30 of The Best Bedroom Overhead Lighting Ideas

If you feel like it’s time to spruce up the bedroom, but you’re not really sure how, then maybe you should consider these bedroom overhead lighting ideas. Not only are these ideas really interesting to look at, but they can totally change the overall feeling of a room in an instant. Lighting adds drama, mystery, and definitely some elements of fun, so there’s’ a lot of things choose from when it comes to overhead lighting options.

If you’re not sure how you’d go about adding or changing lighting elements in a bedroom now, just check out some of these great overhead lighting for bedroom ideas to help give you a clearer picture.

#1. Sultry and Chic

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These subtle lights in the background change this bedroom from basic to intriguing. With those silhouette shadows on the walls of this bedroom, the lighting elements only help make this room look like a sort of dance club with shadows of dancers in the background. It’s a romantic way to add some different feel into the room without having to change up the lighting entirely.

#2. Hanging Lights

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These gorgeous, delicate hanging lights have taken that nightstand table lamp to a whole new level. Almost whimsical, these dainty lights sparkle right next to the side of a bed – giving the bedroom a more modern look with a magical feel. This would be a great idea for a master bedroom or even a guest bedroom that needs a little intrigue.

#3. Shadow Lights

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These shadow lights create a great 3D effect with that popped out ceiling element. This is a great way to add some more interesting elements and texture into a room without having to change up too much. If you’re able to add some lights behind a wall element like the one depicted, it will ramp up your cool design so much farther.

#4. Red Lights

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This concept is similar to the previous shadow light concept in that it makes that great hue around the back wall near the bed. This would be a great idea for a kid’s bedroom or even a playroom. It’s a great way to add that extra fun element into the room without having to move too much stuff around or buying new décor items.

#5. Mini Lights

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This bedroom features several round mini lights that cast a glowing sheen around the room. This would be a great idea for a coastal bedroom that overlooks the sea or even a small guest room in a large lodge. This idea is simple, yet it adds so much to the scene by all the delicate shadows the lights cast around the room.

#6. Upper Shadows

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The bedroom features that shadow effect but up toward the ceiling instead of behind the bed in the center of the room. This concept is so unique because it casts shadows upward, making the bedroom seem larger and higher. The wooden poles along the edges of the room helps make this room seem longer, as well.

#7. Delicate Headboard Lights

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These delicate headboard lights cast intimate shadows along the bed in the picture. This romantic scene is an easy way to make a room feel more serene and intimate. This just goes to show that it doesn’t take a lot of change in the light department to help make a bedroom seem more cozy and comfortable.

#8. Dotted Lights

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This bedroom looks like it could make a great master bedroom concept. The smaller circular lights are delicately punching through the long headboard, and they seem to match the side table lamps perfectly. This would even make a great bedroom idea for a bachelor pad or someone’s first home.

#9. Accenting Lights

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These accent lights make the whole room sparkle. This is a great, more intimate setting perfect for those cooler nights when you want to relax warm and happy under plenty of blankets. These tiny lights may seem really small upon installation, but you can see for yourself just how much they can add to a bedroom setting.

#10. Coastal Accents

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This coastal inspired bedroom looks like a sparkling seashell under the sea. The round accent lights above the bed make the room seem happier and brighter. For a more fun effect or for an effect in a kid’s bedroom, you could add a funkier color of light, such as blue or green, to make the room seem as if you really are under the sea.

#11. Accenting Waves

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Due to that patterned and textured wall behind the headboard of this bed, this room feels more fluid and full of life. Because of the deep crevices within the wall, the room seems as if the shadows are cast upon moving pieces. This is a cool concept for a more contemporary home or a home that appreciates art.

#12. Hanging Accent Lights

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This is a gorgeous concept that features those great accent lights, only suspended delicately in air. These lights add so much character to any room and are actually quite possible in kitchens, dining rooms, and as you can see, bedrooms. Anywhere you install these lights, you’re sure to get a positive reaction to how gorgeous they are.

#13. Wall Lights

These gorgeous wall lights add an interesting element into the room. Since the lights are basically cups of light, they are spilling the light outward, creating interesting patterns against the wall. This is a great idea for a more vintage inspired bedroom that still needs a little sprucing up. Add these lights to a room that needs a little pick me up.

#14. Minimalistic Monochrome

This gorgeous bedroom offers the best of everything modern. From the wonderful chrome finishes to that sparking backboard light rod, this bedroom is chic at its finest. This would be a perfect bedroom for a bachelor pad or someone who appreciates that minimalistic and modern approach. The light adds that really cool effect that really draws attention.

