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35 Spectacular Bedroom Curtain Ideas

Have you ever wandered the curtain aisle of your local department store wondering which curtain would go best with your room? I’ve been there a lot. I can’t tell you how long I used to stand in that aisle looking at the same fabrics over and over again. If you’re looking for something new and improved, check out these 35 curtain ideas to avoid staring at a row of plain ol’ curtains and valances. You would be surprised at how new curtains can make it seem like you gave your room a makeover.

Master Bedroom Curtain Ideas

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#1. Seafoam Green & Cream

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This room has a few colors that would be hard to compliment without sticking to plain white. The room itself is white with seafoam green walls. So what they did here was match it with some long cream colored panels and accented it with seafoam green sheer half curtains. They don’t completely block out the sunlight, but the sheer ones dim it down a little when needed. It’s a good idea for those who want to keep their room bright and vibrant.

#2. Neutral Colors

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I love the colors of this bedroom. It has a very neutral color pattern with a lot of grey, white and tan. It wouldn’t be hard to find some curtains that match the room, but they went all out and hung curtains with grey and pink in them. Rather than having one big set of panels, they covered each window and “connected” the rods to make it look like it’s one long rod of curtains. This makes it easy to keep one window covered and one uncovered if wanted.

#3. Patterned

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These curtains are rather busy. Curtains like these are great for breaking up the blandness of single color rooms. This room has a lot of tan and beige, so the coloring of the curtains, valances and comforter really bring some boldness to the room. This is rather unique and probably not very easy to find unless they are custom made.

#4. Lots Of Gold

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I feel like this room would be something that you would see in the 1970’s. It’s definitely very vintage and elegant. They decided to stick with the main color theme of the room and go with gold wide panel curtains with the squared, flat valances to cover the rods. These panels are great for blocking out sunlight, but I don’t recommend it if you want natural sunlight to create lighting in the room.


Small Bedroom Curtain Ideas

#5. Dividers

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Who says you have to use curtains on windows? In this room, these large white panels are used as a divider from one part of the bedroom to the other. It blocks off the bed and gives you the privacy you need. If you don’t use it for privacy, you can use it as just an accent piece. It’s a cheap way to block off the bed rather than building another wall or door.

#6. Windowless

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Once again we see that the curtains are used without windows. These tan panels are used as wall accents to give the room a little bit of a pop. Not only that, but they used the panels as ceiling decor. Sure, it’s going to cost a little extra for all of those panels on the ceiling, but it gives the room an amazing royal feel.

Bedroom Curtain Ideas With Blinds

#7. High-Low

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I love this window treatment idea mainly because of how unusual it is. A lot of people will match the height on both sections, but this person did not because of the height of the panels. Also notice how their shade is also on that tiny window next to the bed. How cute is that!? This type of window coverage is great for those who want a choice in how much sunlight is allowed in. You can double close it or leave one open and the other closed.

#8. White Over Tan

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These curtains are very elegant in my opinion. A lot of times, people will only use the sheer white curtains in fear of overdoing it on their windows. In this case, these blinds are optional. If the sheer panels aren’t enough to block out the lights, you can either draw the blinds or use it along with the panels.

Baby Room Curtain Ideas

#9. Elegant Panels

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Whoevers baby this room belongs to is very lucky. All of the furnishings in here are very vintage and fancy, including the curtains. The curtains, in combination with the blinds, are perfect for blocking out that pesky sunlight when the baby is trying to sleep. When the blinds are up, it lets in just enough light to brighten up the room.

#10. Pink & White

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The obvious theme here would be pink and white. However, the grey walls gives it a little something extra and breaks up the brightness. The curtains are a beautiful pink and white striped decorative pattern with the soft dip valance. The blinds underneath are very traditional and keep the bright sun out of the baby girl’s eyes.

#11. Triangles

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This children’s room is a quirky one. It features bright colors, shapes, and funky furnishings. The curtains are a beautiful light grey with triangles on them. I like this idea because it gives the baby something to focus on while they’re laying in their crib. It’s not too bright on the eyes, it does well for blocking the sunlight during sleep time and they can be tied in different ways.

