50 Of The Most Spectacular Green Bedroom Ideas

I’m absolutely thrilled to be doing this list! If you’ve read any of the other bedroom ideas (if not, I suggest you do), you’ll know that green is one of my favorite colors. I don’t care what shade it is, whether it be lime, forest, emerald or pastel, it’s always going to be my favorite. Unfortunately, green can be a tough color to work with. The 50 items on this list will show you exactly how you can make the green colors work in your bedroom whether they’re subtle or in-your-face extreme. Remember, you can always customize it to make it your own.

Green Bedroom Ideas

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#1. Subtle Flowers

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Here, we see a beautiful, quaint room with light-colored neutral walls. They used a beautiful dark green pillow print, a solid green pillow, and a pale green bedspread to add a pop of color to the room. This is a simple way of incorporating such color into a smaller room without it being too overpowering. It’s a very elegant, yet simple room. I also really like how they put the brown trim around the ceiling to break up the white and it matches the bed frame beautifully.

#2. Lots Of Lime

Lime green bedroom

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I admit, lime is not for everyone, but this bright green hue is just such a happy color, done right, it makes a captivating bedroom. This bedroom color palette captures the essence of lime green without overdoing it. An accent wall sets the tone and complements the blanket on the bed and the smart trim on the white carpet. The use of tan and white as other elements calms the heady glow of the lime, tying it all seamlessly together for a beautiful effect.

#3. Simple Sage

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This is a vintage sage color that works well with smaller and larger rooms alike. This room is very elegant in its own simple way with its white panel bed and vintage nightstand. The bed is accented with patterned green pillows and a white comforter. Under the bed is what looks like a wicker area rug on top of a darker hardwood floor. If you want to color your room green but keep it simple, sage is the way to go.

#4. Emerald Green & Black

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Green and black is my favorite color combination. There’s something about the dark and light color that I love. In this case, we have very deep green, moreso an emerald hue, with a black headboard and black curtains. To me, it reminds me of something gothic, especially with the patterns all over the wall. This is also a very noticeably small room, which is why those mirrored nightstands is a good idea. It makes the room seem larger than it really is due to the reflection. I don’t think that this would be an affordable way to make your room over, but if you have the money to spend, I would highly suggest this scheme if you are looking for something dark and mysterious.

#5. Forest Leaves

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You don’t have to believe in the new trend of Forest Bathing to appreciate the textured beauty and varied green hues of forest leaves. And while decorating your bedroom with green forest leaf patterns won’t give you the same health benefits of real trees in a forest, it can give you a measure of calmness and serenity. Notice how this bedroom décor alternates bright, almost lime green and darker olive hues with hunter green for a deeply immersive experience.

#6. Soft Seafoam

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Seafoam is very similar to sage except that it has a softer tone to it. I love the way it brightens up this room without it being too bright. There’s a perfect mixture of seafoam and beige and the natural lighting is plenty for that room and color. This room is definitely simple in terms of coloring and patterns. The comforter and storage bench at the end of the bed both feature the tufted design, which gives them both a classy touch.

#7. Beautiful Teal

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Teal can be a hard color to work with, however, it is very simple in this room. Here, we have a teal lampshade and some other mixtures of the color in the comforter. Too much of this particular color can be a lot to take in, but with just a simple lamp shade, it’s perfect. It’s even the small designs on the lamps that really make the room come to life.

#8. Minty Fresh

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This is one of those mint green bedroom ideas that I would love to see in my daughter’s room. Mint is a light color, making it easier for natural light to reflect off of the walls. The bed features a beautiful mint quilt and the window treatments are a simple white to break up the green. This is an extremely feminine, clean and sweet room for any girl or woman.

#9. Green and Yellow

Green and Yellow bedroom

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Pairing green with yellow is like planting a garden in your bedroom. The colors go so well together, like the green stalks on a yellow-petalled flower. Of course, too much of anything isn’t good and since both of these hues are powerful on their own, it’s best to layer them gently, as seen in this bedroom. A soft, light mint green on the walls, a darker green on the folding divider, and random pops of greens around the room temper any overload. The same for the yellow accents — strong on the chair and more subtle in the geometric pattern on rug, pillows and artwork.