#15. Simple and Stylish Lighting

This bedroom features very minimal lighting décor throughout the bedroom, but it still makes the room look stylish. It’s really the simplicity behind the lighting that pulls this room all together. This proves that you don’t need a whole lot of light elements to make a room look interesting and brand new.

#16. Bunk Lights

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These lighting effects are so cool and completely personalized. This modern style bedroom features a shared sleeping space but with plenty of privacy. This also includes individual wall lamps so each person in the room can do a bit of reading before bed and simply turn the personalized wall lamp off when ready for sleep.

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#17. Shadows and Spheres

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This room features two different kinds of light elements. You have the shadow effects due to that longboard shadow effect on the ceiling and those really great hanging accent lights above the bed. The glow of the room makes the room feel cozy and comfortable. Definitely a room you’d want to relax in after a long day.

#18. Art Lights

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Again with that great textured effect, this room features accent lights behind a panel of texture. Whether this is an art piece or just a bedroom accent piece, this bedroom feels more fluid and alive due to that great texture. The light simply funnels through the grooves and creates those great shadows that makes this panel look awesome.

#19. Shadows and Side Lights

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Pairing accenting bedroom lights with overhead shadow lights is a really cool effect that adds this extra level of serenity into a room. As you can see in the picture, these lights make the bedroom more cozy and offers such an interesting space to be in. It’s a tactic that should be seen in more bedrooms.

#20. Shadow Showcase

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This shadow showcase makes the decorative statues in this bedroom almost pop to life. The shadow effects encircle the statues with light and life, making the bedroom look much more impressive than it would with standard, stationary lights. This is a great idea for an art gallery or even a swanky hotel space.

#21. Hanging Lamps

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These hanging lamps are stunning and add so much character into the room. This just proves that lighting elements can be accents within themselves, as you can tell from the great cut out patterns shining out through the lamps. This bedroom looks absolutely elegant and stylish with these added features.

#22. Classic Side Lamps

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These classic hanging side lamps offer so much style into this bedroom. The décor in this bedroom is interesting, in general, but these side lamps really add that extra layer of detail and class. This shows that whoever put this room together has an eye for all the small details, as well, and that’s what pulls rooms like this together.

#23. Double Wall Lamps

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These tiny double light wall lamps looks so great in this bedroom. They just bounce light off that wonderful wallpaper in the back and cast just the right amount of light throughout the bedroom. This room is dimmer, and less light makes that dimming effect feel more intimate and cozy.

#24. Art Lamps

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These wonderfully textured wall lamps are pieces of art within themselves. They look almost like dandelions with the light delicately scattering out of the textured spaces within the actual lamps themselves. This would be a great idea for a sitting room or even a living room that has a large wall to fill.

#25. Accents and a Chandelier

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The gorgeous centerpiece in this bedroom is clearly that great chandelier in the middle of the room. The accent lights come into play casting shadows and completing the great effects the middle chandelier has cast across the room. These accents help keep the room vibrant and glowing as the eyes move across it.

#26. Grand Bedroom Lights

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This bedroom features fantastic lighting elements. Everything from the side table lamps to the accenting lights up in the ceiling make this room light up with vibrancy and elegance. This would be a great lighting concept for a room of this magnitude – larger and full of spaces where delicate shadows can live.

#27. Fiber Optic Chandelier

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Another great concept for a bedroom with a chandelier, this chandelier is comprised of delicate fiber optic fibers. This is a great idea for a more contemporary bedroom, and better yet, fiber optic lighting is surprisingly cheap considering all the great elements they produce. Get a set that is color changing for a fun time.

#28. Modern Bedroom

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This bedroom has just the right amount of artificial and natural light with those great square sidelights bringing in the natural sunshine. This is a great idea for someone who prefers to live in the more minimalistic aspect of life and who appreciates that natural sunlight flooding into the house as much as possible.

#29. Panel Lights

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This bedroom features lamps on each side of the paneling at the back of the bed in this bedroom. The lighter wood finish allows the light to shine brightly and really helps pull the room together. The tiny accenting lights on the ceiling in the back helps dot the way in and out with glowing vivacity.

#30. Mirror Light

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This wonderful, bright light casts a strong glow at the top of this mirror at the back of the room. The tiny accent light above acts as a buffer, it seems, to help push the light outward. Since the light is so high and bright, it is strong enough to light up the entire bedroom and make everything shine.


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So which elements were your favorite? More of a tiny accented light person, or did you like those great big, bold shadow light effects? All of these ideas are truly beautiful and unique concepts that could easily find their way into your home – you just need to decide which styles of lights you prefer the best, then execute a plan and put that plan into action.