Mens Bedroom Curtain Ideas

#12. Blackout

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These curtains are for the men that want their room to be completely dark even when it’s extremely sunny outside. The room itself is overly dark, but the thick dark blue/grey panels make it even more so. They go with the overall flow of the room, matching the color scheme.

#13. Black & White Striped

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Most men like to have manly colors in their rooms. In this case, this man has fur in his along with dark and light colors. They have the black and white rug and the black and white pillows. They were somehow able to find curtain panels that go with the colors of the room very well. These panels look thick enough to keep out the light just enough to make it semi-dark.

White Bedroom Curtain Ideas

#14. Sheer White

These curtain panels make the room so much brighter. When you have bright sunlight coming in and it hits those panels, it brightens everything up. These are combined with a beautiful curved valance for a little more decor. Sheer panels are extremely easy to find and really don’t cost too much. So if you’re looking for something elegant, yet practical, this is what you’ll want.

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#15. White & Gold

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The color scheme of this bedroom is obviously white and gold. They use mostly white with the gold trim. Including the window treatments. If you can see, there are gold curtain rods, matching the decor of the rest of the room. On them, there are white sheer curtain panels. These seem like they are strictly for decor, but they may also give just a small sense of privacy as well. Again, white curtain panels are usually very affordable and always a good option.

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Grey Bedroom Curtain Ideas

#16. Long Panels With Blinds

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If you have a room that’s grey and you can’t seem to find any curtains to go with the flow of the colors, just go with these metallic grey ones. These are long panels paired with designed blinds to add extra privacy. These would be optimal for those who like to have their windows open, but want to keep their bedroom activities private. Just close the curtains and let the breeze in.

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#17. Simply Grey

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This bedroom is composed of black, tan, grey and white. You could really pick any color you wanted to for the windows that match the flow of the bedroom, but here, they went with a light grey. They have shutter style blinds build inside of the windows which add the cutest look to the room. When they want their windows open to allow light to reflect off of the light walls, they can just open those curtains right up.

Blue Bedroom Curtain Ideas

#18. Very Teal

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I love the colors in this bedroom. It’s not too blue and not too white, there’s just the right amount of both. Sometimes, too much of one color can be very overpowering, but that’s not the case here. They had curtains made to match the pattern on the pillows, which is pretty awesome in my opinion. If you have the money to do it, I suggest having some custom panels made to match a pattern that you like inside of your room.

#19. Navy Blue Patterns

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Dark colored walls usually mean that the bedroom won’t reflect a lot of natural sunlight. In this case, they made sure they added a lot of white colors to it, including in the curtains. These blue patterned curtains are paired with blue and white striped blinds. If you’re one who likes to incorporate different patterns into one area, this may be a style that would work well for you.

#20. Blue & Sheer White

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The one difference between this room and a lot of the other ones is that beautiful hardwood flooring mixed with those grey/blue curtains. These curtains look as if they are mounted to the ceiling, which is a good idea if you want to block off a hallway or closet in your room without drilling into your trim. In this case, there are the beautiful panels with the sheer ones added for extra pizzazz.

Green Bedroom Curtain Ideas

#21. Unique Coloring

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I can’t say I’m in love with the colors chosen here, but the green catches my eye a little bit. Here, they have a beautiful cascade-type valance with heavy panels. They go beautifully with the color of the bed skirting and headboard. There are quite a few different patterns here, but somehow they work well with each other.

#22. Simply Green

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I am so in love with the green-ness in this room. My favorite color is green, which makes it more appealing to me. The curtain panels that they use look very heavy, but they’re very traditional.I really like how the curtain rod is hidden by the drop down in front of the door. My only thing is, who would want to block a view like that?

Purple Bedroom Curtain Ideas

#23. Silky

If you like silk, this design is for you. This is a beautiful violet and white colored room. The purple breaks up the massive amount of white around the room. The curtains are very loosely tied up at the top to create a unique droopy look. Under them is a white sheer panel to block out some of the sunlight and add privacy.

