Small Master Bedroom Design Ideas - Decorating Tips and Tricks

Not everybody is fortunate enough to have a huge master bedroom in their home. It can be tough to decorate your room with huge ideas but limited space. You probably wouldn’t believe it unless you saw it, but you can turn your small bedroom into something spectacular just by adding some bright paint or incorporating one piece of furniture into another to save space. We took the time to bring you 17 tips for decorating a small room and another 25 design ideas.

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17 Tips For Decorating A Small Bedroom

If you aren’t sure where to start with your small room, check out these helpful tips and tricks that can help maximize your space.

#1. Nooks

Nooks are perfect for maximizing space. You can place one anywhere in your bedroom, including above the bed. They give you plenty of storage space for books, knick knacks, and anything else you want out of the way.

#2. Keep Colors Consistent

If you pick a color that you can incorporate throughout the entire room, it will make it look larger.

#3. Increase Window Size

If you can, replace tiny windows with large windows. This gives the illusion that the room is larger than it really is. Not to mention, more light makes rooms look bigger as well.

#4. Add Some Decor

Adding decor to your bed is a great way to spruce up the bedroom. You can make it the focal point of the room as well by placing eye-catching items on it.

#5. Lighten Up The Room

Using light colored paints in a small room give it the illusion that it’s actually much bigger than it is. If you use dark colors, it will make it look smaller and gloomy.

#6. Invest In Round Furniture

Grab yourself some round nightstands. These take up less floor space and they are easier to walk around and don’t have sharp edges to bump into.

#7. Storage Ottomans & Benches

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If you place a storage ottoman or bench at the end of the bed, it gives the illusion of making the room look larger. It also makes great storage for extra linens and other items you need out of the way.

#8. Bigger Bed

Invest in a larger mattress or a larger canopy bed. Huge canopy beds in small spaces give the illusion of a larger space because of how large the bed appears to be.

#9. Use A Flat Television

If you choose to have a television in your room, make sure it’s flat and hang it on the wall. This will free up space on a dresser or completely eliminate the need for an entertainment system or television stand.

#10. Add Ceiling Visuals

Adding visuals to the ceiling will take eyes off of how small the room really is. If you have the option, tray ceilings are perfect for making a room seem bigger than it really it. Paint the ceiling a bright color as well, bright = big.

#11. Eliminate Clutter

Clutter is notorious for making rooms appear smaller than they really area. If you can’t see any of the base board of your floor, you have too much stuff in your room. Consider moving it or getting rid of it. When you do this, it will open the room up beautifully.

#12. Keep Furniture Low

By keeping furniture lower to the ground, it creates more space above, making the ceiling seem higher and the room look bigger.

#13. Use Smaller Lamps

Wait, what? Just by using smaller lights in different locations of the room, it will draw your eyes around it, making the room seem bigger and exaggerating your sense of space.

#14. Keep Drapes Off The Floor

If you let your drapes hit the floor, you cut off the flow of the room. If they’re a little too long, tie them up or buy a smaller size.

#15. Use Mirrors

This is the quickest way to make a room look larger. If you don’t mind looking at yourself a lot, use multiple mirrors to create the larger space illusion.

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#16. Use Stripes!

You know how when you wear vertical stripes it makes you seem taller? The same principle applies to bedrooms. Use a striped rug to make the room seem longer and bigger.

25 Small Bedroom Ideas

#1. Bed With Storage

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Beds with storage built into them are the ultimate in space saving. It virtually eliminates the need for dressers which can take up a lot of space, more than you would think. The nice thing about this particular bed is that it is also lower to the ground, giving the illusion that there’s more space than there really is. The low profile with the storage is sure to make that small bedroom seem much bigger.

#2. Light Grey Walls

This room may seem like it’s large, but it’s only because the walls are a light color. The natural sunlight beaming in on the light walls give the illusion that the room is larger. The light colored hardwood floor is also great for bouncing natural light around. Notice how the wood is running vertically from the door to the wall? That makes the room look bigger as well.

#3. Monochromatic Color Scheme

Rather than having a bunch of different colors all over the place, a monochromatic color scheme is the way to go. This technique creates a larger looking bedroom. This room is also equipped with multiple mirrors, making the room appear to be bigger than it really is. Those small lights in the ceiling are also great for taking the eyes off of the smallness of the room.

#4. Rounded Furniture

Remember how I said rounded furniture creates a larger looking space? This is a prime example of that. Check out those round nightstands. They’re small, don’t take up much space, and they fit in perfectly with the light color scheme of the walls and bedding. This room also has very minimal furniture in it, making it appear more spacious.

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#5. Optimal Lighting

This bedroom may seem like it’s really dark, but the lighting and where it is placed makes the room seem much larger than it really is. The light shining against the orange wall with the divider behind it creates the illusion that there is another room. The large window also helps to bring in natural light and enhance the visual senses.

#6. Walk In Closet

Walk-in closets are ideal for saving space and freeing up room in small places. These closets eliminate the need for dressers that will take up too much space. The other nice thing about this room is that it is painted a nice light color to help make it look larger than it really is and the carpet is a lighter color as well.

#7. Low Profile Bed

Low profile beds are great for making small bedrooms look like they are bigger than they really are. Because the bed sits so low to the floor, it creates the illusion that there is more space by increasing the distance between the bed and the ceiling. This room, in particular, is also filled with light colors and very minimal furniture.

