19 Amazing Blackout Curtain Ideas for Your Bedroom

When people hear about blackout curtains, they think about these massive opaque pieces of fabric that are meant to block out sunlight and keep the room in pitch black darkness. The truth is, blackout curtains can also block noise and can save energy, making them three times more efficient than people think they are.

But aside from their utility, blackout curtains have also become a fashion statement, especially since people are investing more time and energy into learning how they can mix and match furniture and interior decoration knowledge to have the fanciest home possible. Today, we’re bringing 19 fresh blackout curtain ideas straight into your home, and, hopefully, your inspiration is in here somewhere.

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1. Pure White

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Can we take a minute and talk about how elegant and fine this white blackout curtain is? With a sheer decorated with medallions that lie on top of the faux-silk solid layer, this piece is fit for a queen’s bedroom. Due to the plain white color, it can easily be matched with most bedroom setups and would make a fine addition to any guest room decor.

2. Horizontal Duo

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Want to upgrade from a monochromatic blackout curtain to one that features two colors? This is yet another elegant option for the list. With a large horizontal stripe on the bottom side and a neutral cream shade on the top side, this curtain adds style to the room, without being too imposing.

3. The Ruched Rush

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This ruched blackout curtain available in a pure white color features a rich texture for elegant rooms, where light colors are most predominant. Made from cotton voile and polyester, there’s also a lot of quality to be found in a piece that can adorn both modern and vintage rooms.

4. Caramel Curtain

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There’s no doubt that this milk chocolate/caramel blackout curtain looks both sweet and stylish. The accents on the border make the entire ensemble complete, while the color itself feel sober but elegant. These blackout curtains are definitely a stylish choice, but one that also looks delicious!

5. Tassel Hassle

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Great for romantic rooms, not recommended for cat owners (those border tassels are basically an invitation to tear the curtains apart), we give you this simple and stunning blackout curtain that makes the room dark, without being too dark. It’s perfect for both small and large windows, although small windows are often more romantic.

6. Sun Zero Indeed

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White horizontal stripes traverse this sake blackout curtain, creating a wonderful visual effect. The curtain has a rather unexplainable appeal and would look great in a bedroom with a set of silk sheets matching in color. It’s also a great touch for minimalistic rooms, as the stripes add width.

7. Lines & Swirls

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Finding cheap blackout curtain sets may seem complicated, but when you see how gorgeous and inexpensive this piece is, you’ll rest assured knowing that the mission isn’t hopeless. The navy background is home to a lot of different patterns and swirls, all grouped in squares that make this curtain modern and full of life.

8. Playful Tassels

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It’s hard to describe this curtain without referring to the master craft behind it. You can also get lost in the details, and the colors of choice are stunning. The tassels on the overlay are playful but very elegant. They can be matched with floral or damask wallpapers, but also with brown or red upholstery.

9. Velvet Blues

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Here’s another fine piece of embroidered curtain, with small tassels that adorn the inner edges. The color is just at the border between green and teal, and it has a velvet look to it. It is, no doubt, a great example of an elegant curtain, which would fit perfectly into a guest bedroom, but can adorn any room with upholstery just as well.

10. Delicate Lace

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Lace lovers will adore this blackout curtain, which is feminine and sweet, without being too overloaded with color and details. The floral print is very subtle, so you have to pay really close attention to see it. Because of the finesse of this curtain, it makes a perfect addition for a master bedroom or a living room that has light furniture.

11. Work of Art

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If embroidered blackout curtains are your thing, here is a stunning piece that will draw the attention of every guest. The details have turned this curtain into a work of art, but it does add a lot of weight to the room, so it doesn’t really fit into a minimalistic setup. It’s best suited in rooms with massive furniture, especially bedroom and large dining rooms.

12. Wish Upon a Star

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Blackout curtain may have been chosen for their utility, but they’ve become regular décor statements, available in all ranges of prints, colors, and models. This particular one is made with a double layer. The sheer layer is covered in super gradient design, while the block layer features hollow stars. Perfect for setting a dark ambiance.

13. Stylish Taupe

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If you can’t decide between brown and gray, how about a blackout curtain in taupe, which is basically a combination between these two? The simplistic elegance is perfect in not-too-colored rooms, especially when you want to give the ambiance a more serious tone. Goes great with warm colors, such as olive, pink, or soft yellow.

14. Futuristic Metallic Curtains

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On the market looking for cheap blackout curtain ideas? How about this gradient blue curtain, which is available for a couple of dozen bucks? The metallic print is very futuristic, and the choice of colors looks amazing. The curtain features a modern geometric pattern, making it suitable for living rooms, bedrooms, and even studies.

15. Flower Gradient

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If I could cut this curtain and make a dress out of it, I’d do it in a second. The white curtain bears a floral imprint, in a set of heart-warming colors. From a distance, it’s almost as if you are lost in a field of poppies. The colors are chosen, as well as the gradient visual cue created by the flowers,  are a true decoration masterpiece.

16. Silver Lining

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Made entirely out of polyester, the elegance of this blackout curtain surpasses all expectations. Both thermal and light insulated, the curtains bear a silver floral motif, which is reminiscent of those beautiful snowflake Christmas tree decorations. Nevertheless, this is still a curtain for all seasons.

17. Curtain Feels

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There’s a very exquisite vibe I’m getting from these blackout curtains, something with a romantic topping. The rustic theme is great for country-style decorated rooms, and the combination between brick red and golden top and ties is just marvelous. The overlay bears the inscription “live, love, laugh”, and what could be more beautiful?

18. Rain of Flowers

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How does one bring spring into their home in the middle of winter? With a set of blackout curtains like these, of course. The right purple floral pattern is just a delight to look at, being efficient in keeping out unwanted light, while also bringing light inside the home thanks to the joyous pattern.

19. Milky Curtains

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Such an elegant nude pair of blackout curtains mustn’t pass by unnoticed. They bring a wonderful effect when the open window allows wind to caress their surface. It’s almost like looking at someone pouring milk into a hot cup of coffee in slow motion. Simply beautiful!

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Bottom Line

Blackout curtains will always have their utility, no matter how much you love basking in the sun while you’re still in bed in the morning. There will always be a time when you want so badly to sleep during the day and that when blackout curtains will mostly prove their worth.

Was there any model you fancied in particular out of all the 20 we’ve shown you today? In which room do you feel your favorite blackout curtain would go best?