35 Mezzanine Bedroom Ideas

Sometimes we get tired of looking at the same old things every single day. One thing that I am simply sick of looking at is the design of my bedroom. It’s rather plain and there’s really nothing special about it. I know that there are people out there who feel the same way about their bedrooms as I do, which is why I created this list of 35 awesome Mezzanine designs and ideas. This list is full of helpful ideas that can have your bedroom looking amazing and unique using lofts and bunk beds.

#1. Scandinavian Style

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This cute mezzanine bedroom epitomizes everything I love about Scandi-style decor: Clean lines and a minimalist vibe that blends textures and soft hues to make a sleek, modern decor feel warm and inviting. Notice how the black and white color palette, light wood accents, and the open staircase to the second level where there’s a dresser to store clothing, creates an overall sense of calm and relaxation in a smartly functional space. Light flows in from the windows, yet the floor of the upper level shields the sleeping area from the glare to create a sort of cave vibe. The simple brilliance of it all makes this bedroom a place you’ll dream about falling asleep in.

#2. Attic Space

If you have an empty attic and need a guest room, why not renovate it and turn it into one of these beautiful Mezzanine creations. This particular room features that simple platform bed frame and a gorgeous area rug. There’s not much light, but what does happen to be there bounces off of that very reflective hardwood flooring. There’s also a small office area that they created with those glass pieces.

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#3. A Child’s Dream Room

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I can’t think of any little girl that wouldn’t want a bedroom like this. It’s definitely one of the cutest Mezzanine bedroom ideas for small bedrooms that I’ve seen. There’s plenty of space for multiple children to play and have a sleepover, which means you won’t have to sacrifice your living room. This room also features a loft, which could be used for extra sleeping or just hanging out and reading a book.

#4. Lots Of Lofts

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This is an extremely unique bedroom idea. I say that because of the multiple landings and the netting that keeps the children safe from falling off the stairs and out of the loft. It gives the kids plenty of space to run around and play while you sleep soundly on the bottom platform. Notice how the bed is built into the floor. This gives you optimal space without sacrificing anything else.

#5. Loft Sitting Area

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This reverse mezzanine bedroom has a spacious sleeping area with a raised loft used as a sitting area and office, a convenient way to easily slip from bedroom to workspace for that new work-from-home ethic that so many of us are loving. I especially like the access ladder with its handrails, something that is often missing in other ladder designs, and super useful to keep your balance as you hold a coffee on your way up to the office.

#6. Raised Platform

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The way this room is laid out is very unique and offers a lot of lighting to reflect of fof the floor. The bed is set upon a raised platform which connects to a small sitting area above the bed. This is the simplest way to create an extra area without sacrificing any more floor space. Those floating stairs that lead up to the sitting area are extremely simple and and doesn’t take space away from the bed area.

#7. High Platform

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Not a fan of traditional bed frames? This bedroom idea is one that you don’t see very often. It features this high platform for a bed that you have to walk up some stairs to get to. This created a whole new look to the room and kind of gives you the feel of two different living spaces in a small area. The top is for sleeping and the bottom is for all of your other necessities.

#8. One Giant Room

Photo credit: Archi_Viz/Shutterstock

Styling one large room to fit in everything while maintaining a level of privacy isn’t easy, and that’s why I love this set-up. The wide-open space is made expansive with those slanted, vaulted ceilings, walls of windows for tons of natural light and a clean white color palette softened up a bit with warm, light-brown floors and tall greenery in the form of potted plants. And, in spite of all that brightness, the sleeping area has been smartly ensconced upstairs under the protected slant of the ceiling to provide a cosy private enclave for the bed. Talk about smart!

Mezzanine Bedroom Ideas For Small Bedrooms

#9. All-In-One

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The setup that they have here is about as perfect as it can get for such a small living area. They have combined the living room closet, office, and bedroom into one small area. They created that awesome closet area with the bed above it to maximize storage space and living space They also used some bright colors to help brighten up such a small area with ease. This is something that you could even do in a child’s bedroom to give them their own personal space.

#10. Double Bunks

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If you have more than one child with only one bedroom, here’s a simple solution. This bedroom features two bunk beds in their own little cubby holes. This gives each kid some privacy. The bottom bunk features storage, so there’s no use for dressers. On the side, there are stairs leading up to the top bunk, also doubling as a bookcase. It’s definitely a super cute idea and the kids will love having their own little private area.