#8. The Large Bed

Remember how I said large beds make a room look bigger than it really is? Here’s a great example of that. This room is without a doubt very small. The fact that this huge bed is in there makes the room appear rather large. The large skylight also makes a huge difference with the way the bedroom feels and looks.

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#9. The Bare Minimum

What’s a better way to make a room appear larger than to not have any furniture in it at all with the exception of a bed? This room is very narrow, but the fact that there is only a bed makes up for it. The fact that you can see the legs of the bed helps to open up the bedroom as well. Also, the light shining in through those doors and reflecting off of the hardwood floor is very pleasing to the eye.

#10. Legs Exposed

Very small rooms such as this one are hard to decorate because there’s not much space to work with. In this room, they used a bed with the legs exposed. The way it is positioned next to the large windows allows for light to get under the bed, making space seem more open. The white walls also do a great job of opening the room up more.

#11. Vertical Stripes

Looking at the bed and those large nightstands, the room looks to be very crowded, but look at the walls. If you notice, the design is going up the wall vertically, making the bedroom seem taller than it really is. It also takes some of the focus off of all of the furniture and it’s definitely one of those unique bedroom designs for small spaces.

#12. Small & Bright

This is another one of those designs that doesn’t include a ton of furniture, which is ideal for making small spaces look larger. This room has beautiful ceramic tile on the floor and it really brightens up the room. The other feature that makes the room appear larger is the border all the way around the room that is visible. They followed tip #12 very well in this case.

#13. Use Of The Bench

Take a look back at tip #8. This use of a bench at the end of the bed makes the room appear larger. Also, take a look around the entire room-there are windows everywhere! It gives it a nice, big open feel to it and allows for tons of natural light to come in and brighten up space rather than leaving it dark.

#14. A Mix Of Everything

This bedroom features a mix of almost all of the tips mentioned above. First, we have the flatscreen mounted to the wall to save space. Next, there’s the mirror on the other side of the room against the panels that make the room look taller. The other thing that really stands out is the light colors of all of the decor.

#15. Outside Exposed

I can’t possibly imagine having glass doors in my small room that expose the outdoors. I love this idea and it really does help make the small bedroom look a lot larger because of those doors. The natural light is allowed in. The other thing about this room that I like is the fact that there is plenty of storage space built into the walls. It eliminated the need for bulky furniture.

#16. Lots Of Storage Space

The first thing that I notice when I look at this room is the large wardrobe area. This area is large enough for all of your clothing without the need for multiple dressers. It’s also out of the way of the rest of the bedroom and the curtain is there to separate that area. Check out that small sitting area as well. It does a good job of giving the illusion of a larger space.

#17. Bed With Storage

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We kind of saw this idea earlier on, but this particular bed has more storage in it. It practically eliminates the need for dressers, especially if you don’t really have a lot of clothing, to begin with. The bed also has cubbies built into it for even more storage capabilities. It’s beds like these that make really small bedrooms work the best.

#18. Small & Dark

I know I said that lighter colors are best for smaller rooms, but for some reason, the dark colors of this room work well. I think that it’s because of that curved closet area. Tip #7 says to invest in round furniture because it makes a room seem larger, well, it really does in this case. It gives just a few more inches or walking room.

#19. Bright Blue Walls

This bedroom is noticeably small, but check out how those big windows allow so much light in to bounce off of that bright color. There’s also a little area over to the left of the room that is pushed in a little. This is the perfect spot for that dresser. It’s out of the way and it opens up the room a lot more.

#20. All Oak

This room is exceptionally beautiful and they definitely made good use out of that small space. The oak furniture does a great job of brightening up space, even with just that one window. Notice how the bed seems too large for that room? It creates the illusion that the room is bigger than it really is-tip #9.

#21. Blue & White With Wardrobe

This bedroom is without a doubt very small, but they made their furniture work very well with what they have. The closet off to the side helps free up some space. There are no dressers taking up room and those little night stands are perfect. The blue of the room is a little dark, but that large window helps brighten things up.

#22. Large Skylights

Let’s face it, if those beautiful skylights weren’t there, this room would seem so small and dark. Rooms like this have so much potential if you know how to place furniture and use windows. There is very minimal furniture in this room and I can only assume that those doors to the left go to a closet, eliminating the need for dressers.

#23. Close To The Ground

Take a look at this entire room. Everything in it is close to the ground, making the room appear taller than it really is. The bed is low profile, the nightstands are on the floor, and the colors of the wall and decor is night and bright. Altogether, they work well to make this minimal space seem bigger.

#24. Hanging Shelves Above The Bed

Shelves above the bed are an alternative to a bookcase or even a dresser. If you’re tall enough, you can hang these types of shelves above your bed to eliminate the clutter created by dressers and other flat surfaces. It also helps to draw attention upwards rather than focusing on the overall size of the room, as stated in tip #11.

#25. Minimalist Wall System

This room is overall very minimalistic, from the bed to the wall system, which really helps to eliminate clutter in a room and open up floor space. As you can see, this bedroom uses a lot of tips from earlier such as exposing the legs of the bed, using wall shelves, using bright colors, and eliminating clutter. All of it together makes a small space appear larger.

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You see, it’s not hard to make a small room appear larger than it really is. All it takes is some bright paint, eliminating clutter, and some eye tricks. It can be difficult having a small master bedroom, especially if you have a lot of furniture. If you follow these simple tricks above. You can make your small master bedroom look like a large master suite. If you enjoyed this list, feel free to share it or comment below.