53 Different Types Of Beds, Frames, and Styles

It’s pretty hard to imagine that there are so many options when it comes to buying a new bed or frame. With the variety of materials out there, you can mix and match to your heart’s desire. Do you need something flashy to go with your flashy home? We have you covered. Are you looking for something a little more old school and vintage, we’ve got you covered there as well. No matter what type of decor or home you have, there’s a bed or frame in this list that will go perfectly with whatever you have.

Bed Types

Here is a detailed list of all of the different types of beds from around the world that you can add to your home.

#1. Folding

Folding beds are quite unique. These have a hinged frame that allows you to fold the bed up into a smaller space., or into the wall as seen in this photo. These are ideal for small spaces or rooms that have dual purposes such as guest rooms or studio apartments. You can fold it out at night when you are ready for bed and fold it back up when company comes over. Some of these beds can be put into closets, fold on a wheeled frame, and even into different enclosures for display. They make ideal dorm beds.

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#2. Platform

platform bed

Platform beds completely eliminate the need for bulky box springs. They are made with rows of flexible wooden slats or a latticed structure that can support even the heaviest of mattresses. The platform gives the mattress the proper ventilation to avoid mold and mildew buildup.

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#3. Panel

panel bed

Panel beds are made with flat, decorated, and tall panels of wood for the headboard and footboard. These are divided into sections with molding, just like wall paneling. These are similar to platform beds, only they have side rails that allow for the use of a box spring and mattress.

#4. Sleigh

Sleigh beds look exactly how they sound, like a sleigh. These have scrolled head and footboards made from heavy wood. They can be made from a variety of materials that include aluminum, iron, and steel, though not as curved as wood. These are quite an exquisite piece of furniture that was first found in the early 19th century French and American Empire period.

#5. Murphy

murphy bed

The Murphy bed is named after William L. Murphy but dates all the way back to Thomas Jefferson. These beds fold into walls to create space when not in use, similar to the folding bed. They are vertically stored against a wall or inside the wall. You can get these with nightstands, shelves, and storage units built around them.

#6. Trundle

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Trundle beds are popular in kids and teen bedrooms. The reason for this is because they are 2 beds in 1. The main idea behind this is for space saving. You can leave the bottom bed tucked away until a guest needs to use it. All you have to do is pull the bottom bed out and it’s ready for use. It’s not as bulky as a bunk bed and it is suitable enough for even the smallest spaces.

#7. Day

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Day beds serve many purposes. You can sleep, lounge, recline, and sit on them. These are popular in guest rooms because of their multipurpose use. They can be made from a variety of different materials and they are shaped as a cross between a couch, chaise lounge, and a bed.

#8. Poster

poster bed

This type of bed is built with four vertical columns in each corner. They can be pointed, square, rounded, or whatever other shape you can get them in. You can also get them with a canopy and in other sizes.

#9. Pencil Poster

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These were created in the 1700’s throughout New England. They feature the four posts with a point at the top of each one. They can either be single or have a frame attached above for the addition of a canopy.

#10. Low Poster

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Low posts are common in a lot of households. These have the four posts on each corner, but they are only a few inches in height and can have a variety of tops to them. They can be pointed, round, square, etc.

#11. Half Poster

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The half poster bed features the four posts on all four corners, but the headboard posts are higher than the footboard posts. This makes for easier placement in smaller bedrooms and flexibility when walking around the bed.

#12. Canopy

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Canopy beds are similar to the poster bed except that the posts are all connected for the use of the canopy. You can either drape the canopy or leave it open. There are also two different styles of canopy bed.

#13. Contemporary Canopy

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Contemporary canopy beds are thin when it comes to the frame. They don’t feature the decorative pieces that the traditional beds do. This makes it easier for it to fit in with the decor of your room. These are usually made from metal or wood.

#14. Traditional Canopy

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Traditional canopy beds are flashy and decorative. They also usually feature bulky posts and are almost exclusively made from a heavy wood connected to a decorated foot and headboard.

#15. Divan

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Divan beds are the ideal solution for those who are limited on space. Most models of these beds have drawers built into them for storage that you may not be able to fit in your bedroom. If you want a model without the drawers, you can opt for the standard Divan which can be custom made for those smaller spaces. Their soft headboards also make sitting up in bed more comfortable while reading or watching television.

#16. Futon

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The futon is a solution to small space problems. These beds are a bed and a couch in one. When you aren’t using it as a bed, you can fold it up into a couch. They come in a variety of frames, such as metal and wood, and you can interchange the mattress to suite your specific comfort needs.

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#17. Double Decker

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Double decker, or bunk beds, are ideal for bedrooms that are shared by multiple children. Traditionally, it’s one twin bed stacked on top of another with a ladder leading to the top bunk. Over the years, there have been other variations created.

