33 of The Best Bedroom Lighting Tips to Illuminate any Space

When it comes to lighting up a bedroom, the task can seem daunting, especially when having to work with a smaller bedroom. Although the same task can be equally as frustrating when dealing with a large bedroom, there are plenty of ways to illuminate a room in just the right capacity.
If you’re not sure where to begin, don’t worry! We’ve compiled a helpful list of ways you can easily light up any room, no matter the size. Our bedroom lighting tips will help you illuminate any space with style and charm.

Bedroom Lighting Tips

a. Space-Saving Sconces

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A great way to add some light into a particularly small space is by using wall sconces. Not only do wall sconces save space, but they do a really good job in illuminating an area and can even set some mood lighting into the mix. These sconces, for example, are practically brackets of light that save necessary nightstand space.

b. Balanced Design

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This balanced design features plenty of different features for light to find its way in. The perfect balance of natural lighting and artificial lighting makes this bedroom easy on the eyes. Even better, when incorporating natural light into the mix, you save on some electricity costs.

c. Convenient Elegance

When it comes to incorporating convenience and elegance, you simply can’t go wrong with some decorative lamps. For example, these bamboo lamps create an interesting glow throughout the space, yet add plenty of light to the entire space. These lamps also add plenty of décor into the space.

d. Light Complements

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This bedroom features plenty of light to work with. The natural light spilling into the room via those large panel windows casts a stunning glow across the room, while the smaller circular lights at the top of the ceiling add some extra sparkle into the mix. This would also make the room great for sunset watching.

e. Limited Lighting

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Even if a space has very limited to no natural light, such as this bedroom with no windows, that doesn’t mean that you can’t effectively fill up a space with light. In this bedroom, the pure white color of the walls really helps expand the space and the light bounces off the white colored background.

f. Mix It Up

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This room features plenty of new and old lighting elements. Mixing the more traditional, heavily ornate light fixtures with the more modern minimalistic lights creates an intriguing space in this bedroom. The design of the actual room and the décor matches the feel and creates a classic, yet modern space.

g. Contemporary Alternative

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This contemporary bedroom features plenty of alternative features that light up the space. The natural light from the living space below makes this loft-like bedroom glow from the bottom up, but those tiny decorative lamps still cast a mellow, yellow glow throughout the space.

h. Bright Whites

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This brightly lit bedroom features plenty of bright, white lights. Again, since the color of the walls is sheer white, too, the bedroom just seems to glow. The intense white bulbs bounce off the intense white walls, which create a truly bright space.

i. Serene Atmosphere

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This serene bedroom features just enough light to glow up the space, but not make the space too intense with too much brightness. This dimly lit bedroom mostly relies on the natural sunlight spilling in through the beautiful balcony doors. This is a relaxing scene with a peaceful feel.

j. At-Home Getaway

This interesting space seems as if you’re on a constant tropical vacation from the comfort of your very own bedroom. This bedroom is full of light and bright elements that make the natural sunlight spilling into it even brighter. This bedroom exudes a happy feeling that is sure to last all year long.

k. Modern Charm

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This modern bedroom is both charming and intriguing. Since most modern décor features plenty of minimalistic features, this bedroom seems to open up the space with just enough decorative elements. This room has great light play, as the mirror seems to reflect the light throughout the space.

l. Enhanced Ambiance

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This gorgeous space features so much to love. With so many different lighting elements, it’s hard to decipher just which element is better. You can’t go wrong with so much natural lighting, but all the decorative, glowing lamps add so much intrigue into the space, as well.


Master Bedroom Lighting

#1. Jade Dream

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This bedroom features plenty to love. As a master bedroom, the clear color theme is this radiant jade color. That bold color, paired with so much lighting elements to work with, makes this bedroom perfect. The natural light paired with the soft glow of candle light is the perfect way to add interesting elements into a space.

#2. Modern Lighting

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This bedroom is full of plenty of modern lighting elements that makes this space so impressive. The incorporation of smaller, bright lights, panel lighting and the wonderful natural lighting from outside creates this gorgeous space that seems delightful to be in.

#3. Glow Lamps

This modern bedroom features truly interesting glowing lamps that almost resemble light orbs. This kind of space should have some interesting elements thrown in, and these lamps definitely do not disappoint. The colors scheme in this bedroom also makes the space seem to glow.