Black And Green Bedroom Designs

#10. Green Leaves

The black and green in this room is elegant. The walls are a simple white with some black accent pieces floating around, such as the lamps and the piece of wall art above the bed. On the bed is a combination of two different pieces of bedding. One is a very dark black and the other is a green leaf pattern. On the floor is a black and white area rug to match the pattern of the room as well.

#11. One With Nature

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Everything in this room screams “nature!”. These individuals bravely went with black walls. That’s something rather difficult to do, especially if you don’t have a ton of lighting to brighten up the room. However, they do seem to have large windows to make up for the dark walls. They also accented the walls with some green flowers and hung baskets from the ceilings with plants in them. On the bed we have another comforter with a leaf pattern and butterfly pillows, bringing the nature effect into play.

#12. Grass Green

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Everything about this room reminds me of the outdoors. The walls are painted a grass green color with flower stickers surrounding the matching wall art in the frames. The bed features a black and white comforter with a simple flower pattern accompanied by black, white, and shiny green pillows. Even the window treatments are black and white! That’s a lot of dedication to the mixture of colors.

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Navy Blue And Green Bedroom Ideas

#13. Navy Blue Accents

This is a rather unique color combination and not one that you see very often. In this room, we have a green ceiling and green accent along the walls. There is also navy blue trim along the bottom of the wall and along the top of the ceiling with the green. The windows are also all painted with that same blue color. Personally, this isn’t something that I would do in my own home because I’m just not a fan of the way it’s done, but I must say it’s rather different.

#14. Navy Blue Upholstery

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I definitely like this color scheme better than the last one. It’s more subtle and easier on the eyes, in my honest opinion. This room features a patterned upholstered headboard with brown nailhead trim work. It has a very vintage feel to it. The comforter is a white with a green edge to go with the green lampshade and green in the area rug. On the side of the bed is that navy blue nightstand. Everything about the room is simple and vintage.

#15. A Lot Of Patterns

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There is so much going on in this room. The bed frame has a Moroccan theme to it, which you can tell by the patterns on it. The rest of the room is splashed in green, white and navy blue. There are also some other Moroccan-type patterns on the purple pillows. This would be a nice theme for a teenager’s bedroom or for a college dorm.

#16. Elegant Navy & Green

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Ah, now here’s a theme that I could see myself doing if my husband liked the color blue that is. This room features those absolutely beautiful navy blue ottomans with naul head accents at the end of the bed, kind of like a makeshift sitting area. The area rug is another Moroccan theme type and matches well with the comforter set. Behind the bed, we see an emerald green wall. It doesn’t throw off the balance of colors and it definitely makes the navy pop.

#17. Elegance

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This is how you use green and blue in a bedroom without making it look like a child’s room. The walls are a beautiful melange green complimented by that navy blue upholstered wingback bed. The patterns on windows were made to match the patterns on the comforter, keeping the pattern flow simple. The navy blue really pops out when it’s combined with this particular green and gives the whole room an elegant feel.

#18. A Fun Kid’s Bedroom

A Fun Kid's Bedroom

Photo credit: Archi_Viz/Shutterstock

Whether for siblings or to always have an extra bed available for a sleepover, this fun kid’s bedroom with bunk beds is sure to be a hit. The two green accent climbing walls will be the envy of all the kids on the block, while the green on the window treatments, bunk bed detailing and the round area rug add just the right touch to tie the color scheme together. Accenting with yellow and light brown wood softens the overall look.

Brown And Green Bedroom Designs

#19. Sage & Brown

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I’m completely in love with this bedroom! With its different hues of greens and browns, it has a very woodsy feel to it. The room has a lot of different textures in it, including the velvet armchair, textured wood bench at the end of the bed, and the plush rug. The comforter on the bed brings the whole room together with its beautiful sage color and tufted pattern. These two colors are very natural and can compliment just about any piece of furniture that you want to put in the room. I actually went to a wedding that had this color scheme and it was absolutely gorgeous!

#20. Subtle Green

Most of the rooms that we have seen so far have been splashed with many different shades of green in large doses. This particular room has a very small touch of green on the bed and behind it. The rest of the room is a tan color and complimented by brown furnishings, such as the platform bed and shelving. It’s a great way to ensure that the green isn’t too overpowering against the other colors.

