Candace Osmond

Bedding Expert, Product Tester and Writer

Candace is one of The Sleep Judge’s experts and product testers. She has a vast selection of experiences to pull from when creating the quality information our visitors come to find. She’s adamant about sleep health and knows just how important it is to our well being.

Candace resides in the cold, wet, but oh so beautiful Eastern Shore of Canada where she always finds time to go camping. When Candace isn’t testing and reviewing sleep products, she can be found reading or traveling (often at the same time), playing with her two beautiful children, and relaxing by an open fire.

Candace’s Sleep Profile In Her Own Words

When it comes to sleep, I don’t mess around. I’m adamant about my 8 hours every night and strongly believe that proper sleep health affects everything else in your life. When I’m experiencing sleep deprivation my life suddenly becomes unmanageable and I’m not the person I like to be. I prefer a mattress that’s nice and firm for my back, as that’s the position I lay in. I don’t like my pillow to be too soft or too thick, either. I feel that when my body rests in a nice straight position, I wake feeling strong and healthy.