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#19 of The Best and Fantastic DIY Lighting Ideas for Bedrooms

When it comes to revamping a bedroom, sometimes less is more. If you are interested in recreating a bedroom space by using light, you can easily incorporate new or DIY lighting elements into the mix. You can get as elaborate or as simple as you’d like when it comes to mood setting a bedroom with lighting.

In this nifty list, we’ve compiled several great DIY lighting tips and examples for bedrooms, so you can easily look at a few examples for inspiration. Again, you can make a space as simple or as intricate as you’d like, it just depends on what you are looking for!

1. Flamingo Marquee

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Tiny cut out, illuminated marquees are really popular right now. Instead of paying a lot of money for these trendy room decors, why not try and make it yourself? In this nifty DIY tutorial you can learn how to make a fun flamingo marquee that would be perfect for a little girl’s room, or just anyone who is in love with flamingos in general.

2. Glow Jars

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Glow jars are super great because they add some magical elements into the bedroom. These types of décor items are super trendy right now and can easily be made with virtually two items: a jar and a string of fairy lights. Fairy lights are great because the bulbs are super tiny and dainty; perfect for setting that ethereal mood within a bedroom setting.


3. Pendant Lamp


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This amazing pendant lamp will surely catch everyone’s eye as it glows softly within the bedroom. What’s great about his DIY is that you can easily customize the colors of the lamp so that it will match your existing bedroom décor. Or hey, if you want to mix it up, you can easily do that as well.


4. Tin Can Lamp

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This tin can lamp DIY is a great way to add some sparkle into the bedroom without breaking the bank. The best thing about this DIY, aside from it producing an absolutely adorable lamp, is that it’s so inexpensive to make. In fact, you may even have most of these items around your own home. Time to start crafting!


5. Cloud Light

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This adorable cloud light is the perfect addition to almost any bedroom. It’s adorable enough to install in a nursery, but magical enough to keep hanging in a corner in any type of bedroom. This lamp DIY only requires a few things from the craft store and all of these items are relatively cheap. Everyone who sees it will be sure to ask where you got it, and you can proudly say that you made it!


6. Flameless Fire Pit

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This flameless fire pit brings the tranquility of a fire pit into your own bedroom. This adorable lamp is a great way to add some interesting lighting elements into the bedroom without having to spend way too much money. With all supplies combined, this little lamp will definitely cost under $25, if not less.


7. Copper Wreaths

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These sparkling copper wreaths would look great in any setting, but will look truly astonishing within a bedroom setting. These simple wreaths automatically look great because of the sparkle of the fairy lights, but the brilliant copper shining behind the light makes these little wreaths truly magical.


8. Icosahedron Pendant Light

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This amazing icosahedron pendant light is sure to draw plenty of attention due to its interesting shape and unique copper sparkle. This would make the perfect addition to any bedroom setting as it’s both decorative and functional as a tiny lamp. You could also scale up or down as needed, you’d just need to adjust the materials.


9. DIY Lava Lamp

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This DIY lava lamp just goes to show how easy these little lamps really are to make. You wouldn’t think so when you see them all lit up in the stores, but in reality, you can make a few of these babies for the cost of one you see in stores. They are easy to make and truly mesmerizing to look at! Create a few in different colors for a visual treat!


10. Cloth Chandelier

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This cloth chandelier is so gorgeous, you’d expect to find it hanging in a really expensive home furnishings store in the mall. The great part about this little lamp is that it’s so easy to make and so inexpensive to craft! You can easily make a few of these in whatever color scheme you like to fit any décor setting.


11. Halo Light Pendant

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This quirky halo light pendant is a great way to light things up while maintaining a level of intrigue. You don’t see lights like this every day, so you could expect a few interested faces in where exactly you got such a treasure. The best part about DIYs is that you can proudly say that the item is crafted by you.


12. Pineapple Lamp

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This incredibly cute DIY teaches you how to construct your very own pineapple lamp! The best part is that the lamp is mainly comprised of plastic spoons! Who would have known? This would make such a cut addition to any type of bedroom setting and is sure to draw plenty of attention from anyone who visits.


13. Action Figure Lamp

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This is an awesome DIY for a lamp perfect for a child or the young at heart. You can make this lamp completely customizable using someone’s favorite action figures. You can also make this lamp match any theme for a child’s room or even a nursery. The possibilities are truly endless when it comes to this unique DIY!


14. Black Cats and Ghosts String Lights

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No need to spend so much money on décor when it comes closer to Halloween. With these adorable DIY string lights, your house is sure to be the spookiest on the block. These string lights create black cats and ghosts with twinkling eyes. Obviously, these nifty lights can be customizable, but the black cats and ghosts are adorable on their own!


15. Glittering Lightscape

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This gorgeous, glittering lightscape is the perfect accessory to an apartment setting or even within a bedroom setting. Almost as a canvas, these tiny twinkle lights can sparkle out brilliantly against whatever color of backdrop you like. This would be the perfect light fixture to soften the mood and create a calming environment.


16. DIY Pendant String Light

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This incredible pendant light is shaped like a globe, but made entirely from strings. You can use any type of string, but the thicker, sturdier string is suggested in order for the lamp to maintain its shape. This is a super cool light fixture that is sure to fabulous in any type of bedroom setting. Better yet, it’s entirely customizable!

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17. Liquor Bottle Lamp

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We all have that one friend who has a signature drink. Why not turn their favorite spirit into a nifty table lamp? In this easy DIY, the tutorial guides you through the whole process in turning an empty liquor bottle into a super cute liquor bottle lamp. This would make a great gift!


18. Ping Pong Ball Lights

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These ping pong ball string lights are so incredibly easy to make, but no one will believe that you made them yourself! They look absolutely gorgeous and create a soft glow throughout the bedroom space. You can use any kind of color or even texture to create your own unique set of string lights to light up the bedroom.


19. Leggings Lamp Shades

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Have some old leggings you’re not sure what to do with? Why not turn it into a nifty lampshade? Seems impossible, right? Not according to this nifty DIY! You can easily create a brand new lampshade out of your favorite pair of tights. The lamp will be completely unique and cost effective since you already own the main part!



So, which lighting idea do you like the best? Are you more of a string lights person or do you prefer a pendant light? There are so many concepts to choose from, you may just want to create them all! Although that would be a fun project, make sure to assess your lighting needs beforehand and come up with a plan.

Hopefully, you get some inspiration from these amazing DIYs and get to crafting soon! Do you have any experience with any of these tutorials or concepts? We’d love to hear from you! Leave your comments below and share your insight with others!