#18. Loft Bunk

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Loft bunks are actually just the top portion of a bunk bed with an open space in the bottom for a desk or even a small couch. These are perfect for rooms with limited space and you can get them with desks built in as well. If you wanted, you could also add a smaller twin bed under the loft bunk if you need more sleeping space.

#19. L-Shaped Bunk

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These bunks are similar to the traditional kind, except instead of the beds being aligned with one another, the bottom bed sticks out, making an “L” shape. These can come with a futon on the bottom or a regular bed.

#20. Twin Over Full Bunk

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This type of bunk bed accommodates multiple sleepers on the bottom bunk and a single sleeper on the top. The bottom bunk is a full size and the top is a twin, making the lower bunk larger than the top.

#21. Futon Bunk

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Futon bunk beds are ideal for bedrooms that need sitting and sleeping space with limited room to do so. The top bunk is a twin and the bottom is a futon. You can fold it out at night to sleep and fold it back up during the day for sitting.

#22. Bunk With Trundle

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This is the crème de la crème of bunk beds. This bunk type features a traditional bunk style and the bottom bunk also has a trundle. So, instead of being able to sleep 2 people comfortably, it can sleep 3 and nobody has to share.

#23. Cabin

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Cabin beds are part of the bunk bed family, but they come with all kinds of bells and whistles to help manage the clutter in your child’s bedroom. They can come in a variety of styles, colors, and sizes. They can feature drawers, shelves, rollaway desks, and more.

#24. Cot

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Cots are extremely handy when you have unexpected overnight guests. These types of beds are portable and can be stored when not in use. When you need it, just fold it open and it’s ready to go.

#25. Half Tester

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These are close to the poster bed family, the only difference is that they have low feet. These beds were popular in ancient times, but aren’t today. Although, they are elegant because they have a half canopy over the headboard rather than over the whole bed. They can also come with lighting built inside.

#26. Storage

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Storage beds are generally encased in real or faux leather with a huge space underneath for storing your personal items. When you need to store something, just lift up the bed portion and there you go. You can also get these with large drawers on each side of the frame for storing sheets, clothes, or anything else you need in an organized fashion.

#27. Air

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Don’t get these confused with air mattresses, although those are also great for occasional sleeping needs. Air beds are more permanent forms of air mattresses and they are for in home use only. These can be found in pull out couches or as regular beds. They are great for healing certain aches and pains because of their ability to be manipulated from hard to soft or vice versa.

#28. Water

Waterbeds, believe it or not, are still used today by some people. These beds are filled with water, initially made for medical therapies, but are being used more domestically. They provide the ideal support your body needs to help reduce tossing and turning. Some would even call it an orthopedic bed. You can get these in all sorts of sizes and they can come on a variety of different frames.

#29. Adjustable

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These beds have the ability to be adjusted into different position to provide your body with the support and comfort you need. You can raise the head or the feet of the bed, like that of a hospital bed, and it can help relieve pains and stress when in the right position.

#30. Sofa

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Sofa beds are similar to futons. They are built inside of a couch and when it is ready for use, you just pull it out and fold it down. The size depends on the size of the couch, but generally they come in queen size beds, but you may be able to find it in a king size bed, too. The best part is that when it is in couch mode, it still looks like a couch rather than a folded up bed.

Queen size is the most popular sized bed for adults. It’s easy to find many frames to fit your mattress and decorating needs. Check here for more information.

#31. Hanging

These beds are unique. They are actually beds that are attached to the ceiling, connected to the floor by a ladder. They are ideal for small rooms and allow optimal space underneath for a desk or bookshelf if you build it high enough. If you don’t want to be suspended as high, they can be hung lower to the ground.

#32. Deluxe Couch Bed

This is more than just a couch that pulls out into a bed. This specific piece of furniture can actually turn itself into a bed or even bunk beds. It unfolds itself into the bed that you need based on the model you choose. These are great for smaller spaces.

#33. Hammock

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The hammock bed isn’t commonly found in all homes and it’s definitely a different type of bed design. These require a big of ingenuity and creativity. They are made with a stretchy net material and is attached to a makeshift frame. It’s then suspended over the open area above the next floor down. It’s like sleeping on a giant hammock in your bedroom.

#34. Ottoman Bed

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The ottoman bed is a unique design. During the day, it’s just an ordinary foot rest, but at night, it converts into a handy twin or single bed for company or your child’s sleepover. They can be made from a variety of materials including microfiber and leather.

Bed Styles

In this portion, we will go through the different bed styles that are available.

