25 of the Best Modern Lighting Ideas for Bedrooms: #17 is Gorgeous!

When it comes to lighting up a bedroom, the possibilities can be endless. Do you want a brighter room or do you prefer a dimmer atmosphere? Where you position the lights is also just as important as the actual light fixtures themselves, so this could become another factor you haven’t really planned out yet.

Whether you want to entirely revamp a bedroom or simply add some accent lights throughout the space, we have compiled a modern lighting ideas for bedrooms list that has so many wonderful options for your next redecorating project.

1. Pendant Lamps

These pendant lamps are just about as modern as you can get. They’re called pendant lamps because of the way they seem to hang right in the center – much like a pendant you’ll see on a necklace. These nifty little lights may seem small, but once clustered like that, they’ll be sure to brighten up almost any room.

2. Hanging Lamps

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With so many types of lighting available out there, it may be hard to pinpoint exactly what type of lighting you’ll want for the bedroom. This list of ideas offers several different kinds of lamps that are sure to brighten the place up, the choice is yours when it comes to design type.

3. Side Lights

An interesting concept that has come up is the intrigue of side wall lighting. This type of lighting almost looks as if it’s creeping out of the ceiling, but really, it’s an effect created by long, thin bulbs cast across the top of the wall. This type of lighting is softer, so they can be ideal for a bedroom.

4. Lots of Lighting

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From accent lights to grandiose hanging chandeliers, you can virtually choose any kind of lighting for any kind of style bedroom you want. Whether you have a large room to fill or a smaller master bedroom, you can be sure to find any kind of lighting that would appropriately suit your tastes.

5. Bubble Chandelier

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This hanging bubble chandelier is adorable and a completely modern concept when it comes to interior lighting. This adorable concept creates a bubble-like effect that acts as a hanging chandelier. In all those tiny little bubbles, a pretty strong LED light will shine through, making the room bright enough.

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6. Svoboda Lamp

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This Svoboda lamp almost looks as if it’s connected to the wall, but upon closer inspection, you can see that it is actually a table lamp. This interesting lamp has a different shape that you don’t typically see every day. That wonderful shape, paired with funky colors makes for a truly interesting bedroom concept.

7. Geometric Pendant Lighting

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This geometric pendant lamp is a truly interesting concept that is not only modern, but very minimalistic, as well. The interesting design enables this piece to do well as a standalone or as a solitary piece of art for the whole bedroom since it’s so unique in design.

8. Medusa Light Fixture

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This intriguing light design features strands of light that coil out in all sorts of directions, appropriately giving it the name “Medusa” light. Much like Medusa’s hair of snakes, this wonderful light fixture will captivate all who see it, but thankfully, without the risk of being turned to stone.

9. Orbit Chandelier

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This glorious orbit chandelier is as bright as a starburst. This cosmically inspired design is ideal for a bedroom that is completely modern and also artistic. Since this is such a unique design, this light fixture would be perfect in a setting without too many distracting elements, as its beautiful enough to stand on its own.

10. String Lights

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This bedroom has some interesting string lights up above the bed, but unlike regular string lights, these lights are flusher and have two cords tying them together instead of one. This is a unique design that would be ideal in a more modern bedroom.

11. Puffed Chandeliers

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These chandeliers look just like little puffy clouds hanging about this child’s room. This would be the perfect addition to any child’s room since these chandeliers exude wonderment and magic. Who wouldn’t want their own sky full of clouds to gaze upon before falling asleep at night?

12. Outline Lights

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Sort of like those great wall lined lights we saw earlier, these lights are essentially in the same vein. These outline lights cast a very interesting hue throughout the room, giving the room an almost romantic feel instead of the too bright, customary lights you typically see in bedrooms.

13. Funky Light Design

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This lime green outline light is the perfect thing to make a bedroom look and feel exceptionally modern. This would be a great idea for a master bedroom in a home that appreciates all things modern. This concept has so much appeal, you’d hardly need more decorations.

14. LED Lamp

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These suspended LED lamps are a great way to brighten up a room and get plenty of attention in the process. These are a super modern way to decorate a master bedroom and what’s even greater about LED lights is that they will last for a really long time.

15. Wall Lights

These almost hidden wall lights feature a bright bulb against a dark background. In this case, the lights are shining brightly over a bed, which would provide plenty of lighting for the entire area. The fact that the lights are aligned against the wall is a great design concept, too.

16. Tiny Suspended Lights

These tiny suspended lights are the perfect design concept for that modern warehouse look. Although this master bedroom resembles something more a posh hotel room than an actual warehouse, there are elements in the ceiling and lighting aspect which adhere to that modern warehouse theme.

17. Minimalist Lighting

This minimalist lighting design is a classy way to illuminate the master bedroom. The delicate light strips up at the top of the ceiling and the more subdued lights from the lamps against the walls makes this room a modern living wonderland. Perfect design for a completely modern home.

18. Blue Light

Who says lighting has to be white? Jazz up the bedroom with some different colors, such as this blue light shining in from the window. You can use a colored light as an accent if you prefer the prominent light in the bedroom to be a more traditional, bright white color.

19. Soft Yellow

This bedroom features plenty of yellow. The lighting in this master bedroom is a calming, mellow yellow instead of a more traditional white glow. This would be an interesting setup for someone who appreciates things a bit more on the funky side.

20. Sparkle Wall Lamps

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These wonderful, sparkling wall lamps look so gorgeous, they can very well be the prominent lighting fixtures and the artwork in the room. If you have an interesting lighting piece, who really needs anything else, anyways? These lamps are glorious to look at and cast pure light across the room.

21. Small Spotlights

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The lights featured in this bedroom are more like tiny spotlights than anything else. But, unlike actual spotlights, these tiny lights pack a big punch when it comes to lighting up a room. Use these in several packs in order to efficiently light a space and cast an interesting glow.

22. Natural Light

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This bedroom features plenty of natural light but with a glowing, blue accent. Think of this as using colored contacts to bring out natural eye color. This way, the natural light is coming in as the prime source of illumination, but with some interesting glows to come in with it.

23. Pendant Lights

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This wonderful, bulbous pendant lamps are hanging gracefully on either side of this bedroom. These lamps feature a soft, wispy glow as they are cagey and allow the light from inside glow out perfectly. This would be a perfect addition for a cozier, yet more modern bedroom.

24. Flush Lights

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These yellow flush lights seem in line with the ceiling, but their glorious yellow glow cast an interesting light upon the room. Flush lights are great when you want that artificial light in a room but only when it’s actually needed. You can tell this room wanted to focus more on the natural light from outside.

25. Architect Lamps

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This bedroom looks like an architect’s dream. All these glorious white lights fill the space up with plenty of illumination, all while looking completely modern and intriguing. This is a perfectly modern concept that will definitely stand the test of time.

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So, which lighting concept do you find most intriguing? Stuck between a few designs and not sure which way to go? That’s okay. Why not figuring just how much space you need to illuminate first, then go with the type of style you’d like. For example, if you’re going with a more modern look, try the architect look. If you’re going for a minimalistic modern look, try the flush lights.

Have you remodel a room lately and incorporated modern lighting into it? We’d love to hear from you! Feel free to provide some insight into what materials you used and what light designs worked best for you in the comments.