#21. Brown Carpeting

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I really like this room, mainly because of those beautiful brown area rugs, They have a wicker texture to them and flow nicely with the whole room. The one wall behind the bed is a very nice pale green color that matches the comforter on the bed and the pillows. The rest of the room is a bright white with beautiful molding around the walls and windows. This room has some very beautiful wall decorating styles to it.

#22. Into The Topics

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This seems to be an ongoing theme here, which is tropical coloring and designs. This particular room features bamboo shades on the windows and doors, white comforters with green accents and designs and beautiful hardwood flooring. One thing that I want to point out that really catches my eye is the ceiling fan. It’s a unique paddle fan that goes along with the tropical theme and decor.

#23. Exposed Beams

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The green in this room is sparse, but it’s beautiful. The ceiling features exposed wood boards with exposed beams as well. The flooring is a lighter brown and the walls are a gray color. On the floor, we find a green and white area rug and the same with the bed. It’s a very simple room with pale green coloring. Honestly, I think that this would work very well with any size bedroom and even guest room or kids room. It’s very conservative and allows the space to add other accessories or furnishings.

#24. Olive & Brown

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Earlier, we saw a room that had very subtle olive colors, well here’s a room with a lot of olive coloring. The entire room is encased in this color, with the exception of the brown furniture. The bed is a beautifully upholstered panel bed with the large headboard that matches the color theme. The walls are a light olive color as well with beige trim and crown molding. It’s a very elegant room with unique coloring.

#25. Into The Forest

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This is a kids dream room! It’s simple, but somehow very whimsical. There’s also a lot of green hues going on in the room as well. The walls are lime, the floor is a mix between lime, dark, olive, black and other mixes and the bedding has beautiful flower designs on it. On the wall next to the bed there are staggered shelves with plenty of space to put toys, books or other nick nacks. The whole room is a big green fantasy wonderland for your child.

Green And Gold Bedroom Ideas

#26. Modern Minimalism

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I deemed this modern minimalism because the room is minimal and the furnishings that are in it are very modern. The walls we see are a beautiful emerald color, along with the ceiling. Both of them have beautiful molding work as well. The floor is a very rustic hardwood with an abstract-looking gold carpet on top of it. There’s also the gold lamp on the corner to give the room some more light.

#27. Vintage Coloring

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This is more of a yellow-green bedroom idea, but this quaint little room looks like the perfect guest room. It has a very soft yellow wall paint with white trim around the ceiling and floor. The bed is covered with a green quilt and accessorized with brown and green pillows of different textures. The whole room is rather lovely and the two colors work extremely well with each other. I really like the fact that they used the brown shades for the window rather than going with a green or a white color.

#28. Fit For A Queen

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The room we see here has a lot of English elegance to it. The first thing I notice right off the bat is the drapes above the bed. They are a very vintage green color and drape beautifully over the gold panel bed with the hanging tassels. The rest of the room is a green and gold patterned theme with designs on the wall and floor. There are also gold fixtures and accessories throughout the room to give it that royal look.

#29. Asian Theme

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You can’t look at this picture without thinking that it’s an Asian theme. This room is filled with flower and tree branch wall decals against a goldenrod colored wall. The bed that rests upon the wall is a beautiful dark panel bed with matching nightstands. On top of the bed is a green and gold comforter with matching pillows, also with the flower design. To add some light to the room is also those beautiful ceramic bottle lamps.

#30. Colorful Kids Room

Kids love colors! This room is full of bright colors and plenty of storage space for all of their toys and books. The bed looks to be a wooden green lacquered panel bed with storage drawers built into the bottom. The comforter on the bed is a vintage gold patterned type that compliments the bed beautifully. To mix up the colors, they added the blue and white chair and window panels. This definitely isn’t something that you see every day, which is what makes it so awesome and unique!

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Grey And Green Bedroom Ideas

#31. A Beautiful Mixture

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The colors in this room are absolutely stunning. I love how simple they are and how well they all work with each other. The green against the grey is very soft and easy on the eyes. The custom bench and pillows feature a gorgeous design that matches each other. On the floor, we have a grey shag carpet that matches the upholstered Dublin winged bed. This may actually be my next room design.