#4. Oriental Elements

This bedroom has plenty of oriental elements that are sure to please all kinds of tastes. As you can see, the lighting in this bedroom is softer, creating an intriguing and relaxing glow throughout the space. This sort of lighting, paired with neutral tones, is a great way to make a space tranquil.

#5. Shadow Play

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This interesting space is using light to play with shadows. The cut out backdrop in this scene makes the space fill up with light and shadows. Using an intricate wall like this one will help cast varying shadows across a space, creating a more mysterious and alluring bedroom.

#6. Fire and Ice

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There is so much to love about this modern, intriguing bedroom. Between that amazing “ice” sculpture looking chandelier and the actual live flames along the edge of the room, it could be really hard to decide just which light element overshadows the other in terms of intrigue.

#7. Cut out Wall

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There’s something super great about what happens to light when it’s flowing along a cut out wall. The shapes cast such intricate shadows across the walls, making the space seem naturally tranquil and serene. This is a great idea for a master bedroom or even a guest bedroom.

#8. Light Block Wall

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This lit up blocked wall uses the same concept as the cut out wall, as in it utilizes shape and shadows. This wall is lit up instead of shadowed in, but the light creates such a great outline. Not to mention, the unique form of lighting will definitely be unforgettable in any bedroom setting.

#9. Panel Lights

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This bedroom features, what appears to be, natural light that spills onto an illuminating panel. This is a great way to help light up a bedroom without having to spend too much money on actual lighting, as it is simply using the natural sunshine. This is also a great way to conserve precious energy.

#10. Lamps and Orbs

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Instead of using your ordinary, typical nightstand lamps, why not mix up the space with hanging pewter lamps and glowing orbs? Sounds promising enough, but just wait until you incorporate both of these interesting elements into one scene – absolutely breathtaking!

#11. Bright and Cheery

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This bedroom features plenty of light to make the space bright and cheery. You can use a customary lamp on a night stand, but you can also help spruce up the bedroom by incorporating other interesting lighting elements such as those great tea lights in the ceiling or even the lamp in the corner.

#12. Bold Chandelier

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This bold chandelier doesn’t have to be your primary source of illumination, but it will definitely demand attention in this bedroom setting. Although many chandeliers are used as a decorative element only, in this case, you could easily use a dimmer chandelier to make the evenings that much more interesting.

#13. Scattered Sconces

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This bedroom features some of those great, space-saving sconces with such an interesting design, they could easily be mistaken for art. You could even kill a bird with two stones in this bedroom setup, since these illuminating sconces are beautiful enough to be art, as well.

#14. Purple Chandeliers

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These twin hanging purple chandeliers would make this bedroom setup any young woman’s dream. Even an older woman – you can’t go wrong with purple and you can’t go wrong with hanging chandeliers. This is definitely a more elegant way to light up a bedroom.

#15. Heavy Chandeliers

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These twin chandeliers may not be physically heavy, but they definitely pack a punch within this bold bedroom. Using dark, subdued colors, this bedroom is perfect for anyone who loves the Gothic era, as this room is laden with heavy drapery and dark, mystifying lighting.

#16. Bubble Fountain

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These amazing light mobiles feature gorgeous, crystalline bubbles that seem to just dance from ceiling to floor. Almost resembling an actual water feature, these spectacular lamps are quite dry – but the illusion is quite real. This whole space is a work of art.


Cool Lighting for Bedroom

#17. Progressive Light Fixture

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This incredible light fixture looks like a series of sea green bubbles clustered to create a gorgeous glow across this bedroom. This just goes to show how creative you can get when choosing a light fixture that is suitable to your tastes. Feel free to have a little fun with it!

#18. Paper Lanterns

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Almost an imitation of those gorgeous Chinese paper lanterns, these baubles will hang just as delicately above the bed in this gorgeous concept. Although the lamps may not be actual paper or even handcrafted (if they are, even better) these still offer a gorgeous look to this space.

#19. Pendant Piece

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Pendant light fixtures as gorgeous as this one are hard to find. The reason being is that they are a subtle cross between a chandelier and a customary light fixture. It takes a true artist to craft a pendant light since they are delicate, but also highly functional. This piece is one of the most gorgeous pendant lights I’ve ever seen.

