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BedSure Memory Foam, Firm Contouring Pillow

An uninterrupted night’s sleep is important to your mental and physical health, but if you are tossing and turning each night chances are you aren’t getting the proper rest you deserve. Many times poor sleep comfort is attributed to poor mattress choices, but your choice of pillow can also be the culprit of any aches and pains you may be experiencing.

Your sleep position determines the care you should take in keeping your spine aligned, and making sure you have proper body, head, and neck support is crucial to a rejuvenating sleep.

The Bedsure Memory Foam pillow is a firm pillow choice created specifically for back and side sleepers to provide contouring comfort and proper neck support. The Sleep Judge team recently purchased this product to review, and our sleep trial details are described below.

Breakdown of the Bedsure Contour Memory Foam Firm Pillow

When you sleep on your back or side you should take care to properly support both the weight of your head, and the gap left between your head and shoulders. If your neck is not properly held, then it places strain on your spine and the surrounding muscles and other related soft tissues.

Many people often choose a pillow that is too firm or lofty to correctly contour to the weight of the head and pushes it forward or up and creates tension through the shoulders. The same is true that many choices also do not distribute filling properly to help keep the neck relaxed and stable through the night.

The Bedsure memory foam, contoured firm pillow choice was created to address these common problems with specific shaping and materials to help form properly to your body shape. Although it is a non-traditional design, it provides the comfort and support many people are lacking.

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Features & Benefits

This pillow is an innovative answer to poor head and neck support and provides unique shaping and structure to allow a better night’s rest. The features of this pillow is specific to physical health, and boasts therapeutic benefits as well.


The Bedsure contoured pillow is much smaller than the standard 20×26 inches you are used to. Instead it measures only 20×12 inches with a maximum of 3.75 inches of height (explained below). Although the pillow is a true 20 inches in width, it does seem much more narrow as the memory foam does not widen when compressed as most pillow fillings do- making it seem wider.

The pillow is also only 12 inches long, which seems somewhat awkward at first, but leaves plenty of room for your head between the contouring created to support your neck. Many people rest their shoulders upon the edge of their pillow, but this unique shaping is made to sit directly behind your shoulders. As an averaged sized woman I found no issue with the size, although it did take some used to adjusting the pillow into perfect position each night at first.

2 Levels of Neck Support

The contouring of this pillow provides two differing heights for neck support, The lowest sits at 3 inches, while the highest end is 4 inches. This is to allow for not only different levels of comfort depending on how your sleep position, but also allows for varying support depending on your personal preferences based on your body size and weight. The pillow easily reverses for access to either side.

I found the higher support to be too high for either the back or side sleeping position for my height and weight, but the lower support was perfect for both. The contouring ‘roll’ did not press unnecessarily upon my neck in either position, and my head fit well into the depression. Because of the firmness the memory foam sink is only very subtle, and keeps your head pretty much at about the same height even after contouring has occurred.

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Firm Polyurethane Memory Foam

Memory foam quality is measured by the density of the foam, which is not related to the firmness level. The higher the density the higher the quality, but for pillow usage that doesn’t see the consistent, heavier weight compression a mattresses experience, a lower density is very common. The Bedsure Firm Contouring Pillow foam falls under 3 lbs/cu.inch and is considered a lower density weight, but has a high firmness level that takes time to contour and form to your head’s weight and shape.

Although I had no issue with the contouring roll, I did find it took a little bit of time for my head to comfortably sink into the pillow. If I moved and did not place my head exactly where I had it before it needed to ‘readjust’. I never found anything uncomfortable upon initially placing my head down, but did find it much more comforting after a few moments.

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Microfiber Polyester Removable Cover

The zipper is double stitched and well protected to keep from catching against your sheets or blankets. The cover is doubled and stitched down to keep from folding back as well.

I found the cover to be very soft and comforting against my skin, and had no problems with the quilted texturing. However, the fact that the cover is a bright white means that any makeup you may not have removed, hairs, or other colored fibers are going to show up upon it.

Since this pillow is not of a traditional, standard size- a standard pillowcase, although available to use, does create a lot of extra material. Because of this the pillow comes with its own microfiber, poly cover that is both quilted, and soft against the skin. It is also removable and washable, and provides a good barrier against body oils and moisture (although it is not waterproof). Even with this cover I would suggest placing another over it for added protection over time and convenience.

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Pillow Care

Anyone who struggles with back or spinal problems may find this pillow a great sleep solution. It does provide a very sturdy, yet contouring support to hold your head and neck in place. There are no bulges or other pressure points caused by the memory foam either, which is what often causes people to shift away from- resulting in strain upon muscles and soft tissues.

