18 Retro Themed Bedroom Ideas

When it doubt – going with a classic is always fashionable, especially when dealing with how to decorate a room. Although you could pay an interior decorator a whole lot of moolah to come in, check out the space and do all the grunt work for you (and if that’s your thing, no judgement) but instead of seeking professional help, just flip through the pages of old, retro magazines you could find in a thrift store.

When it comes to your bedroom, it should be fun, comfortable, and above all else, completely you. If you’re having a hard time trying to find ideas for an authentic, retro bedroom you can call your own, we’ve rounded up a few images that may steer you in the right direction.

Check out the list and hopefully become inspired by all these great ideas for retro bedrooms!

1. Time Warp

It’s almost as if you’ve been transported back in time for a stay and grandma and grandpa’s house, but without the strange conversation and sometimes weird smells. Not only is this bedroom comforting (just check out that teak ottoman) but it’s truly beautiful. This is a perfect example of taking it back, without losing any sort of modern flair. Everything from the mahogany woodwork to the flowered bedspread make this setup a delightful blast from the past.

2. Bohemian Bliss

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What’s not to love about this bedroom? Everything in it screams Bohemia with these unique, handcrafted designs. I love the use of art behind the bed in place of a traditional headboard and the drum set night stands are incredible. This would be the perfect bedroom for a young adult or someone who is just young at heart. Most of the work with this bedroom would be having to find these truly unique color tones and patterns to fill the space without making it too different from the rest.

3. Greyed Pastels

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This bedroom is super gorgeous! Just check out the muted and greyed tones of the retro-inspired colors of teal, pink, and metallic. Back in the day, these bright colors were everywhere. But now, with a slight tweak on the tone, it can be a stylish modern day bedroom that pays homage to the fun era we all know and love!

4. Sock Hop Rock


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This looks like the bedroom of a kid from the ‘60s or ‘70s that has a band, cool sneakers and is in love with the prettiest cheerleader in school. Although this story is cliché, there is nothing cheesy about this bedroom. The woodwork in this setup is truly beautiful – everything from the dressers to the bed frame. The hardwood floor is a perfect base for the funky retro patterned carpet and the more subdued but still delightfully retro bedspread. The curtain pattern matching the throw pillows is a great touch.

5. Seventies Glamour

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This massive and spacious bedroom is everything that said ‘high-end’ in the seventies. The high ceilings, the gorgeous and super detailed mural above, the tassels on the ottoman, etc. The use of the iconic colors like olive green, gold, and rosey pink definitely makes this a retro inspired bedroom any fan of the era would love.

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Modern Retro Bedroom Ideas


6. Throwback Bedroom Hack


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I love this bedroom! It’s simple, yet completely unique. The light blue walls only compliment the natural woodwork of the dresser and headboard in this bedroom. I can’t tell exactly who is on the pillows on the bed, but it’s a nice touch to throw in some famous singers, artists or actors into the mix. I absolutely love the funky plastic chair and that lamp on the nightstand is fabulous. You could probably find a lot of this stuff at garage sales or thrift stores. You could easily find treasures like these, repurpose them and fit them into your room to create your own masterpiece.

7. Mod Bedroom

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Patterns, patterns, patterns. There are patterns galore in this bedroom! Again, colors and patterns like these are so important for capturing a time period bedroom. I love the abstract, multicolored wall paper in this bedroom so much. This would be delightful for a little girl’s room or a young adolescent. The teal vanity desk in the corner brightens up the room and reminds us that though this is a vintage theme, we are still modern and fabulous. The neutral colors of the bedspread and throw pillows help reduce the business of the walls. It all works great together.

8. Turn up the Funk

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This room is reminiscent of the late ‘50s or early ‘60s. This would be perfect for a more masculine take on bedroom décor, since it is minimalistic without any business or bold colors. Although that could be argued due to the heavy use of black in the room, but the mustard yellow and beige cut the effect (quite literally) in half. I absolutely love the wicker chair in the corner. Using wicker in a room like this would definitely transport guests back in time since wicker was used so often.

9. Flower Power

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I would have loved this bedroom as a high school kid. The ‘70s era seems to come back more often than other time periods. I think it’s because of the peace and love that draws people back in. This room is fit for the young hippie in your life. The way the bedspread and wall paper match is truly incredible. This had to come from a set, unless someone was just really great at matching patterns and colors. Even the retro radio on the nightstand is a great touch. Use your own finds to make this bedroom unique to you.

