. The adorable red and white polka dotted stool and lamp almost call out to you for attention compared to all the white décor in the room. The red peeking out from the bedding is also a nice touch, as the eyes move from the stool to the bed to take in the whole scene.

49. Holiday Dream

This room oozes holiday cheer with the classic red and green plaid striped accent pillows and holiday wreath hanging on the back wall. Subdued accenting pillows in soft red along with the same style runner make the room classic and perfect for a family member to step into while home for the holidays. Taking out the wreath and color striped accenting pillows would make the room perfect for an everyday theme, too.

50. Clean Cut

The bold red bedspread in this room tie the room together paralleled by the deep wood flooring. Adding the interesting plant in the corner makes the room pop with that brilliant green color that complements the world outside the window. Tall poles on the bed frame give the space interesting texture and a clean cut feel. This room would be perfect for a child or young adult.

51. Contemporary Red

Create this gorgeous contemporary bedroom by utilizing a bold red bedspread with some accents to match. If you can’t find the dramatic hanging lamps like the ones in this photo, a pair of great table lamps would be perfect on the nightstands or even a tall corner lamp to add some depth. The red cuts against the white creating a perfect space for the modern soul.

Bedrooms with White Bedding and Accent Pillows

52. Colored Pillows

Add fun with colored accent pillows! A bold color with an interesting pattern or texture can really tie a room together, especially when adhering to the all-white theme. This gives the room a focal point and helps make the room more personal. Matching the color of the pillows to some more subdued accents such as a bed skirt or bed frame can also create an interesting space.

53. Patterned Pillows

Patterns can be an important consideration while choosing accent pillows. Do you want to go more bold or subdued? Gingham or hounds toothed? The possibilities really are endless when using an accent pillow as your focal point or bold accent. With so many fabrics, shapes, sizes and textures available, it may be a bit hard not to get carried away!

54. Classic Style

Keep your accenting pillows just that- an accent. Choosing soft patterns and colors can help add to a room without taking anything away from it. If you’d prefer a pillow to be more of an afterthought, choose a bolder focal point such as a bedspread, table or chandelier. Either way, pillows make great accents to whatever theme you’re going for.


Overall, there are so many great options and styles to choose from when creating an all-white bedroom. Whether you want to make it quirky with interesting furniture or keep it simple with a few highlighting accents, an all-white room emanates a clean, crisp feel. You can easily make an all-white bedroom classic, vintage or luxurious by choosing the appropriate accents. These are just a few ideas we’ve compiled for you to look over, but the possibilities for making a white room your own are endless! Check out our list, brainstorm and try it out for yourself! Whatever theme you decide to go with, you can’t go wrong with an all-white canvas.

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