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#35 Amazing Small Bedroom Lighting Ideas

Updated June 26, 2020

When it comes to lighting up a small bedroom, you may be worried about the space to light ratios. You don’t want to go with super bright lights because it will wash out a smaller room entirely, yet you can’t go with too dim lights because you won’t be able to see anything.

In this article, we’ve rounded up a few of the best small room lighting ideas that should work for virtually any small space. Check these out for some ideas and maybe you’ll be inspired by a couple of these cool concepts.

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#1. Geometric Lights

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These three geometric hanging lights pack a lot of punch even in this small space. Using light fixtures with interesting features is a great way to add some character into a room that can easily double as pieces of art. This will eliminate the need for so much clutter in a smaller space.

#2. Natural Light

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You simply can’t go wrong using natural light in a bedroom, no matter what the size of the bedroom is. If you are able to have a natural light source in a smaller bedroom, then you’re able to allow nature to basically do all the work for you. This is a great trick using natural light in smaller rooms.

#3. Wide Fixtures

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These three fixtures are wider than the standard light fixture you find in most homes. These definitely are a funkier way to add light into a room, but kind of like the geometric lights we saw earlier, these light fixtures add light and intrigue into space, doubling up their function.

#4. Interesting Lamps

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There are a few interesting lamps in this setup. Just because you’re trying to light up a small room, doesn’t mean that you can’t add some cool stuff. These little lamps are ideal for this bedroom because you don’t need a huge light fixture or a very powerful bulb to light it up.

#5. Light and Shadows

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This bedroom draws you in with intrigue and maybe even a little romance. This bedroom doesn’t have too much light, but that tiny, intricate bulb fixture definitely casts some interesting shadows across this bedroom. You have the accessibility to use smaller, more artistic lamps the smaller the room is.

#6. Matching Lamps

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This bedroom features several different light fixtures but they are all in gold. The eyes move easily around this room since the tiny gold lamps are the clear points of focus. This concept leaves the more intricate, bigger light fixture at the top of the room, while the smaller lamps act as bedside lamps.

#7. Hanging Bulbs

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These hanging bulbs are super cool because they are thicker and darker than your standard string lights. Since this bedroom is smaller, you don’t need so much light to illuminate this room and you’re able to get artsier with it. If these lights were placed in a larger room, their light would get lost.

#8. Sparkling Strings

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This smaller bedroom, which appears to be a small bedroom apartment, is easily lit up with these magical, sparkling string lights. This is a great use for string lights since they are adorable on their own and will make any space that much happier due to their presence.

#9. Chain Lamps

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These hanging chain lamps are the perfect addition to this swanky bedroom. Their interesting color and design help illuminate this room while adding some subtle decorative elements into space. These would look really great at night when they’re allowed to glow on.

#10. Decorative Side Lamps

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These longer, more tapered side lamps provide a great source of illumination as well as wonderful decorative elements in this smaller bedroom. The natural sunlight coming in to this room helps with the overall brightness in the room, so you can afford to get more dainty lamps.

#11. Sphere Light

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This sphere light in the center of the room is super cool and brightens up this smaller bedroom nicely. This would make a fun addition to a younger adult’s room or even in a spare bedroom to add some funkier intrigue into space. It’s nice to be able to play with space, no matter how small.

#12. Bubble Fixture

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This intricate bubble fixture features plenty to luxe up a small space. I mean, just because a bedroom is small, doesn’t mean it can’t look fabulous. These bubble lamps are super great because they are so intriguing and act as a functional chandelier, so it’s not just for looks.

#13. Hidden Lights

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This bedroom features a more modern way to light up space with these great vaulted or “hidden” lights. The side lamp on the table next to the bed is another great addition into this space because this is a way to add some extra décor without making the room too bright.

#14. Tropical Style Lamps

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These tropical style lamps look great in this bedroom because they adhere nicely to this tropical theme. What makes these lamps even better is that they are intricate enough to act as standalone light fixtures. You don’t need to add much more light into this room what with the natural light and the lamps.

#15. Box Lights

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These super cool box lights really add some brilliance into this modern bedroom concept. This would be a great light installment since it also kind of acts like scattered art. You can either try to find these lights online as is or you can probably make them with suitable glass boxes.

#16. Swanky Lamp

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This cool, modernistic lamp hangs just above the bed in this botanists dream room. Adding some funky light fixtures into a smaller space will only garner more attention due to the close range. You could switch up the bulb to create an even more interesting space.

#17. Recess Lighting

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This recess lighting is a great way to light up a room with these interesting little drop lights. They send cascading fountains of light down onto the wall space, which helps light up the room, but also looks super cool doing it. You could also use varying colors for added effect.

#18. Drop Ceiling Light

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This drop ceiling features light behind it that sends plenty of brightness throughout the room. This would be a good idea for an especially small room that doesn’t have access points for many lamps or fixtures. This is a really cool conception that mixes nature with architecture.