#32. Teal & Grey

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This is another very nice color combination that we are looking at. The walls are a very soft teal color against that grey wood flooring. The bed looks to be a wrought iron frame with a grey patterned comforter and pillows. The room is very dimly lit by the string lights on the wall and a window off to the side. Overall, it’s a simple room with very elegant touches. I think that it would look even better with some kind of area rug or even a storage bench at the end of the bed.

#33. Very Minty

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Mint is a really nice color to have in a room. I love how well the mint blends with the grey, almost making it seem like the two are the same color. The walls are a light grey, as is the flooring. The bed is simple with a mint comforter on top with grey pillows and a grey side table next to it. Hanging off of the ceiling, also, is that vintage light-how cool!

#34. Unique Patterns

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So, this room is full of very unique patterns while keeping up with the green and grey color scheme. On the floor is a very swirly patterned area rug and by the desk is a vintage plaid upholstered chair. The bed features green and grey quilts against a grey wall. It’s definitely a different looking guest room. Honestly, if you didn’t want the comforter, any color would work against the grey walls.

#35. More Patterns!

And the patterns just keep coming! I love the patterns that are in this room. They are simple, quirky and somehow work very well with each other. On the bed is a grey and white patterned comforter with green, gold, white and brown pillows. The floor is a beautiful grey hardwood and the walls are also a grey color. This is a very cute tropical/nature theme. Did you notice that pretty awesome looking owl nightstand next to the bed? I don’t know where it came from, but I want one!

#36. Dark & Mysterious

When I look at this room, I see the mystery. The walls are a dark grey color and the window treatments are black. The area rug is also black and grey and the chandelier is black. However, breaking up all of the dark colors is that emerald-colored comforter and matching side table. This room is a mix of vintage and victorian, but I love it. Even those wall designs are elegant and really bring the room to life. A room that’s too dark can give bad vibes, but this one is just the right mixture of light and dark.

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Pink And Green Bedroom Designs

#37. Quirky Girls Room

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It’s pretty clear that this little girl likes Lalaloopsy (it’s okay if you don’t know what it is. I didn’t either until I had daughters). The room is filled with pink and mint green coloring. Pink and green is definitely a color scheme that we see more with teenagers and younger girls. This room definitely proves it. The one thing that breaks up that scheme, however, is the gold metal bed. It’s gorgeous and brings an elegant touch to the room.

#38. Palms

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Okay, so I recant my previous statement. This is an adult bedroom with very subtle pink coloring, such as the pillows. The walls, however, are covered in green palms. This turns the whole room into something tropical. So if you’re like me and constantly wish you were somewhere warm, you could look at the wall and imagine that you’re in the Bahamas. The rest of the room is white and gold, making it very nice to look at and honestly, affordable to design.

#39. Cloudy

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I’m not sure how they did it, but this room has clouds on the wall that look so real, I would think that the bed is floating in the sky. Speaking of the bed, it’s a simple wooden panel bed with a pink comforter and pillows, with the exception of one green pillow. Off to the side is green pots for accent pieces and a green hanging lamp. The room is simple but absolutely beautiful.

#40. Pretty In Pink

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Remember that one girl in high school that thought she was better than everybody else? This is what I would expect her room to look like. The bed is a bright pink upholstered platform style with a pink, brown and white comforter. At the foot of the bed are fuzzy white stools, kind of like a makeshift sitting area. Surrounding everything are vintage green walls. It’s an odd combination of colors, but something that I would expect a very preppy teenager to want.

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#41. Very Moroccan

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If you couldn’t tell. This is a very Moroccan bedroom. The bed is a beautiful four post canopy bed with pink and green sheer panels. There are pink patterned carpets throughout the room and the entire room is painted green with pink designs on the ceiling. There are very intricate designs all over the room, making it fit for royalty. If I could pull this off in my own bedroom, I totally would. The pink and green here is stunning and I love all of the accent pieces throughout the room. It really brings it all together in a beautiful way.

Orange And Green Bedroom Ideas

#42. Bold & Bright

So, orange and green, not something you see very often unless it’s on a sports team logo or jersey. Anyway, this room is very bright and bold. The walls are bright orange as is the recessed part of the ceiling where the giant green light is hanging. The window treatments are also a darker green with a patterned valance that kind of matches the comforter on the bed. The bed also has some green patterned pillows and behind it is a painting that matches the color of the window treatments.