#11. Quad Bunks

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I’ve seen this idea a lot and almost did it with my own son’s bedroom. This picture only shows two bunks, but on the other side, there are actually 2 more, making it 4 beds in one room. That’s a hard thing to accomplish if you have a small bedroom. This gives all the kids enough space to play while also having an adequate sleeping area. It’s perfect for sleepovers if you only have 2 kids but want the extra sleeping space.

#12. Tiny House Bedroom

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Tiny houses are known for being, well, tiny. They have very limited space, so if you’re working with the same situation, whether you’re in a tiny house or not, here’s how you can make your bedroom fit. The bedroom here is set up in a loft area, giving you all the space possible downstairs for your other living areas. Don’t expect to put all of your dressers and whatnot up in this bedroom because it offers just enough space to sleep.

#13. Bunk Over Two Beds

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Having three kids is tough enough, trust me on this, but when it comes to finding enough space for all of them to sleep, even tougher. This is why I love this design so much. It features those two twin beds under a top bunk high up in the air. This gives those sleeping on the bottom plenty of space to rest while giving the top bunk mate enough room to sleep as well. This frees up a lot of floor space in such a small room.

#14. Bunk & Loft

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This is another one of those tiny house designs that are meant to save you space in such a small area. This living area features a makeshift bunk bed with a landing leading up to the top bunk. This gives the top bunk person a little bit of their own space while not taking any away from the person using the bottom bed. There’s still plenty of room for other furnishings and it won’t make the place seem too crowded.

#15. Hidden Play Area

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I am so in love with this design because to me, it brings some imagination back into a child’s bedroom. This room features a small bed in what appears to be a rather small bedroom. This doesn’t give the child much room to play. But wait! Check out where she’s going. She’s going into a secret play area, almost like an indoor tree house. It’s secluded, yet safe, and there may even be another bed up in there.

#16. Simple Platform

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This is a very small living space, but they seemed to make the best out of it. They have that bookshelf over on the other side of the wall, giving them an area for their books and other belongings. Then, there’s the bed. It’s raised up on a platform with a closet area on the left side. It’s a very spacious closet with enough room to hang all of your delicate clothing. Under the platform is another storage area for things that you would want to keep out of the way.

#17. Studio Apartment

Photo credit: Archi_Viz/Shutterstock

Real estate is expensive and so you may find yourself living in a studio apartment, where space is at a premium. This super clever design gives you everything you need in a tiny space — including an office and a swing! The loft-style bed is easy to get to with the attached ladder and perfectly fits a bed. The arched opening and wired wall enclosure may make you feel closed in, but for me, it’s a way to feel safe and secure knowing I won’t roll over during the night and fall to the floor. And that color scheme — you can’t help but feel happy.

#18. Small Bunks

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If you don’t have a ton of length for bunk beds, try this solution. These homeowners decided to use a bottom bunk with storage and by the looks of it, they used short mattresses rather than the standard size. The top bunk has a railing that matches the beautiful wood design of the rest of the room. I also love how they used a splash of color with that area rug to brighten up the room.


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Mezzanine Loft Bedroom Ideas

#19. Loft With Spiral Staircase

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A lot of people associate spiral staircases with large, elegant houses. Not in this case! This small home features a living area and a loft above it with a spiral staircase leading up to it. I really like how the light colored wood mixes with the black coloring of the stairs and railings. It’s a very unique look and really gives the whole house a homey feeling.

#20. Green & Black

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Now this is my kind of room! My favorite color is green, so this design really catches my eye. I am absolutely in love with the black and white stripes. This particular design keeps the living area completely separated from the bedroom area without actually closing it off. It’s a very good option if you have a small apartment and just not enough room for all the furnishings to be in one area.

#21. Country Loft

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This is an amazingly stunning country house, one that I wish I were living in. It has that huge kitchen and dining area, which means there’s probably little room for bedrooms, especially if it’s a smaller home. So, what they did was create a loft for their bedroom area. It’s closed off from all of the other rooms, and when you want complete privacy, you can shut those barn doors and close off the banister.

#22. Romantically White

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Do you think that you need a big, extravagant room to impress your partner romantically? In this case, nope! This room screams romance with that bright white paint and those candles on the stairs. The bedroom area is separate from the living area, being in that loft section. It’s a design that can be easily created in a basement or a small apartment.

#23. Nothing But Wood

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If you like the natural wood look in your home, then you will love this loft area. If you haven’t noticed, a lot of these modern Mezzanine bedroom ideas are lofts. This particular loft is large enough for a bed and a sitting area. The bed is simply placed on the floor, rather than on a bed frame. This loft overlooks a lot of the lower level of the home, but it isn’t closed off. So if you don’t like people listening to you sleep, you may want to tweak the design a little.