Retro Teenage Bedroom Ideas



10. Shimmer and Glimmer


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I love this idea and better yet, it can be executed so easily! The patterns on the walls truly make this room unique, and thankfully, wall stickers are totally a thing. Paint the walls a subdued (but fun) color and top them off with some funky stickers. These metallic starburst stickers are so great for the color and furniture in the room. This is a perfect room for a teenager who loves all things retro. The teak or wood bed frame looks incredibly bold against the sparkly wall and the bedspread with those pillows are to die for.

11. Vroom Vroom

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This room is perfect for the teenager in your life that loves cars! Especially vintage cars. What’s not to love about this car themed bedroom? All the interesting art on the walls could be found easily online or even in a crafting store if you can’t find them in garage sales or thrift stores. The bedspread should be easily attained, as well, since the love for cars will never go out of style. The nightstand doubles as a pretty great dresser with all those brilliantly colored drawers. This is the perfect room for any teenage boy.

12. Science is Cool

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Here’s a great bedroom idea for the scientist in your life. The planetary mobile in the center of the room is completely unique and really brings that extra level of fun to the room. I could even imagine those glow in the dark stars all across the ceiling for an extra effect once the lights go out. A lot of the décor in this room relies on the paintings and graphics throughout the space. The bed setup and room décor is relatively simple. The room looks clean, organized and full of fun stuff any science buff would appreciate.

Retro Girl Bedroom Ideas


13. Cute and Cozy


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Here’s a cute and cozy vintage bedroom that would be perfect for a young girl or anyone who appreciates comfort. Even in a smaller space, you can spruce it up and add your own colors or flair to the room. The vintage telephone on a stand in the back is a really cute idea to maintain that vintage look without being overpowering to the space. The funky curtains in the doorway also keep the room youthful and fun. The hat boxes in the corner are a nice touch and any box could be used with a little paint or wallpaper to make them as unique as you want.

14. Simply Floral


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This is a great, simplistic way to draw in the mood of vintage with floral patterns. The bedspread is the star of the show in this layout. The floral print is great and the underlying olive color of the bedspread keep that “flower power” feeling alive. The needlework artwork on the wall next to the bed are great focal pieces that are adorable and unique. There are so many vintage attributes to the room, yet the room is young and fresh. The simple white walls and bedframe leave an open canvas for all the floral elements.

15. Nifty Sixties

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Here are a few great examples on how to keep a girl’s bedroom retro and mod. With bold colors and patterns, the ‘60s will be brought back to life. Thick lines, flowers, colors and textures can be utilized to create an ideal space that any young girl would find absolutely adorable and fun. Keep as crafty as you like in adding various elements from the time period to make the room feel more authentic. This could also be a fun project for kids to work on and a way for them to make the room their own.

16. Pink Dream


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What little girl doesn’t like pink? Definitely not the little girl this bedroom belongs to. Almost everything in this bedroom is a shade of pink! The carpet, walls and bedspread are all shades of pink with varying patterns. This keeps the room from feeling boring or “overly pink.” The fun toys and that little deer statue bring more character to the room, while those hanging lamps bring a level of class and glamour. This bedroom is definitely girl, and would be perfect for that little girl who loves that retro feel, too.

Retro Small Bedroom Ideas

17. Rose Bouquet

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At first glance, this bedroom seems fairly underwhelming and not quite retro-esque. But with a closer look, you can see the minor details. Things like the creative use of color pallette to incorporate the greens, reds, and golds familiar to the old eras. And the use of historic themed art mirrors the popular decor trends of the early days. Super cool, and really cute. This would make a great spare room or boy’s bedroom.

18. Sky’s the Limit

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Don’t worry if you have a small space you need to decorate – in this photo, the sky (or ceiling) is the limit. The black walls play as a canvas for these great retro posters. Whether it’s a movie, hair band or other artist you want to immortalize on your walls, having a high wall for posters is the way to keep that retro feeling. The simple bed and nightstand are almost afterthoughts when compared to such great artwork on the walls.


So, as you can see, there is a retro style room for just about anyone with this nifty list of ideas. No matter the time period, research can be done and dreams can be made a reality with so much to possibility.

Conduct some of your own research, or just stick to one of these ideas provided and see what you can come up with! With all these bold patterns, brilliant colors and interesting room embellishments, you can definitely accomplish your perfect retro bedroom getaway. Did this list of awesome retro bedroom ideas get your creative juices going? Like, share, and comment below!