#20. Mid-Century Zen

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This photo is everything you’d hope mid-century Zen would look like. These lamps in the corners are reminiscent of intricate bird cages that were popular among the royals of that time period. This is a great way to get a blast from the past, without overdoing it.

#21. Sparkle Lights

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This is such an unusual, but amazing lighting concept. The tiny, sparkling lights shine out behind the backdrop of this bedroom while the intricate caged lamps hang delicately on either side. These two fixture styles combined just mesh so well together, you almost couldn’t have one without the other.

#22. Space Case

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This bedroom is far out … literally. This space themed bedroom has just enough celestial charm that any space geek would nerd out for it, but has plenty of charm and class to where even the pickiest modern realist would absolutely fall for this style. This is a great way to light up a world – in this realm or another.

#23. Warehouse Lamps

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This warehouse setting is quite popular when it comes to utilizing a more modern look. I love the piped light fixture in the center of the room, as its super cool on its own, but naturally draws attention to the hanging lamps below it. These are all within the same idea, but entirely different styles.

#24. Trapezoids

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A geometric daydream, or a simple light fixture? You can be the judge of this glorious bedroom. This intricate lighting element at the back of the room creates such depth and intrigue due to the sharp edges highlighted with golden light. This is a great concept for any type of bedroom and will definitely draw necessary attention.

#25. Uplifting Bubble Background

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This uplifting bubble background creates the perfect light space for the scene. The bubbles naturally rise to the surface, so that concept in itself is empowering. That same empowering feeling is felt throughout this bedroom thanks to this delicate, but entirely intriguing, light fixture.

#26. Tangled Metal

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This tangled metal light fixture, or chandelier, looks amazing in the center of this bedroom. This is the perfect light fixture for the scene, as this bedroom evokes a sort of modern warehouse feel to it. Anyone who loves all things modern and minimalistic will love this scene.

#27. Cascading Lights

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This cascading light mobiles are cheery and truly exceptional. Their intricate design makes this bedroom seem completely modern with a touch of class and whimsy. It’s easy to give a room that ethereal feel by way of lighting, since there are so many different types of fixtures and lamps that evoke that feeling.

Lighting for Bedrooms Ceiling

#28. Crown Molding Light

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As if crown molding wasn’t impressive enough already, this cool design features a fun glowing light throughout the utmost part of the crown molding. This is a truly elegant design concept that you’d expect to see in some of the most popular hotels in Las Vegas, but hey, why not the bedroom?

#29. Sparkling Panel Lights

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These sparkling panel lights really light up the joint with their super bright bulbs. This is a great way to save some money because with lights of this capacity, you only really need a few of them. This will not only save you money, but it will also save you space and conserve all that energy.

#30. Bouquet Lights

Well, this is a light fixture you don’t see every day. In this gorgeous ceiling fixture, twin bouquets are strung together creating this flurry of flowers and light that makes this room truly illuminescent. This is a great way to catch a guest’s eye and incorporate this exquisite work of art, too.

#31. Pendant Light

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This gorgeous pendant light lights up the scene in this interesting bedroom concept. The flowing material within the light makes the fixture look lofty and soft, much like flowing fabric. The interesting flower fixtures in the background help create this delicate, ethereal scene.

#32. Bulb Drops

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These funky lit bulbs are literally dropping from the sky! Okay, maybe not literally, but they do look like fat water droplets ready to take the plunge. This would be a really cool design idea for a boy’s room or even a children’s play room since the lights are sure to please people of all ages.

#33. Illuminating Art Panel

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This amazing concept features a whole panel of art lit up by rows of tube lights. It’s almost as if the lights are acting as a red, or in this case, white, carpet to the exquisite art that it’s outlining. This would be the perfect design concept for an art studio, if you prefer not to put something this grandiose in a bedroom.


So, which design is your favorite? Are you more on the modern lighting side or do you like the customary, more traditional flair? If you can’t pick one style of lighting, you can always mix and match, or even add your own mix of light features to create one amazing bedroom.
Have any experience in lighting up a bedroom or revamping an old light fixture? We’d love to hear from you! Feel free to add your comments in the section below so that we can gain some more insight on this illuminating topic.