#24. Rustic Tiny House

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Here we have another tiny house with a tiny bedroom. However, the design of this tiny house is gorgeous. The wooden inside is stunning and mixed with the grey colored hardwood flooring, it’s extremely unique. Way up high, there’s the bedroom area, which is just large enough to fit the bed and nothing else. This is definitely an idea for those who are extremely minimalistic.

#25. The Perfect Girly Room

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When I was a little girl, I wish I had this bedroom. It’s the perfect little girl’s room and has tons of space for playing, sleepovers, and hangouts with friends. They kept the downstairs area clear of too much clutter by adding the loft area as the play room. This frees up space in your home as well, especially if you were using a guest room as a play area. Now, your daughter will have her own space to do what they want without cluttering up the other areas in your home.

#26. Modern Loft

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Small homes or apartments are very difficult to arrange with furniture, especially if you have a ton of stuff. This home, which is rather small, features two bedrooms. One if downstairs and one is in a small loft area that comes off of the kitchen area. If you don’t want to use the loft as a bedroom, it would be the perfect spot for a reading nook or something of the sorts. The rest of the house is very minimalistic and they used built-in shelves inside of the walls rather than bulky shelving that stick out.

#27. Small Elegant Space

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This home may be small, but it sure is elegant. The downstairs features beautiful hardwood flooring and a lot of lighting. Then, there’s a set of normal stairs leading up to the loft area. The loft is closed off with wrought iron banisters and wide open everywhere else. It has that very unique headboard that matches the drapes in the living area. This is something that would work well in a small home or apartment.


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#28. Making The Best Of It

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Here, we have a bedroom that has very little space. It’s obvious that the second bed was absolutely needed, but there was nowhere to put it-story of my life with 4 kids. So, they decided to make the best of it. They Made that little loft area up on top of the closet for just a bed and rather than building a set of stairs, they use a ladder, which is pretty crafty.

#29. Large Loft

Photo credit: Dariusz Jarzabek/Shutterstock

This warehouse-style loft has a beautiful, exposed brick wall, vaulted ceilings and enough space in the two-floor design to have a spectacular bedroom high above it all. While it’s true that noise from the kitchen and living area below might travel easily upstairs, the bed seems to be set far enough inside to create a nice sleeping niche that is large enough to not feel cramped. The open railing and the blanched wood floors add a touch of elegant sophistication to the overall look.

Modern Mezzanine Bedroom Ideas

#31. Large Spiral Staircase

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This design features a lot of the different ones that we have already discussed such as the spiral staircase, barn doors, and bright white paint and flooring. IN this house, they have that large staircase leading up to the loft area in this smaller A-Frame home. There’s plenty of space up there for a bed, sitting area, and maybe even a closet. This is one of those country looks that I love so much and highly recommend.

#32. Creative Closet Under Loft

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Okay, so the bedroom area in this house is pretty awesome, I will say that. I want to point out that rod hanging from the chain above the bed. It’s a huge space saver, eliminating the need for a dresser. Under the loft is another closet area surrounded by decorative curtains. This area is perfect for a dresser or if you want something stored out of the way of everything else.

#33. The Hanging Bed

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This has got to be one of the coolest bed ideas that I have ever seen. There obviously isn’t enough space for a second story and there sure isn’t enough space for a bed downstairs. So what they did was they created a hanging bed. All there is room for is that awesome mattress. It’s thick enough so that it doesn’t sink to the platform and it’s big enough for proper sleeping room. Under the bed is the living area, bathroom, and dining room all combined into one large room.

#34. Loft Sitting Area

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This looks like a bedroom that would be in an attic of an old stone house. They used their space very wisely. They created the loft for a separate sitting area and kept it away from the bed space. There’s still that chair and ottoman, but the loft gives you even more sitting space, especially if you want to be alone and out of the way. They used very bright colors on their furnishings to brighten up an unwell lit area.

#35. Super Bright & Large

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I will be the first to admit that this doesn’t look like it needs a loft in it, but then again, I’m not sure what else is in that room. They designed this space as a separate sleeping area, out of the way of the main living area. It’s painted bright white to allow the natural sunlight to bounce off of it and reflect since there don’t seem to be many windows. It makes it bright enough so that the sleeping area is well lit, too.


So there you have it, 35 Mezzanine bedroom ideas that are sure to spark your creative mind. There’s nothing better than sleeping in a freshly clean or redecorated room, well, for me that is. Whether you own a large or tiny home, you can build a loft area to serve multiple purposes, but they are best for discrete bedrooms or bedrooms that you can’t fit normally. I hope that you enjoyed these ideas and if you did, share, share, share!