Therapeutic Properties

This pillow IS NOT machine washable. The removable, washable cover obviously takes care of the worst of your cleaning issues, but it is not wholly waterproof. The memory foam can be easily spot cleaned as needed, with any excess liquids being blotted up- but only water or gentle cleansers are suggested for use upon it- and only if absolutely necessary. Memory foam cells can easily break down when exposed to moisture, so care needs to be taken when cleaning to help your pillow keep its shape and contouring properties.

Consumer Reviews

Consumers either love this pillow or think it is rock hard with almost no inbetween. Most people found out what I did- that the pillow is probably very specific to a certain type of sleep comfort and supports the head and neck as it claims to do. People who suffer from back, shoulder, and neck pain and have looked for firm, stable support find this pillow to be a good solution, as have back sleepers who require a firm, thin support.

Complains surround the overall pillow size, and that it takes time to any sort of memory foam sink to occur- hence why it is considered a firm pillow. Overall reviews are positive and the pillow provides the specifications provided by the manufacturer surrounding how it feels and looks.

My Trial Experiences

As mentioned I am an average sized women in height and weight, and prefer to sleep on my stomach- although I often roll to either side and also sleep upon my back, especially if I am taking advantage of a lazy afternoon on the floor in front of the living room television. I do struggle with some minor disk degeneration as well, and have recently been paying more attention to my posture to help with overall spine health, so I am pretty critical of anything placing undue stress upon my back.

Stomach and Side Trial

Although I prefer to sleep upon my stomach I could find no real comfortable use of this pillow in this position. The contouring roll sits much too high overall to rest comfortably upon, although I did have a thought that a larger person may be able to make it work for them since the dip where your head rests is very narrow .

However, I did find this pillow to be very comfortable while sleeping on my side. The lower roll was the perfect height for my neck, and the depth of the roll rested well between my shoulder and head. I found no noticeable pressure points along my head, and I do sleep with earrings in and had no pressure from those either. Basically this is the perfect shape for side head and neck support.

I do have a tendency to move during the night and the firmness of the pillow was not ideal for this type of movement. When sleeping still I had no issues, but would have preferred a more plush comfort for nocturnal movements. The cover was very soft against my skin and although I would prefer my own pillow case with longer use, the one provided is a very adequate and comfortable. The quilting does not leave any impression marks upon the skin either.


This pillow was the most comfortable for me while resting on my back. As a thin, firm pillow it supported my head perfectly and at a height that did not cause any stress upon my shoulders or back. It also rested well against my neck without any pressure points or uplifting feel.

I honestly could find no fault with this pillow when using it this way. The lower roll was the perfect height whereas the higher roll was just too high for my body shape. The availability of two roll heights makes this is a good choice for just about any body shape. A person larger than myself definitely has the option to turn the pillow for personal comfort, and this larger roll is in no way a hindrance when using it the other way.

It was a bit problematic to roll to my side from my back, similar to moving from side to side when sleeping on my side. I attributed this to the firmness level, rather than size, and how it takes a minute to fully adjust against your body. If you are used to a more plush pillow this may take a bot of getting used to despite its comfort.


Overall I found this to be a very good choice for both back and side sleepers and the versatility of the pillow for various body shapes and heights definitely gives it higher marks. The firmness of the memory foam is subtly yielding and created zero pressure points during my trial, but also never sacrificed any support to either my head or back.

I struggled with the pillow size as did some other consumers. Much of this may be because we are used to what a standard, or larger, sized pillow looks like and this pillow simply looks small. But I did have slight issues when turning from side to side and had to readjust rather than just move seamlessly from one position to the next.

I found the complaints of this pillow being ‘rockhard’ entirely unsubstantiated. The foam yields well under pressure and does contour nicely without any pressure points. It is firm, as it is marketed, but is very soft upon the skin and allows for very supportive comfort as a firm pillow should provide.

If you are a side or stomach sleeper, then you most definitely want to check out the Bedsure Contour Memory Foam Firm Pillow. Its unique shaping provides all night comfort and support to a variety of different body shapes and sizes, and allows for the proper neck support that is so important to nighttime posture.

The firm memory foam, soft, washable cover, and choice of neck roll height is an innovative way to approach where we lay our head each night. Our pillow choices are just as important as our mattress comfort, and care should be taken to help with a whole body alignment and not just a focus on our back and hips.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What sleep position is this best suited for?

Side and back.

What is the loft?

4 inches.

Will I experience a lot of offgassing?

Moderate. Wears out after around 24-48 hours.

Is it organic?


What’s the warranty?

5 years limited.