#24. Extremely Purple Patterned

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There is so much purple in this bedroom, it actually makes my eyes hurt. If your daughter or niece loves the color purple, this is one way to really brighten up their room. I love how they used curtains and paneling behind the bed. It gives it a little something extra to look at. I also really enjoy the way they used the zig zag pattern on top of a solid purple blind as an accent feature.

#25. White & Purple

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This room has a lot of elegance to it. The mattress is set upon a traditional sleigh bed, but surrounding that beautiful wood color is so much purple. They did a good job of not overdoing the window treatments. They used a patterned white and purple design. It pairs beautifully with the rest of the room, especially those hanging glass lights.

#26. Not Too Much Purple

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This is a great idea for those who don’t want to overpower the room with even more of one color. The curtains in this purple room are see through. This creates the illusion that there is color to the paneling. It’s broken up by the white accents on the top and bottom of the panels. The other nice thing about these curtains is that they won’t block out that beautiful natural sunlight.

Bedroom Ideas With Red Curtains

#27. Circles

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Solid colors can be super boring to the right person. This is why this bedroom has a lot of circular patterns to it. The curtains are draped way up high on the wall, making the bedroom appear larger than it really is. The patterns make for a really good distraction. It also makes the room brighter than it would if it were a solid red panel.

#28. Plaid

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This style is very rustic and perfect for those woodsy folks who like to be out in the wilderness. These curtains match the comforter, creating a very unique style. It’s hard to find patterned panels that match anything in a bedroom unless you special order it. So, if you are looking for something to go with that log cabin or house in the country, this is it.

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Bedroom Sheer Curtain Ideas

#29. Sheer Over Sheer

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This room is very white if you didn’t already notice. This is the perfect paint color for brightening up any space. They made it even better by using sheer curtain panels. The best part is that they are using two different colors to break it up a little bit. If they don’t want it too light, they can keep one set open and one set closed.

#30. Three Tiered

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This is an absolutely beautiful curtain design. The windows are tiered, which would usually make for curtaining very difficult. This design features three rods at different levels. Two on the bottom and one at the top all with sheer curtains. It keeps the natural light bouncing off of the hardwood flooring.

Brown Bedroom Curtain Ideas

#31. Zig Zagged

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The way they have these curtains set up is pretty awesome. They zig zagged them around the windows so that each one was covered. They can move the panels any way they want to allow maximum or minimum sunlight in. This is a very rustic idea to go with that wicker storage bench \at the end of the bed and white quilt.

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#32. So Much Drapery

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There is so much draping going on here with those brown curtains. First, they match the bed linens, which is rather impressive. They also created a beautiful canopy-type illusion behind the bed using a Moroccan-like design. There’s also curtains acting as a canopy above the crib as well. Pretty nifty stuff!

Pink Bedroom Curtain Ideas

#33. Sheer Pink

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There is a whole lot of pink in this bedroom, making it super shabby chic. What they did with the curtains is a pretty neat idea, too. They pulled the bed out a little and created a window illusion behind it with the sheer pink curtains. I’m not really sure how I feel about all of that pink, but hey, the cat is rather cute on that pink fur bed!

#34. For A Princess

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When I was a kid, this is the bedroom I wished I had. I would assume that the headboard is custom made, because you can’t find that anywhere that I’ve ever looked. The curtains, on the other hand, are rather easy to come by. They are essentially a bunch of sheer panels put together in multiple layers.

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#35. Pink & Shiny

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This room is very contemporary but elegant. There isn’t a whole lot of pink in here, other than the comforter and those heavy curtains. They go beautifully with the hardwood flooring and white iron bed frame. These curtains are absolutely stunning around those large windows. Once closed, there probably won’t be much light going through them.


Well, there you have it! 35 unique and colorful bedroom curtain ideas. For every color room and every style, there’s always a type of curtain to go with it. Whether it’s sheer, heavy, dark, light or patterned, it will fit in somewhere. Now that you have some more ideas in your head about what you can do with your curtains, share it with your friends so they can have the same ideas as you if they’re having trouble designing their rooms.

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