#43. Lots Of Green

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Okay, it’s rather obvious that this bedroom is completely filled with green colors. The wall is a mix between a teal and lime color and the curtains are an emerald color to match the comforter on the bed. The bed also has a matching colored headboard which extends into the lime green panels on the wall. On the floor we find the bright orange shag rug breaking up all of that green. There’s also the matching side table with the cute little orange lamp to boot! This isn’t something that I would try, but it’s definitely unique.

#44. Simply Patterned

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Phew, a break from all of the bright colors that are blinding! This room is simple and the colors are very minimal. The wall is a flat olive color, one that we have seen a few times on the list. Against the wall, we have the upholstered bed with the patterned comforter. This comforter features the oranges, browns, greens, yellow, red and white, all of which work well with the olive walls. Off to the side is a simple white table with a vintage gold lamp on top of it. I honestly love the flow of colors here.

Red And Green Bedroom Ideas

#45. An Eclectic Room

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It’s hard to combine these two colors without making it look like Christmas all year round unless that’s the way you like it. This room features red and green colors, but in no way look like Christmas. The headboard is a beautiful upholstered flower design that matches the curtains on the window. I’m not really sure what the designs are, but they go with the color scheme of the room. The walls are plain white, which is a good idea because any other color would make it look too busy throughout the room. This is a vintage look that I personally wouldn’t put in my home, but if you like the eclectic look, this would be perfect for you.

#46. Simply Red & Green

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I honestly can’t come up with a witty title for this room, so I’m just leaving it at red and green. This bedroom is very simple but elegant. The walls are a dark grey color with white baseboards. There are small green details throughout the rest of the area, including the jewelry box and wall art. On the bed is a mix of red and green blankets with white sheets and a white and black bed skirt. I really do love the color combination that they did here. It’s not too much on the eyes and it doesn’t look like Christmas exploded throughout the room either.

#47. Truly Beautiful

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I am so in love with the scheme of this bedroom! It’s both romantic and elegant. The main focal point here is obviously the beautiful silver finish mirror against the teal walls. This color both brightens and darkens the room, depending on whether or not the lights are on. The bed has a simple white comforter on it, but the pillows are what incorporates the red into the rest of the room, as well as the rug on the floor. Even the bed frame is a teal color. This person must really like this particular hue because there’s just a whole lot of it!

#48. The Color Of Roses

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When I look at this room, all I can think of is the color of roses. I mean, I guess it’s probably because of the roses sitting on the table. Anyway, the whole room is painted a two-tone green color in a striped pattern. Shielding the window are red and green panels that match perfectly with the other red colors throughout the room. The ceramic tile floor is covered with a red and gold, which is probably a good idea-ceramic tile isn’t cheap. The bed has a simple white blanket on it and the frame is upholstered with red fabric, I think that this is pretty awesome room design.

Zebra And Lime Green Bedroom Ideas

#49. A Playful Combination

A Playful Combination

Photo credit: Ground Picture/Shutterstock

This is a great way to inject a love of green into a whimsical bedroom design without the deep forest green overpowering the playfulness of the black and white polka dot decor. Pink accents signal this to be a girl’s room, but they can be switched out for light blue or something more neutral such as beige or tan, without minimizing the impact of green and the stylish touch of black dots on white.

#50. Zebra & Greens

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If you like zebras and green colors, this is a good idea for you. This room doesn’t have too much of the zebra print, it’s quite subtle. The whole room is a teal color with some lime accessories, such as the chair and the pillow on the bed. The rest of the accessories are the teal color, aside from the white rug, bench and zebra print rug leading into the room. This is a pretty awesome room and the colors aren’t too hard on the eyes.

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Well, there you have it, folks! Those are 50 of the most rad, elegant, unique and overall best green bedroom design ideas out there. These were hand-selected for your viewing pleasure and I hope that you like them. Not all of them are going to be your cup of tea, but a lot of them would work well in any home. Just remember, you don’t have to put too much of the green in your room, even just a small amount of it can go a long way.

The top three colors that I would use would probably be the teal, emerald, and mint. Those ones seem to have the best effect on the other colors throughout the room, especially with black and grey. Remember to give your room plenty of natural lighting and don’t be afraid to mix things up a bit. If you enjoyed reading this as much as I enjoyed writing it, share it with your friends or drop us a comment and tell us which one is your favorite!