#35. Modern

First Image

Second Image

Third Image

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Modern style beds are simple and up to date. They have little to no decoration and are often thin and flat. They can have a lot of contemporary crossovers, but it’s definitely not traditional or vintage. These are the styles that fit into any modern home today.

#36. Cottage

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Cottage styles are old fashioned. They can feature fancy headboards with carvings, but they are more traditionally known for their painted decorations. They can also be simple and elegant with just a white finish over the wood and a curved headboard and footboard.

#37. Mission

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The style of these are rather unique. It features designs that focus on horizontal and vertical lines and flat panels that make the grains of wood stand out. These are up-to-date look and has the ability to fit in with any decor you may have.

#38. Traditional

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The traditional style features designs from all of the older eras. These can include poster, half tester, canopy, or a different variation of each. With these styles, you will get that timeless look with the elegance of modern day touches.

#39. Country

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Country style beds have a rustic look to them. They are usually made from wood with a tall, flat headboard. They can also be made to look like paneling and can feature posts. They may also be made from wooden logs to give it a woodsy feel.

#40. Retro

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The retro style beds are a combination of many things. It features old fashioned details and vintage designs, all while remaining moderately modern. They are unique and fit into almost any decor you throw at it. Antique beds are always a crowd pleaser.

#41. Rustic

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If you like the outdoors look, you’ll love the rustic style. It’s similar to the country look, but it doesn’t really have any modern features to it. These are vintage looking and are popular in older homes or homes that want the vintage look in them.

#42. French

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French style beds are elegant. They feature romantic inspired headboards and sometimes footboards. They are much like upholstered beds and they are another ideal choice for sitting up in bed because it’s comfortable.

#43. Mid-Century

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These styles incorporate features from the mid 1900s with a traditional style. They are generally made from wood and give your bedroom a vintage feel. They can also have retro-like upholstered head and footboards.

Frame Styles

The last portion of the list is all about different styles of frames.

#44. Metal

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Metal frames are common and inexpensive. They don’t really have the pizzazz of wooden bed frames, but they are much lighter and easier to move around. Most of the time, they are adjustable, making it easier to switch bed sizes, unless you have the head and footboard version rather than just the support base. These are almost always used with box springs unless they are used for a bunk bed. In that case, they have bars that support the mattress without having to use a boxspring.

#45. Wood

This is one of the oldest building material for furniture. It can be carved, cut, painted, etc., to make beautiful pieces. They can be rustic, vintage, country, cottage, and so on. These are also much easier to buy with shelves in them. They give your bedroom a homey feel and welcomes guests warmly. You can also get wood designs in a variety of finishes and styles.

#46. Woven

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Woven furniture is a fancy term for “wicker”. Wicker furniture is old fashioned, but being used more and more in homes and for outdoor recreation. These frames give your bedroom a country-like look and they are known for being lightweight and sturdy. They are generally made from plastic or plant based materials.

#47. Brass

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Brass is an elegant and old fashioned look. These frames can come in a variety of styles, with or without head and footboards. These frames usually have a vertical bar look or a curved head or footboard. They are generally lightweight and sturdy.

#48. Upholstered

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These headboards are absolutely stunning. They are usually quite soft, making sitting up in bed much more comfortable. They often feature the buttoned look and offer a luxurious and decorative touch to the bedroom.

#49. Ornate

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Ornate bed frames are beyond beautiful. They are usually extremely detailed and add a touch of luxury and elegance to any bedroom. These frames can come in a variety of sizes and can be made to look like almost anything. These are the types of frames that you would find on Victorian beds.

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#50. Wrought Iron

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If you want something more vintage, yet durable, you’ll love wrought iron frames. These are simple, but with just a touch of flair. They can feature scroll work in the head and footboards and since they are made of this material, they are going to be quite heavy, but sturdy.

#51. Bookcase

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This one is basically as it sounds. These bed frames feature bookshelves in the headboards. They are ideal for the frequent reader for for someone who needs the extra space for their personal items. They can be attached to bunk beds, trundles, traditional, and more.

#52. Distressed

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These are vintage looking. They are purposely made to look like they have flaws and imperfections, as if they were just taken out of a home from the 1950s. They are done up this way with sandpaper or a paint stripper to give it the worn out look.

#53. Lighted

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These frames feature a lighted headboard so that you don’t have to struggle with lamps and dim lighting when you are trying to read in bed. They can be made from a wide variety of styles, shapes, and materials.

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Well, there you have it! Those are 53 types of beds, styles, frames. Who knew there were so many different types of beds available. Having that many options may seem like a bad thing, especially if you are unsure as to how you want to decorate room, but on the flip side, if you have already decorated and need a bed to match, chances are you’ll find the perfect one. If you enjoyed this list, feel free to share or leave us a comment below.

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