#19. Soft Lighting

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This swanky New York bedroom is small, but the soft glow lighting from these light elements make the room seem cozy and subdued. This is a great way to add light into a room via mellow lighting, rather than lights that are far too bright and hot.

#20. Glass Lamps

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These glass lamps look super great in this smaller bedroom. The cracked grey coat over these lamps give the lamps that sophisticated look while adding a little extra light into the room. The natural sunlight is spilling in from the windows in this photo, but I bet nighttime looks dreamy with these lamps.

#21. Romantic Hanging Lamps

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These scattered light lamps are super gorgeous and rather romantic addition to the bedroom. Since the shade of this lamp is intricately cut into various tiny designs, the light just shines out through them and litters the walls behind them with interesting light shapes.

#22. Bold Fixture

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This crisp and clean bedroom features a prominent, bold light fixture right in the middle of the room. This is a great way to make a statement with a smaller bedroom since these light fixtures will draw plenty of attention and they just look super great doing it.

#23. Wooden Table Lamps

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These table lamps are super interesting because they mix metal and wood together for this eclectic blend. The wooden frames of these lamps actually act as runners for the chord attaching the light bulb, so the lamp is kind of just hanging there. It’s a cool concept to modern design.

#24. Bulb Lights

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These bulb lights hanging over this bed are a modern way to get your light fixtures into a smaller space. Hanging lamps are always a classy touch, and these soft finished glass orbs are an extra nice touch. These lamps would emote a subdued, glowing light, rather than a super bright light.

#25. Multi-Directional Lamp

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This polished gold multi-directional lamp is the perfect focal piece for this smaller bedroom space. The light fixture features several long stems that hold interesting bulbs at the ends to send light scattering all throughout this space. This is a great modern focal piece.

#26. Caged Bulb

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This hanging lamp is super intriguing because it features a modern bulb with a caged barrier. This is the type of minimalist décor that you’d find in a more modern, small one bedroom apartment overlooking a lively cityscape. You can recreate this look in virtually any home setting, however.

#27. Rustic Lamp

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This larger, more rustic feeling lamp is the perfect addition to this small bedroom space. The brilliant natural light shining in from the huge panel windows definitely helps liven the space up, but once night falls, that rustic lamp will burn through the night in a soft, golden hue.

#28. Gray Space

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This bedroom is brilliant in grays and neutral tones, with a lamp that is appropriate for the décor. The lampshade on this lamp is a deep gray color, making the light shining from within more subdued and soft. Although using a lamp with a dark shade may not work in all settings, this setting is perfect.

#29. Tiny Side Lamps

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These tiny side lamps are the perfect companion to this cozy bed. The bulbs to these fixtures are also interesting since they are quite small but actually shine really brilliantly in this space. You can also use LED bulbs in place of standard bulbs in order to get that bright effect without any heat.

#30. Covered Chandelier

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This is an interesting light fixture because it features a small, golden chandelier and an actual lampshade. The shade encircles this light fixture casting a delicate golden hue throughout the space. This is a great idea for a small bedroom that needs a little something extra to open up space.

#31. Industrial Lamps

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These lamps are super cool in this modern industrial setting. Everything about this space screams minimalist, but there are plenty of interesting touches throughout this modern bedroom, such as those great single bulb lamps. The bicycle hanging in the back is also a nice added touch for this motif.

#32. Large Orbs

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These matching lamps on either side of this bed are large orbs with a single bulb, more than likely. This is the perfect setup for this modern apartment overlooking that great cityscape. Since the orbs are white glass, the light shining from within the orbs will surely cast a brilliant hue throughout the space.

#33. Ornate Lamps

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These large, ornate golden lamps do that great thing that intriguing light fixtures do, they act as pieces of art on top of lighting up the area. These are a great idea for a small bedroom because they are fun to look at and are also highly functional. A brushed silver lamp in this style would also look super great.

#34. Vault Ceiling Lights

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This small bedroom packs a huge punch with the vaulted ceiling and lined shadow lights. These lights, sometimes called flood or hidden lights, make space come alive with brilliant yellow and cream hues. This is a great way to illuminate a small space because the light virtually comes out of the tops of the walls.

#35. Country Loft

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This country style modern loft features plenty of elements from the old country and new. The highlight of this whole space is that gorgeous hanging lamp, which is hanging boldly right in the center of the room. This just goes to show how you can use light fixtures as a part of the décor.

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So, which small bedroom lighting idea did you like the best? Are you having trouble picking just one of these amazing ideas? I don’t blame you, they’re all super great. But hey, you could always start small at first – get the basics done. Measure the size of the space and calculate just how much light you’ll need to illuminate the space properly. After that, the décor can flow through.

Do you have any experience with lighting up a small bedroom? We’d love to hear from you! Please leave your suggestions or experiences below so we can get some more insight into the work involved. You’re next super gorgeous, the well-lit bedroom could just be a click away!